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Customer Reviews

Pestforce North London is rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 62 customer reviews.

Welcome to Pestforce North London Pest Control

Pestforce North London provides pest control services to a wide area of north London. Insects, bugs, rodents, birds and other animals are all around and are important for biological balance. However, when the population of one or more of these animals or insects spirals out of control, you are left with a pest control problem!

When this happens, you need Pestforce North London and their team of pest control technicians, who live and work in and around north London. When you call Pestforce North London, we do our upmost to be on your doorstep the very same day.

What Pest Problems Could you Face?

There are many pest controls problems that you could face in north London, some of which are more common than others. Some pests only become a problem at certain times of the year such as wasps in the summer, or rats and mice seeking the wamrth of north London houses in the winter. Other pests can become a problem as they develop immunity to pesticides, which makes controlling them more complicated. Many over-the-counter pest control products are rarely effective and can actaully make your pest control problem worse.  Call in the experts at Pestforce North London!

Nearly Famous.............?  As seen on TV...

I was delighted to help out BBC London with a story they were running on the problem of rodents in London.

Tim Donovan from the BBC spent the morning with me as we helped out a local London resident with a rat problem in their recently purchased home. It was quite nerve racking having the camera's follow me around but I had scubbed up in the morning to ensure I was looking at my best..... well as best as I could!!

What Pests Do We Remove and Control?

Pestforce North London controls and removes a wide variety of pests throughout north London, including:

mice - rats - squirrels - wasps - bedbugs - fleas

ants - moths - beetles - flies - woodworm - rabbits

moles - birds - cockroaches - foxes

... and more

What Areas do Pestforce North London Cover?

You can find a detailed list of all the areas covered by Pestforce North London on the right, but the main boroughs we operate in are:

Hackney - Islington - Camden - Barnet - Haringey - Enfield

Seasonal Pest Control: Pestforce North London

Pestforce North London deals with call outs to a wide variety of pest control issues all year round, but different seasons bring different pests.

The weather is now changing, the wasps are dying down and it is time for mice and rats to seek the warmth of your north London home or business. Wherever there is warm shelter and food, there is a risk of rodents.

Mice pose very similar risks to rats, but are smaller and can gain access to your north London property even more easily; all they need is a hole the size of a pencil. Pestforce North London attends call outs for mice infestions on a daily basis due to the built up nature of north London. Where there are lots of people, there is food...and where there is food, there will be mice. 

Don't let mice nibble their way through your pantry; contact Pestforce North London today on 02080882451

Rats are an extremely unsanitary pest and an infestation can get out of control very quickly, given the fact that they breed at an alarming rate with females having several litters in a very short space of time. If you have seen a rat in your north London home or garden, don't delay in calling Pestforce North London today as you can be sure there will soon be more. Once rats have discovered warmth and a food source, they become very territorial and will not give up easily. 

Rats carry a number of dangerous diseases that can be transmitted to your family and even your pets. Don't put yourselves at risk; call Pestforce North London today on 02080882451

Top Tips To Avoid A Rat or Mouse Invasion

  • clean up crumbs and spillages immediately
  • don't leave food out overnight
  • make sure all food is kept in plastic or metal sealable containers where possible
  • block up any holes, however small, on the outside of your north London property. Wire mesh covers can be purchased to cover airbricks as these are a common entry point for both mice and rats.

Pestforce North London PROOFING!

Another service offered by Pestforce North London is PEST PROOFING. Many people don't realise that this is an essential part of pest control and can help avoid any future problems. 

Pestforce North London can either carry out PEST PROOFING work on your north London premises before or after an infestation:

Before - this is a very cost effective way of dealing with pest control. Rather than waiting until you have a pest infestation that is getting out of control, Pestforce North London can come round and carry out essential proofing work to protect your premises from pests. This can be done on a one-off basis or regularly throughout the year, wherever you are in north London. 

After - as part of their standard pest control service, Pestforce North London will carry out minor proofing work when attending a call out, as well as suggest areas that need more major attention. If you are unsure about carrying out more extensive proofing work yourself, Pestforce North London will be very happy to do it for you at a very reasonable cost.

Why Choose Pestforce North London?

