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Pest Control Ealing - Greater London

If you've got foxes, moles, rats, mice, wasps, fleas, bees, ants, Gulls, Pigeons, woodworm or birds causing you problems... we can help you. Please call 0208 088 0356

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Pestforce Ealing

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Customer Reviews

Pestforce Ealing is rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 6 customer reviews.

Pestforce Ealing

by Pestforce in Ealing London

West End London Pest Control

I’m Sean Banks and I am the owner and Senior Technician and have a close knit team of highly skilled Pest Controllers at Pestforce Ealing. If you have a pest problem – or think you may have a pest problem – then call me or a member of my team and get not only one of the best pest control services in the area, but great advice too!

We are local to you and can be with you same day when necessary. We have recently gained the rare feat of a Distinction in my BPCA/RSPH Level 2 making us one of the best qualifed Pest Controllers around. We service all W & SW postcode areas including the Ealing London.

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  • Rodents
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Squirrels
  • Ants
  • Wasps
  • Bees
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Bedbugs
  • Beetles
  • Flies
  • Moths
  • Spiders
  • Earwigs
  • Maggots
  • Woodworm
  • Birds
  • Pigeons
  • Silverfish  

What is a Pest?

A pest is often defined as ‘a plant or animal that is detrimental to humans or our concerns, such as crops and livestock’. Pests can also cause nuisance and carry disease. All animals, birds, rodents and insects can become a pest when they become invasive, detrimental, troublesome and destructive or a nuisance. Many people use the term pest alongside the term vermin.

In some cases, some of these animals can be beneficial – for example, as part of the food chain – but in other situations and settings, they can be a nuisance, therefore a pest.

The pests I have dealt with are many and varied but recent examples have included:

Rats – a massive problems in all areas, not just the Ealing. The way we live, the rubbish that is a welcome food source to rats, all contribute to their numbers swelling. Prolific breeders, their numbers can swell within weeks! But, as well as being a nuisance they also carry a bacteria that when humans come into contact with it, can make us very ill.

Pigeons – they can cause a huge amount of damage to buildings when the roost and nest. Rather than having expensive repair bills on a regular basis, why not invest in bird proofing equipment instead? These methods effectively and humanely stop birds from roosting on buildings.

Insect infestations – more common than you think, many people find that they homes are under attack from small, tiny, almost-too-small-to-see insects! These pesky little creatures find their way into our homes in a variety of ways – on our pets, our clothes, bags or simply blown in through an open window. Either way, our warm, well-insulated homes provide a perfect place for them to multiply and live.

Call Sean or Mark today you local Emergency Pest Control in West & South West London on 07500 443535 for advice, request a rapid response callout or to see how we can best help you. 


Rodents - Rats - Mice - Squirrels - Ants - Wasps - Bees - Cockroaches - Fleas - Bedbugs - Beetles - Flies - Moths - Spiders - Earwigs - Maggots - Woodworm - Birds - Pigeons -  Silverfish


Can I Deal With a Pest Problem Myself?

If caught early enough, some shop bought remedies and deep cleaning can be effective but all too often, we do not realise there is a problem until the problem has become sufficiently ingrained so that we notice, for example, seeing a rat during the day, notice fleas on the soft furnishing or waking up in the morning with a row of bites on us, indicating we may be sharing our bed with bedbugs.

As a qualified pest controller, I have many methods and chemicals available for use:

  • Many customers are concerned about the use of chemicals; be assured that I will only use the safest methods for use in and around your home and business, including areas where children and pets play. Likewise, the preservation of wildlife and the environment is a priority

  • I hold several specialist certificates including effective treatment of rats and mice, as well as some of the latest Rodent Proofing techniques

  • AND, all my pest control work is insured with Public Liability Insurance (£10m) and guaranteed too

Who I work with...

I work with all domestic customers in and around the Ealing, as well as all commercial premises including:

·       Landlords, letting agents and estate agents

·       Hostels, student accommodation, elderly accommodation and assisted living

·       Hotels, B&Bs and all types of tourist accommodation

·       Restaurants, pubs and all food preparation and outlets

·       Retail units of all kinds

·       Sporting complexes and clubs

·       Tourist attractions

·       Parks and open spaces, including car parks

·       Schools, colleges and nurseries

·       Local authority work

Pestforce Ealing is proud to have services a wide array of customers, such as Tom below;

If you have a rat problem, if no-one else can help, and if you can find them (google), you should definitely call PestForce. My basement flat was overrun with sewer rats and my family were terrified. Sean came round instantly (even though it was almost midnight), laid lots of traps, and when a rat was sighted even started hunting it with an air rifle. Sean caught all the rats, solved the problem, and gave us a discount on the final visit. He’s a lethal pest controller and a true gentleman, and I would recommend his services to anyone!

Think you have a pest problem or issue? Need help? Call me for a quick, responsive pest control service.


