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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Hornchurch.

My name is Craig and I'm your local pest controller serving Hornchurch, Grays, Ockendon, Purfleet, Rainham, Tilbury, Upminster and other areas nearby.

Do you have sleepless nights because of unwanted pesky pests running around wreaking havoc in your home? Well then, you are at the right place! We have got an effective solution for every problem.

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Pestforce Pest Control Hornchurch is known for seeing things through till the end, no matter how long it takes, so you can rest assured that once I have started work on your pest problem, I won't stop until it's entirely resolved. If you think your house has become overrun by pesky pests, give me Craig a call on 01708 578 157.

Pest Control Services in Hornchuch

At Pestforce Pest Control Hornchurch, we offer an extensive range of pest control services to help keep your residence or business free from termites, ants and other pests. 

Please find below the common pests we are called out for:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Rodent Drain Surveys
  • Wasp Nest Removal
  • Bedbugs
  • Bee Relocation
  • Ants
  • Pigeons and Bird Removal 
  • And more...

So what are you waiting for? Give Craig at Pestforce Pest Control Hornchurch a call today and let us solve your pest problem fast! You can reach us on 01708 578 157. We service both residential and commercial properties across Hornchurch.

Hornchurch Rat Control

The sight of a rat is enough to make anyone want to scream. They also carry germs that spread easily from one person or animal onto another. Our Hornchurch team of experienced professionals are ready to get rid of your rat problem once and for all.

We have the knowledge necessary to eliminate them from your property and prevent any future occurrences by making sure they can't return again! Our arsenal includes baits, traps or poison as well - we deal with every size possible.

Hornchurch Mice Control

Mice are very common pests found in English homes. They will seek out food and shelter and may attempt to chew through electrical wiring and furniture. In addition, they may attempt to enter your home by gnawing on the wood used to construct your property.

Our Hornchurch experts will come in, identify all possible entry points for mice into your house (and offer other advice along those lines). We go the extra mile in proofing any property so that you can rest assured knowing we've done everything within our power—from the beginning of the prevention phase through sealing up cracks or holes after an infestation has occurred-to give everyone peace of mind!

The most reliable way to keep your home safe and sound is by calling Pestforce Pest Control Hornchurch on 01708 578 157.

Wasp Nest Removal in Hornchurch

Wasps are very common insects found in homes, especially those with access to a garden. They prefer to live in dark areas of the home, where they create their nests. They are known for being aggressive insects if provoked, and attempts to destroy a wasp nest without the use of professional pest control services could result in serious injury.

A pest control expert from Pestforce Hornchurch will be at your location in no time to remove wasps. Whether it’s a roof, attic or garage, we know how to get rid of them! We've removed nests everywhere - even on football stadiums, so don't hesitate any longer and book now for summer's hottest service.

The Pestforce network has a passion for removing wasps from every imaginable place, which is why our customers love us. We'll take on any size or type of nest in Hornchurch so call us on 01708 578 157 to clear the air.

Hornchurch Bee Control

Bee nests are also common in homes across England, especially those with access to gardens. They are often found in roof eaves and similar locations. It is important not to disturb the home of a bee, as they may attack.

At Pestforce Hornchurch, we look to protect bees and keep their important role in the environment.

At Pestforce, we know that there's more than one way for you to keep bees safe - which is why you need to call our Hornchurch bee control experts on 01708 578 157; they will work with you on any solution!

Hornchurch Squirrel Control

Squirrels are often found in roof eaves and under floorboards. They can gain entry to your home through gaps in the construction that have been left as a result of poor workmanship. In addition, they often destroy insulation and roof shingles in their search for food, which can cause considerable heating bills if not repaired in a timely manner.

The best way to get rid of pesky squirrels is by calling us! So if you have unwanted squirrels visiting your home or garden and want our Hornchurch services, please call us on 01708 578 157.

Hornchurch Cockroach Control

Another common pest found in homes across the world and often linked to unsanitary conditions. They may also be carriers of diseases. Cockroaches are omnivorous and will feed on almost anything. Therefore, it is important that you remove all unused food sources from your home to prevent cockroaches.

You may find yourself undergoing a mix of emotions when you see one cockroach. Something about their movement gives people the chills, and just seeing them alone can make someone feel queasy.

