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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Enfield!

When you have a pest control issue, you need an efficient and effective solution. 

We deal with all types of pests from birds, rats and mice, squirrels, birds, right down to the tiny insects that can invade your home.

Rather than waste time and energy on ineffective over-the counter remedies, call in the experts:

  • We are fully qualified after successfully completing the Level 2 award in Pest Control and Management from the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH).
  • We are also member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) meaning we are up-to-date with current industry standards and practices.
  • We are specially qualified in bird proofing, rodent & insect control and the use of gas in certain areas of pest control.
  • All our work is covered by Public Liability Insurance.

We work with all domestic and commercial customers, no matter what the pest problem is:

  • We have worked with agricultural customers and with sporting facilities e.g. football grounds, cricket pitches, bowling greens etc.
  • We also work on a regular basis with letting and estate agents, as well as in student accommodation, care homes, nurseries and day centres.
  • We offer a discreet service to food outlets and services too, and have successfully helped restaurants, fast food outlets, cafes, pubs, tea shops and many more food establishments.
  • We also regularly service industrial units such as factories, offices and pharmaceutical companies etc. who need a swift response. We are also available to work in graveyards, construction sites, other building sites, refurbishments etc.

If you think you have a pest control problem and live in Enfield, Waltham Cross, Edmonton, Cheshunt, Waltham Abbey, Broxbourne, Potters Bar and surrounding areas, call in the experts for a swift, efficient response.

Enfield Bedbug Control

Bedbugs are easily identified with the adult looking like an ‘orange lentil’ and can be spotted with the naked eye. Attracted by our body heat, the female bedbug can lay between 200 and 300 eggs within a 2 month period. These small, white eggs are more difficult to spot but if you notice several white flecks on your mattress and bedding, you have identified the problem. As these eggs hatch and the young grow, they shed their skin leaving brown coloured flecks on the mattress. The bad news is that bedbugs are becoming more of an issue in the UK, mainly it is believed as a result of increased foreign travel and their increasing resistance to insecticides. Many customers are embarrassed when they call us for help with bedbugs, wrongly believing that these bugs are attracted by dirt. Poor hygiene or cleanliness is not the issue! Bedbugs are one of the most resilient insects in the world, with the adults surviving for up to a year WITHOUT food.

Enfield Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are also a difficult pest to deal with. There are over 3,000 species of cockroach and they are believed to be one of the oldest insects on earth. Their presence in the home is something that needs dealing with quickly and effectively. Despite there only being 3 types of cockroach species common to the UK, they spread illnesses such as salmonella, dysentery, gastro-enteritis etc.

Below is a quick guideline to help you identify if you have cockroaches:

  • Live signs – cockroaches are nocturnal, so check at night. When you put the light on, you will see them scuttle under furniture etc.
  • Shed skin – cockroaches shed their skin up to 8 times as they grow and mature.
  • Droppings – look for these on flat surfaces and along the edges of the room. They are dark brown/black in colour and are only very small cylinders, around 2mm in length
  • Smear marks – if there is plenty of water around, cockroaches rather than leaving dry droppings will leave a dark ‘smear’ mark on surfaces.
  • Smell – an infestation of cockroaches can leave a musty smell hanging in the air, and to some people that can be unpleasant.
  • Damage – cockroaches cause a huge amount of damage as they eat just about anything.

Enfield Bee Control

Bees: With the dangerously decreasing population of bees, we will only treat a nest in situation where honey bees cause serious problems or are a risk to health. In case treatment is carried out, part of our fee goes towards adopting a beehive in your name. Any possible pest problem you have identified needs quick action as it can soon become an infestation in neighbouring properties.

We Treat All Pests in Enfield

All Pests removed and controlled – Wasp nests, ants, moths, beetles, flies, woodworm, squirrels, foxes, rabbits, moles, birds, seagulls, cockroaches, rats, mice, bedbugs, fleas and more.

