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Pestforce Pinner is rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 11 customer reviews.

Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Pinner – my name is Jack Harris and I am your local, highly trained and qualified pest controller in Pinner. Also covering Ruislip and Northwood.

If you’re looking for Pinner pest control, you’re in the right place. My experience and expertise in the field means your pest infestation nightmare doesn’t have to last any longer.

There’s not just one type of pest that can impact your home or property; they come in all shapes and sizes. Luckily for you, we have a way of dealing with all types of pests, no matter which kind of challenge they pose. That includes the pests that fly around, the creepy crawly pests that seem to get everywhere, scurrying rodents that no one wants in their home and even outdoor pests. We’ve dealt with just about every pest across Pinner and we know what it takes to defeat them all.

I’ll be more than happy to support you as you look to rid your home or property of these troublesome pests. At Pestforce, we deliver the highest standards across the country and, specifically, to you locally here in Pinner.

I’m proud to offer services as part of the Pestforce brand. With more than 4000 reviews across our websites and social media platforms and average score of 4.9/5, you can choose Pestforce Pest Control safe with the knowledge that you’ll be in the hands of the very best.

Here’s some more vital information you might want to know about me before using my services:

  • I am DBS checked (formerly CRB i.e police criminal check)
  • I am fully insured
  • I am highly trained, qualified and experienced
  • I attend regular pest control training to keep up to date
  • I will provide a free survey and quote

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If you’re currently experiencing a pest problem and you need expert help here in Pinner, you shouldn’t hesitate to call me, Jack, on 02080 883 438 anytime you like.

Pest Control Services in Pinner

When it comes to choosing a pest control service in Pinner, you’ll probably what to choose a service you feel you can rely on. As part of the extensive and reliable services we offer, we provide a range of services. Here’s a list that covers many of them:

  • Residential pest control including:
    • Home pest control
    • Garden pest control
    • Loft or attic pest control
    • Roofing pest control
  • Pest control for businesses including:
    • Restaurant and takeaway pest control
    • Office pest control
    • Medical practice or clinic pest control
    • Pest control for building or construction sites
    • Shop and retail pest control services
  • The types of pests we commonly tackle include:
    • Rats
    • Mice
    • Wasps and wasps nests
    • Bees and bees nests
    • Squirrels
    • Birds and pigeons
    • Moles
    • Foxes
    • Bed bugs
    • Spiders
    • Cockroaches
    • Ants
    • Silverfish
    • Moths
    • As well as many more

Another reason why you’ll find it easy to trust us and our services is the fact that we’re accredited members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), as well as being accredited by the highest authority on pest control and industry accreditation, CEPA. That’s why you can rely on Pestforce Pest Control Pinner without any hesitation.

All of the methods we use are safe, tested and ethical. We ensure the pest control services we provide to customers are both effective and ethical.

If nuisance pests are stopping you from living comfortably or using your commercial premises properly, our highly rated services are right for you. Our Pinner-based services will deliver the changes you’re looking for, so call today for an informal chat on 02080 883 438.

Pinner Rat Control

The idea of rats overtaking your home is the stuff of nightmares, so use our rat control Pinner services at the first sign of trouble. There are many reasons why the idea of rats in their property freaks so many people out, but no one wants them nearby.

The rat control team we have in place here in Pinner will ensure the rats are removed and then take steps to ensure they can’t return in the future. We use poison, baits, traps and other methods to ensure the job is done properly and comprehensively. We’ve seen and overcome big rat infestations, small ones, indoor and outdoor ones, as well as infestations in all kinds of settings and environments.

If you’ve got a rat problem in Pinner then don’t wait any longer, simply call us today on 02080 883 438.

Pinner Mice Control

If you don’t want rats in your home, you probably don’t want their smaller relatives there either. Our nice control experts in Pinner can ensure this problem is resolved quickly and effectively.

Our team has all the necessary experience and training to find the signs of mice and eradicate the infestation at its source. Mice are very good at exploiting very small spaces, so our mice control team Pinner will ensure all of those areas of potential exploitation are dealt with so the problem won’t return.

If you’ve seen a mouse in your home or property, or you’ve seen other worrying signs, contact our Pinner mice control team on 02080 883 438 right away.

Pinner Wasp Control and Wasp Nest Removal

During the summer months, wasps can become a real problem in the garden. When they’re present in large numbers, it can be pretty scary and even dangerous for some people with allergies. That’s why our Pinner wasp control team are here to help you rid your garden or property of this menace in a safe way.

We get a lot of customers seeking our help with this problem in the summer, so we’ve developed the methods, skills and equipment to ensure we’re able to fully meet the needs of our customers here in Pinner.

Part of the service we offer is, of course, focuses on the removal of wasp nests. The problem usually can't be dealt with until this is done. Our team has removed wasp nests from all kinds of places, including rooftops, garages, gardens, sheds and even kitchens, as well as all kinds of public and commercial buildings. There’s not much we haven’t seen and dealt with over the years. Whether you’re dealing with a big our small nest, our Pinner wasp control services can deal with the task at hand.

If there’s any indication that there’s a wasp nest or near your home or property here in Pinner, our wasp control services are what you need. Even a suspiciously increased number of wasps in your home is reason enough to contact Pestforce Pest Control Pinner on 02080 883 438. We’ll carry out a free inspection to learn more about the nature and scale of the problem.

Pinner Bee Control 

Bees are amazing insects that do important things in the natural environment here in Pinner and all over the UK.

That’s not what you’ll be thinking about most of all when you discover there’s a bee’s nest in or near your home. It can be frightening and make living in your home almost impossible. And that’s definitely not what you want.

