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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control North London.

My name is George Apostoli and I am your local, highly trained and qualified pest controller in North London.

Pests come in all shapes and sizes. When they become problematic or affecting daily life, it is vital to ensure they are dealt with effectively by a pest control professional. 

As a qualified and experienced technician, I would be thrilled to assist you in tackling these nuisance pests around the home.

The Pestforce brand has over 18,000 reviews across all our websites and social channels with an average rating is 4.9 / 5 therefore be rest assured you are dealing with an established and trusted company. 


  • I am DBS checked
  • I am fully insured
  • I am highly trained, qualified and experienced
  • I will provide a free survey and quote

Fully accredited and qualified pest controller…
British Pest Control Association Member CEPA Certified Professional Pest Management CHAS Accredited Contractor Royal Society for Public Health Think Wildlife - Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use

North London Pest Control

If you are searching for a quick and effective solution to your pest problems, then we are more than happy to assist.

Our services in North London are available at your service. below list is a comprehensive guide (although not exhaustive), to the type of pest problems we deal with:

Residential pest control including:

  • Home pest control
  • Loft pest control
  • Roofing pest control
  • Garden pest control

Pest control for business including:

  • Office pest control
  • Shop and retail pest control
  • Restaurant and takeaway pest control
  • Medical and clinical practice pest control

The types of pests we commonly tackle include:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Wasps and wasps’ nests
  • Bees and bees’ nests
  • Squirrels
  • Birds and pigeons
  • Moles
  • Bed bugs
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Moths

We are accredited members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and accredited by CEPA (the highest accreditation in pest control).

At Pestforce North London, we use the most proven, trusted techniques, maintaining ethical practices throughout.

We aim to rehome any pests that are endangered species, therefore you can guarantee we will operate safely every time. We work out a diagnostic and treatment plan tailor made to our issue, with no fuss.

If your property has become infested and it is becoming a problem to you, then it is best to contact our 5* rated pest control services in North London. I will be on hand, George to answer any questions on this telephone number 0208 088 2315.

North London Rat Control

Rats are synonymous with dirt and disease. If you see rats scurrying around your property, it can be unnerving. They are nuisance pests and can damage certain areas of your property, so it is best to act fast.

Our North London rat control team is dedicated to ensuring all traces of rats are removed from the property as well as ensuring that they are unable to make a return.

We use a varied number of techniques, including baits, traps and poisons. We analyse the situation and work out the best plan of action. Our expertise is vast and we have dealt with a plethora of infestations, including indoor, outdoor, in between walls, in tiny crawl spaces, behind appliances and in lofts.


Another service offered by Pestforce North London is PEST PROOFING. Many people don't realise that this is an essential part of pest control and can help avoid any future problems. 

Before - this is a very cost effective way of dealing with pest control. Rather than waiting until you have a pest infestation that is getting out of control, Pestforce North London can come round and carry out essential proofing work to protect your premises from pests. This can be done on a one-off basis or regularly throughout the year, wherever you are in north London. 

After - as part of their standard pest control service, Pestforce North London will carry out minor proofing work when attending a call out, as well as suggest areas that need more major attention. If you are unsure about carrying out more extensive proofing work yourself, Pestforce North London will be very happy to do it for you at a very reasonable cost.

If you’ve got a rat problem in North London please feel free to give us a call! 0208 088 2315.

North London Mice Control

Mice are cousins to the rats. Whilst they are smaller and less intimidating, they can still pose a hygiene problem. It is not recommended to leave mice in the home for long periods of time due to many reasons.

Therefore, our mouse control in North London, will be readily available when you need them to ensure that the mice are gone for good.

Trained staff are able to diagnose and treat the situation, and can identify all exits and entrances, ensuring that they are sealed up after. This way you can be sure they will not enter again.

Tips To Avoid A Rat or Mouse Invasion

  • clean up crumbs and spillages immediately
  • don't leave food out overnight
  • make sure all food is kept in plastic or metal sealable containers where possible
  • block up any holes, however small, on the outside of your north London property.
  • Wire mesh covers can be purchased to cover airbricks as these are a common entry point for both mice and rats.
If you’ve spotted a mouse inside our property in North London, then please know that our mice control services can be reached on this number. 0208 088 2315 today.