Recent Jobs

Rats in Enfield - September 2022. EN3

A rat infestation in an Enfield garden was brought under control by a treatment from Pestforce pest control. Rodents were seen around decking after possibly being disturbed by nearby building work. An intensive rodenticide treatment reduced the number of rats and sightings.

Wasps in Enfield, EN3 - September 2022.

Pestforce pest control helped police with a sting operation with a late-night call-out to a wasps nest in Enfield. A householder dialled 999 after insects first made their nest inside a wall before breaking through the plaster into a bedroom. Pestforce used a spray treatment to deal with live wasps before visiting again the following day to treat the nest inside the wall.

Rats in Enfield metal works - August 2022. EN3

A rat colony living under an office building on an Enfield industrial estate was brought under control by an intensive rodenticide treatment. Rodents were a regular sight at the metal works until a call was made to Pestforce pest control. After the initial infestation was treated, a regular contract was in place to keep future rodent populations under control.

Rats in Enfield shared house - August 2022. EN3

An unconnected toilet was found to be the entry point for rats infesting a terraced house in Enfield. Pestforce pest control found a rodent nest inside the soil pipe, which was still to be attached to the toilet as part of ongoing works. There were a number of other issues discovered, with the landlord being given a full report and advice about what action to take.

Maggots in Enfield flat - August 2022. EN2

The lounge and kitchen of an Enfield flat became infested with maggots after flies laid eggs inside a waste bin. The flies were attracted to food placed inside the bin, coming in through open windows. Pestforce pest control checked the property and carried out an insecticide treatment to deal with the remaining pests.

Rat proofing in Enfield flat - August 2022. EN1

Proofing to prevent access by rats into a ground-floor apartment was carried out by Pestforce pest control. Rodents entered the block via the drainage system and made their way into the flat, coming out in the bathroom and kitchen. The entry point in the drains was repaired and internal areas were blocked with sheet metal and wire mess to block access for rats.

Live rat in Enfield August 2022. EN1

An early morning emergency call to Pestforce pest control led to a successful 3.5 hour hunt for a live rat in an Enfield bedroom. The rodent was eventually cornered and captured inside a chest of drawers after almost every item had been removed from the room Rats had entered the terraced property via a longstanding defect in the drainage system.

Wasps in Potters Bar - August 2022. EN6

Pestforce pest control received a call to deal with wasps which had set up home inside a Potters Bar shed. The nest was built inside a storage box which has been inside the shed for some time. Pestforce used a foam spray treatment on the nest, and in a follow-up visit found all wasps to be dead.

Rats chewing through floorboards in Enfield - August 2022. EN3

Rats gnawed through floorboards and entered the ground floor of an Enfield property. Pestforce pest control found that rodents chewed at holes around radiator pipes until they were large enough to allow access. The entry point into the house was a broken air brick. Pestforce used rodent-proof tape to seal around the radiator pipes and gave a quote for the external proofing.

Rat proofing in Enfield - August 2022. EN3

Holes in a rear wall through which rats were entering an Enfield were blocked up by Pestforce pest control. Householders had heard activity above the kitchen ceiling, with the likely entry points being holes around pipework. The areas were proofed using bricks and cement. Mesh was also placed over air bricks to prevent mice from entering below the floorboards.

Rats gnaw into Enfield flat - August 2022. EN1

A couple who returned from holiday to find rats in their ground-floor apartment made an emergency call to Pestforce pest control. A technician attended within 30 minutes and found the entry point to be a pipe at the back of the toilet, which rats had chewed through. The couple acted on Pestforce's advice to replace the flexible pipe with a solid plastic version.

Spiders in Enfield - August 2022. EN3

A householder concerned about spiders inside his flat was put at ease following treatment by Pestforce pest control. The second-floor apartment had several spiders in the bedroom and lounge, which was preventing the resident from sleeping. An Ultra Low Volume (fogging) treatment was carried out throughout the property.

Bird released in Enfield - August 2022, EN1

A wild bird trapped behind a fireplace at an Enfield house was rescued by Pestforce pest control. Believed to be a black-billed magpie, the bird had fallen down the chimney of the terraced property. Pestforce managed to remove the bird and release it unharmed.

