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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Watford.

Covering Watford, Borehamwood, Rickmansworth, Kings Langley, Radlett, Abbots Langley, Bushey and surrounding areas. 

When you have a pest problem you need:

  • A quick response – Living and working in and around Watford, we can offer a same-day service or attend your property at a time that suits you.
  • Knowledgeable and qualified – as well as holding the industry standard level 2 certification in ‘Pest Control and Management’, awarded by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) we are also members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA). This body provides ongoing support and updates on current practices and pest control methods. We have also completed several specialist courses – such as additional courses on rodents, insects and specialist techniques such as gassing – and other pest control techniques.

We've had the pleasure of helping hundreds of customers in and around Watford, Bushey, Borehamwood,  Rickmansworth, Kings Langley, Radlett and Abbots Langley with their Pest Control problems.

We've dealt with rat control & mice control, pigeon control, bird proofing through to bedbug control, cockroaches and flea control to mention a few of the more common vermin that may trouble you. 

Bees: Due to the dangerously decreasing numbers of bee populations, we only treat honey bee colonies if they are a serious problem or health risk to humans.

Bird proofing is a method of preventing birds such as pigeons, from landing, roosting and nesting on buildings. A variety of humane tactics are used from spiking through to netting. Many companies and businesses are now investing in bird proofing techniques rather than spending hard earned profits on building repairs.

Effective treatments

Many insects, bugs and rodents are showing signs of resistance to traditional insecticides and pesticides. When this happens, various companies create new and more potent chemicals for use within the pest control industry. Some of these chemical treatments are only available to licensed pest controllers like us. Many shop bought chemicals are no longer effective.


One resilient insect is the bedbug. Many customers are too embarrassed to ‘admit’ they have these bugs sharing their bed, believing that it is as a result of poor hygiene. The truth is their resilience to treatment and their liking for our body heat means that quite often we bring these bedbugs home from holiday. Unfortunately, once bedbugs have been brought in to the home they can crawl very quickly from room to room. They spread through gaps and holes in the floors and walls and are easily transported between homes and other buildings, in luggage, furniture and bedding. This is how bedbugs are spread – they are NOT attracted to dirt.

Treatment – effective chemical treatment as well as bedding being washed and dried on a high temperature for a minimum of 30 minutes to kill the adults, eggs and the young.


As part of our comprehensive service to you, we also offer advice and pest control methods that attempt to prevent any future pest problems. This could be as simple as drawing wasps away from your home by sealing bins more effectively.


Cockroaches are an insect that can present a danger to human health, spreading nasty illnesses such as gastroenteritis and salmonella. When faced with a cockroach infestation, we chemically treat the area making sure all adult cockroaches and their young are eradicated.

However, we also need to prevent future problems by looking to seal all the gaps, holes and, where possible, any pipes as this is how these insects enter the home. They also use these crevices and holes to hide in during day and they are nocturnal, coming out at night to feed and breed. Therefore to prevent any future cockroach infestations, they need to be denied three things - food, water and places to hide:

  • Store all food in sealed containers
  • Food waste and spills cleared away
  • Food debris etc. cleared from under fridges and other appliances
  • Kitchen and other food preparation areas kept clean and tidy
  • Animal waste and food cleared away and not left overnight
  • Compost and waste bins should be effectively sealed
  • Empty liquids from buckets etc. not leaving them overnight
  • Fix plumbing leaks and use dehumidifiers if necessary to control moisture
  • Remove clutter and other rubbish as soon as possible
  • Keep under the sink clean and tidy

A wide range of customers (and situations)

We have worked with some many customers over the years. Our work is insured with Public Liability Insurance. This means that when you call us, that you really are calling in the experts. Just look at some of the people we’ve helped:

Domestic customers – in the house, the garden and any outbuildings

Business customers including

  • Sporting facilities – football clubs, rugby pitches, cricket grounds etc.
  • Food retail outlets and service industries – takeaways, pubs, restaurants, B&Bs, hotels etc.
  • Industrial and construction sites – factories, building projects, renovations etc.
  • Agricultural settings – farms, livery stables, riding schools etc.
  • Educational settings – schools, colleges, nurseries etc.
  • Accommodation – nursing homes, care homes, student lets, estate and letting agents etc.
  • Other various settings such as recreation grounds, graveyards, other burial plots etc.

If you think you have a pest problem, don’t let the pest get the better of you – call us and you could be rid of the pest control sooner - and cheaper – than you think!

All Pest removed and controlled – Rats, mice, wasps, cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, ants, moths, beetles, flies, woodworm, squirrels, rabbits, moles, birds and more.