As well as having several years of combined experience in pest control, all technicians at Pestforce North London are qualified to Level 2 standard in ‘Pest Control and Management’, a certificate awarded by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH). This qualification is the industry standard.

We are also members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), meaning we stay informed of all the latest pest control practices, use of pesticides and any legislation.

In addition, Pestforce North London holds several specialist certificates, having successfully completed extensive training in:

· rodent eradication

· insect infestations

· gassing techniques

· bird proofing techniques and methods

We are also members of The British Association for Shooting and Conservation.

All pest control work carried out by Pestforce North London is insured and as part of our comprehensive service we are happy to provide advice to prevent future pest problems.

Get in touch and let our expert Pestforce North London technicians deal with your pest control problem. Call 02080882451 today!

Happy Customers are Pest-free Customers!

Pestforce North London has helped hundreds of customers to be free from pest infestations. We regularly work with both domestic and business customers all over the north London area:

Domestic - as a standard part of their service Pestforce North London carries out thorough internal and external inspections of your north London home, garden, shed, garage and other outbuildings before deciding on the most effective pest control treatment

Business - Pestforce North London has worked with a wide range of business customers, including factories, industrial units, cafes, pubs, restaurants, livery stables, football pitches, cricket clubs, gold courses, bowling greens, school, colleges, day nurseries, graveyards, burial grounds, local council work, letting agents, student accommodation, estate agents, building sites, construction sites and many, many more

**Article of the Week**

Bed Bugs: The Facts

‘Night night, don’t let the bed bugs bite!’ A quirky little phrase we tell our children, but the reality of bed bugs is not quite so light hearted.

Pestforce North London has put together these FAQs to give you all the facts you need to know about these night-time creatures that can cause upheaval in your home.

Pestforce North London can offer you immediate service when you discover bed bugs in you home. Call today on 02080882451

What do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed bugs are flat, oval-shaped and approximately 5mm long; often likened to a lentil. Feeding on blood, they vary in colour depending on whether they have just fed, but are usually dark yellow, brown or red.

Where will I Find Bed Bugs?

Due to their size, bed bugs can be hard to spot. If you suspect you have bed bugs in your north London home, classic places to check are in the seams of mattresses, underneath mattresses, in joints of furniture and behind or along headboards.

Other signs to look out for are blood spots on your bed sheets, the tiny mottled shells the bed bugs shed as they grow and black spots on the mattress, which will be their faeces.

Do Bed Bugs Bite?

Yes. Not everyone reacts to bed bug bites, but they can cause red, itchy spots, much like mosquito bites. However, they are often found in a straight line and are present on the face, neck, arms and hands.

In certain cases, the spots may become inflamed or infected and require steroid cream or antibiotics from the GP.

Contrary to some opinion, bed bugs do not transmit diseases.

Do Bed Bugs spread easily?

Very easily. Although they do not jump or fly, bed bugs can move very quickly, spreading through your north London house at a fast rate if they are not dealt with immediately.

Given their small size, an added risk is that they are easily transported, so even standing next to someone on the bus or train could mean that bed bugs are unknowingly transferred into your house.

Another classic way for bed bugs to spread is in luggage, either into or out of hotels.

What is the Life Cycle of a Bed Bug?

Female bed bugs lay around 300 eggs, which then hatch after 10 days. It takes a further 6-8 weeks for them to become adults, by which point they are extremely resilient and can live for up to a year without feeding, meaning they are even more difficult to eradicate from your north London home.

If I have Bed Bugs, Does it Mean My House is Dirty?

Not at all. Bed bugs are attracted to the warmth of your body and feed on blood, not dirt. They can be found in the cleanest of houses and are often found in hotel rooms, which are cleaned daily.

How do I Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

It is extremely hard to get rid of bed bugs, and almost impossible to do it yourself with shop bought treatments. The best way to tackle a bed bug infestation is to contact a qualified pest controller immediately when you realise there is a problem.

It may take multiple calls to tackle the problem but highly experienced technicians, like Dean at Pestforce North London, have the knowledge to make sure they find each and every hiding place for the bed bugs and treat them accordingly.  You may be asked to wash bed linen and clothes at high temperatures and then tumble dry them in order to kill remaining bed bugs and eggs. In cases of severe infestation, you may have to consider throwing away your mattress.

