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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Wembley.

My name is Jack Harris, and I am your local, highly experienced and qualified pest controller in Wembley.

My pest control solutions and services in Wembley have dealt with everything and provided effective support for both homeowners and businesses requiring pest control.

We are accredited by CEPA and the British Pest Control Association, offering you Wembley pest control that meets the highest standards. Pestforce Pest Control Wembley uses proven and ethical methods that are completely safe and provide optimal results.

Key Points:

  • Locally Based (same day visits subject to availability)
  • DBS Checked
  • Fully insured
  • High levels of qualifications, training and experience
  • Checkatrade Vetted

Fully accredited and qualified pest controller…
British Pest Control Association Member CEPA Certified Professional Pest Management CHAS Accredited Contractor Royal Society for Public Health Think Wildlife - Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use

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When your home or business is experiencing problems with pests, get in touch with me to hire a local pest controller in Wembley. Call 02080 883 438 and ask for Jack anytime.

Pest Control Services in Wembley

If you're looking for pest control services in Wembley that you can rely on, call us today.

We carry out a range of pest control services, including the pest control options listed below.

These are some of the pest control services that we offer.

Our residential pest control services include:

  • Home pest control
  • Garden pest control
  • Loft and attic pest control
  • Roofing pest control

We also offer pest control services for businesses, such as:

  • Restaurant and takeaway pest control
  • Office pest control
  • Medical practice or clinic pest control
  • Pest control for building or construction sites
  • Shop and retail pest control services

We have experience dealing with a broad variety of pests including rodents such as rats, mice, and squirrels, flying insects including wasps and bees and their nests, and outdoor wildlife such as birds, moles, foxes. We also help with insects and creepy crawlies, including bed bugs, spiders, cockroaches, ants, silverfish, moths, and more.

Don't let pests plague you in your home or business. Our top-rated pest control services in Wembley can help. Discuss how we can solve your pest problem today by calling Jack on 02080 883 438.

Wembley Rat Control

Rats are probably the pest that many people would most hate to have in their home. We think of them as dirty animals that carry disease, and most people aren't keen on the idea of seeing one running around. Spotting a rat near your home or business is more likely to make you scream than to stop and observe how cute it is.

When you get in touch with our Wembley rat control team, we will use our skills and experience to tackle your rat problem and prevent it from happening again. We choose the best methods to deal with the problem from our range of techniques, including laying traps and baits to using poisons. No matter the size of the rat or their location, we can get rid of them.

If you have a rat infestation in Wembley, call us today on 02080 883 438 to find out more about how we can help.

Wembley Mice Control

Spotting a mouse isn't always quite as shocking as seeing a rat, but you still don't want them entering your property uninvited. When you see a mouse, you need our Wembley mice control specialists to get them out as soon as possible.

We use our knowledge of the most effective techniques to remove mice and prevent them from returning to keep your home or business mouse-free. Enlist our Wembley mice control experts if you need a team familiar with finding and removing mice. We know how to find all of the places where mice could get into your home, which only need to be as big as a pencil for a mouse to squeeze through. We have expert knowledge of how to seal your property and prevent mice from returning.

If you have seen mice or signs of mice near or inside your home, contact our Wembley mice control services to start addressing the problem. Call us today on 02080 883 438.

Wembley Wasp Control and Wasp Nest Removal

As the weather starts to get warmer, you're likely to start seeing more and more wasps. While it's natural to see them in the summer, you don't want to have too many of them hanging around your home. Wasps can be frightening, especially if there are many of them at once or if you spot a nest. Our team of Wembley wasp control experts have the training and knowledge required to remove wasps that are causing a problem around your home.

During the summer, demand for our Wembley wasp nest removal services grows. No one wants their barbecues and garden parties ruined by annoying wasps. We are used to finding wasp nests in many different places and in different sizes, and have plenty of experience removing them. You can rely on our wasp nest removal services in Wembley when you have a problem and want to get rid of the wasps as soon as possible and as safely as possible.

If you keep seeing wasps or you've found a wasp nest on your property, call Pestforce Pest Control Wembley on 02080 883 438 today. Our free inspections will find any problems quickly.

Wembley Bee Control 

Unlike wasps, most people don't mind seeing bees in their garden. When you spot them in Wembley, you probably recognise the role that they play in the ecosystem. However, there is a point when bees can become a problem. If you see them frequently or find a nest, you might be worried about being stung, especially if you have an allergy. We want to help protect bees at Pestforce, but we recognise that there are times when the presence of bees needs to be addressed.