So if you've seen one scurry around your house, give us a call now on 01708 578 157 - we'll take care of those nasty bugs fast so they won't be back anytime soon!

Other Hornchurch Pest Services

In addition to the above pests, we treat several other types of pests depending on the location. Among the most commonly occurring pests that we receive a lot of calls about are the following:

  • Moles
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Hornets
  • Cluster Flies
When you need a pest control company, don't look any further! Pestforce is the best in Hornchurch. Call us on 01708 578 157 today for more information on how our professional team is ready to take care of whatever type of problem that you may be experiencing at any time!

Recent Jobs

Wasp nest control in property roof in Hornchuch, RM11 - 20th July 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Hornchurch recieved a call from a distressed family in Hornchurch after they reported having an aggressive wasp nest on the front of their property. We attended the same afternoon and identified the entry point to the wasp nest under the roof tiles. We treated the entry point with a safe and effective insecticide. The wasp activity reduced and following a follow up message the family told me the next day all wasps had gone.


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Rogue rat discovered in the living room of family home in Hornchurch, 3rd January 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Hornchurch received a call from a distressed mother who had discovered a rat in the living area of her home in Hornchurch. Our team swiftly arrived at the property and amazingly were able to catch the young rat quickly. An inspection of the property was then carried out, with no further evidence of an infestation being identified. Sanitation works were then undertaken to ensure the family home was clean and free of any disease or bacteria carried in by this rogue rat.

Bedbugs occupy all bedrooms of a home in Hornchurch, RM12, 24th August 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Hornchurch received a call from a worried father who had discovered bedbugs in his family home in Hornchurch, whilst searching for the culprit of several bites appearing on members of the family whilst they were sleeping. Our team attended his home at the agreed time and could see how frustrated he was becoming, we immediately started work completing a full survey to get an idea of the extent of the bedbug problem. There was evidence of bedbugs – all life stages, in every bedroom of the home. We discussed the treatment options available and set to work with a residual insecticide spray and fogging treatment. We issued some health and safety requirements and scheduled a second visit to monitor and carry out a second treatment in 7 days’ time. We arrived one week later and identified live bugs in two of the bedrooms, a second treatment was then carried out. We are confident this will be the last of the bedbugs in this home.

Wasp season causes annoyance in Hornchurch, RM14, 18th July 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Hornchurch were called by a client who is allergic to wasp stings, they were extremely concerned by the level of wasps they were seeing around their home, especially around the roof tiles. Our experienced team arrived and could immediately see the wasps from outside the property. The team decided to inspect the loft area, which proved to be the source. A large wasp nest had been constructed in this loft space, which we needed to treat quickly to avoid our client getting stung. Our team have a great deal of experience treating wasps and wasp nests; therefore, we were able to treat this nest and the surrounding wasps safely and effectively. The client was overjoyed with the efficiency of the treatment.

Wasps nest in loft space of a family home in Hornchurch, RM11, 8th July 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Hornchurch carried out a wasp nest treatment today in Hornchurch. Our client called as they had seen a rise in the activity of wasps around their roof tiles and soffit boards. Our team arrived and conducted and inspection, making note of where the activity was from the outside of the property, they decided to venture into the loft space. In the loft our team identified the wasp nest, which was very active, and large. We treated the nest and the surrounding wasps straight away. Our client is very happy with our quick response and safe approach with this wasp nest.

Ants or drain flies? Pestforce Pest Control investigate in Hornchurch, RM12, 31st May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Hornchurch received a call to attend a property in Hornchurch where our client was being troubled by ants. Our team arrived swiftly and conducted a full investigation. No ants were found in the area of concern, although there was evidence of drain flies. There did not appear to be any treatment necessary on this occasion. Our client will call back if they need us again.

Rats hide under sink in kitchen in Hornchurch, RM11, 20th May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Hornchurch were called and swiftly attended a property in Hornchurch where the residents had suspicions rodents had been active in their kitchen. Our team arrived and conducted a full inspection of the property. During the inspection, our team discovered evidence of rat droppings under the unit next to the sink, on further investigation using a camera, our team also identified the point of entry for the rats. The rats were using a hole in the floor near the waste pipe. Our team discussed their recommended treatment plan. After a short trip to purchase the necessary materials, our team arrived back to the property. In order to access the hole near to the waste pipe, we needed to cut out a small aperture in the corner of the base unit. We were then able to install rodent proofing and fill the hole with concrete. Our team then positioned a flush fitting access panel and ensured the area was thoroughly cleaned. We will continue to monitor this property for any further activity.