Can I Avoid Getting Bed Bugs in my House?

Given the ease at which bed bugs are transported, there is very little you can do to avoid a bed bug problem.

However, inspecting your bedroom regularly will mean that you will spot the first signs of an infestation, making it a lot easier to deal with.

If you are going to stay in a hotel, then make sure to inspect the room, particularly the bed, before unpacking.

If you require any more information or immediate service, contact Pestforce North London today on 02080882451.

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Excellent service and communication. Gary explained things thoroughly to me and put my mind at ease.
Highly recommended.



Good,friendly service from Gary as ever.


Ms Taylor

Gary was great.
On time, effective and very professional!
No more wasps.


S Dunn

Thanks Gary for your service - prompt, efficient and professional. Although we didn't completely find the source of the pests, the immediate problem has been resolved and suggestions as to next steps made so I can investigate further.



Thank you so much for coming out today. So pleased with your work ??
Will defiantly be recommending you.
Very polite man. Highly recommend x


Elizabeth Mitchell

Gary is very knowledgeable, professional, efficient, reliable and safety conscious. He arrived quickly and I have full confidence in the service. Highly recommended. [5 = highest rating]



Very friendly and professional service. Came right on time and gave very good advice and very transparent


Ruth A

Reliable, knowledgeable, punctual and courteous. Far cheaper than a well-known "specialist" company, no expensive contracts.



Excellent professional service. Would highly recommend.


Yvonne Oppon

Very friendly efficient service, knowledgable in his trade and did a great job, would recommend



Very friendly and professional service from Gary. Informative and flexible approach. Cost is competitive. I would recommend him to prospective customers.


Matthew Julian

Gary arranged to see me very promptly and arrived on the dot. I was afraid we had bedbugs and was very relieved to be told that I was dealing with fleas from the cat and be given good advice about what to do.
Gary is exactly the sort of professional that I trust, he is old school, knows all about his subject and is very reassuring. I would definitely call upon him again if I had the bad luck to be dealing with another infestation.


Jane Fior

What great service Gary gave us. He was polite and professional as well as well informed about all things mouse.
Thanks Gary, great job.



I called up and spoke to Gary. He was very professional and reassuring. He visited my property the next day and from the minute he arrived, he was friendly and helpful. He looked at the problem area and was very thorough. I would definitely recommend this company on.



I’m very pleased with the service received.
From the initial enquiry Gary was very reassuring and once he arrived I immediately felt confident that he would be able to sort out the problem. He understood I was anxious about having mice in the house but his competent approach and manner reassured me all the way.. he explained the processes and materials used clearly as he went about his work and was very careful when manouvering around the house.
He has sorted my infestation and I am pleased to recommend him and his service


Sheila west

Great friendly service. So helpful and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend. Thanks


Michelle Barry

Gary was informed, efficient and honest.

He came to give my place a survey determining no further treatment was necessary which was great. Every contact with him and Pestforce from the initial enquiry, booking an appointment time to the information provided and follow up was very professional.

I would highly recommend Gary and Pestforce.



Garry from Pest-Force is everything you want for dealing with these situations. What mere normal humans cant deal with, Garry rises to the challenge and he truly loves his job. What else can you ask for? He's a top geezer and I would recommend his services to anyone.



Would definitely recommend Gary to anyone in North London.
Fast response, very knowledgeable, did what he said he would and did it swiftly. Highly professional.



I cannot recommend them enough! Gary was very quick at contacting me and he was always on time (something I really value as I have two little kids). Whenever he came I felt he took his time to answer all my questions and it never felt like a rushed job. He's super hands on! He would very easily get on the floor looking under cabinets and getting into any corner if he needed. Gary was very professional and he definitely knows his stuff. He's very friendly too.



I want to thank your skilled team for the thorough work. I think they did a great job proofing the house as we hadn't seen any mice recently. Excellent work by the Gary! Very professional and thorough. I have no complaints whatsoever. The entire experience was good. Five stars!