Our Wembley bee control team are knowledgeable about bees and how to protect them, while also protecting your home. Although bees aren't protected, we will try to relocate them if possible in recognition of their important role in the environment. We take special care to remove bees nests without disturbing them and while ensuring a safe process. We take all of the necessary precautions for a safe removal of a bees nest in Wembley, using our experience and safety equipment to remove the nest without causing a fuss.

Contact us today if you need help with bee control in Wembley or Wembley bee's nest removal services. Call us on 02080 883 438 to get in touch.

Wembley Squirrel Control

Squirrels can be pretty cute, but they are also sometimes a nuisance. If you're having trouble with grey squirrels in Wembley, our Wembley squirrel control services can help. We may also be able to help with red squirrels if they're bothering you. However, red squirrels are a protected species, so there are limited options for dealing with them.

Grey squirrels are the most common type seen in the UK, but they're not a native species. In fact, it's partly the fault of grey squirrels that the population of red squirrels is no longer what it once wasGrey squirrels carry a disease that doesn't affect them but which can kill red squirrels. Grey squirrels are also more likely to eat green acorns, meaning they will get to the food supply before red squirrels can. Grey squirrels are not protected in the UK, which means our options for dealing with a grey squirrel problem are broader.

Our Wembley grey squirrel control services can help you to solve a problem with bothersome squirrels. Contact us by calling 02080 883 438 today to see how we can help.

Wembley Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing

Birds can sometimes cause problems by gathering in large numbers or choosing to make their nests in awkward places. If you have a problem with birds around your home or business, our Wembley bird control and pigeon proofing is the answer. Birds, and especially hardy pigeons, can easily adapt to different environments and can build their nests in inconvenient locations, such as roofs and loft spaces. They can cause a lot of mess and be difficult to remove, even sometimes getting inside your property.

When removing birds, it's important to receive expert advice first. Some birds are protected species, which require the right approach to deal with the problem properly. If you have a bird issue, our Wembley bird control team can provide the advice and help that you need.

Contact our Wembley bird control and pigeon proofing team by calling 02080 883 438 for an inspection.

Wembley Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs can be spread between beds, upholstered furniture and even clothes. If you suspect that you have a problem with bed bugs, you will normally need help from a professional Wembley bed bug control expert to get rid of them.

Bed bugs aren't always easy to spot but there are several signs that indicate their presence. One sign is the bites that bed bugs give, which will leave a raised bump on your skin. You might even see small spots of blood on your sheets if bed bugs have bitten you during the night.

If you suspect that you might have a bed bug infestation, you need expert help. Call us on 02080 883 438 when you need Wembley bed bug control and we can assist.

Wembley Cockroach Control

If there's one bug most people don't want in their home, it's the cockroach. It's the bug that is used as an example of a disgusting creature that leeches off others and that you can't get rid of. When they appear in your home, you know you want to banish them right away. Our Wembley cockroach control services will tackle the problem as quickly as possible to remove cockroaches and prevent them from returning.

Pestforce Pest Control Wembley can get rid of cockroaches of all types, including the most common species.

When you see a cockroach, call us right away to prevent the problem spreading. Contact us on 02080 883 438 for Wembley cockroach control.

Wembley Flea Control

Fleas are often brought into the home by pets, although it's not just pets that can cause flea problems. Whatever the cause of a flea problem, they can quickly spread through your home. When you think you might have fleas in your home, or you know for sure, our Wembley flea control team can help.

Our flea control experts will inspect your home and use the appropriate techniques to get rid of the fleas. Removing fleas without professional help can be tough, and that's before you can even determine whether a flea problem exists. Make it all much easier by enlisting a team of professional pest control experts.

Get in touch with us for Wembley flea control by calling Jack on 02080 883 438 today.

Other Wembley Pest Services

The pests that you can find above are just some of the most popular Wembley pests that we can deal with.

We also help with a number of other pests that are common in homes and businesses, including:

  • Moles
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Hornets
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Cluster Flies
Whenever you're dealing with pests in your home or business, contact us at Pestforce Pest Control Wembley - call 02080 883 438. We are dedicated to providing the very best pest control and respond to all calls with high-quality customer care. Our professional Wembley pest control services are trusted by many in the local area. We're excited to receive your call and talk to you about how we can remove pests from your property.

Recent Jobs

False widow spiders cause concern in a school in Wembley, HA9, 14th October 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Wembley were called to attend a school in Wembley to investigate reports of false widow spiders. Our team attended the site and completed an inspection of the school which concluded that a treatment for the infestation of false widow spiders was necessary. A quote was then discussed, and it was decided that treatment would take place on a weekend when the school is vacant.

Click to see more recent jobs.

