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My name is Marcus Bell and I’m here to help tackle your pest problem, no matter how big or small. 

There’s nothing more annoying or disruptive than pests, regardless of their shape or size. Whether it’s flying insects to rodents and outdoor wildlife, getting them out of your property is something that you’ll want to do quickly.

We’ve seen it all here at Pestforce Cambridge and whether you’re after domestic or commercial pest control solutions, we’re here to help whenever you need me. 

Across the UK, Pestforce have been able to help thousands of customers get rid of their pest problem and to date, we have over 10,000 customer reviews. 


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If you find yourself facing a pest situation that has gotten out of control, then you will want to speak with a local Cambridge pest controller like me. So what are you waiting for? Call me Marcus on 01223 904 190 whenever you need my services.

Pest Control Services in Cambridge

The list below is just a selection of services that we offer when it comes to getting rid of pests so that your life can continue as normal.

Here are some of the types of pests that we commonly tackle:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Wasp nests
  • Squirrels
  • Birds and pigeons
  • Moles
  • Foxes
  • Bed bugs
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
If you’ve discovered that your home or commercial property has pests, then you’ll want to use a company that’s highly rated by our customers. Why not give us a call today to have a friendly chat regarding your pest control needs with Marcus on 01223 904 190

Cambridge Rat Control

There’s nothing quite as bad as spotting a rat in your home or workplace. It can often feel like everything you come into contact with, has also been touched by these vermin too. Many rat infestations and pest occurrences involving rats could occur for a number of reasons.Rats are considered to be some of the worst for carrying filth and disease, so it’s important to get rid of them as soon as you can.

Our Cambridge rat control team has extensive knowledge and experience in handling all types of rat infestations. We have a plethora of techniques and methods depending on the level of infestation. From baits to traps and poisons, we deploy solutions that will get rid of your pest problem as soon as it’s apparent that they’re in your home or workplace.

We’ve also dealt with pest problems when it comes to rats in many areas of the home, both indoors and outdoors.Have you spotted a rat recently in your home? If that’s the case and you’re in Cambridge, then pick up the phone and call us today on 01223 904 190.

Cambridge Mice Control

Mice are the smaller version of rats and can carry just as many diseases and filth with them. They may look a lot cuter than the rats but they can still cause as much hassle and stress too. Unless they’re a household pet, then you’ll find our Cambridge mice control experts are ready and available for whenever you spot a lone mice or multiple mice on your property.

Our experts are trained to know where all the possible entry points are in your home to prevent any more from getting in.

Seen a mouse that doesn’t belong in your home? Time to call our Cambridge mice control services on 01223 904 190 today.

Cambridge Wasp Nest Removal

A common occurrence in many homes is wasp presence during the summer months of the year. This tends to be between the months of July to October. If you’ve spotted them flying about in their masses or you suspect that there’s a nest nearby, then our Cambridge wasp control experts are on hand to get rid of these intimidating pests.

With their expertise, they’ll safely remove any sign of wasps from your home or workplace premises. Our Cambridge wasp nest removal services are some of the most popular when it comes to pest controls services that we offer in Cambridge. This is particularly so when it comes to the summer months. Wasp nests can also find a home in many areas of a property. This could be lofts and rooftop spaces, kitchens, garages and even football stadiums! We’ve helped eradicate all wasp problems regardless of the size of the nest and however challenging it is in it’s location.

Have you found a buzzing wasp nest in or near your home and need Cambridge wasp nest removal services? Give us a call at Pestforce Cambridge and we can help solve your problems today. Our number is 01223 904 190 and we can provide an inspection free of charge.

Cambridge Bee’s Nest Removal

Bees provide a wonderful contribution to our environment and unlike wasps, they often need help saving so that they continue to help pollinate our gardens in Cambridge and across the UK. However, as much as they can be a benefit to our environment, they can often be a nuisance as just as intimidating to some when bees aren’t their favourite pest to have around the home. At Pestforce, our mission is to help protect the bees and there are only a few scenarios where a treatment is required to remove the bees from the location.

However, our Cambridge bee control experts here at Pestforce Cambridge are more than ready to help tackle any bee problems of any size in the most humane way possible. We understand their importance to the environment and so removing them and rehoming them where possible is our main aim. A bee problem, much like a wasp problem, needs special care especially when it comes to maintaining your home’s safety. We know exactly what to do to help successfully remove a bees nest in Cambridge from your property, using the best in safety equipment to ensure no one gets hurt, including the bees!

Want to help protect the bees and find a bees nest in your home? If you need our Cambridge bee control help or Cambridge bee’s nest removal services, then we can help. Give us a call today on 01223 904 190.

Cambridge Squirrel Control

Grey squirrels are common in the UK and they are often finding their way into homes, here in the UK. As they’re not protected species, our pest control services can do more to help.

Squirrels are adorable to look at from afar but that allure soon fades quickly when they infiltrate your home.

If you’re having issues with grey squirrels in Cambridge and need our Cambridge squirrel control services, then you’ll want to give us a call on 01223 904 190. We can also offer a free inspection too.

Cambridge Bird Control and Pigeon Spiking

There are many types of birds that can find a home in your garden or on the property itself. Pigeons are a common sighting across Cambridge and can be a nuisance if they get in your home and make a nest.

If that’s happening to you, then our Cambridge bird control services will be of interest to you. Birds can often make nests in the home, which can make things more complicated, particularly when they’re protected species.

Nevertheless, we can help with your bird control and pigeon proofing needs. Call our Cambridge bird control team on 01223 904 190 today before the problem gets out of hand. Our free inspections can help diagnose the extent of the problem!

Cambridge Bed Bug Control

The thought of creepy crawlies in your bed is enough to make your skin crawl. With a bed bug problem, it’s important to seek professional help by using our Cambridge bed bug control services.

As bed bugs are tiny, they are easy to miss but there’s not way you can miss those bed bug bites! Whether you’re finding bites on your body or specs of blood on the sheets, then this might be a sign of a bed bug problem.

Need to get rid of those bed bugs? Call us today on 01223 904 190 for our Cambridge bed bug control services.

Cambridge Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are less common than other pests but they can still appear in and out of the home, seemingly out of nowhere. Cockroaches are certainly not the most attractive-looking things either.

However, there’s no need to panic as Cambridge cockroach control is here to help get rid of the problem. With Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge, we’re able to deal with all types of common cockroaches, whatever type they are.

Get rid of cockroaches today by calling us for Cambridge cockroach control on 01223 904 190 today.

Cambridge Flea Control

Fleas can be very common when it comes to Cambridge, especially when you have pets living with you. Fleas can be found anywhere so if you spot them, then help is a t hand with our Cambridge flea control services.

If you have an inkling that there’s fleas in the home, then the easiest way of knowing is by catching one yourself, which is difficult or calling our Cambridge flea control experts to carry out a free inspection on your home.

Give Marcus a call for our Cambridge flea control on 01223 904 190 today and we can help get of your fleas.

Other Cambridge Pest Services

There are some pests in particular that are most popular in Cambridge.

Other common pests that we handle a lot of calls regarding are:

  • Moles
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Hornets
  • Cluster Flies
Whether the pest you’ve encountered is on the list or not, give Pestforce Cambridge a call on 01223 904 190.  We’re extremely passionate about delivering the best pest control service for every one of our customers. Our professional Cambridge pest control services are some of the best in the business and we can help get your home or workplace pest-free in no time.

Recent Jobs

Issues with pigeons under Cambridge house solar panels, CB24 – Wednesday 17th April 2024

When Pestforce Cambridge was dealing with a mouse issue that had frustrated the tenants of a rented house, we also identified that some of the noises that they were hearing were a pair of pigeons that were showing an interest in the house’s solar panels, they were starting to collect sticks for a nest. We discussed the issue with the owner of the house and suggest removing the nest quickly before they got started too much and then put mesh around the outside of the solar panels to stop them getting back under there. The owner agreed and we completed the works today.

Squirrels have damaged the soffits of a Cambridge house and entered the loft space, CB21 – Tuesday 16th April 2024

Pestforce Cambridges customer contacted us requesting assistance with some squirrels they think were in their loft, they had been doing some de-cluttering and found some chewed boxes. On discussing before checking the loft, they had seen some squirrels in the garden and a neighbour had reported some sightings on their roof. On checking the loft, there was signs of squirrel activity and we set up some traps in boxes across the loft space. We returned this week, checked the loft space, and found 3 squirrels had been caught. Whilst at the property, we completed some sealing of gaps to stop future access and left the traps in place for another week.

New pub contract started in centre of Cambridge, CB1 - Friday 12th April 2024

Pestforce Cambridge received a call from one of our contract pub landlords to say that another pub they manage is due for a renewal on their pest control contract and could I quote for it. We arranged a visit and survey the property and quoted. Whilst surveying, we found a couple of issues with a drain and a manhole cover that was a major concern and the landlord asked if we could resolve for him. We purchased the required parts and fitted within 24 hours and obtained the new contract for the premises.

Spider issue in Haverhill garages, CB9 - Wednesday 10th April 2024

A long-standing customer contacted Pestforce Haverhill requesting assistance with an issue he was having with some storage garages that he was receiving bites any time he did work in them. We paid a visit to the garages and discovered a large range of spiders across them. We proposed a clean and then a spray over the walls and ceilings that would help reduce the number of spiders in the garages and should stop bites being received.

Mice cleared from Haverhill loft space, CB9 – Tuesday 9th April 2024

An old lady in Haverhill reported some signs of droppings in the loft being found and asked for Pestforce Haverhill’s help to remove them. We visited the property last week and found the droppings that they had reported. We placed traps and rodenticide across the loft, covered some air bricks on the outside and then recommended some ivy up the side of the house be cut back down to help reduce possible access points. On return today, we removed 1 dead mouse and no new noises being heard. The ivy has started to be cut back down as well. The customer was happy.

Carpets being damaged by moths in Cambridge flat, CB2 – Monday 8th April 2024

A couple of student tenants living in a flat in the centre of Cambridge contacted Pestforce Cambridge regarding issues they noticed before their holiday with a number of moths flying around the flat. On their return home, they booked us to visit to complete an insecticide treatment for them. On an inspection through the flat, we found a damaged section of carpet in one of the cupboards that the tenant wasn’t aware of that looked to be the main area of concern. We have completed the planned treatment and provided the tenant with all the information possible for her to report back to the landlord to discuss further options of replacing the damaged carpets, etc.


