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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Islington.

We can help with all manner of pest problems:

  • Rodent control - any mice and rat and squirrels problems in the Islington area
  • Wasp control - wasp nest removals in the Islington area
  • Bedbug treatments
  • Flea treatments
  • Ants
  • Moths and Flies
  • Cockroaches
  • Birds

Many of these pests are becoming immune to certain pesticides and consequently home remedies bought over the counter often prove ineffective. 

Pestforce Islington attends many a call where people have tried to treat an infestation themselves, only to find it actually gets worse.

Pestforce Islington keeps fully up-to-date with all the latest pest control products available on the market, so you can rest assured that when they arrive at your Islington property, they will be armed with a treatment that works!

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Wasp Control Islington

Although Pestforce Islington deals with certain pests all year round, there are some that come with the changing seasons.

Wasps keep our technicians busy throughout the summer months,

Rat Control Islington

Rats are more problematic in built up areas like north London due to the high concentration of people, restaurants and take aways, which all lead to high levels of waste.

Whilst seeing rats outside your Islington property is a cause for concern and a reason to call in Pestforce Islington, the real problem starts when they gain entry to your house.

Not only are rats destructive and able to nibble through plastic, wood and even glass and some metals, they pose a serious risk to your health, carrying diseases such as Weil’s, toxoplasmosis and salmonella.

Mice Control Islington

Mice may be the cuter version of a rat, but they pose largely the same problems.

Being nocturnal, they are often hard to detect before they have made a good home for themselves in your Islington home or business.

First signs you may notice are droppings in cupboards or food packaging that has been eaten through. Pestforce Islington strongly advises that any food that has been affected is thrown out straight away to limit the risk of contamination.

Top Tips To Avoid A Rat or Mouse Invasion

  • try to store food in airtight containers, where possible
  • wipe up food scraps and spillages straight away
  • don’t leave food lying out overnight
  • carry out regular maintenance on your Islington property to block up any holes on the exterior that rats or mice could use as entry points.  Wire mesh covers for airbricks are ideal as rodents can fit through holes as small as a pencil.

Domestic and Commercial Pest Control Islington

Pestforce Islington tackles pest control problems with a wide variety of people, in all manner of properties throughout Islington:

Domestic customers:

call outs can be to any form of property, but the process is the same. Our dedicated technicians will first of all carry out a thorough internal and external inspection explaining and implementing the most effective treatment plan.

Commercial customers:

Pestforce Islington attends regular call outs to business addresses including cafes, pubs, restaurants, factories, industrial units, football pitches, golf courses, cricket clubs, bowling greens, school, colleges, day nurseries, livery stables, local council work, graveyards, burial grounds, letting agents, estate agents, student accommodation, construction sites, building sites and many, many more.

Recent Blogs 

Urban Foxes: Dividing the Nation

Discussions of urban foxes have been dividing the nation for years now. Following lengthy debates and protests, fox hunting was banned in 2004, only to be on the point of being made legal again by the new government. The subject of urban foxes is on-going and causes heated debate and divide between those devotedly for and against the control of foxes. The nuisance of urban foxes is quickly becoming a reality for increasing numbers of people in the UK. 33,000 urban foxes are said to live in our towns and cities; 10,000 in London alone. Like any wild animal, all they need is food, water and shelter, so their presence is not surprising. Making cosy dens for themselves in gardens under sheds or decking and in overgrown corners, urban foxes have a constant supply of food from household rubbish, take-away and restaurant left overs, as well as the prolific rodent population that is well-known to urban UK, particularly built-up north London.

A Risk to the Population’s Health And Safety?

The important question is: Is the risk to the population’s health and safety? This is where the nation divides. Many animal lovers insist foxes will live happily in gardens; sunbathing on shed roofs, playing with or living happily alongside their pet cat or dog, posing absolutely no risk to health or safety. Others are adamant that they are a threat; littering their gardens with waste and faeces, endangering their family’s health and safety with reports of attacks on pets or even young children. There is a continual dance going on between animal activists that protest to let urban foxes live, local councils who have no statutory powers or legal rights to eradicate foxes, and finally pest control companies such as Pestforce Islington who can dispose of them as long as they adhere to strict licensing laws. As the urban fox population continues to grow out of control, so does the problem of finding a solution to control them.

Pestforce Islington to the Rescue

Our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians at Pestforce Islington can, and do, come to the rescue and offer another option to changing your lifestyle. Taking care to respect and abide by the current licensing laws, Pestforce Islington can entice foxes into a baited cage, and then dispose of them away from the property. Animal welfare laws state that foxes must be shot outright, to ensure no suffering is experienced. In the confusion of attempting to find what is best to do, some local councils have controversially issued guidelines to theoretically ensure residents adhere to safety guidelines if they should choose to shoot urban foxes themselves. Nobody wants foxes to suffer unnecessarily, nor do we want people shooting firearms in residential areas. Surely in all this, qualified and accredited pest control companies are the preferred option for both residents and foxes when the decision has to be made to no longer share your personal space this wild animal. 

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