Recent Jobs

Pigeons removed ahead of TV in King's Langley - September 2022, WD4

A barn is ready to be used for the filming of a new TV series following pigeon removal and a clean-up by Pestforce pest control. Part of the series, The Ballard of Renegade Nell, is being shot at the building in King's Langley. Pigeons, which had entered via gaps around the door and holes in the walls, were removed and the access points blocked with wire mesh. Bird droppings were then removed and the floor cleaned, followed by a biocidal spray.

Rats entering through air vent in Watford - August 2022. WD17

A broken air vent was allowing rats to get underneath the floorboards of a house in Watford. Householders made an early morning call to Pestforce pest control after hearing activity below the lounge floor. A technician attended the same day and fitted mesh over the air vent to prevent further access. Monitoring bait was also used to check for further activity.

Glis Glis in Chorleywood - August 2022 WD3

Glis Glis which had entered a house in Chorleywood were caught following a call to Pestforce pest control. The animals are an invasive species and require a special licence to catch, using only specified traps. The Glis Glis had found their way into kitchen units and a downstairs cupboard after entering via the roof.

Glis Glis in Sarratt - August 2022. WD3

Holes under the guttering were found to be an entry point for Glis Glis at a detached property in Sarratt. Pestforce pest control proofed the areas to prevent further access. Traps were also placed inside to catch any Glis Glis remaining inside the property.

Rats in Ricksmanworth - August 2022. WD3

Proofing work carried out Pestforce pest control prevented rats from further entering the kitchen of a Rickmansworth property. Rodents gnawed through an air vent in a wall and gained access to the kitchen units,  eating food and taking items to the nest. The hole was blocked using rodent-proof mesh and the householder given advice about arranging a drain survey to find a possible access point.

Dead fox in Borehamwood - January 2021, WD6

A dead fox discovered in a Borehamwood garden was removed by Pestforce pest control. Householders concerned about the carcass causing a health hazard called a Pestforce technician. The body was removed and disposed of safely

Rats in Bushey - January 2021, WD23

Rats were prevented from gaining further access to a Bushey property after proofing work carried out by Pestforce pest control. Rodents were discovered under the kitchen units and floorboards. The point of entry was found to be a hole in the external wall where a pipe had been removed. The holes were blocked using proofing materials and further infestation was stopped.

Rats in Watford - January 2021, WD19

A customer with a rat infestation under the kitchen units discovered it was caused by faulty drains after calling in Pestforce pest control. Concerned by a foul smell, at first the householder thought the problem was caused by a blocked drain or broken dishwasher. Pestforce found droppings under the kitchen sink unit where rats entered through a hole in the concrete floor, close to the sink waste pipe. A camera survey showed that rats had chewed through the waste pipe, gaining access under the concrete floor. The customer was given advice about repairs, while the area under the kitchen was cleaned and disinfected.

Rats in Bushey - January 2021, WD23

A rat infestation in a terraced house in Bushey was traced back to the drainage system. Rodents were active under the property, and had also entered into the kitchen through a hole in the floorboards. Pestforce pest control carried out a camera survey of the drains and identified a disused outlet that could provide access for rodents. Proofing work prevented further access into the kitchen and the householders were given advice about blocking access through the drains with a non-return valve.

Rats in Watford, WD17 - September 2020

The mystery of rats in a Watford townhouse was solved after they were found to have entered via a drain in the kitchen. Rodents chewed through a rubber bung at the end of a pipe under the sink unit in the empty property. They then chewed further hole at the back of a drawer and gained access to the room. Pestforce pest control identified the problem and replaced the rubber bung with a rigid plastic version. Traps and a motion sensor camera were also put in place to monitor ant infestation inside the property. 

Glis glis in Rickmansworth, WD3 - August 2020

Pestforce pest control was called to a house in Rickmansworth after rodent activity inside the detached property. After a thorough inspection of the house, monitoring bait, tracking dust and a motion-sensor camera were put in place. The camera picked up images of Glis glis – a non-native species found in parts of Hertfordshire – inside the house. Glis glis can enter properties through holes in the roof. The customer was given advice about proofing an repairs to the roof.  


Wasps in Rickmansworth (WD3) - August 2020

A children’s party was able to go ahead after Pestforce pest control answered an emergency call to deal with a wasps nest. The insects had set up home in the lawn of a Ricksmanworth house, close to where the planned celebration was due to take the place the following day. Insecticide was used treat the nest which was eradicated in time.

Rats in Radlett (WD7) - August 2020

The mystery of a rat infestation inside a Radlett house was solved after rodents were found to be entering the property via the drainage system. Evidence of rats was found under the kitchen units and in the loft. Tracking dust and monitoring bait placed inside the manhole cover by Pestforce pest control indicated that drains were the entry point. A non-return valve was fitted in the drain to prevent further access. A rat was caught in a snap trap under the kitchen units.

Woodlice in Bushey (WD23) - August 2020

Wasps which had taken up residence inside a social club’s tannoy system were given their marching orders by Pestforce, pest control. The insects had built a nest inside a speaker after gaining entry into a storage room via a slatted window. Spray and aerosol insecticides were used to treat the nest and wasps.

