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We strive to deliver prompt, efficient and professional pest control services across Haringey and will be with you the very same day that you call, whether you live in Highgate or Crouch End, Tottenham or Wood Green, or indeed any other area within the borough.

Pestforce Pest Control Haringey deals with the normal problems of rats, mice and wasps, as well as the more complicated issues of bedbugs, fleas and varying forms of ants found throughout the north London area.

Our expert team at Pestforce Haringey will not only be able to get your pest problem under control quickly, but will also offer you guidance and advice on how to prevent further infestations.

The first piece of advice given by Pestforce Haringey is that shop bought or homemade remedies rarely work and in fact just give the infestation time to grow and become harder to treat.

Pestforce Pest Control Haringey deal with all manner of pest control on an everyday basis: rats - mice - ants - wasps - bedbugs - fleas, squirrels - moths - beetles - cockroaches - birds - and more.

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Rat Control in Haringey

Rats find areas like north London to be the perfect breeding ground, due to the high numbers of residents, restaurants and takeaways, which all lead to a continuous source of food and shelter. However, a rat infestation can quickly lead to serious hygiene problems and very quickly compromise the welfare of your family or the future of your business. If you have seen rats outside your Haringey premises, there is an extremely high risk that they will soon find their way inside, particularly as the temperatures drop. Calling out Pestforce Haringey now could save you from a lot of trouble. Once rats gain entry to your home or business, they can cause extensive damage by nibbling through cabling and piping, as well as putting you at risk from diseases such as Weil’s and toxoplasmosis.

Mice Control in Haringey 

Mice are notorious for getting through the smallest of holes and all they need is an opening the same width of a pencil to access your Haringey property. This can be next to a pipe, in an airbrick or even under a closed door. Very similar to rats in their behaviour and the risks they pose, once a mouse infestation has taken hold, only fully qualified pest controllers will be able to solve the problem.

Top Tips To Avoid A Rat or Mouse Invasion:

  • seal all food in airtight containers, where possible
  • clean away food scraps and wipe up spillages straight away
  • avoid leaving food or dirty crockery lying out overnight
  • block up any holes in your Haringey property that rodents could use as entry points. Wire mesh covers are available to fit over airbricks to deter mice and rats, as well as other pests such as wasps

Domestic and Commercial Pest Control in Haringey

Whether you require pest control in your home or at work, Pestforce Haringey can tailor their services to your individual domestic or business needs:

  • domestic call outs can be to any form of property that is experiencing a pest control issue, whether it is from rats, mice, foxes, wasp, fleas, bed bugs and more. 
  • business call outs can be some of our most serious, given that business can be forced to close by law if there is a certain level of infestation at the premises. 

Our trusted team have attended call outs to a wide range of businesses in Haringey and throughout north London, including cafes, pubs, restaurants, schools, colleges, day nurseries, industrial units, factories, football pitches, cricket clubs, golf courses, bowling greens, estate agents, letting agents, student accommodation, livery stables, graveyards, construction sites, and many more.

Haringey Pest Proofing

Any effective pest control programme should include pest proofing and treatment if and when necessary. Pestforce Haringey offers complete pest proofing services that can include:

  • tamper-bait boxes being placed in and around the property to entice and capture any rodents that may be present
  • blocking up any possible entry points that rodents can use to gain entry to the building
  • inspection of drainage systems, as failures can provide the important daily source of water that rats require. They can also attract pests such as cockroaches.
  • providing and fitting plastic strip curtains, chain link curtains and fly screens to protect against flying insects in the warmer weather
  • giving detailed pest awareness advice so that you can work together with Pestforce Haringey to make sure your premises are pest-free

All of these options can be tailored to your specific needs, dependent on your business and location.

Pestforce Haringey can provide pest proofing as a one-off service or as part of an integrated service plan where multiple routine visits are carried out throughout the year to provide maximum protection against pest problems. 

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