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My name is Andy and I’m your local qualified pest controller serving Harlow and areas near me.

Pests are a nuisance, and there's no telling when you'll encounter a problem in your home or business premises. They come in all manner of forms, from crawling, flying and scurrying rodents, and it's a scary moment when you come face to face with one.

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Pest control Services in Harlow

Pestforce covers a variety of pest control services. If you require pest control services in Harlow, call us even when you need emergency services. 

We manage a range of pests across Harlow. These include:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Wasps 
  • Squirrels
  • Birds and pigeons
  • Bed bugs
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • and more...
So, if you currently have a pest control problem in Harlow, call Andy

Harlow Rat Control

Rats are some of the scariest sightings in a house, and they're not only associated with filth, but they can spread diseases. Rats can get into your home through openings on the roof, open windows or doors and spaces on the walls.

When you have a rat problem in Harlow, our team of highly experienced rat control experts will use environmentally friendly quick solutions to get the rats out of your house.

First, they will analyse the problem to detect their hiding places and level of infestation. After that, they will use bait and traps to get rid of them, but after this, they will offer preventive measures such as sealing all the entry places, permanently solving the problem.

If you are suspecting or have encountered rat problems, call us today on 01279 939 125. We will carry out a free inspection and set traps in their hiding, making your house pest-free again. With our rat pest control services at Harlow, you'll have peace of mind.

Harlow Mice Control

Just like rats, most mice are unsightly. They can wreak havoc in your house, cause property damage, and spread filth and diseases in Harlow.

Our mice control experts in Harlow are always ready to tackle any mice infestation when called upon. Although some mice are pets, it's not easy to know where unwanted mice hide in your house, but our experts can.

When not eliminated, they quickly breed, causing more4 property damage. They also leave an unpleasant heavy mask wherever they go.

We have the necessary experience to detect, get rid of and advice on preventing a future infestation. Call us today on 01279 939 125 if you're having a mice problem, and a Mice expert in Harlow will be glad to restore your peace of mind.

Wasp Nest Removal in Harlow

During the summer months, wasps are a common sighting in the garden in Harlow, and sometimes they can shelter in quiet places like abandoned sheds.

Wasps can be dangerous when angry or when they are many, and the best thing to do when you spot wasps near or in your house is to call our wasp control experts who will not only get rid of the wasp nest but will make sure that there are no other wasps around your property.

Because wasps can nest in unlikely places like the rooftop, shed, garage, rooftop, and even in your balcony. When you notice them flying around, don't disturb them but call an expert. It's also essential to stay away from their nests.

If you suspect that wasps are nesting in or around your home or you have found wasps or a wasp nest, call Pestforce Pest Control wasp in Harlow expert for a free inspection. You can reach our office on 01279 939 125 today for quick and safe services.

Harlow Squirrel Control

In their natural habitat, squirrels are a beautiful sighting, and it's amusing to watch them when picnicking or out in the fields. However, they can destroy your landscape, destroy vegetation, scare away pets and birds and invade your attic.

Our squirrel control services in Harlow can resolve the problem for you.

Squirrels can also spread mites and diseases such as rabies. If you have cited squirrels in your yard, it's best to call our pest control experts.

First, we'll help you detect whether they are grey or red squirrels. As we will explain to you, red squirrels are a native UK species dwindling in number, making them a protected species.

It means that we cannot eliminate them, but we can advise you on how to squirrel proof your property.

If you have a grey squirrel problem, which is the most common type of squirrel found in the UK, we have various control options to resolve your issue. When you spot squirrels on your property, call us immediately on 01279 939 125 for a quick solution after a free inspection. We typically don't eliminate squirrels but ward them off your property and put measures in place to discourage them from returning. Dial the number now. A squirrel control expert is on standby to address all your concerns.

Harlow Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing

Although birds and pigeons are a common sighting in Harlow, they can be messy when they live in your home, specifically on the roof or the sheds.

As you will realise, birds can fit into tiny and hard-to-reach places like the loft, gutters, solar panels, and spaces on the roof. You might not effectively get rid of them, but a bird control expert in Harlow can.

You might also need to professionally pigeon proof your home. When they make their way into your home, they leave messy droppings, corrode pipes and contaminate foodstuffs and water. If you have a bird problem on your property, call us today for a free inspection.