Rodent monitoring for commercial property in Wembley, HA9, 22nd September 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Wembley received a call from a commercial property manager who wanted to discuss an annual contract for pest control at a site in Wembley. We attended the site to complete an inspection and discuss the requirements, following this a quote for our service was provided and quickly agreed. All rodent boxes have been ordered and folders for site.

Mouse in the house! Mice discovered in a family home in Wembley, HA9, 2nd September 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Wembley received a call from a very anxious mother, she had seen mice running around her home in Wembley. Our team arrived swiftly after the call upon listening to her distress, a survey was then conducted, and the findings discussed with the mother. During the initial survey mouse droppings had been identified in various parts of the home. We recommended our successful rodent treatment program, this would consist of up to four visits, with a visit each week to monitor and document the progress of this eradication program. We initiated the treatment and will return next week to monitor the progress.

Wasp nest removal from commercial setting in Wembley, HA9, 16th August 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Wembley were called to attend a commercial setting in Wembley where wasps had begun to construct a wasp nest, under a temporary office. The wasps were causing concern to those working in the office, and numerous wasps were noted around the doorway to the office. We attended the site within 24hours and conducted an inspection, the wasp nest was quickly identified. The treatment was immediately carried out by our highly experienced team, who were also able to remove the nest following the eradication of the wasps.

Rodents given eviction notice from block of flats in Wembley, HA9, 22nd July 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Wembley received a call from a property management client today who was desperately looking for assistance with an on-going rodent problem in a block of flats in Wembley. Our team were able to visit the block of flats the same day and completed a survey to establish the correct treatment plan to help secure these flats from rodent visitors. During the survey we uncovered ample evidence suggesting that both rats and mice were present in high levels throughout the area, there was plenty of fresh droppings and further identified areas of gnawing and nesting activity. Following the completion of the survey, we strongly recommended a 3-visit rodent treatment program, this would help to gain control of the current infestation of both rats and mice that were present, this is an incredibly successful program, carried out by our expert rodent team. Once the treatment is complete our client has opted for additional security by accepting an annual monitoring contract which will further keep these rats and mice out of the building, where they are no longer welcome visitors.

Deceased rats found in water butt in Wembley, HA9, 8th June 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Wembley received a call from a children’s place of care in Wembley, the staff had discovered two deceased rats in a water butt in the grounds. Due to the nature of the premises we decided to go straight away. We emptied the water butt far away from the children’s play area, as the water is contaminated, then safely disposed of the rats. Our advice to the staff was to throw away the water butts as they are contaminated and have no lids. The staff were delighted with our quick response and our consideration of the children.

Just leave them “bee.” Masonry bees in Wembley - 16th May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Wembley were called by a client who had reported seeing wasps going into their wall near their balcony. We arrived at the clients home and completed a full inspection. During our inspection we established they were in fact masonry bees, not wasps. We advised the bees need no intervention as they pose no threat to human health.

Rats find a way into loft space of a home in Wembley, HA9, 4th May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Wembley attended a property in Wembley following a call from the occupant concerned about rodents in his loft. We first conducted a full survey of the inside and outside of the property, this enabled us to identify 2 points of possible entry for the rats. We discussed our recommendations with the client, who was happy to proceed with a 3-visit rodent treatment program. This includes 3 visits each one week apart. As this treatment has only just commenced, we look to update further with our successful results in the very near future.

Carpet moth fogging treatment in Wembley, HA9 - 25th March 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Wembley had a call by a return customer in Wembley who had an issue with carpets moths. So we gave them a quote and booked them in for a spray/fog treatment of the entire property and explained all the preparation work needed before we arrive.

Removed old wasp nests from loft in Wembley, HA0 - 28th February 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Wembley had a call from a customer who had just been in their loft and notice 3 wasp nests. We explained the behaviour of a wasp nest and re assured them that they are most likely dead old nests. We attended the property within 48hours and removed the 3 nests from the rafters in the loft space. The customer said it just gives them a good piece of mind knowing that they are gone.

Pharoah ant treatment in Wembley, HA0 - 7th December 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Wembley had a call from a customer who let's out a 6 bed hmo property that had a bad ant issue and had tried different treatments with no success. I arranged to have video and pictures sent to of the pest and where they had the problem. We discovered that this was a pharaoh ant issue . A very complicated treatment is needed to deal with this pest. The previous attempts had made the issue 10x worse . We booked in a date to visit the property (the next day ) to the start treatment. We also have follow up visits booked in. Customer was very happy with our quick response.

Cockroach control for business in Wembley, HA9 - 1st November 2021 

Pestforce Pest Control Wembley had an urgent call from a commercial customer from the Wembley area. They had a bad cockroach infestation and needed our assistants asap. We responded the same day and that evening a treatment was done. 

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