Used Pestforce for a rental property. Gary was reliable, punctual and efficient. Was always considerate to the people living in the properties.
Definately recommend.



Gary is very friendly, fast and timely. Hopefully my ant infestation will be short lived.



Friendly Fast service


A Raphael

PestForce have done a great job with our rat problem and I would highly recommend their services.


Mark Hillier

Gary is fantastic - very responsive, trustworthy and very capable. We really appreciated his fast turnaround times and conscientious follow-up visits. He's extremely knowledgeable. Thank you, Gary!


Poppy Smith

Prompt service. Gary gave comprehensive advice and was patient. We will contact him again if necessary.



Excellent service, punctual, efficient, would definitely recommend.



Gary is an absolute gem, so helpful, polite and very professional. I can't recommend him enough, Thanks so much Gary.



Gary's really fantastic: personable, helpful, punctual and extremely knowledgable.



Very efficient service, given in a friendly manner. Explained everything clearly.

Rating does not make it clear which is higher rating 1 for top or 5 so I have assumed 5 is top.


Sue Ward

Excellent service. Fair price.


John muswell hill

Great service. Gary was friendly, gave very clear explanations of the issues and next steps and was flexible when setting appointments.

Couldn't have asked for more. He comes highly recommended!


Marc Howard

Gary is really friendly, efficient and knowledgable. He gave us great advice on what to do, and was very thorough, talking us through everything he was doing, why he was doing it, etc. It seems that we had a one off visitor rather than an infestation, but it was worth it for piece of mind and for knowing who to call next time (I imagine there will be a next time given that we live about food retail outlets!!) many thanks for a great job.


Ruth Bratt

Gary is great! Very professional and knowledgeable! I would highly recommend this company!



Excellent service. Gary moved things in his diary to accommodate us and then arrived on time, did what he said he would do and charged what he said he would.
Very happy.


Ian Shurmer

Gary was great he did such a good job and removed a mouse from my bedroom! Only took 2 visits one to put the bait and second to remove the dead mouse we tried to get rid of it ourselves but had no luck previously. I am soo happy to have my bedroom back it was a nightmare before I decided to ring him. Highly recommend!



Gary was brilliant - really friendly and helpful, and a lot more practical and economical than Rentakill, who gave me a quote for thousands of pounds. No sign of any mouse activity for a week now, so fingers crossed! But knowing I can give him a call for advice is reassuring.



Excellent service.
Knowledgable and efficient.
Will recommend.


Anne Joseph

Gary was brilliant. Got rid of mice (and a rat!) - came on time, very careful, thorough, helpful, explained everything, very highly recommended....



Excellent professional and friendly service. Would definitely use if we had any mouse issues again (which we won’t!)



We had a problem with Mice in our place of work. I called Pestforce and they came out promptly and visited our premises three times, firstly, to assess the problem then put traps around the building and visited a further two times until our problem with Mice disappeared. Pestforce were consistent, helpful and very reasonably priced. I would definitely give them a call if our problem was to return in the future.


H Robinson

This is the second time we've used Gary to sort out a pest problem - first a wasps nest and most recently mice. On both occasions he has been swift to respond and resolve the issues. I would recommend PestForce to friends and family without hesitation.


George, Islington

Personable and friendly, Gary did a great job making multiple visits. He also responded to a couple of emails with questions I sent after his visit which was excellent service. Has also said I can contact him in case situation worsens which is good to know and much appreciated. Recommended!



Gary was brilliant - very knowledgeable and loads of advice. Fantastic service, quick response and all done with a great sense of humour!



Gary was very helpful and gave us good advice to deal with our problem.



Great service, punctual and professional. Would not hesitate to recommend



Excellent prompt freindly and reliable service. Couldnt ask for better . Thankyou


Anna Warburton

I highly recommend Pestforce and Gary - he responded quickly with a good price and great service and a professional and very personable manner - who did an excellent job with my pigeon problem!


Anthony Few

We found Gary to be punctual , very reliable in terms of time predicted to resolve the pest issue's and the quality of his work and attention to detail.
Gary really put our minds at ease.