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New pub contract started in Cambridge, CB1 -5th April 2024

Last week, Pestforce Cambridge was asked to quote for a service contract in a pub near the river in Cambridge. The owners had been in the property for about a year and the large national company had let them down several times and they wanted a local supplier to look after the property. We attended today to complete the initial set up of the building.

Carpet moths found throughout a Cambridge house, CB3 –29th March 2024

A contact in a networking group passed some details of a family suffering from some moths in their house that had been doing damage to the carpets throughout the property. We had discussed the proposed treatments available and the customer required a few weeks to de-clutter and arrange the property ready for the treatment. We visited today and completed a full spray of all the carpets and rugs to kill off the moths and the eggs in the property.

Birds entering Haverhill loft space, CB9 – 28th March 2024

Pestforce Cambridge received a call from the owner of a house in Haverhill that was hearing noises in the loft space above her bedroom and was concerned that is was a rodent issue. When we attended the property, we surveyed the loft space and only found a dead starling bird. We removed the dead bird and then checked the outside of the property roof line where we found some damaged roof tile entry points. We sealed the holes for our customer to stop any more birds from being able to get into the loft space and we have heard that the customer has been able to get good sleep as she is not hearing anymore noises.

Solar panel bird proofing in Cambridge, CB1 – 19th March 2024

A previous customer contacted Pestforce Cambridge regarding an issue with pigeons getting under her solar panels and making a lot of noises. Knowing the property, we were able to suggest that mesh be installed around the outside of the solar panels to stop them from getting back under again. The customer agreed and we attended today to complete the works. We were able to remove 2 nests from under the solar panels and then install the mesh around the outside as quoted.

Silverfish treatment of Cambridge flat, CB3 – 2nd February 2024

Pestforce Cambridge received an email from a student living in a new flat complex at the edge of Cambridge that has been plagued with silverfish for a while. We were able to provide some advice of potential ways to help treat the problem which she was happy to try and then she contacted us for a follow up spray treatment that we had offered. We arranged a time that worked well for her to be able to be out at lessons and the library and attended and completed a spray treatment and monitoring stations throughout. We have no further issues in the property so far.

Rats in Cambridge garden, CB21 – 31st January 2024

A previous customer we treated rats in their garden 2 years ago contacted Pestforce Cambridge again as they have seen some new holes reappear. When we treat this customers property, they are concerned about their dog getting hold of the rodenticide. We have been able to discuss the options we can do to treat the garden and mitigate how we complete the treatment without affecting the pet. The holes in the garden that the rats have been using for their nesting have not reopened as part of the treatment and so we have successfully stopped the rats in our customers garden.

Squirrels nesting under solar panels in Cambridge village, CB4 –  31st January 2024

A customer in a Cambridge village contacted Pestforce Cambridge regarding squirrels nesting underneath their solar panels. On inspection, we could clearly see a squirrel nest underneath the panels and witnessed a squirrel jumping from the branches in a tree in the neighbours garden over onto the roof and then entering under the solar panels. We suggested discussing with the neighbour about removing some of the branches which has been started on already and customer aware that the squirrels are now struggling to get onto the roof line. As part of our treatment, we have been able to remove the empty nest from under the solar panels and then have installed solar panel mesh around the outside of the panels to stop further access of them getting underneath.

Mouse and rat evidence in small village near Saffron Walden, CB10 – 30th January 2024

Pestforce Cambridge received a call out for issues of something eating fruit and vegetables in a kitchen. We surveyed the property and found several rat issues externally near a compost bin and then both rat and mouse droppings in the house (the loft and cellar). We proposed a treatment plan to treat both possible rodents and set the plan in place straightaway. The external rat issue has required a second treatment of the burrows which is a normal occurrence and the internal mice have been caught and the customer is not hearing anymore noises.

Birds nesting under solar panels in Cambridge village, CB23 – 26th January 2024

Pestforce Cambridge were asked to visit and give advice on what could be completed to stop some pigeons visiting the roof and solar panels. We suggested a clean of the debris they were causing across the front of the house and then to install some mesh around the entire outside of the solar panels. The agreed and we completed the works this week. 2 empty birds nest were removed and the mesh installed and no further issues have been experienced.

2 new factory contracts set up in Haverhill, CB9 –  25th January 2024

A few months ago, Pestforce Cambridge were requested to survey a factory premises in Haverhill to identify any possible issues internally and externally from pests. Suggestions were made but the customer asked to hold off completing the plan as they were taking on a second factory premises nearby and they would like the service agreement to cover both sides. They have since started works in the other premises and therefore we have been out to establish the initial locations of the treatments across both sites.

Rats found in Cambridge loft, CB4 – Wednesday 24th January 2024

A customer contacted Pestforce Cambridge as she was concerned there was some noises being heard in the loft. On our survey visit, we discovered the back of the terrace property backed onto the railway line. There was some quick wins that the customer agreed that we could complete to reduce the possible activity levels being created by the railway line for the property. Traps were placed in the customers loft were we caught a rat and the customer reported no more noises being heard.

Rats visible running across Cambridge kitchen, CB4 – 18th December 2023

Pestforce Cambridge received an emergency call from a new customer that had just seen a rat run across the kitchen floor, since we were just round the corner, we attended straightaway. We discussed with the customer what they had seen and where they had seen it and then inspected the kitchen space. We found a small amount of evidence in the kitchen of activity but more on the outside of the house where we found a burrow next to the property that lead to the floor space under the house. We placed some traps in the kitchen and burrow baited the hole. On our return today we had caught a rat in a trap and also found a dead one down the side of the property. Treatment ongoing to make sure the customer is rodent free.

Rats behind a Saffron Walden pond, CB10 – 16th December 2023

A previous customer contacted Pestforce Cambridge with a rat issue around the pond at the bottom of the garden and she was concerned that the cables may get chewed. There was clearly a rat burrow running under the edge of the pond. We treated the hole and arranged a revisit with the customer for the following week to make sure the treatment is working.

New service contract set up for small Cambridge office, CB22 – 11th December 2023

A month ago, Pestforce Cambridge completed the start of a new annual service contract at a small office on the edge of a Cambridge village and we were asked to quote for the adjoining office too. The quote was sent across and was accepted by the company. Today we visited and set up the treatment sites across the property.

One way valve installation in Cambridge drains, CB2 –8th December 2023

A customer contacted Pestforce Cambridge with a rat issue in the downstairs toilet which had chewed through some plasterboard and broken a pipe behind the toilet. The customer had just received a cctv report back from a drainage company that they couldn’t find any issues with the drainage system, however the customer had completed some of his own research and requested we install a one way valve for him. We double checked the property for any signs on ingress and then we installed the requested one way valve for the customer.

Bed bug survey of Cambridge house, CB1 – 29th November 2023

A friend of Pestforce Cambridge asked for us to visit her aunt as she was getting bitten and was concerned it was bed bugs. We made a survey visit to the house to look over the issue and found no visible signs of any insects or bed bugs in the house. We also used a new bed bug test on the property which came back negative. This has put the customers mind at ease regarding the bed bugs in the house and we have placed some monitoring stations around the bedroom to help us get to the bottom of the situation for her.

Large amount of cluster flies in Saffron Walden loft space, CB10 – 18th November 2023

A new customer contacted Pestforce Cambridge over the weekend with a couple of issues that she wanted us to investigate for her. The first was some strange noises around the walls of the house which when investigating throughout inside and out, we could reassure our customer that the noises were not rodent related. The second issue was a large amount of cluster flies in the loft space of their year old house. We were able to apply a fogging treatment to the loft space.

Rat dropping deep clean from Cambridge loft space, CB1 – 14th November 2023

Pestforce Cambridge was asked to check out a loft space of a converted garage as the customer was aware of a strange smell coming from the space and thought that there was a bird issue. When we arrived we surveyed the space and discovered that it was not a bird issue, but a rat issue. There was a lot of droppings across all the space and we were able to find that rats were entering the space via a gap under the roof tiles. We were able to assist our customer with a deep clean of the space. We completed a biocidal spray, vacuumed up the droppings and then seal the gap where the rats were getting into the space.

Bed bugs found in Cambridge house, CB5 - 20th October 2023.

A customer called Pestforce Cambridge to ask for a check of her house as she was concerned that one of the children in the house had started being bitten. The customer thought that the issue was only in 1 bedroom, but when we surveyed the property, we found live bed bugs in 2 other rooms that were not expected. Pestforce Cambridge applied a residual effect insecticide to all the bedrooms for the first visit of a proposed 2 visit treatment plan.

Wasp treatment in Haverhill guttering, CB9 - 19th October 2023

Pestforce Cambridge was called to visit an elderly couples house as they had been plagued by wasps near the back door of the house. When we arrived we found a gap at the top of the fascia board which we were able to treat with a dust and have heard from the customer that all has worked really well and no sign of activity.

Lots of mouse activity in Cambridge house, CB22 - 14th October 2023

A landlord that Pestforce Cambridge had completed some work for at their rented property got back in touch and asked for us to pay a visit to her own house as they were experiencing issues. We inspected the house and found several areas that had a severe amount of mouse activity with droppings, etc. being present. The treatment of traps and rodenticide that we have employed has been greatly successful over the first week with alot of mice being caught and a great reduction in the amount of noises being heard by the customer.

New service contract set up in Cambridge pub, CB1 - 11th October 2023

A few weeks ago, Pestforce Cambridge was asked to visit a pub in the center of Cambridge to survey for the annual pest control contract of the property. The customer came back to us and said that our approach to the problem and the communication of what we would be doing was made refreshingly simple compared some of the other businesses he had contacted. We won the contract and have visited the property to set up the required items for the best control of the property.

Electronic fly killer installation in Cambridge café – 31st August 2023

Pestforce Cambridge has been looking after a long established café business in Cambridge for their production site and we were asked to provide ideas of how to eradicate flies and wasps from their customer facing shops across Cambridge. We visited each site with the regional manager and discussed option. We suggested electronic fly killers and found some that looked like uplighters so they blended into the shops décor better. The quote was approved and we even sourced the electrician to install which meant the customer did not have to worry about sorting this as well. As soon as we turned them on, the wasps were attracted to them and the staff were very happy they were not getting bothered by them.

Wasp nest on Cambridge charity decking, CB4 – 28th August 2023

A charity that provides an arts centre and forest school for adults with learning disabilities contacted Pestforce Cambridge to report a teacher had been stung on their decking area and someone had seen wasps flying around the area. We went over straightaway and found the nest on the bottom of a board located on a raised deck. We removed the nest from the board and allowed the education to continue on the outside of the property. We were also pleased to be able to complete this free of charge for the charity.