North London Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp infestations are most common during the summer months (July – October). You will see them around your garden or areas of the home that are inviting to them. Lofts, gutters and garages.

Our experts in North London, are able to remove all traces of the wasps using the best equipment. We can remove them safely to rid you of these annoying pests.

Our North London wasp nest removal services are very popular. This is because wasps nests are a common problem. Our team at Pestforce has removed a plethora of nests from many places, including kitchens and even football stadiums.

Our wide range of expertise should instil confidence into you. We will be more than happy to come to inspect the situation FREE of charge, offering you a plan of action for removal.

Please call us today on 0208 088 2315 to make a booking.

North London Bee Relocation

Bees are seen as protected insects and their safety is paramount to us. They are often seen throughout July to September across all areas of the UK.

However, a bees nest could pose a threat to your home and your garden wildlife. If you need a bees nest removed in North London, we are available to help you.

At Pestforce we look to protect bees. Our experts in North London can remove your bees nest with care and consideration. We seek to rehome them where possible.

We can also reassure you that this is a safe process and the nest will not be destroyed. We are confident in our safety equipment and will not pose any risk to you or your family.

If you need our assistance in North London then do not hesitate to call us today on 0208 088 2315.

North London Squirrel Control

Grey squirrels are a common sight in most UK parks. They are not actually native to the UK, but we see them most often. They are prevalent in the urban areas.

Squirrels can damage your garden or even property, so if you feel there is an infestation then you must act quickly. We also seek to remove any red squirrels also.

These are native to the UK and are protected. We offer impeccable advice and information relating to maintaining your garden and preventing any future issues. We are a little limited to the treatments we can use, therefore, we will create a plan to help redirect them away from your property.

If you have problematic squirrels running riot in your home or garden in North London then our squirrel control services are available to all. You can call us on 0208 088 2315 and we can arrange a date for your FREE inspection.

North London Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing

Pigeons are found in both urban and suburban areas. They are often unproblematic; however, they can create nests in unusual places which may affect your property.

Lots of birds find places around the house to nest during the cooler months. This may be in your walls, in your roof, or gutters. Our team in North London, are able to come and assess your bird and pigeon problems safely.

Birds can make plenty of mess inside your property, so getting on top of the situation as quickly as possible is going to be vital. We do appreciate that some birds in the UK are protected species, therefore we provide a plan or relevant advice to ensure that they can be rehoused carefully.

Please call our North London bird control team on 0208 088 2315. you should keep on top of the issue before the problem gets worse. This way, it may be more difficult to remove them if more join. We are always happy to talk through your options without any pressure of a sale.

North London Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are little critters that are miniscule and feed off human blood. You can identify them by little bite marks on your body. Bed bug scars can last a lifetime, therefore you must ensure that you are rid of them.

Our bed bug control service in North London, is on hand to remove all the pests from your bedroom, for a comfortable and safe night’s sleep.

If you notice specks of blood on your bed sheets, this is another red flag to let you know that there may be a bed bug infestation.

Don’t let the problem get out of control, and call us today on 0208 088 2315 for our North London bed bug control - don't let the bed bugs bite anymore!

North London Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are pests that can make anyone shiver. They are ugly critters that can cause a lot of issues due to poor sanitation. Cockroaches can carry disease, therefore, we appreciate finding them in your home is going to cause panic.

However, we have a dedicated team in North London, that is able to effectively remove these critters safely. We are familiar with many types of species, including the German cockroach to the Oriental and American cockroach species.

If you have seen any scurrying around your home, please do not hesitate in calling us on 0208 088 2315. Our North London team is on hand to give you some immediate advice.

North London Flea Control

Fleas are a very common issue for many homes in North London. If you have pets, you may have already dealt with fleas. However, fleas can appear in homes without pets too.

Therefore our flea control team in North London will be able to assess the situation. Sometimes fleas can be hard to identify, which is why a professional team will be able to remove the fleas as well as offer you valuable advice and information that will assist you in the future.