07500 443535

Need pest control services and live in any of the following W postcode areas below, please click the town to find out more:

WestendKensingtonActonHanwellHammersmith Ealing - Chiswick  Westminster

Recent Jobs

Rats from Drains in Ealing (W5) - 2nd March 2020

Pestforce Pest Control Ealing have been attending a small block of flats in Ealing Broadway over the last 3 weeks following complaints from residents of rats outside in the communal bin stores and in the car park.  Residents have also had rats accessing the engine compartments of their vehicles and in turn had damage to fuel lines and electrics.  We attended and surveyed the site and identified the source of the rat problem to be from an open drainage chamber in an adjacent alleyway.  Rats had been migrating out from the sewer via a broken manhole cover.  We have carried out 4 treatment visits to site to eradicate the existing population of rats that had become well established residents in the area.  At the same time we educated all the residents to ensure all food sources are removed, particularly from the poor waste management in the bin stores.  We have now replaced the manhole cover that was defective with a new stainless steel cover, we had bespoke made due to the non-standard size.  The rat issue is now resolved with not a single rat sighting or any evidence of rat activity present for 7 days.  All treatment has been removed as the source of the issue has been rectified and hopefully residents will continue to not provide food sources.  A big rat problem, that has been resolved by simply fixing what was really a minor issue.  A great outcome for the client.

Rats love a uniform, Ealing (W5) - 22nd October 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Ealing were called last week to a school uniform shop in Ealing Broadway.  The shop had started to find damaged stock and couldn’t understand why, but saw what looked like rat droppings.  We attended within a few hours of receiving the call and confirmed rats were the culprits.  We surveyed the shop and the back of house areas and quickly established the source of the problem.  Rats had been entering via a redundant pipe gully that had been sealed into a partition wall. We didn’t want to use rodenticides due to the risk of deceased rodents in areas and could lead to a negative business image for the client.  The best approach was to carry out a controlled trapping programme over 7 days to remove the offending rodents.  We returned to site and accessed the disused pipe run through wall by installing an inspection hatch.  The pipe could then be sealed using fast setting concrete.  Job complete and problem resolved.  No more rats and an extremely happy client!


Pestforce have provided an absolutely brilliant service.
Very quick to respond, very quick to action job requests. They offer a plethora of services that makes our life as proeprty managers even easier.

highly recommend!


Fotis Kaimakamis

Treatment spray to eradicate wasp nest in garden.

“Company replied same day as my email inquiry, and Mark came to treat nest the nest day. He arrived on time and was friendly and professional.”


Original review left on Checkatrade, click here to view!


Mrs M

“I was very happy with their service. Happy to pay a little extra to get the job done efficiently.”


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Ms G

Pest Control


Very quickly, efficiently set up traps, poison etc. Such a relief to know they will solve the problem. They are returning in 10 days time and gave me a specific time which is so helpful in planning my time.

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"A  big thank you to Mark and Sean for all their help getting rid of the mice in my flat.  I would strongly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a Pest Control firm to troubleshoot effectively, deal efficiently with the problem, and provide a reliable service throughout.  These guys are highly knowledgeable about a wide range of pests and Pest Control, with long experience of dealing with all sorts of pest infestations.  What really makes them stand out from all the other companies, though, is their personalized approach to each case and their first-rate customer care skills. I was really unnerved by the mice episode, but Mark was sensitive to that and reassured me he was going to use a variety of methods to prevent the mice from returning. He then proceeded to explain exactly what he was going to do at each step of the way, and made sure that I knew I could get in touch with the company if there was a recurrence.  He was respectful of my space, careful in my home, and double-checked to make sure there was absolutely nowhere left for the mice to breach the defenses.  Sean was equally reassuring on the telephone and managed to squeeze in an appointment for me when the team were already pushed because he realized I was panicky and didn't want to go through another night with mice in the flat.  When there was an unavoidable (minor) delay in arrival-time for the second appointment, Sean phoned to let me know an anticipated time of arrival.  Again, a small thing, but it made a big difference in terms of how valued I felt as a customer. I felt like I was in safe hands and knew I could rely on this team to sort the problem out".

Kind regards,

Lucy Hodges

(South West London)


Lucy Hodges

We had the misfortune to have an infestation of mice in our house recently.  To make matters worse, my husband was away for a week and I'm petrified of mice!  I contacted Gary after phoning round for some quotes. I immediately felt reassured that he was the man to get the job done - and fast! He even offered to come and inspect our house on the same day as I called him - unlike all the other companies I called, and his charges are incredibly reasonable.  Far from making me feel stupid because of my mouse hysteria, he was extremely patient and calm and nothing was too much trouble.  I was horrified to discover that we had 16 mice, which Gary skilfully caught in less than 2 weeks.  Gary is a consummate professional. As well as having a great sense of humour, he goes that extra mile and provides absolutely brilliant customer service.  We're now happily 'mouse-free' and should the problem ever recur, I'll contact Gary immediately.  I can't recommend him highly enough.
Cynthia Spillman, Ealing.

Cynthia Spillman, Ealing.

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Customer Reviews

Pestforce Ealing is rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 6 customer reviews.

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