Fleas across whole of Cambridge house, CB1 –25th August 2023

A contact Pestforce Cambridge has made through a networking meeting contacted us and asked to visit his sisters house as she had gotten fleas across the whole house. When we visited, we found several of the rooms did have fleas. We were able to apply an insecticide spray and fogging treatment across the whole house which quickly knocked down the amount being found and was going to kill off any possible eggs across the house.

Large amount of bed bugs found on Cambridge house bed board, CB24 – 23rd August 2023

A lady contacted Pestforce Cambridge requesting help with something that was biting her at night. We arranged to visit the house and check out what was happening. When we were there, we discovered a large amount of bed bugs crawling across the head board of the main bed and across the divan drawers. We applied a spray across the whole bedroom to start to control the amount found.

Property cleaning and pigeon spiking in Haverhill, CB9 – 22nd June 2023

At a weekly networking event Pestforce Cambridge attends, we were asked if we could assist a fellow member with an issue of pigeons getting above the doorway and making a mess outside the front of the business. We provided a quote to the business which was accepted. We attended today and completed a full clean and disinfect of the front of the property signs and then installed a series of bird spikes which has had the effect of stopping the birds from walking across the top of the doorway and messing below.

Rats causing issue in Cambridge loft space, CB1 – 20th June 2023

Pestforce Cambridge had previously visited a property near the centre of Cambridge as they had been experiencing noises in the loft space of their house. We had been through and found droppings in the loft space and suggested a treatment plan to resolve. At the time the customer wanted to think about the treatment plan and chose not to use my services. I then received a call this week (3 months later) that the camera they had in the loft had started to show activations and their own attempts had not worked. We reattended and double checked our previous visit paperwork and found the same evidence as before. We set the treatment up as previously suggested and caught a large adult rat that was coming through a gap in the loft spaces from the neighbour’s property.

Mouse sightings in Cambridge kitchen, CB4 – 19th June 2023

Pestforce Cambridge received a call from a new customer saying that he had seen a mouse in his kitchen, and could we attend to check out what was happening. We visited and discussed the issue with the customer and completed an inspection of the house. We found some droppings under the kitchen cupboards and suggested a treatment to confirm if any of the activity was current. The customer had also attempted some covers over the outside of his air bricks around the building, however there was gaps in what he had done so we suggested a different option for him. He agreed to our option which we were able to cover all his air bricks with mesh and removed 3 mice from under the kitchen cupboards.

Heat treatment for bed bugs in Cambridge house, CB24 –  5th June 2023

A family called Pestforce Cambridge requesting a survey for possible bed bugs. When we visited, we discussed what they were experiencing and some possible causes. We surveyed the spare room and found bed bugs spread across the mattress and bed frame. We asked about the other rooms and were told that there was no activity but we could look anyway and we found several bed bugs in there also. We discussed the options that could be used to eradicate them from the house. The customer chose the option of the heat treatment which could be completed in one day without the use of chemicals. Our affiliate company that completes the heat treatment for us attended today.

Rats eating food from Cambridge kitchen, CB1 – 31st May 2023

Pestforce Cambridge received a call from a lady that was very concerned that she thought that she saw a rat tail in the kitchen. We visited the property which was a ground floor flat in the centre of Cambridge and we found several holes on the outside of the property which looked like rat burrows and several holes under the kitchen cupboards. We provided our customer with a treatment plan covering a couple of weeks which caught a couple of rats under the kitchen cupboards and then filled the holes that we found with mesh and cement.

Squirrels in Cambridge loft space, CB1 – 30th May 2023

Whilst Pestforce Cambridge was completed some works at a house in Cambridge, the neighbour approached and asked if we could look at her house too. We went round to assess the issue and found that the squirrels had been accessing the loft space via a tree in the back garden and a missing roof tile. We arranged several traps across the loft space which caught 3 squirrels in 4 days and then sealed several of the gaps, we were unable to seal all the gaps for the customer as the roof tile was missing but we did provide some details of some other contractors she could contacted to arrange for the tree works and roof repairs.

Carpet moths issue in Chesterton Cambridge house, CB4 – 22nd May 2023

A new customer contacted Pestforce Cambridge reporting that they had been moving some furniture around and found some damage to their carpets. We agreed a time to visit and when we discussed what had been happening in the house, it was also linked to her having moths flying around the house but she didn’t realise. Whilst at the property, we were able to complete a treatment of spray and fogging to eradicate the moths from the property.

Rats in 2 HMO properties in Cambridge, CB1 – 22nd May 2023

A representative for the owner of several HMO’s in Cambridge contacted us reporting the tenants had seen some rats in their kitchen. Pestforce Cambridge visited all three properties and found some signs of droppings under the kitchen cupboards and some holes in the stones in the external garden area. We set up some traps across the houses and burrow baited the holes in the garden. When we revisited this week, we had caught a rat in one of the house and were able to identify an access point that we were able to fill for the owner.

Wasp nest in Abington allotment shed, CB21 - 9th May 2023

Pestforce Cambridge received a call from a frantic customer that had entered her allotment shed and found a wasp nest. She had been stung before and was concerned that the location would cause her problems. We attended the same day and found the start of a nest with the queen still in there and were able to remove it from the shed.

Rats being caught in Haverhill house, CB9 - 2nd May 2023

We received a call from a customer that had been catching several rats and having his own poison eaten over the past few weeks but he was still hearing noises and having dog snacks being eaten. He asked us to attend to give him another opinion on what could be done. Pestforce Haverhill found some entrance holes under a cupboard in the utility room where we set some stronger traps and rodenticide and we caught a large rat in a trap today and no other noises had been heard or food been eaten. 

Squirrels in Haverhill loft space, CB9 - 25th April 2023

Pestforce pest control Cambridge received a call from a gentlemen struggling with issues with what he thought was squirrels in his loft. He had spent some time clearing the trees from the side of the house and think he had found an access point. We attended the property and found squirrel droppings in the loft. We set up a treatment of traps in the loft, caught 1 and have attached some wire mesh into the holes under the tiles which the squirrel had made to stop and future access back in there.

H|earing noises in Cambridge loft, CB25 - 13th April 2023

We received a call from a gentlemen that was getting woken up at night time. Pestforce pest control Cambridge visited the property and discovered mouse droppings throughout the loft space. We arranged a treatment plan with the customer including some traps and rodenticides and when we returned today we heard from the customer that there hadn't been any noises all week and he was able to get some proper sleep.

Rat under Cambridge terrace floor, CB1 – 27th March 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge were called by a family that had been hearing noises in their walls. On our first visit, we discovered a hole by the front step of the house and the customer had started to complete some of his own proofing of holes under the kitchen cupboards. We investigated throughout the property and proposed a treatment to our customer. Part of the treatment plan would need to be to cut a hole in a floor panel next to the front door which he agreed for us to do. We set up the proposed treatment and re-visited the property a week later. Under the floor at the front of the property the rodenticide had been all been eaten but the hole near the step had not reopened, so we investigated at the neighbours houses to check for activity. We topped things up and came back again today to be told the customer had not heard any more noises in the floor or the walls and the rodenticide had not been touched this week at all.

Starlings getting into Cambridge roof tiles, CB1 – 15th March 2023

A lady contacted Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge to report noises in her loft space and want help to resolve the problem. On arrival, Pestforce Cambridge completed a search through the loft space where the customer was hearing the noise but we could find no evidence of rodents. On further discussion with the customer, we were able to identify that the noises she was hearing were being caused by starlings getting under a roof tile at both edges of the roof tile. We were able to provide proofing of the space to prevent the birds from being able to gain access again in the future.

Noises in Cambridge thatch cottage roof space, CB23 – 8th March 2023

A few weeks ago, Pestforce Cambridge received a call from a family that had heard some noises in the loft space of their thatched cottage. Our customer had never been up into the loft space and they didn’t know what it was like up there. When we visited, we gained access through a little panel at the back of a cupboard and found some mouse droppings and some previously installed rodenticide from a shop that the previous owners had thrown around the space. We tidied up the previous rodenticides, installed some new and some traps and arranged a revisit. The revisit got postponed due to illness of the customer and we returned today to check out the space. There was a mouse caught and the customer was glad to report that they had not heard any other noises in the past couple of weeks.

Squirrels causing problems for tenants in Cambridge flats, CB1 – 16th February 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge received a call from our new customer reporting that his tenants in 2 of his flats in the area have been hearing noises in the loft spaces above them. When we met today, we had a discussion that he had previous issues with squirrels in the loft spaces but thought it had been resolved and they could never find out how they were getting into the loft space. During the survey of the loft space, I had the company of a squirrel which allowed me the opportunity to find out where they were using to get in and out. With a search on the external of the building, it was easy to identify that there was 3 access points that had been chewed into the soffits on the corners of the building. We were able to offer a treatment plan to catch and remove the squirrels and to also proof the holes to stop further access for any other squirrels.

Rats getting in Cambridge drains, CB3 – 13th February 2023

We were called out to a family that had found a hole in their front garden and wanted it checking out. Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge attended for an inspection of the property. We were shown the hole that they had found and searched the area for any other activity. On opening a drainage chamber near the hole, we discovered that there was a lot of stones and debris in the chamber. We completed a temporary fix to the hole and were able to provide contact details for a drainage company that can complete a clean and camera check of the drains. We have then got some follow up works planned for as soon as the clean is completed.

New service contract starts in Cambridge Post office/supermarket, CB1 – 12th February 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge was asked to quote to complete the annual service contract in a post office supermarket in Cambridge. We visited a few weeks ago to survey the premises and identified a few aspects of the building which the owner would need to complete repairs on to ensure that it would make it more secure. We left the quote with the owner and heard back this week that they would like to go ahead with the contract. We visited today to set everything up and agreed to follow up next week with a free visit to make sure everything was in order and to assess the amount of activity on the premises to best tailor our approach for them.

Bed bugs annoying household in Cambridge, CB1 – 1st February 2023

Pestforce pest control Cambridge received a call from a homeowner with 2 tenants that she thought she had found a bed bug. We arranged a visit to investigate and found that she had caught 1 and we could confirm it was a bed bug. There was more found in one of the bedrooms of her tenants. Due to the time of day, we suggested returning a few days later to complete a spray of the property for the bed bugs. Whilst at the house, I was also asked to look in the loft space as they had heard a few noises. We were able to identify mouse droppings and completed a treatment plan for these also.