Ian N16


Ian Jones

"Lovely guy".Managed to fit me in on very short notice, even thorough it was at 6am!
Did a thorough job for very reasonable rates and kept coming back till it was completed.
I own a few properties and just call him now if I have any problems with pesky London pests.
Highly recommended.
Fabrice Islington.



Very comprehensive and helpful
Personable and knowledgeable in his field ,
we trust he gives the best possible service.


Mr D Plandowski

Great service by Gary O'Connor. He thoroughly explained the process of baiting/trapping to us and nothing was ever too much. No mice now! Thanks Gary.



I recently had a problem with rats getting into my house in Harringay and contacted a few companies to initially get advice on how to tackle the problem.

Being the most helpful by far, I asked Dean to come and review the situation, which was also causing a problem for my next door neighbour. He made this a priority and came out to assess both of our homes. He gave us both constructive and helpful advice and we caught 2 rats within 5 hours of his visit. Dean also took the time to explain in detail what he thought was causing the issue and revisited a week later.

I have total confidence in Dean’s ability to eradicate the problem entirely, unlike other pest controllers I have employed in the past. He was approachable and sympathetic, as well as being pragmatic in how he handled what was an upsetting and stressful situation. I recommend Pestforce North London very highly.


- Mrs Kinsella, Rat Control in Harringay

We've called on other pest control companies in the past and the squirrels have always returned. Until Dean from Pestforce North London came round, we had never thought squirrel-proofing the trees that the squirrels were using to gain access to the property. Since doing this, the squirrels have never come back.

Pestforce North London is the company to call for pest control in Crouch End!


– Mr & Mrs Norman, Squirrel Control in Crouch End

I felt I had to write to say how impressed I was with Pestforce North London who came out to my Holloway Road flat again today to deal with a mouse issue. Dean’s first visit was earlier in May to set baits, and he then came back this morning to check on the situation and to block entry points.

I was particularly impressed with Dean's competent and experienced approach. He explained each stage of the treatment process and said to call him at any point if I had any questions.

I was rather concerned about the mouse issue but Dean was really reassuring, personable and professional all the way through and I very much appreciate all his help. I will definitely call on Pestforce North London again if I have any pest control needs in the future!


- Miss Chaplin, Mice Control in Holloway Road

Being an animal lover, I was rather dismayed about getting an exterminator to come out to my home in Highgate when I discovered there were squirrels in my attic. However, the head technician of Pestforce North London, Dean, was really reassuring and obviously very knowledgeable of current animal welfare legislation. Their work was clearly strictly in line with an ethical code of practice.


– Miss Jensen, Squirrel Control in Highgate

What was really useful about Pestforce North London was that they were on hand from start to finish when I reported a rat problem at my home in Caledonian Road. From carrying out the initial survey to monitoring the performance of the bait and finally by taking away the rat carcasses, the head technician, Dean, was there to do all the unpleasant jobs so I didn't have to.


– Ms Lees, Rat Control in Caledonian Road

I recently had an issue with rats getting into my home and called a few companies to initially get some advice on how to deal with the problem. Dean was by far the most helpful. As a result, I asked him to come and review the situation, which was also affecting the next door neighbours. He made this a priority and came to my home and my neighbours to assess the problem. The advice that he gave us was both constructive and helpful and within 5 hours of his arrival, we caught 2 rats. He also explained at length what he thought the issue was and followed up with a 2nd visit a week later. Dean was approachable, sympathetic but also pragmatic in the way he handled what was an upsetting and stressful problem. I also have huge confidence in his ability to eradicate the problem completely, unlike other pest control companies that I have used in the past. I recommend him highly.



I'd like to say thank you to Dean from Pestforce for such a quick response. All wasps were gone the next day and our birthday party in the back garden went without any stinging incidents.


Deborah Shaw

Professional and great attention to detail, very happy to recommend!


Mr Jeff Smith, Islington N1

Called up about my problem, got advice over the phone (oh yes!) and was able to book a slot on the same day.
The technician turned up on time (after usual working hours so I didnt have to take time off work - oh yes, yes!) and dealt with the problem very quickly & efficiently.
Would highly recommend!


Emma, Finsbury Park

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Customer Reviews

Pestforce North London is rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 62 customer reviews.

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