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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Romford. 

My name is Craig Gough and I'm your local qualified pest controller based in Romford and serving surrounding areas.

Whichever form of pest you’re struggling with, we’ve handled them all before. We are widely known in Romford for our efficiency in managing commercial and residential pest control services. You can be sure you’re in safe hands.

In addition:

  • fully insured
  • fully certified pest control expert certified by CEPA
  • British Pest Control Association’ member
  • DBS checked

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Therefore, if you’re struggling with a particular type of pest/pests, and require a local pest control expert at Romford, feel free to reach me Craig Gough on 01708 578 058 anytime, and I’ll accord you the necessary assistance.

Pest Control Services In Romford

If you need any pest control services at Romford, please contact us today. The types of pests we regularly manage are:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Wasp nests
  • Squirrels
  • Birds and pigeons
  • Moles
  • Foxes
  • Bed bugs
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Moths

Since we are members of the BCPA and have the CHAS and CEPA certifications, you can be sure we adhere to all the health and safety protocols while using different chemicals to manage pests at your residential or business place. We only uses the recommended safe pest control practices not to expose you to any avoidable risks.

Are you struggling with a pest infestation? Do you need our pest control services in Romford? Take advantage of our pest control Romford five-star-rated services and have your pest problem addressed by experts. Give us a call on Romford. Alternatively, you can chat with me Craig Gough on the mobile number 01708 578 058.

Romford Rat Control

Rodents can be such a nuisance. More so, when your house design supports the movement of rodents from one building to another, rodents can move from your neighbours’ house to yours. Sadly, rodents are cunning creatures that can quickly move from one point to another without you noticing them.

Rats readily multiply, and they might bother you more as these young rats have to feed constantly. They take advantage of any opportunity to acquire food, and you might find them in your garden, at the house, or in outdoor buildings. Similarly, rats change their locations based on weather changes. These rats move to waterproof locations like garages, lofts, and cellars during cold or dry weather. Furthermore, rodents pose a serious health risk to you and your family members. They can spread rodent-borne diseases by contaminating your water and food.

Luckily, we have experience handling whichever species of rats, whether at home or your business place. We can both get rid of the rats currently at your home and put in place strategies to prevent them from returning in the future. We understand all the rat hideouts at your place. We’ll be sure to remove them from house crevices, from your outdoors, or behind appliances.

Do you have a rat infestation at your home? We at Pestforce Romford are here for you! Call us today on 01708 578 058, and you can be sure to forget your problem.

Romford Mice Control

Mice enjoy warming our homes, love the nesting materials, and appreciate the abundant food supplies. Unlike bedbugs, you can hear these rodents as they move from one sport to another. The more movements you hear around your home, means the mice are multiplying.

As they increase in numbers, you might be able to see them. Check whether shredded materials are on your floors and surfaces when you suspect you have mice at home but you cannot see them. Mice are cunning creatures, and they’ll use old cushions, cardboard, wood, or paper as nesting. Check your recycle box as they prefer to use these recyclables as their habitation.

Mice can tear your clothes, spread diseases and even destroy your grains and groceries. If you don't act quickly, soon, the number of mice at your home will become uncontrollable. We have compelling and quick ways of eliminating mice. We can also use prolonged treatments to clear all your outdoors, surrounding buildings, and indoors of any mice.

Do you have mice at your home? Pestforce Romford is your ultimate solution! Call us today at 01708 578 058 and get relevant help on time.

Romford Cockroach Control

Cockroaches can be embarrassing when you have guests around. Some people do not simply like the smell and presence of cockroaches. They are primarily associated with dirty environments. Cockroaches too produce some musty smell that can taint your food baskets and kitchen surfaces.

As a result, you can quickly get some diseases that these pests spread. Many times, you can see cockroaches scuttling to your room’s edges at night when you turn on your lights. Cockroaches speedily multiply, and they can be challenging to eliminate. They can hide within cabinet crevices, making it impossible for you to kill them manually.

Fortunately, at Pestforce Romford, we have handled massive cockroach infestation successfully. We understand how these pests operate, and we have effective strategies to remove them from your home and make your home pest resistant. Regardless of the species and colour of the cockroaches at your home, whether black or brown, we can fix your situation and restore sanity.