Woodlice in Watford (WD17) - August 2020

An untidy Watford loft which was harbouring woodlice was given a clean-up and pesticide treatment by Pestforce pest control. The space contained a great number of items left behind by a previous owner. Pestforce removed the items and arranged for their disposal. The loft was then given a ULV (Ultra Low Volume) treatment, a form of fogging which fills the space with fine droplets of insecticide product.

Rats in Watford (WD18) - 02/03/2020

Rats found their way through the sewer to enter a conservatory in Watford. Residents saw the rodents in the building and the likely access was traced back to the drains. A rodenticide programme was put in place inside the manhole to deal with the problem.

Mice in Bushey (WD23) - 12th February 2020

Mice caused panic in a Bushey household after making their way into a garage. Rodents were seen in the garage, which was used to store medical equipment and other items. Pestforce pest control made a thorough inspection, removed the rodent nest and advised about placing a bristle strip across the bottom of the door to stop further access.

Rats in Watford (WD19) - 12th February 2020

A householder is looking forward to rodent-free summer parties after calling in Pestforce pest control to deal with rats in his garden. The pests were seen outside the property which had recently undergone extensive renovation, including an extension and a new patio area. The technician put in place a programme of rodenticide and advised on proofing work to prevent further infestations.

Rats in Bushey Heath (WD23) - 9th February 2020 

A pipe for an uncompleted downstairs toilet proved to be a problem when rats used it to enter a house in Bushey Heath. The pipe was connected to the main sewer but the toilet was never fitted, leaving it open and uncapped. Residents called in Pestforce pest control after finding droppings in the cupboard which had been earmarked as the new toilet. The technician lifted the manhole cover where further rat droppings were discovered. The householders were given advice about placing a cap over the pipe as well as fitting a one way valve in the drain to prevent further ingress.

Mice in Watford (WD17) - 9th February 2020

Mice had made their home in the staff room of a Watford card and gift store. Pestforce pest control was called in after the rodent nest was discovered in a cardboard box. The nest was removed and staff given advice about hygiene.

Rats in Watford (WD19) - 9th February 2020

Noises between the floor and ceilings prompted a Watford couple to call in Pestforce pest control. The property had suffered from a rat infestation over a year previously following a loft conversation. The technician carried out an inspection of the house, as well as neighbouring gardens. Further inspections of the lofts in the houses either side are required, as well as checks in the drains, once the location of the manhole covers are confirmed.

Squirrels in Bushey (WD23) - 9th February 2020

A householder disturbed by scratching sounds in her loft called in Pestforce pest control to check out the problem. A technician carried out a thorough inspection and found evidence of squirrel, rat and mouse activity. The resident was advised to have the outside of the roof checked for access holes. Further treatment such as trapping can then be put in place.

Rat and snake mix-up - 30th January 2020

A Barnet couple 'adder' good laugh after mistaking a child's toy snake for a rat. Pestforce pest control answered a late-night emergency call about a rat in a bath plug. The householder reported a tail sticking out behind the system to open and close the plug. The technician removed some parts and found it was in fact a rubber snake, placed there by one of the family's young children.

Rats in Rickmanworth - 30th January 2020

Chewed pipes and socks dragged underneath kitchen units were some of the signs of a rodent infestation at a Rickmansworth house. The family called Pestforce pest control and were correctly advised that rats were the culprits. A technician visited the following day - a Sunday - and found droppings in various locations, including the loft and a neighbouring property. A hole in the floor around pipes in the kitchen was identified as the access area. This was blocked with cement and traps and rodenticide installed to treat any rodents still inside the premises.

Tenants in a shared house in Watford called in Pestforce pest control to deal with mice which had made their home inside the property - 22nd January 2020

Previous attempts to tackle the problem with poison had failed to get rid of the rodents. Pestforce liased with residents and the managing agent to locate areas were mice were seen. Access holes were blocked and bristle strips placed at the bottom of doors. A BaitSafe station was installed in the ceiling, allowing rodenticide to be placed in internal areas were mice were active. Mesh was also fitted over external air bricks.

Rats in Abbots Langley - 19th December 2019

A couple who discovered bags of pasta eaten by rats in their kitchen cupboards found a recipe for success when they called in Pestforce pest control. The technian carried out a thorough survey of the property, including the loft where rat droppings were found. The source of the infestation was attributed to a broken air vent cover in the outside wall, which gave the rodents access to within the cavity walls. They were then able to work their way through hidden voids to behind the kitchen units and up into the loft. Mesh was placed over the air vent and wire wool was also placed around pipework in an air conditioning unit to prevent mice nesting inside.