Large number of pigeons getting under solar panels on Cambridge roof, CB1 – 23rd January 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge received a call on a Saturday requesting a visit to discuss options of how to stop around 20 pigeons from getting under the solar panels on the roof. A friend had mentioned using a bird scarer which we discussed would need to be moved regularly to stop the birds from getting used to it. I suggested that the best way would be to install wire mesh around the edge of the solar panels to remove the opportunity for the birds to get under and then they would move on. We completed the proofing today and found a broken air brick and hole in the wall where a boiler flue had been removed that we also covered for the customer to prevent other unwanted pests in the future.

Mouse dropping found throughout the lounge and kitchen of Cambridge house, CB21 – 22nd January 2023

We received a call from a couple that had been catching mice in a rented property and were concerned that there was a lot of droppings in the house. Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge visited and found droppings in the kitchen, lounge and conservatory and a gap under the patio doors from the conservatory to the lounge. We provided a treatment where we caught 3 mice in the first week, completed a temporary fill of the hole under the door to allow the landlord to look into a more permanent fix.

Squirrel activity in Cambridge bungalow loft, CB22 - 21st January 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge had a call from a disabled gentlemen in bungalow that had started to hear noises in the loft and thought it might be rats. On inspection, we found the activity was actually squirrels and traced the problem back to a hole they had chewed through on the edge of the soffits. We have been able to complete a fill of the hole with wire mesh and have recommended contacting us further if he has concerns.

Rat activity in a Cambridge drain, Cb23 - 20th January 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge received an email from a customer that had found a hole in the ground at the front of her property near where the car parked. We arranged a suitable visit to suit and found the hole easily. The hole was near a tree in the area which was also near a manhole inspection chamber. When we opened the chamber, there was clear evidence the hole was leading to the drain. We have suggested installed some one way valves and have also provided details of a competent drainage company that can help investigate the damage to the pipework and surrounding area of the drive.

Large amount of mouse activity in Cambridge kitchen, CB22 – 19th January 2023

A previous customer gave my details to her parents as they were suffering from a lot of mouse activity in their home. Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge visited the following day from the phone call and discovered a large amount of mouse droppings throughout the kitchen cupboards, drawers and behind the kick boards and then some up in the loft space. We also found a damaged air brick, an old cat flap and a gap under the garage door which could be allowing for mouse access. We placed traps and poison across the house and returned today, we have caught 5 mice and seen a large amount poison eaten. We have left the treatment in place for another week and completed some proofing with wire mesh over the air brick and cat flap and then some bristle strip across the bottom of the garage door.

Renewal of warehouse and office space annual contract in Cambridge, CB24 – 13th January 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge are lucky to have a great working relationship with a company in Over where we treated the property a year ago for mice. We removed the mice at the time and arranged for an annual service contract to be put into place. This has now been renewed as they were happy with the service that we were providing to them.

Mouse activity on Cambridge extension roof, CB4 – 9th January 2023

A customer phoned up to say that they had heard some noises in their extension roof and had put his own camera out of a window to see what was happening and he had seen both mice and rats running over the roof. Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge visits to look over the problem and were shown where the mice were getting under the tiles. We suggested a course of action for a week which caught 2 mice and no more noises being heard. We also completed some filling of the holes in the tiles and suggested a couple of ideas regarding cutting back some overgrown trees near the roofline which the customer is going to complete in the nest few days. We have just received a great 5* review from the customer too.

2 mouse nest found in Girton, Cambridge garage, CB3 – 5th January 2023

Just before Christmas, Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge received a call from a frantic women that had been into her garage and found a lot of damage to a disabled walker she had stored in their for a friend. We attended the same day and found some droppings around the garage and in the loft space. We set up some traps around the garage and the loft to give her some protection and peace of mind over Christmas. We returned today to find no activity in the loft but 4 mice in the garage. We also agreed to complete a full clean and removal of items affected in the garden which the customer has really appreciated.

Noises in Histon, Cambridge loft space, CB24 - 4th Jaunuary 2023

A customer called Pestforce Cambridge to report strange noises in the loft and to see if we could offer some help, we visited the house to complete a survey and found some evidence of mouse droppings in the loft space and a damaged air brick at the back of the house. We suggested that we place some poison and traps in the loft and then complete the repairs for them at the next visit to make it less likely that we trap anything in the house. Our customer was concerned that losing more sleep was a problem and asked for us to complete the works today, we discussed all aspects of what could happen and completed the works as requested.

Mouse droppings in a senior citizens Cambridge kitchen, CB4 – 2nd January 2023

Just before Christmas, Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge received a call from an elderly lady saying she had some concerns in her kitchen that she had found something that she thought was droppings and would like someone to check them out. We attended and found that the droppings were mouse droppings and that there was a hole in the ground at the back of the cupboard where the water inlet was coming through. Our customer said that her son could fill in the ground with some cement, but in the meantime we would set some traps up and help clean up the droppings. On our return today, we had caught three mice in the traps under the kitchen cupboards. The treatment was left down again for another week to allow her son to complete the cementing.

Strange noises being heard in a Waterbeach, Cambridge loft space, CB25 – 30th December 2022

We received a call from a customer that had moved into a house in Waterbeach earlier this year and had started to hear noises in the loft space a couple of months ago and the noise had started to get worse. Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge arrange a visit the following day. On our inspection of the loft space, we found 2 birds nests at both side of the house. The outside of the house showed that the building construction had a deficit that the brick work did not go all the wall to the roof join at the edge of the house. We were able to fill the gap

Rat issue in commercial building computer storage area in Ely, CB6 – 21st December 2022

Pestforce pest control Cambridge received a call from a company on an industrial estate on the outskirts of Ely which were concerned that their cleaning company had found some droppings in a kitchen area. We arranged a time to visit and when we inspected the building, we found evidence of rats eating some coffee pods in the kitchen area. We suggested a treatment plan that included in and around the kitchen area, above the false ceiling , around the external of the building and then in their computer storage area to ensure some protection is in place although there was no sign of activity in it. On return today, we were surprised to find a rat in a trap under the false floor of the computer room. The customer has not heard or seen any other activity in the building, however due to the sensitivity of the area, we have agreed to protect the premises over the Christmas and new year period.

Lots of mouse droppings found in Cambridge kitchen drawers, CB1 – 20th December 2022

Our customer contacted us to report that they had found what they believe to be droppings in the drawers of the kitchen. Pestforce pest control Cambridge completed a survey of the whole house and confirmed that the droppings were from a mouse. There was some pipework holes coming from the floor into the back of the cupboards which we have been able to proof as part of the treatment. We received a call today again from our customer to report a possible trap activation and since they were going away for Christmas and their parents were staying over, could I check them and remove anything and reset the traps. We made it there a couple of hours later and found a mouse and no new activity. Our customer was happy that over the Christmas period they have great coverage and protection.

Family hearing disturbing rat noises in Cambridge kitchen, CB4 – 11th December 2022

We received a call from our new customer reporting the sighting of a rat in her kitchen. Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge were able to get to their house that afternoon and assess the property. There was no rat in the property at the visit but there was evidence of rat activity in the house with some holes chewed in some plasterboard and some access points visible on the external of the property. We completed some trapping and poisons which caught a rat and returned to complete the proofing of the holes to stop further access and distress.

Rats chewing through wheelie bin lid in Cambridge town house, CB4 – 6th November 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge received an enquiry from a customer asking if I could work out what was damaging her wheelie bin outside her house, we said we could come round and have a look at the house and where the bins were being stored and certainly work out what was causing the problem. So we attended the following day. On the survey visit we found the bins are stored in a bin store next to the garage, and the general waste bin had a hole chewed in the back near the handle. The doorway of the bin store had a few inches of gap at the bottom and a hole in an air brick inside the cupboard. I suggested some monitoring treatment for a few days until I could arrange for a delivery of some bristle strip which I returned today to fit across the bottom of the door. The customer is happy and ordered a replacement bin.

Rats running between flats in Cambridge, CB1 - 28th November 2022

Pestforce pest control Cambridge received an urgent call from a nurse that was hearing disturbing noises in a loft space linking the other flats in the block. We were able to attend later that afternoon and found the landlord of the main flats had completed some work on some holes in the bin store which had been unsuccessful in reducing activity for my customer. I was able to find an access point directly above the bin storage area that I could block and with a treatment in place, we have been able to provide an environment for them to get some sleep after their night shifts.

Customer receiving bites from fleas in Cambridge house, CB3 - 24th November 2022

A customer contacted Pestforce pest control Cambridge in distress over the amount of bites she was receiving from fleas. She has 2 cats which she has taken to the vets for treatment and tried different sprays but was still receiving bites. We arranged an appointment to suit the customer and asked for some preparation works to be completed before out visit. On attendance, we were able to complete a spray and fog treatment throughout the property which has seen the bites stop for the customer and her children.

Several mole hills treated in Foxton, Cambridge garden, CB22 – 16th November 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge received a request to investigate mole hills in the customers garden which had been highlighted by the customers gardener. We found around half a dozen mole hills and several clear runs around the edge of the customers garden. We placed a variety of traps around the garden and were able to catch and remove a mole from the garden for the customer.

Mouse activity found in tenanted loft space in Cambridge terrace, CB4 – 11th November 2022

A tenant of a house in Cambridge contacted Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge as they were concerned that they had found some droppings in the loft space, and they were concerned that there was an issue in the house and they had a young child. When we attended, we found both rat and mouse droppings in the loft. We proposed a selection of treatment to cover both animals. When we returned this week, there was no activity on the treatment proving that the evidence was old, we proceeded to complete a hoover and biocidal clean of the loft space to give the tenants peace of mind that anything they placed in the loft space would be safe.

Solar panel proofing on a Cambridge roof, CB3 – 9th November 2022

One of Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge’s other pest control associates contacted us to enquire if we could work with them to complete some solar panel proofing of a house in Cambridge. There was 5 solar panels fixed onto the roof of the house and 6 sets of freestanding solar panels on a flat roof. We started by completing a clean under the solar panels, followed by installing wire mesh around the roof level panels. We then moved onto the flat roof where we installed netting around the edges of the freestanding panels.

Mouse proofing on Fulbourn, Cambridge garage door, CB21 – 7th November 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge recently completed a mouse eradication treatment at our customers house in Fulbourn and as part of the programme, I suggested a bristle strip be fitted to the bottom edge of the garage door. The customer considered this for a few months and then contacted us this week to request the fitted as their alarm system had shown some signs of activity in the garage area. We attended today and installed the bristle strips restrictors as suggested in the initial survey of the property.

