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Providing complete pest control across Brookmans Park, Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City, St Albans and Harpenden (any postcode beginning with AL). 

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Having lived and worked in the local area my whole life, I am familiar with the area and the pest problems. 

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St Albans Rodent Control

Rodent control is work I do all year round. Some people and businesses are embarrassed to admit they have a problem with mice and/ or rats, but these small rodents live all around us. When aspects of their environment change, favouring their reproduction, then their numbers can swell quickly and beyond expectations.

Rats and mice tend to be nocturnal creatures, although you can see them scurrying about during the day. You may find droppings as well as 'nesting material' such as cardboard, paper etc. shredded where they've chewed it, and taken it back to their nest. Mice and rats also cause damage very quickly to buildings and stock in commercial premises, as well as possibly spreading infection such as Weil's disease, salmonella etc. As soon you leave a rat or mice infested area, wash your hands with antibacterial soap and hot water!

I can deal effectively with any rodent infestation, controlling the immediate problem as well as providing longer term solutions, as I have specially adapted cameras to view sewage systems and small areas to limit the rodent problem for occurring. Rodent populations multiply quickly, so if you suspect that you have a rat or mice problem, then you need to call me! 

People often ask me why they have rats in their gardens.  When you putting food out for the birds, please consider:

  • Not feeding all year round, only when birds really need it.
  • Place feeding points out in the open away from bushes & shrubs, rats like cover, particularly decking.
  • Feed early in the day so the birds have the maximum amount of time to feed.
  • Take the bird feeders in at night, when rats are most active.

If you require help with a rat problem, please contact Luis

Residential & Commercial Pest Control Services in St Albans

Customers include residential homes, schools, garden centres, food outlets and shops, charities, stables and other commercial properties to deal with anything from rats to moles. Domestic properties also benefit from Pestforce St. Albans and have eradicated households of fleas, ants, wasps, bees. But don’t just take my word for it; read the customer testimonials from the bottom of the page from just a few of my happy customers. Professional health & safety system in place for business and residential pest control, pest prevention & bird proofing, and pest control supplies.

Recent Jobs in St Albans

Ant Infestation in Home Treated With An Insect Growth Regulator (IGR)

In early spring people start finding that they have problems with ants in their homes on way we can treat them is with an Insect growth regulator (IGR) are chemicals that interfere with insect development in the egg and during the larval and pupal stages. IGRs prevent the insect from reaching adulthood and reproducing - effectively sterilising the population. With ants, this means sterilising the queen.

Wasps Nest in Ceiling

This homeowner started to see a stain in the ceiling and thought it was a leek.  They would have also been able to hear scratching noise coming from the same area, that would be the wasps removing the plasterboard.  I first had to treat the wasp nest to kill the wasp to make it safe for me to return to remove the nest without filling the house with angry wasps. The nest is removed to get rid of the unpleasant smell coming from it and so that the ceiling can be repaired. Treating wasps’ nest as soon as they are noticed can prevent this kind of damage.

Wasps Nest in Loft

This is a great example of a wasp nest inside a loft. There could be over 5000 wasps in this nest. Pestforce St Albans safely and efficiently treated this wasp nest so that a roofer could complete his work. It is our favourite nest treated this summer 2020.

Wasps Entering Property Through Airbrick

If you can see wasps going in and out of any hole or gap in or around your home, there will be a wasp nest. Wasps are mainly known for their nuisance value, particularly in the autumn. The combination of the cooler weather and a diet of fermenting fruit juices make them irritable, and therefore more likely to sting. There are several species of social wasp found in this country, but all are similar in appearance. They are all bright yellow and black, about 10 - 20 mm in length, except for the hornet, which is somewhat larger and brown and yellow in colour. They have a very slim waist and are a lot less hairy than bees.

Bumble Bees - Safe Relocation

This Bumblebee nest was hanging on a garden shed next to the door. So every time the door was opened, the bumblebees would swarm out to protect the nest. I was able to relocate the bumblebees to my garden. They are happy pollinating my garden flowers and crops.

Mason Bees - Excellent Garden Pets

Mason bee is a common name for species of bees in the genus Osmia. They are named from their habit of making compartments of mud in their nests, which are made in hollow reeds or holes in wood. You may find them taking advantage of small holes in brick work, around window frames weep holes and air vents. They do not make nests like wasps, but you can find them living close together. They do not stay very long, and all mason bees are harmless to humans. Females have stings but are not aggressive and will never attack to be stung you would have to squeeze a bee between your fingers! Most mason bees live in holes and can be attracted by drilling short holes in a block of wood. They are excellent spring season pollinators and since they have no honey to defend. As such, they make excellent garden "pets" since they both pollinate the plants and are safe for children and pets.

With summer on the way insects are getting busy. This is a honey bee swarm that I collected and donated to a bee keeper last summer on the 1st of June. They are doing well and making honey. If you see something like this it is a honey bee swam they are scary but normally gentle. Please do not harm them, but call me for advice.

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