Insects in Watford - 19th December 2019

A Watford couple were given peace of mind after Pestforce pest control ruled out an insect infestation in their home. A female resident suffered from bites while her husband escaped untouched. The woman's doctor suggested it could be a reaction to insect bites. Monitoring traps were placed throughout the flat which showed no insect activity. The woman is now undergoing tests for food allergies.

Mice in Radlett - 2nd December 2019

An eco-friendly house in Radlett required treatment from Pestforce pest control after mice were discovered in the ceiling. Residents call in professionals after hearing movement in the living and dining areas of the exclusive property. To save damage to the ceiling, BaitSafe baying points - which allow easy access to hidden areas - were installed. This meant rodenticide could be presented to the mice in the areas in which they were living. Proofing work was also carried to clock access holes around air conditioning pipes.

Rats in Watford toliet- 4th October 2019

A Pestforce technician was flushed with pride after helping a customer solve the problem of a rat in the toilet. The rodent had chewed through the flexible connecting pipe, mean each time it was flushed the toilet would flood in the room. The rat had come through the soil pipe from the main sewer. Pestforce fitted a one-way rat-blocking valve meaning the waste could be flushed out into the main sewer, but rodents could not then gain access.

Hornets in Bushy Heath - 4th October 2019

How hornets were getting in was a mystery for a Bushey Heath homeowner - until she called in Pestforce pest control. The insects regularly invaded the upper floor of the property, but no entry point was  obvious. A Pestforce technician visited, and following a thorough inspection, a gap in a window frame - caused by damp - was indentified. The hornets' nest was treated and the homeowner asked for a further quote for proofing work to prevent further infestations.

Rats in Rickmansworth - 2nd October 2019

A rat which had found its way into a lightwell at a Rickmansworth house was quickly removed by Pestforce. The technician visited the property a couple of hours after the call from the concerned householder. The rodent was caught and humanely dispatched, leaving the residents free to enjoy their home once again

Rats in Radlett - 17th September 2019

Rats which had gained access underneath a shed and greenhouse in Radlett are looking for a new home following proofing work by Pestforce Pest Control. Rodent-proof mesh was fitted around the bases of the structures. As a further safeguard, concrete was used to secure the mesh in place and discourage burrowing. Bait boxes were installed to help keep the rat population in the garden under control with rodenticide.

Rats in Watford - 17th September 2019

Staff and customers at a Watford pharmacy had a headache with a rat infestation. Rodents were seen underneath the work units at the rear of the premises, as well as above the false ceiling. Pestforce Pest Control carried out a trapping programme alongside a rodenticide treatment, and also gave advice about proofing work to prevent future infestations.

Rats in Watford, WD18 ceiling - 12th August 2019

An air conditioning failure led to the discovery of a rat infestation above the ceiling at a Watford commercial premises. Rodents had chewed through wires of the air conditioning units, and a large amount of droppings in the ceiling void showed the extent of the problem. Rats were also regularly seen in the workshop next door. Pestforce Pest Control Watford carried out and extensive trapping and rodenticide programme above the false ceiling. Rodenticide was also placed around the building exterior and in the workshop itself. Problem solved...happy customer!

Rats in Bushey, WD23 - 9th August 2019

Residents thought they had mice in their home until an inspection by survey by Pestforce Pest Control Watford showed the pest problem was somewhat bigger – with rats active inside the cavity walls. Traps were set throughout the property. There were numerous holes in the walls - under the kitchen units and round radiator pipes - were the rodents were getting out. These were sealed using sheet steel, with rodenticide placed inside the cavity beforehand. Rats were both caught in the traps and poisoned by the rodenticide. An access hole in the outside wall was identified and sealed with cement while rodent-proof mesh was placed around the decking area, which will also deter rabbits and foxes. 

Wasps and rats in Bushey Heath, WD23 - 1st August 2019

A call-out to a wasps nest uncovered a significant problem with rats at a semi-detached property. Before treating the wasps from outside, Pestforce Pest Control inspected the loft to check if the nest extended inside. A large amount of rat droppings were present throughout the partly-boarded area. Holes in the outside wall of the kitchen, for ventilation for the washing machine and tumble dryer, also allowed access for rodents into the cavity wall. These were covered with mesh and the wasps nest treated with insecticide. 

Huge rat in Watford, WD19 - 28th July 2019

An unlucky couple in Watford had their sleep disturbed, first by a squirrel and then a rat. The householders called in Pestforce Pest Control Watford after hearing noises in the loft. Droppings indicated a squirrel was entering through a gap in the roof. A trap was placed in the loft and when the couple reported no further activity for some time, it appeared that the squirrel had moved on elsewhere. A loud bang one morning signalled that the trap had been set off. The squirrel had been replaced with another unwelcome visitor – a rat which was 16ins (40cm) from nose to tail! The dead rodent was removed and no further problems have been reported.

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