Rats in kitchen of Cambridge house CB4 – 6th November 2022

Pestforce Pest control Cambridge was asked to help a couple in a newly owned house that had been finding droppings in their kitchen for a few days. A search through the kitchen found some droppings in a cupboard that had a hole for pipework at the back of it and also under the cupboards. With some traps in place as agreed with the customer, I received a call about 2 hours later saying that the trap in the drawer had caught something. I returned the following day to remove the dead rat and reset the traps as there was evidence it had started being eaten by another rat.

Rat noises in Papworth, Cambridge loft space CB23 – 3rd November 2022

We received a call from a previous customer that we had completed a wasp nest treatment for to say that she was hearing noises in the loft space above her office. Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge agreed to call round on that evening on the way home. We completed a full survey of the property, found some issues with the soffits and guttering and some rat droppings in the loft. We completed some repairs for the customer and placed some traps and poisons in the loft. On return today, we had caught a rat and the customer had been able to work in the office without hearing anything above her head.

Wasps entering edge of Cambridge soffit board, CB5 – 29rd September 2022

About a week before this visit, Pestforce Cambridge received a call from a landlord requesting advice on a wasp nest that the tenants of their house had highlighted to her. There was some debated that they were having with their neighbour regarding who’s responsibility it was. We received a further call and some photos regarding the actual position of the entry point and a request for us to attend to perform a treatment of the nest. We made it to the house a couple of hours later and gained permission from the neighbour to enter their property and applied a treatment straightaway.

Wasps causing issue by front door porch of a Girton, Cambridge house, CB3 – 26th September 2022

Pestforce Cambridge received a call regarding a wasp nest at the front door area of our customers house. The wasps were entering a series of small holes in the top area of the wooden porch at the front door of the house, and this was causing problems with anyone visiting the house. We agreed to treat the access points with an insecticide dust which would kill off the nest for our customer.

Small black insects found in Cambridge bedroom, CB3 – 21st September 2022

Pestforce Cambridge received a call from a lady in distress as she had found lots of black insects in a bedroom, she thought they were ticks and nothing they had tried had had any effect on them. We arranged to visit to investigate for her. When we arrived, we were able to identify the insects as bird mites and that there was probably an empty bird nest somewhere close causing the issue. We were able to find a nest just under the window in the ivy on the outside of the property which surprise the owner as they did not realise it was there. We removed the nest and treated the area with a neutralising spray.

Bird proofing in damaged soffit of a Grantchester, Cambridge house, CB3 – 20th September 2022

We had previously completed some work at the property and whilst we were there, the customer asked us for an opinion on another problem they were experiencing. It turned out that part of the soffit board near there guttering had collapsed and birds had gotten into the space and nested earlier in the year. Pestforce Cambridge attended today and was able to remove the damaged soffit, apply a biocidal chemical to neutralise the bird nesting material and removal of the material and then refit the soffit to ensure there was no gaps for the birds to get into next year.

Bed bugs found in Cambridge bedroom, CB1 – 20th September 2022

Pestforce Cambridge was recommended to this customer as we had completed a treatment for her sister. We were called in as the owner of this house had been to a relative’s house who potentially had some bed bugs and now she had found some in her house. We visited for an inspection and found some bugs and offered a treatment spray which was completed there and then for her.

Flea treatment in Cambridge terrace house, CB4 – 19th September 2022

Pestforce Cambridge was called by a couple that were due to move out of a rented property in the centre of Cambridge and due to them having a cat, the landlord was requesting a full flea treatment be completed before they handed back the keys. We attended and took care of the treatment so that they didn’t lose out on their deposit return.

Lots of Mouse noises in Harston, Cambridge loft space, CB22 – 28th August 2022

Pestforce pest control Cambridge paid a follow up visit to a customers house that we set up a mouse treatment in last week as they were hearing lots of noises in the spaces between the ceiling and floor. On the visit today, we found out that the amount of noises they had been hearing had significantly dropped and there was 4 mice that needed to be removed from the house. We advised the customer to leave the treatment in place for the recommended 3rd week to ensure any noises would be worked on further.

Large active wasp nest in Cambridge shed box, CB23 – 23rd August 2022

Pestforce pest control Cambridge received a call from a customer enquiring about a wasp nest removal. We discussed the issue of a storage shed in the garden with wasps flying in and out of an old box in the shed. Our customer mentioned discussing with another company that would only treat the nest and not remove it, we promised to take care of it for him. On arrival, we were shown to the garden and the offending box which we were able to treat the nest and dispose of the box and nest for the customer.

Wasp nest bursts through Cambridge bedroom ceiling, CB4 – 17th August 2022

Pestforce pest control Cambridge had a phone call from a customer in distress as they had returned home from a holiday to find lots of wasps in a spare bedroom and could I go round to investigate the cause. A few hours later we were able to attend the house and found that there was some loose flashing at the side the garage which was allowing access for the wasps and since our customer had been away for a couple of weeks, the nest had grown in size and had actually broken through the plasterboard ceiling into the bedroom. We were able to treat the nest from both internally and externally and assisted our customer with a clean up of the wasps in the bedroom before applying a temporary fix to the ceiling.

Mice in Bottisham (Cambridge) house, CB25 – 3rd August 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge was asked to visit a house that the owners had only just moved into and they had found some evidence of mice. I was able to identify a couple of areas of the house that were showing some activity a was able to set up several items as part of the treatment.

Wasp nest in Cambridge hanging planter, CB4 – 1st August 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge received an email from a customer on Sunday asking for information regarding the removal of a wasp nest in the garden, I sent her a message straightaway and arranged an early visit on Monday morning. I arrived thinking that the wasp nest would be in the ground in the garden but found a hanging planter in the shape of a pig. My customer said that they did not want the planter anymore so I agreed to treat the nest, bag and remove it there and then. The customer can use their backdoor again.

Wasp nest under roof flashing in Haslingfield (Cambridge), CB23 – 30th July 2022

A lady telephoned me to report that she has a wasp nest under the tiles of her roof space and she thinks it is very new. I was able to get to their house in around 30 minutes the same day and found that the house has had wasps in this location for a few year now. The wasp nest access point wasn’t in a tricky location but I couldn’t see it accurately enough to ensure the treatment from the ground so I decided to use a ladder and get closer. There was several sections of lead flashing alongside a Dorma window that were slightly raised. From the ladder I was able treat these access holes and took some photos for the customer to see and possibly get a roofer to complete some repairs in the future.

Clothes moth damaging costumes in Haverhill, CB9 – 29th July 2022

I was called by an amateur dramatics group that had to move out of their normal building and had found some of the costumes they had had for nearly 50 years had been started to be eaten and was there anything I could do for them. They had moved them all into a shipping container which wasn’t accessible for a spray at the time. The group rented a 2nd container on a short term agreement, disposed of the worst of the items and then I attended and sprayed the remaining costumes in the containers for them. They were able to then leave them for the weekend before moving them into their new home and therefore not taking the moths with them.

2 wasp nest in Haslingfield (Cambridge) house, CB23 -  25th July 2022

A previous customer from last year called and reported 2 new wasp nests in his grounds. 1 was in the ground underneath some sleepers and the 2nd was near his kitchen door which stopped the use of the door. I treated both on the same day as I was called out.

Multiple works in Cambridge house, CB3 - 22nd July 2022

A customer called and asked me to meet them at a house they were selling and the survey had produced a couple of issues that they thought I could resolve for them. I was asked to remove a birds nest that turned out to be a fake 1 designed to invite birds to nest. They survey highlighted a wasp nest in the loft, when I entered I found 1 live nest and 1 old nest. I treated and removed both at the time. The last thing was some rat droppings in the manhole chamber, I agreed to provide and install 2 one way valves into 2 Chambers which would go over and above surveys request and give the new owners of the house better protection.

Wasp nest in 10ft high garden hedge in Harston (Cambridge), CB22 -  19th July 2022

On my way home I received a call from a lady with a large hedge at the front of her garden that the garden had been stung when he disturbed a wasp nest towards the top when he was pruning it. I diverted to her house and was able to use ladders to remove a football sized nest.

Wasp nest in Bar hill (Cambridge) eves, CB23 -  19th July 2022

A parent has a child with leaning difficulties and they had found lots of wasps flying in and out of a hole in the brickwork above her bedroom and didn't want any getting into her room. I was able to treat the nest from the ground  to the happiness of the mother.

Large wasp activity above a doorway in a Foxton (Cambridge) school doorway, CB22 – 17th July 2022

A previous customer called me to ask for help with a wasp nest they had discovered in the school she works in. On the phone call I found out that the school children were due to be leaving at 1515 that afternoon and agreed to go round then so that any treatment would not affect them. Above one of the fire exit doors of a school classroom, there was wasp activity going through a grill in the ceiling. I treated the wasp entry point and contacted the school the following morning and they reported no new activity with it.

Large wasp nest removal from Papworth Everard (Cambridge) tree, CB23 – 15th July 2022

I received a call on Sunday from a customer who has been stung a couple of times from a wasp nest they had found in a tree in their front garden. I arranged to go round first thing Monday morning and found a wasp nest the size of a football hanging from a tree. I was able to spray and remove the nest that morning.

Active wasp nest removal from Granchester, Cambridge loft space, CB3 – 13th July 2022

My customers daughter had been up in the loft space of their house and had found some wasps flying round and was concerned about their son and workmen completing an extension going up there and possibly being stung. I found a large active nest with wasps crawling over in attached to one of the rafters of the loft space. I treated the nest and removed it there and then. It turned out to be this years nest that had been built on top of a previous nest.

Wasps using an air brick in Hardwick, Cambridge house, CB23 – 12th July 2022

My customer contacted me to say they had found lots of wasps flying in and out of an air brick at the side of their house and they wanted it treating. I visited later that day and checked out their cellar where the air brick went to and found no nest so it was in the cavity wall area. I treated through the holes and the customer was happy.

Mice in Waterbeach, Cambridge house, CB25 – 11th July 2022

I was called by a gentleman that was concerned they had had mice in the loft space before and he thought they had come back. He had previously tried his own traps but felt it better to get someone in to look at it properly. I attended and assessed to house and found a few mouse droppings under their kitchen cupboards which they were not expecting. I arranged to place some treatment across the loft and kitchen area to discover if anything is currently active for them.

