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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Stevenage.

We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, professional & effective pest control service.

We can eradicate & manage all types of pests, no matter what type of pest or where they are.

Pests are often a cause for major concern when they're in your property, we aim to take the worry away from you & make the process as quick & effective as possible. We're often asked about the safety aspect of what we do.

We ensure that all precautions are taken to protect your pets & family.

We are proud members of the BPCA (The British Pest Control Association) so you know we are reputable and regulated by the industry Trade Association.

However, equally important to our professional approach to pest and environmental control service is making and keeping customers happy so we love feedback.

Pest Control Services in Stevenage

Pests we deal with, are so wide & varied that it would be difficult to list them all.

These are some of the more common pests we come across:

Rats & mice - are all around us but when they start to invade our homes, bins & communal areas, er aim to provide a rapid solution. Rats & mice are fast, efficient breeding machines & numbers can soon spiral out of control if not dealt with effectively.

Wasps & bees - understandably are a nuisance to many people & their numbers are predicted to increase in the next few years, due to recent weather patterns. Many people mistakenly believe that bees are protected in the U.K. This is not the case, but due to them being an essential ingredient within the ecological balance, we will rehome them whenever possible. Wasps, on the other hand are a nuisance that can deliver a nasty sting in their effort to defend the nest. Treatment is not only fast & simple but far cheaper than you might think.

Fleas - are also a common problem that can often make customers embarrassed to seek help. There is no cause for concern as fleas are mostly introduced into our homes by our pets. We know only too well how difficult it is to prevent fleas in the first place. Warmer winters & the incorrect use of flea prevention treatments means that fleas, once introduced into our warm homes, make themselves at home very quickly. We use professional grade insecticide that is safe to use in & around the home, presenting no danger to pets or children. Pets will need treating correctly with flea products also.

Squirrels - are probably the most destructive rodents that may enter your property, causing great damage to electrical cables, pipe work & timber. Again, a trapping & proofing programme is the best way to eradicate this problem.

Why choose Pestforce Stevenage?

We are professional & experienced pest controllers, having provided services in North Herts for many years. Our work is fully insured with public liability insurance & we are well known & trusted as pest controllers by many businesses, both large & small, as well as homeowners, landlords & tenants. We are passionate about our work & pride ourself on customer service.

Pestforce Stevenage are available for all residential, commercial, and agricultural jobs in Hertfordshire covering towns and cities such as Stevenage

Recent Jobs

Late Wasp Nest at Golf Club - not sure what was worse, the wasps or looking out for stray golf balls

Had I great call out at a local golf cub to tackle a hornets nest on the 17th hole. It was a challenging job as i was right in line where the golfers where teeing off. Not sure who was worse the golfers of the hornets!! It was also a lovely view.

Wasp control in Stevenage

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Albury, Arlesey, Baldock, Biggleswade, Braughing, Brickendon, Budna, Buntingford, Bury Green, Colliers End, Hatch, Haultwick, Henlow, Henlow Camp, Hertfordshire, Herts, High Cross, Knebworth, Langford, Letchworth, Little Hadham, Little Offley, Lower Caldecote, Lower Stondon, Much Hadham, Nasty, North Stevenage, Northill, Offley , Patmore Heath, Pegsdon, Potton, Puckeridge, Royston, Sandy, Shefford, South Stevenage, Standon, Standon Green End, Stevenage, Upper Caldecote, Upper Stondon, Ware, Woolmer Green

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