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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Maldon & Witham

I am Harry and if you have a pest control problem in and around Maldon & Witham, then I can offer you...

I live and work locally. I can respond quickly to urgent pest control problems

I am experienced in ALL pest control problems and the methods needed to solve the issue. 

I am passionate about everyone being able to enjoy the countryside and wholeheartedly believe that no animal or pest should suffer or be subject to inhumane treatment.

Where possible I employ traditional methods to trap and remove pests; if this is not possible, I use high grade chemicals that have proven success in eradicating pests.

Similarly, all bait and equipment is removed when the pest has been eradicated lessening the chance of pets, children and wildlife being harmed.

Fully accredited and qualified pest controller…
British Pest Control Association Member CEPA Certified Professional Pest Management CHAS Accredited Contractor Royal Society for Public Health Think Wildlife - Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use

I have a full range of treatment and methods at my disposal that will eradicate the hardest and most resilient of pests:

  • Some bugs and other pests can be hard to spot and there are a few tell-tale signs that I look for: Adult bedbugs for example, can be easily spotted as they are disc shaped and dark in colour. Their eggs and young however, are slightly more difficult as they are lighter in colour but as the young grow, they shed their skin several times. They leave behind small brown-coloured papery ‘skin’ that can be spotted on the mattress.
  • Moles in themselves do not present problems to humans, but when they burrow in large numbers across open fields, gardens or sporting grounds for example, their waste product – that is, their molehills – can be a real nuisance, therefore moles are trapped.
  • Fleas are one nuisance. Unfortunately, flea numbers have continued to grow across the UK and this is down to two factors – weather and incorrect use of flea treatment on pets. Fleas can quickly become embedded in your home, enjoying the warm atmosphere of soft furnishings etc. and with a ready supply of food from their host (you and your pets).
  • Rodents are in the category of pests that may need more than one treatment to eradicate them, depending on the severity of the problem. Rat and mice numbers can increase rapidly especially when you consider how quickly they breed. They may need baiting or trapping but I will always succeed. Squirrels in lofts are trapped.

I have worked with numerous customers over the years, offering a comprehensive service either as a ‘on-off’ job or, as in some cases, on a contractual basis:

  • Domestic customers – homeowners and tenants, whether the pest issue is in or outside the home
  • Accommodation providers – such as student accommodation and lettings, letting agents, estate agents, landlords, housing associations etc.
  • Sports clubs and venues – rugby, football and cricket clubs, golf courses and recreation grounds
  • Food retailers, processing units and preparation areas including corner shops, supermarkets, take away outlets, cafes, B&Bs, restaurants, hotels and many other such places *discretion assured*
  • Agricultural settings ranging from farms to kennels, catteries, poultry farms as well as equestrian settings, and other ‘specialist’ settings such as food stores etc.
  • Industrial and other business customers have included office blocks, factories, vehicle storage, haulage companies etc.
  • Educational settings require an immediate and effective response and I have worked in and around schools, colleges, day nurseries, day centres etc.
  • Care settings including local nursing homes, care homes, secure units and other accommodation settings
  • Caravan parks, mobile home parks, manor houses, stately homes and many, many more!

As you can see, I have worked with a wide variety of pests and have a whole range of effective solutions available to rid you of your pest control problem. I remove and control all pests and this includes rodents, woodworm, insects like ants, flies, moths. I also remove and proof for squirrels, rabbits, moles, birds, foxes.

Recent Jobs

Wasp nest treatment in Witham - August 202

Call out today to a property in witham for a wasp nest in the electric meter box at the front of the house next to the front door, postman had been stung twice. The wasps had built their nest around the cables in the box. Nest was treated with a dust treatment. Customer can use her front door again with out anybody getting stung.

ULV Fogging treatment to clear flies in Witham - March 2022

Customer discovered she had cluster flies in her loft space when she started to find them coming though gap around loft hatch. We visited property and done a fogging treatment using a ULV fogging machine in the loft space.

Flea spray for bedrooms in Maldon and Witham – January 2022

Had a call from customer this week who had a flea infestation but no pets, her daughter had been letting the neighbours cat into her bedroom though her window. A spray treatment was completed the next day in all rooms to deal with the infestation.

Witham Mice Control for Block of Flats - December 2021

Proofing work carried out at block of flats in Witham preventing further infestation by mice. Rodents were found to have entered the building through plastic air bricks which had been broken by the gardeners strimmer blade. Mesh air brick covers was placed over them to stop further access.

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