Wasp nests in Cambridge detached property, CB2 – 10th July 2022

I received a call from my customer reporting that they had found a large amount of wasps on a low level extension at the side of the property and it was stopping them from walking down the side of the house to the back garden. I attended that afternoon and was able to treat the nest that was under a wooden cover behind the guttering. Whilst there I was also asked to have a listen to some strange noises in the corner of their loft and they couldn’t find out what was causing it. It turned out to be another wasp nest on the opposite side of the house from the one they knew about. It was a difficult treatment to complete on this one due to the access point across several different angled roof lines but with the help of a neighbours side alleyway, I was able to treat this at the same visit.

One way valve installation into a Cambridge house drain system, CB4 – 7th July 2022

A customer had reported to the council that he had a rat issue in his house and the technician that turned up for the council suggested the installation of a one way valve into the manhole chamber in the garden to stop access to the house from the rats, however, the council technician said he was unable to fit. I attended and discussed the rat issues with the customer as he was concerned as to how and why it was recommended for the one way valve installation would help the situation. After our discussion, the customer agreed to the valve being installed before the council technician was going the return to follow up on his treatment plan.

Roofer attacked by wasps on Cambridge roof top, CB3 – 4th July 2022

A roofer had just started a rebuild of a roof in Girton, Cambridge and they had started to get attacked by wasps as they were working. On arrival, I was able to use their scaffolding to gain access to the roof line and found an active wasp nest under 1 of the tiles. I was able to quickly treat the area for him and arranged that I would return later in the day to assist with a removal of the nest whilst the continued to work on the opposite side of the roof.

2 wasp nests found in Little Shelford (Cambridge) house, CB22 – 30th June 2022

A customer called to say her usual pest controller had moved out of the area and they were looking for someone new as they were prone to getting wasp nests and wanted someone reliable on call to deal. They had seen 1 area with lots of activity and wanted me to treat it and then look around the house to see if there was anything else happening. I treated the 1 they knew about which was under a loose bit of lead flashing at the side of a wall and then I found another wasp nest on the other side of the property which was under a roof tile.

Bird proofing in Hardwick (Cambridge) house, CB23 – 29th June 2022

A previous customer of mine contacted me again to say he had recently moved and could I go round and check his loft space as he was hearing noise when he was in his bedroom. I discussed that there was no activity in the loft but some sparrows getting in behind the guttering, I was unable to proof it at the time due to them still nesting but have returned this week and filled the hole with wire wool and silicone some wire mesh across the entrance hole.

Bed bugs in Cambridge student rented property, CB4 – 28th June 2022

A student in a rented property gave me a call asking for some advice as she has found some bites on her ankles. I arranged to go and look at the property and discuss options. There was some evidence of bed bugs in her room and it was agreed that I would complete an insecticidal spray and fog to stop any future issues.

Mystery of something eating a cable in a Cambridge house, CB4 – 28th June 2022

I received a call from a couple that were being frustrated by losing their internet connection weekly when trying to work from home and the internet company suggested speaking to a pest control company to investigate. They had a cable running through the wall which kept being chewed. I searched the house and couldn’t find any activity but suggested a plan including some Racouming foam in the hole where the cable goes and then some traps and poisons spread across the rest of the house. On return this week, the cable hadn’t been chewed for more than 4 days and a mouse was caught up in the loft space.

Rats causing holes in a front garden in Fulbourn (Cambridge), CB21 – 27th June 2022

A customer called and booked me to visit her house to look at the holes in her front garden. I arrived and discussed with the lady what problems she was having. There was indeed 3 holes into the ground in her front garden, one of which was very near a manhole inspection chamber which had some debris at the bottom. I checked the rest of the house and found no activity inside which put my customer at ease. I treated the burrows and placed some into the manhole chamber and then on return there was one hole still active which I rebaited for her and the manhole showed some of the bait had been eaten. I suggested a drain survey which she is considering.

Wasp nest in shed in Cambridge garden, CB1 – 26th June 2022

I received a call from a family in the centre of Cambridge that had discovered a bees nest in a shed in their garden and could I remove it. I said I would go and look at it and it turned out to be a wasp nest on the roof of the shed. I was able to spray the nest and remove it straightaway so that they could use the garden as normal again.

Wasp nest in a box in Hardwick (Cambridge), CB23 – 25th June 2022 

I received a call from an elderly lady that had been stung in her garden and was concerned that she had a wasp nest. I visited on the same day and found out that the lady had started some gardening and had moved a box down the side of her house and the wasps flew out and stung her. I donned my protective suit and discovered there was a nest in the box. The customer said that I was able to remove the box for her which I bagged up and took from her house.

Wasps entering under a tile of a house near Newmarket, CB9 – 24th June 2022 

I was recommended to a gentlemen who had a wasp nest in his roof by another customer. When I attended, the new customer explained that his son was hearing noises in the ceiling above his bed. A search through the loft space showed no activity from the wasp nest. I was able to identify the access point under a tile on the roof and was able to treat it straight away. I then found another nest around the corner which I also treated at the same time. 

Noises in a Babraham (Cambridge) wall turned out to be a wasp nest, CB22 – 24th June 2022 

I received a call from a family that was hearing noises in their wall behind the TV and they were concerned that it was mice. When I arrived, I discussed the issue with them and listened to the noise. It was a constant noise which I went outside and found a wasp nest under the Ivy. I have treated this to kill it off and have arrange to go back to the customers house the following week to remove old nest they have in their loft space.

Wasp nest behind gas meter cupboard in Northstowe (Cambridge) house, CB24 – 22nd June 2022

My customer phoned in a panic asking if I can visit and check out what he thinks are wasps flying into a space behind his gas meter at the front of his house. On arrival, there was clearly wasps flying in and out of the space at the back of the gas meter cupboard behind some plants at the front of his house. I donned my bee suit, checked inside the gas meter cupboard to ensure the nest was not visible in there and then used an insecticidal dust into the entrance the wasps are using to kill the nest off.

Ants causing frustration in Cherryhinton (Cambridge) house, CB1 – 22nd June 2022 

A lady phoned me up saying that she and her daughter had tried different treatments to get rid of ants in their kitchen but nothing seams to be working and they wanted a professional opinion on the problem. As I was surveying the kitchen, it was obvious that the ants were walking across several sections of the kitchen including across the top of a cupboard. On discussion with the customer regarding what they had already tried and looked, I suggested taking the cupboard kickboard off and there I found the debris from the ant nest which must be under the flooring below the cupboard. I treated the space under the cupboard with gel bait and sealed several holes and spaces allowing the ants out into the kitchen which has eased the customers frustration.

Ants in Great Shelford (Cambridge) houses swimming pool building, CB22 – 21st June 2022

A previous customer contacted me to ask for advice on dealing with ants and flying ants in the building at the end of his garden that had his swimming pool and gym in it, he agreed for me to visit to complete a free inspection and suggest a course of action for him. It was difficult to find any access points but I discovered some debris on the roof on the building from the plants overhead that had ants in them, I also believe that a nest is inside the roof space. I agreed to clean the debris off the roof and place some gel bait down to kill off any nests. I also suggested that a builder could seal the gaps in the internal wood cladding to stop any access. Whilst at the house, I was also asked to look at some wasp activity that turned out to be honey bees which I advised to leave and they will do no harm to anyone.

2 wasps nests treated in Cambridge house, CB23 – 20th June 2022

I received a call from my customer asking me to look at 2 possible wasp nests along the side of his house. I suggested a visit to ensure that the activity wasn’t bees and the customer agreed. On arrival, there was definitely wasp activity in 2 locations under the eves of the house. I used an insecticidal dust treatment on the 2 locations straight away and the customer has had no issues since.

Wasp nest in Little Shelford (Cambridge) garden, CB22 - 19th June 2022

I received a call from a previous customer to say that they had a new puppy and whilst gardening over the weekend, they had found a wasp nest in a Bush and were concerned for the puppy. I was able to treat the nest and remove straight away to make sure no harm could come to anyone.

Ant treatment in Cambridge care home, CB24 – 18th June 2022

I was asked to attend a national contract where a care home resident was having problems with ants in her bedroom in a bungalow. I was able to change a couple of jobs and attend within the hour. I found ants coming from under the skirting board along the outside wall of the property. I was able to seal the gap all the way under the skirting board with decorators caulk and then place some insecticide bait points internally and externally for any active ants to take back and kill the nest.

Temporary coverage of an office block in a Cambridge Science Park, CB4 – 15h June 2022

A company I complete some service contracts asked me to quote for a new site currently being finished off ready for occupation. I attended and measured up the site ready to send a quote across for the annual service contract, however when I was there, I was informed that part of the building was opening on the following Monday and I suggested an interim installation of some product to keep the building safe and to meet Environmental Health Officers expectations. It was agreed and the interim/temporary treatment plan installation has been completed.

Squirrels in Harlton (Cambridge) loft space, CB23 – 13th June 2022

Whilst I was completing some work for a customer, she mentioned that her neighbour was having some problems with rodents in her garden and could I call in and check on her. When I called in and started to discuss the issue, it turned out that it was actually squirrels causing an issue for her. I checked round and found a hole in the soffit above the main bedroom accessible from a balcony. There was evidence of some rafters being chewed in the loft space. I placed some traps in the loft space and also a live capture box on her balcony.

Rats in Harlton (Cambridge) garden, CB23 – 12th June 2022

I received a call from a gentlemen that had seen a rat in his garden that had been eating the food on his bird table. I looked over the whole of his garden and found several burrows underneath an old waterfall/pond in the garden. I arranged a treatment plan including some traps and burrow baiting. On a return visit, there was 2 rats in the traps and the burrows were showing no new activity.

Rats and mice in Cambridge terrace house, CB5 - 8th June 2022

I had finished for the day and was on the way home when i received a call from a customer panicking that they had seen a rat in the kitchen and had trapped it in a cupboard. I diverted to her house and got there within 30 minutes. I found droppings underneath the kitchen cupboards but no rat. I checked out the rest of the garden and loft and found other bits of activity. My customer agreed to the planned treatment. On return I found a dead rat in the loft and some activity in the drain manhole inspection chamber. I have suggested and quoted for me to fit a one-way valve into the inspection chamber, but in the meantime, there has been a stop to any activity in their house or garden.

Bird mites in Cambridge bedroom, CB24 –  6th June 2022

I was called by a gentlemen in distress as they thought they were overrun with bed bugs. I visited within the hour and discussed that the insects in view at 5pm in the evening were not bed bugs but a form of might. After a couple of minutes of discussing the history of the mites being seen, I worked out that they had had a birds nest that they had blocked off under there roof tiles. I agreed to complete a biocidal clean on the roof space void, proof the space properly and then complete an insecticidal spray and fog treatment across the bedroom.