Open drain allows rodents into property in Hornchurch, RM11, 13th May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Hornchurch were called and visited a property in Hornchurch where rats had become a concern. We conducted a full survey of the property and discovered an open drain in the garage where there used to be a toilet plumbed in, this appeared to be the point of entry for the rats. We also noticed various holes around the property which would allow the rats easy access to other rooms within the house. During our inspection of the loft space, we also noticed evidence of active rats and further evidence that squirrels has also gained access via a hole in the eves. We discussed and commenced our rodent treatment plan, which is 3 visits, one each week for 3 weeks. We will also be able to install additional rodent proofing once the rodent treatment plan progresses.

Rats cause block paving to slump in Hornchurch, RM12, 9th May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Hornchurch were called out to investigate signs of rodents in a garden in Hornchurch. On our first visit, we arrived and conducted a full survey in the garden area. We discovered that some of the block paving had sunk and there were large gaps around the gravel boards. This would be due to rats burrowing underneath. We also discussed with the client, that the old furniture in the front garden requires clearance as this providing the rats with a haven. We discussed the options with our client and initiated a rodent treatment program. Visit number two showed no evidence of rats and no activity had been seen by the client. We will continue to monitor this garden through out the rodent treatment program, examining the areas along the known rat runs where they have been sighted before our intervention.

Havoc caused as rats migrate to a place of care in Hornchurch, RM11, 3rd May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Hornchurch were called to assist a place of care in Hornchurch. The manager had witnessed rodents and need our support. On arrival we conducted a full survey of the problem area- side of the building and in the carpark. There is no evidence that the rats have gained entry to the inside of the place of care. During the survey we discovered an area of overgrowth and a bin store, both of which are a haven for rats. We also managed to identify rat burrows which are coming from the block of flats next door. Our team explained the findings of our survey and it was decided to commence a rodent treatment program immediately. Three rat burrows have been treated so far and numerous blocks of bait have been used. Care and consideration is always taken when we use rodenticides, to ensure the safety of children and other animals. At present this is an ongoing treatment plan, which we hope to have under control in the very near future.

House fly problem in Dagenham treated with ULV by Pestforce - 20/04/2022

Pestforce Pest Control Hornchurch were called out to help a client who was suffering from a serious house fly infestation in their home in the centre of Hornchurch. Following our inspection and coversation with the client we carried out a 2 part ULV treatment to the loft space where the fllies were originating. This treatment seems to be very effective and the flies have been successfully cleared. We were unable to find the source of the problem and have provided recommendations on our electronic report if the client wants us to return to clear the loft and find the source. 

Rats climbing up drains in Hornchurch - 13/04/2022

Pestforce Pest Control Hornchurch were called out by a concerned lady as she could her rats in her kitchen late at night. We attended the same day as the call and inspected the kitchen for rats. We then checked the drains and found a man hole full of dirt and rat droppings. We were 99% sure the rats were getting into property via the drain system. We have since baited the drains and put tracking dust in the man hole to see where the rats are going. Further baiting has been commenced behind boxing in the client's conservatory. As rats are getting up open gully we have have recommended to the client we carry out further works which would include removing all spoil from the manhole and carry out a camera survey. We have also recommended to remove boxing to get to the open gully and fit a cast iron cover. We await the client's go ahead on these works which we are confident would prevent rats entering through that route ever again.

Muntjac Deer Control in South Ockendon - 16/03/2022

Customer called up last week asking if we were able to help with a few Muntjac Deer that had been destroying a private garden by eating all the customers rather expensive plants and shrubs. Due to the sheer size of the garden and multiple entrances it would be impossible to go down the non-lethal approach ie proofing . PestForce Romford carried out a full risk assessment full the culling of the Deer. With a Deer legal rifle and Spotting equipment along with the experience and qualifications, three deer were dispatched this morning. We will be keeping an eye on the property over the next few months to see if further Deer management is required. PestForce Romford are experienced in Deer Management and have been carrying out extensive Deer Management on large Estes across Essex for many years . 

