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Pestforce Chelmsford is rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 6 customer reviews.

Pestforce Chelmsford, Danbury, Great Baddow, Writtle, Burnham on Crouch Pest Control

When you have a pest control problem, you need several things from a pest control company:

* Professional, polite and punctual service

* Guaranteed success – or you don’t pay

* Fully insured

* Humane – yet effective – treatment

* Qualified pest control service and advice

The good news is, when you call me Andrew Hoare, this is what you will get as part of my comprehensive pest control service in and around the Chelmsford & surrounding areas of Danbury, Great Baddow, Writtle, Burnham on Crouch.


The level 2 ‘Pest Control & Management’ qualification awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) sets the industry standard. This qualification offers the ‘basics’ to all pest control problems.

I have completed several specialist courses that many customers have benefited from:

· Mole trapping following traditional methods. Moles and their waste products (molehills) can be a nuisance for many agricultural customers, sporting grounds, gardeners – both domestic gardeners and country estates.

· Wasp nest removal is also a specialist area of work. Wasps have a finite life cycle but if you can’t wait until the autumn when the wasps move out, then you need my specialist service. Do NOT attempt to move the nest yourself; wasp populations can number 5,000 or more and wasps can sting more than once. Disturbing them could lead you to experience painful stings! We also offer the same service for bees.

· Birds can also be a nuisance. As they roost and nest on buildings, they can cause extensive damage to the building. I have completed specialist bird proofing courses and have experience in netting and spiking buildings. This equipment humanely stops birds from landing on the building etc, preventing damage; neither are the birds hurt by the spiking or netting.

· Additional courses I have completed include gassing techniques, additional rodent courses and the safe use of pesticides.


Having been a game keeper for many years, an outdoor and shooting enthusiast I am more than experienced in pest control management and eradication.

I remove and control all pests and this includes woodworm, squirrels, bugs, moths, ants, wasps, rats and mice, fleas, bedbugs, flies, carpet beetle, birds, spiders, rabbits, foxes, moles and more.

I complete ‘one-off’ jobs or can offer my services on an on-going contract to all customers:

Domestic customersI have worked with homeowners and tenants, dealing with pest control issues IN and OUTSIDE the home. Squirrels, rats and mice are all rodents that find the comfort and warm conditions of our homes perfect for them to make their homes too. Unfortunately, they chew a variety of materials – wires, wood framing etc. – to build and furnish their nests with. Apart from the obvious repair bill, this can also present a fire hazard within your home.

There are also health reasons why you do NOT want to share your home with rodents; rats, for example, carry a bacterium on their kidneys which is then secreted in their urine. This bacterium, should it make its way into the human body, causes a disease called ‘Weil’s Disease’. This can be fatal therefore if you think you have rats, then please call me to seek advice and treatment.

My guarantee to you is this – if my pest control methods and treatments do not work, you do not pay.

Business customers are also wide and varied:

Accommodation providers – whether it is student accommodation, secure ‘units’, letting agents, estate agents, private landlords etc. – I can provide a full pest control service. Bedbugs and fleas, for example, can take hold very quickly in any house. They are not attracted to dirt but find their way into our homes on animals and on us. They are attracted to our warmth, again enjoying the conditions our warm and insulated homes offer them. They feed off their hosts (pets and humans) and are a nuisance. They need effective chemical treatment, a comprehensive service I offer.

I have worked extensively with agricultural customers and sporting venues, all of whom can suffer from a variety of pest problems from rats, mice, moles, birds and all variety of insects. Squirrels can be a huge nuisance; being part of the rodent family, they chew all types of materials to build their nests with. They also look for available sources of food, finding plenty in cold stores, grain stores, feed rooms and other areas on farms etc. Squirrels cannot be poisoned but trapped and relocated; hence you need the professional pest control services that I offer.

Where possible, I use chemicals that are safe for use around areas frequented by children and pets, as well as being harmless to ‘non-target’ animals and insects. This of course, is more than welcome for some business customers such as schools, nurseries, colleges and other educational settings.

All methods and treatments rid you of your pest control problem humanely,
and do NOT cause unnecessary suffering to any animal.

Food outlets and preparation businesses can also face pest control issues, rats being a common problem around refuse collection areas. We are never far from rats but if they become visible to the public, scuttling down alleyways or seen near your food premises, it can and will significantly affect business. I understand that pest control services in this type of instance need to be responsive, efficient, immediately effective and discreet.

Other venues and business that have benefitted from my pest control services include:

Graveyards, country estates and houses, office blocks, factories, industrial units, kennels, catteries, caravan parks, building sites, garden centres... and more!

There is no doubt that having a pest control problem – large or small – whether in your home or business, you need a professional response. My work is guaranteed and insured, so if you have a pest control problem, contact the expert – call Pestforce Chelmsford, Danbury, Great Baddow, Writtle & Burnham on Crouch.

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Recent jobs

Flies coming down the chimney! - I received a call from a customer in Althorn to say they had lots of flies in rooms of the house. On attending it was clear that the problem was Cluster Flies and that they were coming down the chimneys in the property. ULV fogging machine used in all rooms with fire places, job done! Customer happy to be left with a fly free home.


Andrew has helped us with wasps at our barn on a number of occasions and he's always professional, friendly and very efficient. His knowledge of all things pest related is extensive and with two children in the house, I know I can trust him to deal with any problems quickly and effectively. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him!


Michelle Reeves

Quick to respond to initial contact. Arrived within the first part of the noted time slot. Tackled the issue quickly and efficiently. Gave full instructions of how long to keep clear of area.
Thank you, Andy, for a great job!


Tim Kenney

We received a prompt service for our Wasp Nest in the roof.

It was a simple task but dealt with swiftly and effectively for the fixed price.


Matthew Taylor


Since signing an annual contract with Richard from Pest-Force the rats and mice around our farm seem to have become a thing of the past. We have had contracts with other companies previously which have been ineffective.
Richards farming background does, I am sure, contribute to his effectiveness and we look forward to a long and pest free relationship with his company.
Mick Kempster, Cross Farm, Walthams Cross, Essex

Mick Kempster


Mole hills have blighted our lawn for ages - we thought we had tried everything.  A friend recommended we speak with Richard at Pest-Force Essex.  After two visits we have our garden back.
For peace of mind we have signed a twelve month contract with Richard so if a new mole moves in all we have to do is pick up the phone.
After further discussions we have since employed Richard on an annual contract to look after all pest control at our commercial premises.
Peter Miles, Hope Cottage, Gt Bardfield, Essex

Peter Miles


Within an hour tour of my kennels, Richard advised me how we could implement a safe programme of vermin control.  Housing other people's dogs had always made me nervous of using poisons but the equipment used by Pest-Force and the professionalism displayed in it's use has quickly allayed any fears.
We have been extremely impressed with the results of Richards work and now regularly recommend his many  pest-control services to our customers.
Andy Tyrell, High-Barn Boarding Kennels, Essex

Andy Tyrell

07760 277 883

01245 701 041

Customer Reviews

Pestforce Chelmsford is rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 6 customer reviews.

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