Nobody wants a flea infestation in their home, so if you do suspect a problem, then please contact us and we will offer you a FREE consultation to see what moves we can make to remove the problem.

Call George for our North London flea control on 0208 088 2315 today.

Other North London Pest Services

The pests mentioned above are the most common problems found in UK homes and we treat numerous problems in North London.

However, some of the other pests that we have dealt with in properties are as follows:

  • Moths
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Hornets
  • Cluster Flies
Whatever the pest is, you can guarantee that we have the equipment and know-how to remove the problems safely. We work to high safety standards, which protect you and your family every time. Years of expertise at Pestforce Control North London, should give you confidence. We can remove any pest and please be aware that no job is too big or too small. We appreciate pests are a problem. So that is why our team can be contacted any time on 0208 088 2315. Our main priority is exceptional customer service. We offer impeccable service every time, with professionalism at our core. It’s time to rid yourself of these pesky problems once and for all!

Recent Jobs

Rat infested back garden in North London, N8 - 20th February 2022

Pestforce Pest Control North London were called out ot help a lady with a serious rat infestation in the back garden of a terraced mutli flat complex. We identified the rat burrows and safely baited the area. After an effective 3 visit rodent riddance treatment we have successfully controlled the rodent population in the area. The client was very happy with the service. 

Rats in communal gardens of flats in North London, N13 - 22nd October 2021

Pestforce Pest Control North London are currently treating a rat problem in the communal gardens of a small block of flats. The rats are entering via a gully from a neighbours garden which appears to be a breeding ground. So far the bait take in the garden which we have safely placed has been very effective. A few more visits and we should have the problem ressolved.

Live rat causes havoc in home in Edmington - 7th October 2021

Pestforce Pest Control North London were called out by a distressed older lady with a live rat she had found inside her home. She had trapped the rodent in her living room so we attended as soon as we could to help. We successfully placed a trap in the room. Within a few hours the rat had been caught. Since this visit we have quoted the client for a standard rodent plan treatment to ensure we have got to the bottom of the rodent problem at her home. 

Flea treatment for property in Muswell Hill - 24th September 2021

Pestforce Pest Control North London have concluded a flea treatment of a 4 bed property in Muswell Hill. The fleas in question were from the pet dog at the property which after being treated and kept away from the home, we were able to attend and treat the whole house. Through our expertise and effective spray treatment we have successfully erradicated the flea problem.

Successful erradication of rat infestation in Stoke Newington - 17th September 2021

Pestforce Pest Control North London recently attended a home in Stoke Newington after the occupants had started seeing a rat running around in their kitchen area. The occupants all had serious phobias of rats and as we were in the area, attendance was made within 15 mins. We surveyed the property and set out our treatment plan to erradicate the problem. Within 30 minutes of leaving the property we had a call from the clients to say the trap had gone off and the rat had been caught. One of our quickest rat catches of all time. Some very impressed customers. 

Mice problem in North London, N1 - 10th September 2021

Pestforce Pest Control North London attended an old georgian house after reports of a heavy mice infestation throughout the buliding. The owner of the building had tried his own pest control however this had not been effective and chose to call the professionals. We have found evidence of mice throughout the building and it appears to be a large infestation which is likely to have orginated from the neighbouring garden centre. The mice appear to be entering the property through the garden decking. We have been relatively successful after 2 visits however due to the size of the infestation we will likely be under going further treatments to be sure the infestation is fully erradicated. 

Rat control in North London, N20 - 3rd September 2021

Pestforce Pest Control North London were called out to retired couple's semi-detatched home in North London. We found obvious evidence of rats in the home which a number of droppings found under the floorboards. We have safely baited within and outside the home and have successfully had bait taken from our bait stations. We have a further visit due as a follow up however the clients are very happy as the number of rat sightings have decreased significantly. 

Hornet treatment for home in N6 - 27th August 2021

Pestforce Pest Control North London had a call from a client who thought they had a wasp nest at their property. We attended for a same day call out to the elderly lady's property and found no evidence however after an extensive survey found a hornets nest in the cavity wall of a small outbuilding. We treated the entry point to the nest with vulcan dust and now the hornets are no more. 

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