Clothes moth in Cambridge townhouse, CB5 – 4th June 2022

I received a call from a private landlord of a townhouse near the river in Cambridge that was preparing to let the property but had found moth’s in one of the bedrooms and cupboard. After an inspection, I suggested a treatment spray and fogging across 2 bedrooms and a cupboard that were showing infestation. The landlord is then making plans to get the property ready for his new tenant.

Mice in Cambridge terrace, CB5 - 2nd June 2022

I was recommended to my customer by one of their friends to look at a mouse problem she was experiencing. My customer had caught a mouse in their living room and released it but has caught another one. On inspection, there was some limited activity in the downstairs but more in the loft space. I provided a treatment across the house which caught 3 mice in the loft space and the customer has been mouse free since.

Bedbugs in Foxton, Cambridge, CB22 – 30th May 2022

A lady living in Kent phoned and asked if I could visit her 92 year old mother who has been getting bitten very badly over the past few weeks. I made an inspection visit and found some evidence of some bed bugs in the house. I contacted the daughter to explain my findings and suggest a cause of action which was accepted and I completed the first of 2 sprays there and then.

Mites in Over, Cambridge, CB24 – 27th May 2022

My customer had tried some of his own sprays to get rid of some wood mites he has found in his downstairs cloakroom and adjourning garage. I was able to apply an insecticide spray and fogging treatment to both areas which has been able to kill off the current mites and stop any new eggs from hatching, therefore ceasing the infestation.

Rat droppings clearance from Cambourne (Cambridge) shed, CB23 - 24th May 2022

I was asked by my customer if I did rat dropping removal as he had another pest company attend to remove a family of rats from there shed but the company had not removed any of the rat droppings. I went and looked and proposed a biocidal clean of the area for the customer which they accepted. I completed the works there and then with a complete spray, remove and re-spray of the garden shed.

Wasp nest treatment in Cambridge house, CB3 – 20th May 2022

On my way to another job, I was called by my customer that was panicking that wasps were starting to be seen near a hole just below the roof but right next the window of her 1 year old son. I diverted and was able to use an insecticidal dust on the access point for the wasps which has killed off any activity quickly and calmed my customer down.

Moths damaging carpets in Cambridge flat, CB5 – 16th May 2022

I attended a block of flats near the river in Cambridge where the tenant was having issues with moths in her bedroom and they were damaging the carpet. The tenant had her own monitoring stations around that were covered with moths. There was larvae visible in the carpet too. I proposed an insecticide and fogging treatment to be completed in the bedroom which was accepted by the tenant. I completed both treatments there and then for them.

Squirrels in Cambridge loft space, CB4 – 12th May 2022 

The owner of the house contacted me to say that they had been hearing noises in the loft again after a previous problem with a builder trapping some squirrels in the loft when they completed some works before. They had also seen a new hole in the soffit where the squirrels were going in and out from. I set some traps in the loft. On return, there was 1 squirrel caught. The customer had not heard any noises for a few days. I installed some wire mesh over the hole to stop any further access.

Wasp nest removal from Newton (Cambridge) house, CB22 – 7th May 2022 

My customer contacted me to say that they had put there head into the loft space and several wasps had fallen down, they had also seen a small nest. When I arrived, they told me what had happened and that the small nest was no far from the entrance hole, I was concerned that what I was being told amount the amount of wasps that had fallen down didn’t match what I was also being told about the size of the nest the customer had seen. I went and had a look around the loft and removed 10 small wasp nests and a large 1 the size of a football. On leaving the loft space, I had a chat with the owner of the house to show them the nest and explained that the large nest was the reason for the several wasps that fell down. I also took some photos of some damaged roofing felt and holes in the loft which needed to be investigated by a roofer

Bedbugs in Cambridge house, CB3 – 2nd May 2022 

I received a call from my customer asking if I could find out what was biting her at night time as she had received some over the past few nights and was concerned as she had a new baby that was often in their bedroom. They had recently been to see many family members over the past few weeks, so when I did a search, I found some evidence of bed bugs in the bedroom. I completed a spray and a fogging treatment of 2 bedrooms which has seen some great results with the customer reporting no new bites occurring.

Squirrels in Cambridge loft, CB1 – 29th April 2022 

I received a call from a customer to say that they had seen squirrels going in and out of their loft space near their guttering. When they had been up in the loft, they have seen a hole and the squirrels were sitting there looking at them without a care in the world. I proposed a cause of action to the customer who accepted the proposal. I set the traps and received a call back 3 hours later saying they had heard something. I reattended and found 2 squirrels in the traps. Everything was reset and I received a call a couple of hours later again for a noise, which again found another squirrel in a trap. Within half a day there has been 3 squirrels caught and a plan for the proofing to be completed by the end of the week.

Mice in Cambridge house, CB1 – 26th April 2022 

My customer had seen some mice running around in their sitting room and kitchen, they had tried some humane traps that the mice had been in and eaten the cheese and then left the trap. They wanted a fuller, more professional assessment of the situation. On inspection, there was a damaged air brick near the sightings location. I placed a variety of traps and bait stations as part of the treatment and on return visit there was a dead mouse and no new sightings of mice by the customer.

Mice in Cambridge garage, CB21 – 24th April 2022

My customer reported that they had found some damaged items in their garage. When I visited, there was clearly some damage completed to some clothing in the garage along with some mouse droppings. The customer was concerned that they had children that had access to the garage and was reluctant to have poisons used. I arranged for some traps to be placed in the garage which caught 2 mice. I completed a clean of the area in the garage of the damaged items. Whilst completing the second treatment visit, the customer then asked me to look in the loft space as they had heard activity in there over the last few days. There was also some droppings in the loft and a hole in the back of the kitchen area of the house from an extractor that had been removed. I covered the hole with wire mesh and the customer hasn’t heard anything more since my visits.

Mice in Duxford house, CB22 – 19th April 2022

I was called by a lady and asked to look over her house as she had seen some droppings in her kitchen area. There was droppings under her kitchen unit and also on the shelving racking with some food stuffs on it. Due to pets, she was concerned about the use of poisons. I arranged a variety of traps under the kitchen units and also in behind the bath and the loft space. On return there was a couple of mice in the loft and no activity in the kitchen area.

Rats in Cambridge garden, CB21 – 15th April 2022

I was asked to look over a garden of a house that the owners were looking at putting the property onto the market and they had seen a rat running around. On inspection, I discovered a rat burrow under their wood shed and then some points around the garden where they were going. With a course of action set in place, the customer has seen no activity in the garden and has now got some viewings on their house.

Chinese restaurant new service agreement contract in Cambridge, CB2 – 8th April 2022

I was asked to quote for a Chinese restaurant in the centre of Cambridge that was struggling to get hold of their usual peat controller and when they did arrange a visit he didn't turn up. I surveyed the property and suggested what I would do and I was chosen to take over the management of the pest control in the restaurant. I have set the site up today and arranged to reattend in a week as an extra free visit to double check for activity.

Repeat customer had cat bring a mouse into Cambridge house, CB3 – 4th April 2022

A previous customer that I had cleared a mouse problem for before contacted me to say that their cat had bought a mouse into the house and could I visit urgently to catch it. When I visited, there was no visible sign of the mouse so I placed some traps around in the house and caught it in a day. The customer then asked if I could leave the traps down for another week for peace of mind that there was nothing else in the house.

HMO with rat problem in Cambridge, CB1 – 25th March 2022

I received a call from a property manager for an estate agent to ask if I could take a look at a house that they were having ongoing issues with. I was able to identify several possible reasons for the issues being caused and some of which I could complete the repairs for and other they would need a roofer, etc. for. I placed some treatments across the kitchen and garden area to bring the issue under control.

Rats in Cambridge garden, CB5 –19th March 2022

I was asked to attend a customer’s elderly mothers house as they had seen some rats running around the garden and were concerned. The customer had tried their own bait stations around the garden without any success. I attended last week and found some rat burrows across the garden and some access points into the thatched roof. I proposed a treatment plan that included using the customer bait stations, burrow baiting and some proofing at the thatch roof. I returned today to find 2 rats in the traps and no damaged to the thatch.

Mice and birds in loft space in Cambridge, CB1 –  15th March 2022

I was asked to visit a customer to investigate what was causing some noises in the loft as they though it might be mice or birds, but whatever it was, it was keeping their son awake at night. On inspection, I found no evidence of mouse activity but I found a couple of roof tiles that had slipped which had opened a couple of holes to get under the tiles for birds to nest. I was able to reposition the tiles and then install some wire mesh to fill the remaining gaps.

Rats in Cambridge garden, CB23 – 14th March 2022

Pestforce Cambridge was asked to attend a house where the occupants had seen rats running around the garden and underneath a shed at the bottom of the garden. I found several holes in the garden where rodents were using for access from the neighbours garden and underneath the shed. Both my customer and the neighbour were feeding the birds which was driving the increase in activity. The neighbour was elderly and my customer agreed with her that they would temporarily stop feeding the birds and my customer would cover the cost of the treatment in both gardens.

Mouse seen in Cambridge kitchen, CB2 – 12th March 2022

Pestforce Cambridge was asked to look into a problem where a customer had seen what they thought was a mouse in their kitchen. On inspection, I was able to complete a treatment in the kitchen and loft which removed 2 mice and then repair a tumble dryer extract on the side of the house which had been damaged by other residents moving wheelie bins around.

Commercial building in Cambridge about to complete refit works, CB24 – 9th March 2022

A commercial warehouse customer was due to complete some refit works on their staff areas and a contractor had discovered some suspected mouse droppings across the space and asked if I could suggest a course of action to them to allow them to complete the works unhindered. I completed a treatment plan over a week of a variety of traps and monitoring baits stations across the area, including above the false ceiling. On return, I removed all the stations, treated the area with a spray and removed any droppings. The customer can now plan the refit.

Squirrels in Bar Hill, Cambridge loft, CB23 – 7th March 2022

The householder had heard some noises in the loft space and were concerned that some damage was being completed to the space. I discovered a damaged soffit which I was able to proof with some metal wire and then a series of traps for a week which was successful with catching a squirrel which I was able to remove for them.

Clothes moth infestation in Girton, Cambridge, CB3 – 5th March 2022

A couple in a 4 bedroom house had been experiencing damage to some clothes and carpets across their house for a few weeks. The customer had their own monitoring stations in place which I was able to identify clothes moths. I completed a 2 part treatment throughout the whole house which was a spray and then a ULV fog of the property. Whilst I was on site, the customer asked me to see if I could help with an issue of birds perching on an old burglar alarm housing and security light, I was able to install some bird spikes for them and they haven’t had a problem since.

