Bird Control & Bird Proofing

Birds can be a nuisance to any property owner, tenant or building user causing unwanted noise and mess. They can also be a potential health risk if the problem is left unattended.

At Pestforce we have our unique methodology to ensure that you get the best solution for your situation. For more information please call 0333 567 2014

Our B-I-R-D control approach covers…

  • BRIEF – we want to really understand the outcome you required and the budget you have.
  • INVESTIGATE – here we get down and dirty with the problem, visiting the site and taking photos and measurements. We need to really understand what is the cause of the problem and what would be the best solution.
  • RESPOND – we will submit a full report on our proposed solution, working to any budgetary restraints you have.
  • DEDICATED DELIVERY – on your approval we will deliver the project as agreed and in the timescales agreed.

At Pestforce we offer a complete value-for-money service using a number of safe, tried and tested bird control techniques. We offer an end to end solution including removing the birds, proofing and then a full clean-up of the area including applying a biocide to avoid the risk of disease.

We will always look to remove birds without harm in the first instance.

Pidgeon and bird droppings ("guano" the proper terminology) is actually categorized as toxic waste and needs to be disposed of accordingly.

Birds love buildings and property structures as they provide shelter and quite often a good food source. Bird proofing provides a great solution to make sure any problems are a thing of the past but birds are crafty creatures and if you leave a weak spot they will find a way in. That’s why it must be done right and maintained properly.

There are several signs of a bird infestation:

  1. Bird droppings
  2. Nests
  3. High levels of insect infestation
  4. Associated insect pests such as fleas and flies
  5. Bad smells

Without treatment, the risks to you can accumulate and severely impact on the perception of the property / building with…

  1. Risk to health of property users or visitors
  2. Damage to property
  3. Additional insect pests can lead to bites and textiles damage
  4. Mess caused by Bird droppings
  5. Increase the risk of people slipping and falling.

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