Do you have cockroaches at your home? Wait no more! Give us a call Pestforce Romford on 01708 578 058, and you’ll appreciate your taking the step.

Romford Bedbug Control

While most pests can be annoying to have around, bedbugs are the most annoying. They can give you sleepless nights and make your stays at home so uncomfortable. Interestingly, you can carry these pests from a friend’s house or a holiday home. Bedbugs are not necessarily caused by poor hygiene or lack of cleanliness.

Bedbugs have a lentil shape, and this makes them so suited to sucking your blood and hiding on your clothes, mattresses, bedding, coaches, and even crevices on your walls and roofs. You can spot the dark color of mature bedbugs, but you might not easily spot the young bedbugs. Younger bedbugs are lighter in color.

Bedbugs lay eggs anywhere and readily multiply. A single bedbug at your home can cause a huge problem. They can awaken your allergic reactions, and they shade their skin when they mature. Have you seen some brown flakes on your cushions or mattress? Perhaps you have some bedbugs in your house.

Bedbugs are highly resistant to most insecticides. Fortunately, we’ve dealt with these resistant pests before, and we know what works best for them. We have unique chemical types that we use to treat and eliminate all bedbugs. We perform careful cleaning after using the chemicals to clean your home and treat all crevices on your home, including bed frames where these pests might hide.

Do you have bedbugs at your home? Reach out to the Pestforce Romford today on 01708 578 058, and your bedbugs will be a problem of the past!

Romford Flea Control

If you have pets at home, then you understand the challenges of having fleas. Interestingly, most homes in Romford have fleas because of basic birds like chickens. Some homes also have fleas as much as they dont have pets. Other hairy animals like foxes, squirrels, mice, foxes, rabbits, rats, and livestock can also carry fleas. These pests can bite and cause a lot of skin irritation and discomfort.

When you have susceptible skin, these flea bites can be very itchy and can result in rashes. The flea’s saliva can also be toxic and make your pets develop some allergies. Fleas are tiny and do not fly, but a blood feed qualifies them to lay eggs. They have different life cycles and behave differently based on these cycles.

Fleas have elongated legs that facilitate their jumping for long distances. Luckily, Pestforce Romford has effective flea control strategies for your pets and infrastructure. Our flea control strategies are safe and BPCA-tested to help you eradicate all fleas from your premises.

Are you struggling with fleas in Romford? Contact Pestforce today on 01708 578 058 for a turnaround.

Romford Bee Control

Have bees infested your Romford home or business premise? Pestforce Romford can help you out. Bees are unique insects that have numerous benefits to the ecosystem. They help with plant fertilization and give us honey. However, bee songs can be painful and uncomfortable.

At Pestforce Romford, we focus more on bee transfer to friendly environments instead of killing them. We are also conscious that some bees simply need treatment, and when we are forced to treat them, we use safe therapies. Therefore you do not have to worry about the violence that can start at your home as we move the bees.

We’re experts who handle bees every other day. We understand how to rehome them safely and how to safely remove a bee nest at your Romford home. We adhere to all the environmental protection rules in Romford and will only be environmentally correct.

Do you want us to rehome your bees in Romford today? Pestforce Romford exists to help you! Give us a call on 01708 578 058, and you’ll appreciate our services.

Recent Jobs

Bedbug control in Romford, 16th November 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Romford recieved a call from a customer enquiring if we can deal with bedbugs. She had the work done before by a previous pest control company but still had issues even after two visits. We carried out a full survey of the property and found live bedbugs, only in one bedroom. We explained to the customer my findings. She insisted that the whole house to be treated.We then booked in the work and treated the entire house the following morning. We used two types of insecticide and also fogged all the bedrooms for belt and braces. We are booked back in for the 2nd treatment in two weeks time. 

Rat stuck in car in Romford, 18th October 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Romford had a very interesting call out this week. A client called to say a large rat had got into his Mercedes car and will not leave. During the call, he took a photo of the rat sunbathing on the dashboard. He could also see the rat had started to cause a lot of damage within the car. We attended within the hour to check out the issue. The client had brought some rat traps himself but were proving to ineffective. We laid our own traps and are due to attend again to see if we have caught the rat. Fingers crossed we can rid the car of this pesky rat. 

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