Mice control in Rainham - 28/02/2022

Pestforce Pest Control Hornchuch were called three weeks ago by a customer in much distress. The customer had recently purchased his new home with his wife and three children. Over the last six months they started to see mouse droppings appear on the kitchen work tops then on the sofa and finally in the new baby's cot. My customer explained that he has already caught six mice within two weeks, but the evidence was still there. We attended the property and carried out a full property pest survey, we quickly realised that these poor people were infested with mice all over their new home. Mice were in the loft, bedrooms, all the bathrooms and finally in the kitchen. With all mice jobs finding the entry points into the property is key as well as working out how they are moving around the home once they are in and established. Being a new build and built to a decent standard and as per building regulations, at first it was tricky to find how these mice were getting into the fabric of the building. But then the electrical intake box / meter was inspected. Straight away you could see the classic oily smear marks coming into the box, the cables left the box and went into the house no grommet was fitted and a large hole was made straight into the cavity of the house. Bingo.  Electric box proofed, a huge bait and trapping campaign implemented and 4 visits later hey presto no more mice. An extremely happy customer and kudos to PFR for the implementation of Integrated pest management to get this infestation under control. 

Rat control contract for school in Hornchurch - 28/01/22

Pestforce Pest Control Hornchurch were recently awarded a new Rat riddance contract for a Primary school that is overwhelmed with Rats in the outside areas of the school grounds. We attended swiftly and carried out full survey of the school grounds. Quickly finding a huge rat colony and burrows behind the bin store area. When we returned a burrow baiting strategy was implemented along with six tamper proof bait stations set out along the fence line discretely placed and secured. Once the initial population is under control we will switch to nontoxic baits and revisit every six weeks and act accordingly. Very pleased to be helping this customer and keeping the kids safe and well from Rats . 

Mice problem in care home in the local area - 04/12/21

Many pest control companies have been working in this property but still signs of mouse activity. Trying something different might get us a win on this little project we picked up. Using the tunnel box, some peanut butter and contact foam might out-smart these bait and trap shy mammals. 

Fly problem at Bistro Coffee House in Upminster, RM14 - 28/11/21

A customer called me up to say he had an ongoing issue with flies in his restaurant back of house. He explained that he’d tried everything to try and get rid of them and would like a pest professional to have a look. I attended the next day and carried out a inspection. When questioned it became apparent that he had a blocked drain which flooded an area. The area had been cleaned to a poor standard and upon closer inspection I could see fly larvae hiding in the dark damp areas ready to hatch and turn into drain flies. I was now able to treat the source of the problem along with the flies themselves. All done out of hours so customers were unaware of the operation. Very happy customer and no more flies 

Pest control contract for convienence store in Upminster - 12/11/21

Pestfore Pest Control Hornchurch have recently finished setting up a mice and rat control contract for a small convienence store in Upminster. Rodent boxes have been placed in the back areas of the store and will be monitored monthly. There are no signs of any pest activity at the store at present but having these measures in place helps protect the store, the staff and the customers. 

Carpet beetle treatment in Rainham - 08/11/21

A new customer called us saying her daughter keeps finding bugs in her bedroom and on her headboard. She explained that her daughter was a very clean and tidy person and could not understand what or why she kept finding these bugs.  We were able to visit the customer within 4 hours of making contact. After a five minutes conversation we put on some shoe covers and made our way up to the bedroom. We found one of the bugs described. We swiftly identified the larvae as the carpet beetle larvae. Being carpet beetles we knew exactly where to find them and what treatment we needed to use. Within two hours we had treated the customers bedroom. Another really happy and satisfied customer dealt with. 

Squirrel Control in Hornchurch - 28/10/21

Pestforce Pest Control Hornchurch were called by a client mentioning squirrels causing havoc in their property and garden. Scratching his new roof felt, digging up his lawn and flower beds and waking him up early every morning. We attended site and explained the different methods of control. It turned out that his garden fences were not his property so we could not attach or fix anything to them. Good nature traps were above his budget, so we turned standard rat bait stations into improvised squirrel traps using there inquiring natural nature. Let’s see if we can get this pest under control. Fences that we used were to the front of the property were the squirrels burry there nuts in the flower beds. 

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