Mice in Enfield - January 2021, EN2

Proofing work carried out at an Enfield property by Pestforce pest control prevented further infestation by mice. Rodents were found to have entered the building through air bricks. Mesh was placed over them to stop further access. A garden shed was also cleared of items to reduce possible harbourage for rodents.

Mice in Enfield - January 2021, EN1

Mice entering an Enfield home were blocked out by proofing work undertaken by Pestforce pest control. Rodents gained access through airbricks in external walls. From there, the mice went under the floor and into the property through holes in the floorboards. Pestforce placed fine mesh over the airbricks and blocked internal holes using specialist proofing materials to prevent further ingress.

Mice in Enfield - January 2021, EN2

A period property in Enfield was proofed against rodents after Pestforce pest control was called in to deal with mouse infestation. The house, which is in a conservation area, had a number of airbricks that were covered with mesh to prevent mouse ingress. A shed, which also suffered from a rodent infestation, was cleared and disinfected.

Wild bird in Enfield, EN2 - August 2020

A wild bird inside an Enfield department was caught by Pestforce pest control – allowing staff to close up for the day. The presence of the bird inside the shop meant the alarm could not be set. Pestforce and shop staff cornered it and it was in caught in a net. The bird was released unharmed. 

Woodlice & slugs in Potters Bar - 17/03/2020

Although not classed as pests, woodlice and slugs can be a problem as householders find them unsightly. Pestforce pest control was called to solve a problem when both creatures were entering a house in Potters Bar. The technician surveyed at the situation and carried out a non-toxic programme including proofing to stop them gaining further access.

Mice in Enfield - 13th February 2020

Residents of an Enfield home called in Pestforce pest control after seeing mice in the kitchen and lounge. Activity had also been heard above the ceiling with droppings seen in the upstairs rooms. A technician carried out an inspection of the terraced property and found more signs of infestation in cupboards under the stairs. Air bricks were the likely place of entry. Proofing of both internal and external holes was carried out and a programme of trapping and rodenticide put in place.

Squirrels in Enfield - 10th February 2020

Householders are looking forward to undisturbed nights after calling in Pestforce pest control to deal with a squirrel in the loft. The couple were concerned about scratching noises as they tried to sleep. The Pestforce technician visited the property and identified a hole under the guttering as the likely access point. A trap was placed in the loft to catch the squirrel and the customer was given advice about proofing to prevent further infestation.

Mice in Enfield - 9th February 2020

Staff at an Enfield store called in Pestforce pest control when mice were seen in the shop floor. A technician made am inspection. Food and debris in the outside area was found to be a contributing factor in attracting rodents. This material was removed and the area treated with biocidal spray.

Unlucky owners of an Enfield flat had triple trouble with infestations of pigeons, rats and mice - 22nd January 2020

Pestforce pest control dealt with roosting pigeons by placing spikes on the outside pipes where the birds gathered. Mesh covers were placed over external air bricks which could allow access for mice. Rat droppings were also found inside the property with evidence of movement between the walls and ceilings. Rodenticide was placed inside voids and cavities with the householders, and owners of other flats in the same building, given advice about further proofing work and treatment.

Mice in Cockfosters - 19th December 2019

Mice looking for warmth in a Cockfosters flat are looking for new accommodation after treatment by Pestforce pest control. The rodents had entered the property via an outside air brick. Mesh was placed over this to prevent further access. Mice were later found to be still active inside the flat and a programme of rodenticide was put in place to break the breeding cycle of the infestation.

Bird mites in Enfield - 19th Decemner 2019

Pestforce pest control was called to an Enfield tower block to deal with one of the perils of high-rise living. Bird mites had invaded one if the properties on the sixth floor. The pests are associated with birds nests, but often move inside buildings. The mites were treated with insecticide and the householder was given advice about removing nests and preventing further bird activity.

