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Pestforce Petersfield is rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 12 customer reviews.

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Pestforce Petersfield

With a background in farming, I’m all too familiar with the damage, inconvenience and nuisance that an uncontrolled pest problem can bring. I’m Colin Richardson and I am an expert local pest controller working in and around the Petersfield & Haslemere area.  Click HERE to find out more about me and testimonials from my customers.

Click on the link below to find out more about some of the common pests I control for people.




I’ve seen grown men cry over moles; their lovely manicured lawns are ruined by the moles that are mining.  You can set your clock by a mole: they work for 4 hours working, 4 hours sleeping.   Their main senses are their whiskers on their nose which brush along the side of the burrows so that they stay central in the burrow.  Moles are thought to ‘smell in stereo’ which helps them to determine depth and anything new in the tunnel to eat e.g. earthworms, soft roots and small invertebrates.  If they have a surplus of food, earthworms are kept injured but alive, stored in a carefully constructed ‘larder’.  When the food source is scarce during hard cold weather, they will return to their larders.  Call for mole control in Petersfield and the surrounding areas. xxxxxxxx

For more advice on Moles Call me to xxxxxx. So I can give you more information and help you make the right choice.


Colin would rather be called The Squirrel Man than The Rat man.  Be aware, if squirrels are in your loft they will chew through cables and timber.  Squirrels, like many rodents, need to chew every day of their life to wear down and sharpen their super speedy growing teeth.  Without gnawing, they cannot survive to eat a food source. Beware!  Your home insurance will be nil void unless you have pest cover.  If your house burns down and you do not have pest control in place, you will not be covered by insurance.  

For more advice on Squirrels and how to best control them Call me on xxxxxxxx. So I can give you more information and help you make the right choice.

PIGEONSPigeon Control Petersfield

As prolific breeders and opportunists, flocks of pigeons are a common sight in our urban spaces and countryside.  But with pigeons comes unsightly, slippery droppings.  The poo can be unsafe, stain and damage the structure of buildings.  Solar panels are the new, irresistible roosting spot; the void underneath the panel offers a sheltered nesting site and its lip can make a good vantage point.  Pigeons are harmful to humans carrying contagious diseases e.g. Newcastle disease, Salmonella and E.coli.  Also, nuisance pigeons carry bird mites.  When the pigeons leave their roosts and nests, these parasites will seek a food source.  That may well be you and your building!  For instance, they will enter the property through cracks and ceiling roses.  I have treated many houses where these creepy crawlies have travelled through houses and bitten people at night during their sleep.  If you need bird control and pigeon protection in Sussex, West Sussex and Hampshire, do not delay, give us a call.

For more advice on Pigeons Call me today on xxxxxx. So I can give you more information and help you make the right choice.

CLUSTER FLIESCluster flys Petersfield

A customer asked me to get rid of cluster flies.  The photograph shows the invasion of flies on the windowsill.  This is a bad case, but a common sight in the Autumn.  On bright days, the flies crawled out of cracks in the walls, windows and the attic and sluggishly flew over to the sunny side of the home in search of safe over-wintering spots.  A colony of flies in an otherwise clean home certainly can be unnerving and it is understandable that the owners refused to live in their house until the fly control treatment had taken place.  But, after two treatments and the hard weather closed in during late Sept / early Oct, the treatment worked with no more cluster flies entering the rooms.  We only generally tend to see cluster flies in the Autumn when the first frosts come along and flies move into our loft spaces, shut their metabolism down and hibernate until the spring, and then they move out into the grass fields and lawns to feed off animal dung.  

For more advice on Cluster Flies Call me on xxxxxxx. So we can make your home or busniess Fly Free again


Catching and dealing with the problem early can be key to an effective quick eradication of pests, no matter what they are. Rats for example, have a breeding pattern which means within 2 to 3 days after littering, a female rat can be pregnant again. Within three weeks, she’ll give birth to more young effectively increasing the rat population in a very short period of time. Rats cause a large amount of damage, shredding any kind of material from wood to soft furnishings, in order to build their nest.  I will survey your property to decide on the extent and size of any infestation to know how best to tackle the problem.  

For more advice and information on Rats Call me on xxxxxx. So togeather we can sort out your problem today.


Insect infestations are also a very real issue as they don’t go away on their own.  From the bites of bed bugs and fleas, to the nuisance pests of silverfish, moths, woodworm and beetles, I have experienced the range of insects.  Leaving the problem to see if it goes away isn’t an option as they need a professional treatment to kill and remove them.

Leaving any pest problem for too long will cost you more money in the long run. When you call me, I’ll survey the problem, providing you with comprehensive feedback and advice on the best way forward. If you have a pest problem, then do not delay – give me a call!

For more advice on Insects Call me on 0xxxxxx. So I can give you more information and help you make the right choice.


Cockroaches are undoubtedly amongst the most noxious of pests and have been living alongside humans for hundreds of years.  There are over 4000 species worldwide; Oriental and German Cockroaches are the most common in the UK and very distressing for people.  These pests are phenomenal breeders and a health hazard in our homes, food outlets, hotels and businesses because they contaminate their environment with faeces or castings, and regurgitated food.  You will notice a bad smell; hear them scuttle especially at night; and see their long whip-like antennae, exocskeletons and droppings.   If you need my expertise in cockroach control in Sussex, West Sussex and Hampshire, call.

For more advice on Cockroaches Call me on xxxxxxxYour local Pest control expert in Petersfield.


