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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Sudbury.

I am Andy Hoare, your local pest control operative in Sudbury, Halstead, Lavenham and surrounding areas.

As your qualified, trusted and experienced pest control operative, I am confident I can deal with any pest control issue – no matter what the pest!

A local pest control case study

Mrs A., along with her partner and three small children, noticed an increase in the number of wasps in her garden. Thinking no more of it, she just assumed wasp numbers had increased that year. A short while later, she was noticing dead wasps on the kitchen windowsill and on looking up into the eaves of her house, she saw that the wasps had made their nest there. Although its location didn’t present an immediate danger, the numbers of wasp did. With small children and pets, Mrs A. called me to deal with the issue. The solution- Clearly the work is at height, beyond the scope of a normal ladder and this in itself presents a number of dangers. A wasp nest is also a major issue as wasps can easily feel under attack, sending out defensive soldiers to ward off danger. Many shop bought treatments are not strong enough to offer an immediate solution. I am qualified to use professional-grade pesticides which quickly and effectively eradicate wasps, presenting no danger to you, your family or pests.

What other pests do I deal with?

I deal with anything that causes you a problem from bedbugs through to other pesky insects, through to rodents – rats, mice, squirrels – as well as birds, moles, rabbits and foxes.

I can tackle any pest problem including: Moths, flies, ants, wasps, bees, bugs, insects, spiders, carpet beetle, fleas and many more...

As well as being a qualified pest control technician – I hold a Level 2 award in ‘Pest Control & Management’

I have also completed several specialist qualifications that deal with the eradication or removal of pests that require additional considerations:

Birds, nesting and roosting on buildings, can quickly cause damage to the fabric of the building. I can supply several bird-proofing solution including spiking and netting, both of which humanely prevent birds from roosting, nesting etc.

Who I work with...

  • ALL domestic customers no matter what the pest or where it is – IN or OUTSIDE the home
  •  A range of business and commercial customers:
  • Schools, colleges, nurseries, primary schools etc.
  •  Parish council premises and other buildings, ranging from churches, graveyards, cemeteries through to recreation areas and local parks
  • Various sporting complexes including football pitches, rugby grounds, golf courses etc.- moles can be problems for sporting and recreational customers.
  • Food outlets such as restaurants, pubs, take away outlets etc
  • Accommodation providers including private landlords, housing associations, letting agencies and estate agents
  • Agricultural and other animal-based businesses from local farms, through to kennels, catteries, riding centres, liveries, allotments and woodland areas
  • Industrial units such as factories, storage facilities, offices etc.
  • and many other customers such as caravan parks, mobile home parks, playgrounds, stately homes, garden centres, country parks, building sites and more!
  • I can provide ‘one off’ assignments or I am available to service long term, annual contracts.

Recent Jobs

Rat control for home in Bures, Sudbury - August 2022

A new customer in bures called as she could hear scratching noises under her floor in kitchen and lounge. When we inspected the property we found an air brick with a hole in it chewed by rats. Snap traps where used under the floor boards and 3 rats where caught, on the last visit a new air brick cover was installed to stop any more rats entering.

Rats invade chicken pen in Sudbury - March 2022

Customer called as she had a problem around her chicken pen with rats eating chicken food and eggs. The infestation was dealt with a poison treatment in bait boxes around the problem areas in 3 visits. The customer was also advised on a different way of feeding chickens to try and help prevent any problems in the future.

Bird proofing measures in Sudbury – January 2022

Survey was done a customers property for a problem with starlings nesting in loft space during spring/summer. Birds are entering loft along gutter line under roof tiles which can be dealt with proofing installed along gutters. The quote was excepted and we will be installing in the next few weeks before spring and birds return.

Sudbury Cluster Fly Control Needed for Loft - December 2021

Customer discovered she had cluster flies in her loft space when she was getting the Christmas decorations down from loft space. We visited property and done a fogging treatment using a ULV fogging machine in the loft space.

Local rat control to protect chickens in Sudbury - December 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Sudburty were called to a home after rats had been seen eating chickens eggs. The property in Little Maplestead had a problem with rats getting into hen house and eating food and eggs. A rodenticide treatment used to deal with the infestation in 4 visits. Hen house has now been moved away from hedge line and ditch, also chickens now being fed in pen rather than hen house and taking food in at night will help stop and further problems.

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Assington, Belchamp, Boxford, Bulmer, Bures, Castle Hedingham, Clare, Essex, Foxearth, Glemsford, Gosfield, Great Cornard, Great Waldingfield, Great Yealdham, Halstead, Lamarsh, Lavenham, Little Waldingfield, Long Melford, Pebmarsh, Sible Hedingham, Sudbury

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