Rats in Cockfosters - 2nd December 2019

Rats previously living in a Cockfosters garage are looking for new accomodation after a clear-out and clean-up by Pestforce pest control. Rodents had entered the building via a hole caused by damp in garage door. Droppings and urine were found on the items stored in there. Pestforce removed everything  from the garage and organised legal waste disposal for all unwanted goods. The garage was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, as were the items to be kept. They were placed neatly in the garage and the property owner was given advice about proofing to prevent further rodent ingress.

Indian meal moth larvae in Enfield - 2nd December 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Enfield were called out to residents at a newly-bought Enfield property can enjoy their kitchen again after treatment for an infestation of Indian meal moth larvae. The pests live on dried foods such as grain and flour. All such items were removed from the property. The kitchen was then spray treated with insecticide over two visits.

Wasps in Waltham Abbey toilet - 24th September 2019

Staff at Waltham Abbey wood packaging firm were unable to spend a penny until Pestforce tackled a wasps nest in the toilet. The insects built the nest inside an air vent before gaining access to the inside. Wasps had also encroached into the offices. The Pestforce technician dealt with the wasps inside the building with an aerosol spray before using insecticide to kill the nest inside the air vent.

Bed bugs on narrowboat in Enfield - 23rd September 2019

It was all aboard when Pestforce Pest Control Enfield was called out to treat a bed bug infestation on a narrowboat. The craft, moored on the River Lee at Rye house, was spray treated with insecticide. Two separate treatments were needed as the boat's wooden interior provided multiple places for the creatures to hide.

Rats in Ponders End - 19th September 2019

The rat population in the premises of a Ponders End arboricultural and tree surgeon firm is being cut down to size with the implementation of a long-term treatment plan. Management called in Pestforce after staff noticed an increase in rat numbers. The premises are close to food manufacturing companies and a river. Robust metal rodenticide boxes have been fitted around the site with regular visits to monitor activity.

Squirrels in Enfield - 17th September 2019

Householders kept awake by squirrels in the loft can enjoy peaceful sleeps again after calling in Pestforce Pest Control. Traps caught two squirrels just days after being installed in the loft. The creatures were not shy, even coming out as the technician was working. Pestforce was also able to give advice about proofing work to prevent further access.

Wasp nest at Enfield school - 21st August 2019

Builders working at an Enfield school beat a hasty retreat when a wasps nest was unearthed by the mechanical digger. Pestforce Pest Control Enfield was called in after the nest was discovered as foundations were being dug for a new canopy in the playground. The technician treated the wasps with a spray insecticide allowing the contractors to get back to work later in the day.

Rats in Waltham Cross, EN8 - August 2019

A quiet night in watching a movie turned into a drama when two rats made their way into the lounge of a Waltham Cross house. The terrified film-fans made a quick exit. Pestforce Pest Control Enfield paid a visit and although the culprits had fled, found evidence of a long-standing infestation elsewhere in the property. A written report giving advice about proofing work to stop further rodent problems ensured this episode had a happy ending.

Hide beetles in Enfield, EN3 - 28th July 2019

A consignment of dried fish imported from abroad also brought unwelcome visitors to a property in Enfield. Hide beetles, which feed on meat and animal flesh, were hidden in the packaging. They quickly spread throughout the three-bedroomed semi-detached property. Pestforce tackled the problem by placing insecticide dust under the floorboards and in gaps along the skirting boards. The areas were then sealed with silicone. The entire property was further treated with a spray insecticide, over two visits. One very happy and relieved customer!

Ants & Mice in Enfield - 4th June 2019

After originally calling Pestforce Pest Control to deal with an infestation of ants, one Enfield customer was also pleased to solve his rodent problems as well. Whilst carrying out a spray treatment at the detached property, the technician noticed a high number of airbricks in the walls. Airbricks allow ventilation to a building, but can also give access to mice. The customer had seen a mouse some months before, but believed the problem had stopped. An inspection under the kitchen proved otherwise, with droppings indicating heavy mouse activity. Mesh covers were were placed over the airbricks and internal holes blocked up. A rodent-proof bristle strip was also placed along the garage door for additional protection. The customer is now mouse and ant free!.

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