Here at Pestforce Pest Control in Pinner, our bee control and bee’s nest removal services can ensure the situation is dealt with in a humane and proper way. We look to protect bees and will only carry out our removal services when they’re really needed. And whenever necessary, we’ll rehome the bees to ensure they’re not harmed because we know their importance to the environment.

When dealing with bees and bee nest removals in Pinner, we know how important it is to take precautions and to handle things carefully. It’s definitely not something you should try to do without the help of expert professionals.

If you’re having problems with bees in your home and you want help from our Pinner bee control team, give us a call on 02080 883 438.

Pinner Squirrel Control

Grey squirrels can also pose a problem in your home and if you’re experiencing that, our Pinner squirrel control services can help you. All you need to do is call us on 02080 883 438.

Red squirrels are the species that are native to the UK, but grey squirrels can pose a threat and can be a genuine pest. That’s why we take steps to remove them when you need our help. Red squirrels on the other hand are protected and we can’t offer removal services if you’re having problems with them.

The fact that grey squirrels are not native to the UK means we can help to remove them. They threaten the red squirrel population as well. If they’re causing problems for you, our services offer you options.

So, if the squirrels on your property are causing you problems, simply get in touch with our Pinner team. The number to use is 02080 883 438 and we’ll arrange a free inspection for you.

Pinner Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing

Pigeons and other kinds of birds can be terrible pests to deal with in your home or property. Our Pinner team of bird control experts will deal with the situation efficiently for you.

Because they can adapt to all kinds of settings and environments, they can be found in many different places and that requires help from experienced experts like ours.

Some birds are protected, so we’re always careful when it comes to carrying out this work. We’re an ethical pest control company so always assess the situation and take the most appropriate course of action.

Call our Pinner team on 02080 883 438 so the situation can be dealt with professionally by our team.

Pinner Bed Bug Control

Without expert help, there’s not much you can do to contend with a bed bug problem, and that’s why our Pinner bed bug control services are so important.

Even if you can see the bites and the frustration that comes with a bed bug problem in your home, you might not be able to see them. Bed bugs are so small and this also makes them challenging to deal with. But constant bites in the night suggest you do have a problem that needs to be addressed. You might also notice spots of blood appearing more regularly on your bed sheets.

If you’re starting to spot some of those warning signs in your home, you shouldn’t hesitate to call our Pinner bed bug control team on 02080 883 438.

Pinner Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are among the most hated creatures in the world and it’s not hard to see why. They can turn your stomach and make you run out of the house upon sight. So if you find one in your home, it makes sense that you’re already reaching for the phone to contact our Pinner cockroach control team.

With the help of our experienced pest control team here at Pestforce Pest Control Pinner, your home will be rid of them in no time at all. We’ve dealt with all kinds of cockroach infestation and removed many species and types of cockroaches too.

If you think you have a cockroach problem, get in touch right away on 02080 883 438 and we will guide you on the next steps.

Pinner Flea Control

If you have pets in your home, you probably already know about the risk of fleas. But knowing about the potential for this kind of problem and actually dealing with it are two different things. With the help of our Pinner flea control services, you won’t need to worry any longer.

Fleas can even be found in homes without pets, so if you spot a problem but think it can’t be fleas because you don’t have pets, don’t rule it out. Either way, we’ll carry out a free flea inspection for you here in Pinner.

You simply need to call Jack on 02080 883 438 for help with a flea problem in Pinner.

Other Pinner Pest Services

We deal with all of the pests listed above but there are others we help people with as well. Here’s some more pests we’ve dealt with in Pinner:

  • Moles
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Hornets
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Cluster Flies
Whatever the pest, whether it’s listed on this page or not, you just need to contact Pestforce Pest Control Pinner via 02080 883 438.

We’re passionate about what we do and we enjoy helping people with these kinds of problems. It allows us to improve your lives on a day to day basis. So if you’re looking for the most reliable pest control services in Pinner, get in touch today.

Recent Jobs

Rats getting into home in Ruislip, HA4 - 1st October 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Pinner were called out to help a couple after rats had started getting into their property. We quickly identified that the rats were entering through the drains. We have completed a course of baiting and now there are no more rats in the property. We have also installed x2 non return flaps in the man hole and covered all air bricks. A rat proof property in Ruislip. 


I was delighted with the service we received. Jack came within one day of my contact with him.
He is very knowledgeable and was able to explain th treatment to me.
He was very professionals and polite..
The treatment he gave has been effective.


J Foster

Jack was very helpful and extremely prompt!

Would defo use him again and recommend



This was the first time I'd used Pestforce and I found Jack very prompt, affable, professional, and fair. He dealt with two wasps nests very successfully and quickly. I was most impressed and will definitely use Jack for any future pest problems.



Called Jack and organised visit for next day. Jack explained everything, put on his suit and applied the treatment. All sorted efficiently


Rahul Shah

Excellent service, communicated well and job well done



Arrived on time a few minutes early
Very polite and explained what was required
and carried out the work promptly
at the quotation agreed
in advanced

Paying by AMEX was a bonus



Courteous and proffesional service


Lynda Waite

Really impressed. Came on the same day and offered a lot of advice too.



Very impressed with the service. Highly recommend


Sally Rogers

Jack provided excellent customer service and was very professional! He answered all of my enquiries, dealt with my issue efficiently and gave great advice. Would definitely recommend this company for any pest problems. Thank you so much for all of your help!



Jack was very professional and helpful. I would most definitely recommend his services to others. Thanks, Jack.


Mr Patel

Pinner Pest Control
02080 883 438

Customer Reviews

Pestforce Pinner is rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 11 customer reviews.

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