Understand that some birds are protected species, and we only take action after identifying those nesting in your property.

After that, we will advise you on the best treatment or control measure. However, you don't have to get stressed because of messy birds on your property. Call us today on 01279 939 125, and our Harlow bird control and pigeon proofing experts will offer timely solutions tailored to your needs.

Harlow Bed Bug Control

A bed bug infestation is probably one of the worst problems one can ever deal with. When you detect bed bugs in your home or accommodation, the only solution is to call a bedbug control expert in Harlow.

However, it's not always easy to detect a bedbug infestation because they're tiny creatures that don't easily come out when there is light.

The most substantial evidence is bite marks on your body, especially on exposed areas. If you constantly wake up with bumps and bite-marks on your body and blood smears on your bedsheets, call our bed bug control expert immediately for a free inspection.

We will thoroughly fumigate the house, restoring your peace of mind and restful nights.

For commercial setups that offer accommodation facilities, you might want to carry out periodic bed bug fumigation because an infestation might ruin your reputation, affecting business. If you suspect bed bugs in your home or business premises, call us today on 01279 939 125, and our Harlow bed bug control experts will quickly offer a timely solution.

Harlow Cockroach Control

Although there are over 3,000 different cockroaches worldwide, the ones commonly found in the UK are the Oriental, American, brown-banded and German cockroaches.

Crawling cockroaches in your house are unsightly and can give you chills, especially at night. Cockroaches are resilient insects and breed quickly.

Exterminating them is a challenge unless done by a Harlow cockroach control expert who has a solution for all the cockroach stages of growth from the egg to the adult stage.

Once you notice a cockroach in your house, most likely, it's not the only one. Cockroaches breed quickly, and before you know it, they've spread to all the rooms, leaving an unpleasant scent.

Note that cockroaches can spread diseases such as dysentery, salmonella and gastroenteritis.

Cockroaches can also lead to food poisoning and intestinal worms in animals and humans. To avoid an uncontrollable cockroach infestation, reach our Harlow cockroach control experts on 01279 939 125, and you'll be glad you did it.

Harlow Flea Control

If you have pets at your home, fleas can be a common problem. Even when you don't have pets, but animals frequent your property, you might end up with flea problems.

If you suspect that you have fleas in your house, call our Harlow flea control experts for a free inspection and remedial service.

Because fleas are very tiny insects, you might not see or catch them, but if your pets are frequently scratching and you have small itchy bumps on your body, call an expert.

Our flea control experts on Harlow will also advise you on the best way to prevent re-infestation, including the products to use to keep your pets free from fleas.

Call us today on 01279 939 125, and an experienced Harlow flea control expert will ease your worries.

Other Harlow Pest Services

Although we have listed a few pest control services in Harlow, we offer a more comprehensive range of services.

We often get contacted for other pest problems such as;

  • Moles
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Hornets
  • Cluster Flies

Even if the problem is not listed here, be assured that our pest control Harlow experts have a wide range of skills to deal with any pest infestation. 

We also take all precautions and prioritise your safety and that of any endangered animals nesting on your property. As you will see, our pest control services are highly regarded and a choice for many in Harlow.

If you have any pest control problem, call us today on 01279 939 125 for a free and quick inspection and, after that, an effective pest control exercise that will guarantee satisfactory results.

Recent Jobs

Unwelcome rats discovered in the kitchen of a family home in Harlow, CM19, 3rd January 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Harlow were call out to attend and survey a family home where rats had been discovered in the kitchen area, in Harlow. We arrived at the agreed time and set to work with our survey, the loft space and the kitchen appear to be the main areas of activity. During the survey rat droppings were discovered in addition to a couple of potential points of entry. We immediately started a rodent treatment program, with the use of tracking dust to help us to confirm the points of entry which will help us to treat this infestation more effectively. We returned one week later to track the progress and monitor the rodent treatment program; the bait had been taken although no new activity was identified. The bait was replenished, and a third visit has been booked for us to return again in one week’s time to check and monitor the progress of the rodent treatment program again. Our knowledge and experience in addition to our safe, effective use of rodent treatment will have this home rodent free very soon.

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