When you have a pest control problem you need a quick, effective, no fuss solution which is exactly what I offer;

  • Qualified and expert pest controller – I hold a Level 2 Award for Pest control from the Royal Society of Public Health. All the methods of treatment and eradication I use are safe; they present no danger to children, pets or the environment. I have also successfully completed additional courses in insect infestation and rodents. I am certificated to use gassing compounds. I also hold a current Firearms & Shotgun certificate.
  • Fully insured – I hold Public Liability insurance up to the value of £5 million.

The pests I deal with are numerous but don’t worry if you can’t see your pest listed here. As a qualified, experienced pest controller I can deal with a huge number of vertebrates and invertebrates;

  • Wasp nests and bee removal
  • Mole catching and removal. Member of The Master Guild of Molecatchers
  • Bird proofing and control, including pigeons and Seagulls
  • Control and catching of rats and mice
  • Control and removal of squirrels, foxes and rabbits
  • All insects treated including spiders, ants, beetles, moths, fleas, flies, woodworm, cockroaches
  • In fact, any vermin or insect that is causing a problem!
  • Bed Bugs, Fleas & all Pests

I work in all domestic properties, including flats and apartments, as well as offering an effective pest control service throughout a variety of commercial settings including shops, food outlets, storage facilities, industrial units, farms, equestrian facilities, sport facilities such as golf courses, rugby/football pitches, bowling greens... etc., nursing and residential homes, sheltered housing, hotels, B&Bs, graveyards and more.

Call me now for a fast response and a competitive price!

Please call my mobile for an immediate response:


Petersfield Office: xxxxxxxxx

Haslemere Office: xxxxxxxx




Lance arrived just before the agreed time, agreed the task ahead with me before staring work, carried out the task to an excellent standard. A professional man with sound experience and knowledge. An asset to your company. Your rating system does not say whether 5 is high or low - I have therefore assumed high!


Ben Ashdown

I have just this morning met with Lance, who was excellent - knowledgeable, personable and professional. He knew his stuff and offered a solution to my problem that was far more acceptable and logical to others that I have asked to tender for the work. Needless to say i will be going ahead with the work using Lance and Pestforce.


Ben Ashdown

Punctual friendly service. Would definitely recommend!


Linda Grindrod

Phoned Colin at 2.00pm to help with a hornet’s nest in the eaves of our house and he came out to look at the problem at 5.00pm the same day and returned to spray the area later at 7.30pm.

Excellent and efficient service, Colin couldn't have been more helpful and offered to return the next day if the hornets hadn't been dealt with by the first visit, which luckily wasn't necessary.

Would definitely use Colin again and would thoroughly recommend him to friends and family.

Brilliant job, thank you Colin.


John Lewer

All worked well.


J. Holland

Used Colin twice now for a Hornets nest last year and a wasp's nest this year at my house.
Very professional guy, will do everything in his power to help and on both occasions rose above the challenges and sorted out the nests. he is very quick to respond and comes out almost immediately.

We then had a wasps nest at work so I recommended Colin and got the go ahead to call him out. once again he was there very quickly and destroyed the nest with no further call out needed.

I have no hesitation in recommending Colin and to using Colin again.

Fantastic service and a great guy
many Thanks
Teresa Moss


Teresa Moss

I asked for a callback on a wasp nest problem and Colin phoned almost straight away. He was at the house within half an hour and dealt quickly with the problem. Whilst here he noticed some of our other unwanted guests. Squirrels which have been a problem for a while. Colin did not have any traps with him on the day but promised to return which he duly did and over the last few days that problem has also been solved. A great service all provided in a friendly and engaging manner. Any other unwelcome guests and I will be straight on the phone. Thanks Colin


Peter Joyce

We thought we might have a bird's nest in the loft- the noises above our bedroom became quite disturbing some nights. There was no sign of anything in the loft but every sign of loft insulation in the garden. We thought to leave them alone in case they were nesting inside the soffit. Then our next door neighbour called to say she'd seen squirrels popping out through the gutters.
Called Colin (my nickname for him became the 'squirrel whisperer') who was with us within 24 hours, worked out immediately what their access route was and how and where to deal with them. Within three days the noises had stopped, the squirrels dealt with and their access route was then sealed. Colin even knew what brand of peanut butter they prefer!!


Mike T

We are plagued by moles here in Midhurst, and were it not for the skill and dedication of Colin Richardson I would have to abandon a large part of my garden! Colin's cheerful good humour and confidence are very reassuring.

Claire Allmand-Smith


Claire from Midhurst

Dear Pestforce,

Having Colin visit us at Rose Cottage, Petworth on a regular basis we have no more problems with moles or rat damage.

We found his manner and professionalism second to none, a great credit to your company.


Mr & Mrs Fay

Whenever moles make their presence known, the first line of defence is Colin and Pestforce – so far we’ve never had to explore a second line. Prompt, reliable and effective, many thanks!


David & Tina Gardner

Dear Colin

Thank you so much for coming out so promptly to investigate and treat my mouse infestation.

If only the plumbers had sealed all the holes around the waste pipes when we had our new kitchen fitted we would not have lost all our food products stored in the units.  I feel that now that you hve sealed all the entry points this problem will not reoccur.

I also like your aproach in the use of traps to remove the mice rather than toxins with children and pets in the house.

I will be recommending you to all my friends.

Thank you once again.


Janice Reucroft

Customer Reviews

Pestforce Petersfield is rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 12 customer reviews.

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