Bird Spike installation in Cambridge pub, CB2 - 3rd March 2022

I received a call from a public house in the centre of Cambridge regarding a competitive price for the installation of bird spike control on top of some air conditioning units and pipework under a canopy that they want to be serving food out of in the summer months. My quote was accepted, I cleaned down each unit with a neutralising chemical and I installed a selection of appropriate bird spike across 6 air conditioning and duct extract housing and 5 metres of pipework. The landlord was very happy that his customers are no longer having birds moving across their heads and making a mess.

Moles in Little Shelford, Cambridge garden, CB22 - 25th February 2022

My customer had a few days away and when he returned he found a dozen or so hills in his garden. I completed a treatment plan consisting of several different types of mole traps. When I returned to the garden after a week, I discovered no new mole hills but caught and removed a mole from a trap.

Mole hills in paddock in Saffron Walden, CB11 - 15th February 2022

I received a call from a gentlemen that was concerned that the mole hills he has had for a few months in a paddock at the side of his house were now getting closer to his formal garden.  He had tried some of his own traps but hadn't caught anything.  When I attended, I discovered nearly 60 mole hills in his field.  I worked methodically around setting around  10 traps across the field and trampled down all the rest.  On a revisit today, we have caught a mole and the customer is very happy.

Rat burrows found in garden in Cambridge, CB3 - 15th February 2022

An elderly couple contacted me to say that they were concerned that they had rats running round their garden space.  Last week I found some access points from the neighbours garden but no burrowing in my customers grounds.  I placed some secured traps in their garden and returned today to check and found we had caught 1.  The customer was really happy and has decided to leave them down for another week just to make sure that the activity has finished.

Moles in 2 parts of garden in Cambridge, CB25 - 14th February 2022

Pestforce Cambridge received a call from a customer that was having difficulties with moles causing damage to her garden. The customer had nearly a dozen hills spread over 2 garden areas. I placed a selection of traps across the 2 spaces, waited a week and returned. There was 1 new hill in 1 of the gardens and a mole caught in a trap. The customer was happy that I had caught 1 of them.

New pub contract in Cambridge, CB3 - 10th February 2022

Pestforce Cambridge was asked to visit a public house near the centre of Cambridge to provide a quote for their annual pest control contract. I am pleased to say I have been awarded the contract and have been in to set up the site with adequate control points and am already working with the landlord with options to help control beer flies around the property.

Scratching noises in bathroom in Cambridge, CB23 - 8th February 2022 

Pestforce pest control Cambridge were contacted by a landlord of a semi detached house to say that his tenants had an issue with some scratching in their bathroom and they were concerned as they had a young child. I made a priority trip to the house to complete a survey. There was no evidence of rodents in or around the house, however, I discovered a birds nest and dead bird in the loft space. There was also a hole leading out of the house which was probably an old overflow pipe hole that was allowing bird access. I arranged to remove the bird nest and treat the area with a disinfectant spray, I covered 4 air brick grills on the outside of the house to give the tenants peace of mind and also left a note through the next door neighbours letterbox as I spotted an issue with some pipework which could then cause possible pest issues in my clients house.

Removal of old nesting material in Cambridge, CB24 - 4th February 2022 

Pestforce pest control Cambridge were phoned by a gentlemen to say he had just moved into a new house and he found some birds nests up in the loft and could I remove them. On inspection, I found 3 locations in a small loft space that had bird nesting material in it and then on the outside. I found a hole in the corner of 2 soffits where the birds were getting in. I sprayed the nesting material with a leptospirosis spray before removing the material and then moulded and fitted some wire mesh over the hole so that no birds could get into the space again.

Rat control for burrows in back garden in Cambridge, CB23 - 31st January 2022

Pestforce pest control Cambridge were contacted by a husband and wife asking if I could deal with some rats running around in their garden.  When I arrived to survey, I found several large burrows in their back garden going down next to their fence.  I have been able combine burrow baiting and some snap traps as part of the treatment plan to reduce the amount of rodents in their garden.  I was able to discuss with them their plans for their bird feeders which were on the fence where the holes are.

Mice entering through air bricks in Cambridge, CB3 - 28th January 2022

Pestforce pest control Cambridge received a call from a family that have just moved into a house with a conservatory that when they were relaxing in a couple of evening ago they could hear some noises.  When I attended, I couldn’t get access to the wall area of the conservatory due to wood cladding, however, I discovered 2 air bricks which could be allowing access for mice.  I put a plan together and discussed with the owners that I could fill the air brick holes with rodenticide foam and then go back in a week to complete some proofing on the covers and also use some repair cement on some damaged mortar that could be causing an issue too.

Getting rid of squirrels in the loft in Cambridge, CB4 - 24th January 2022

Pestforce pest control Cambridge were called by a customer asking for advice as he thinks he has squirrels in his loft. I agreed to visit and have a look around.  On inspection, I found some evidence of rats in the garden which the customer confirmed they had seen some running around and then up in the loft space was some squirrel droppings.  I have placed some traps in the garden and the loft space.  I have also found the potential entry point underneath a bit of soffit and guttering on their extension which they had built 6 years ago.  The extension is still under warranty, so they are speaking to their builder 1st but I have let them know what proofing work I could to resolve the issue if they get no joy from him.

Rodent proofing and repairs in Cambridge, CB24 - 17th January 2022 

Pestforce pest control Cambridge carried out a visit to a contract site where we had found a damaged roller shutter base rubber seal that was allowing rat entry (noticeable by the amount of droppings that had appeared in the area over a period of time).  We had completed a temporary fill of the hole with some rat tape and provided a quote for the full replacement if the company did not have a contract with a shutter repair company.  They gave me to go ahead and we replaced the full length of the rubber seal with 1 new product.

Squirrel traps for loft in Cambridge, CB2 - 12th January 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge were called by a new customer to say she was aware she had squirrels in her loft due to old damaged guttering and soffits but since she was having them repaired next week, she wanted them removing before the works started.  As I entered her loft to investigate, there was 2 squirrels leave by holes in the edge of the roof.  I placed some traps in different locations around the loft and by the time I got to the bottom of the customers stairs to discuss what actions and follow ups, I heard one of the traps activate and when I went back up there was a squirrel caught in one of them.  I removed it and reset the trap ready for a few more days to see what will happen.  I returned later that week to remove 3 more squirrels from the traps.

Bedbug spray in Cambridge, CB1 - 12th January 2022

A few months ago, Pestforce Pest control Cambridge visited a house to complete a survey for bed bugs. I recommended that a treatment of 2 sprays should be completed in 3 bedrooms, however the customer only chose to complete 1 spray.  I have now been asked to go back to complete the required sprays as originally recommended.

Mice problem after recent building work in Cambridge, CB5 -  5th January 2022

Pestforce Pest control Cambridge received a call from a couple that were having issues with mice in their house and they believed that it was due some building work they had recently had completed.  The customer had their own trap and camera where they had caught and seen mice but wanted a professional view. I completed a survey and found that there was indeed some access being gained via some gaps in the building as part of the works completed.  I suggested a treatment plan which has caught some mice and they haven’t seen any further activity on their camera and also gave a quote for the list of items that needed fixing which they have taken to the builder and architect to resolve.

Cat bringing in vermin in Cambridge, CB1 - 4th January 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge received a call from a lady who has had her cat catch something and bring it into the house, when they went to remove it, it dropped it and it was still alive and ran off.  When I searched the kitchen, the customer highlighted issues with a drawer that has their bins in has had some damage to them.  I took the drawers out and found a hole in the wall behind the kitchen cupboards and lots of rodent droppings.  I have set up a treatment and clean plan for them and haven't had any issues since.

Mice Control for Vermin in Loft in Cambridge, CB1 - 24th December 2021

A new customer called to say they had heard noises in the walls of their bungalow and would like help. On inspection, I found droppings under the kitchen cupboards and in the loft space and damage to an external man hole drain on their driveway. I have completed a treatment plan which has caught a couple of mice in the loft and under the kitchen cupboard and recemented the edge of the man hole cover to stop access through it.

Rat catcher in Cambridge, CB3 - 14th December 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge received an urgent call from the customer at 8pm on Saturday night saying they are seeing rats sticking their heads out of the edge of their cupboards and they have little children and are concerned. Got in to see them and have found a hole in their floorboards under the kitchen cupboards. Working with the customer, we have sealed the space and treated the kitchen to stop them reappearing.

Professional mouse catcher in Cambridge, CB3 - 6th December 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge received a call from a landlord to report her tenants are experiencing a mouse issue in there kitchen. When I arrived, the tenants had caught 8 mice in an area of the kitchen. On investigation, I found an access point with lots of activity in the opposite side of the kitchen which has been proofed and plan in place to treat area. A reduction has been seen so far in the amount of activity.

Active wasp nest in December, CB22 - 6th December 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge had a call from my customer that has been into the loft to get his Christmas decorations out and has found a late active wasp nest. I have been in and treated and are returning later this week to remove it. 

Bird proofing for chimney in Cambridge, CB24 - 5th December 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge received a call a couple of weeks ago from a customer that had a different pest company install some bird cages on their chimneys to stop birds nesting, unfortunately the jackdaws had bent the cage and nested during spring and summer.  They asked if I had any other options.  I gave the customer 3 options and I have now installed their choice on 2 chimney breasts.

Mice nesting in wall of garage in Cambridge, CB24 - 3rd December 2021 

Pestforce Pest control Cambridge had a call from a customer who had converted some of her garage space to a treatment room for reflexology but has noticed some staining appearing on the plasterboard in the room over the past year.  On inspection, there was a mouse nesting and droppings under the loft insulation above the room.  I have put a plan in place to treat the current situation and thr customer has agreed for me to remove the loft insulation and spray the area.

Scratching sounds in ceiling in Cambridge, CB24 - 27th November 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge recieved a call from a client who had reported hearing scratching sounds in the vaulted ceiling of the kitchen. It was difficult to get access as we only had the spotlight holes. We managed to get a camera in, find some activity spots and treat with rodenticide foam and then pest proof the outside which then caught a mouse. So far no new noises in the house.

Mice control for office in Cambridge, CB24 - 23rd November 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge received a call from a company we already do some work for on another site that staff reported seeing mice in their head office space. We have completed some proofing, placed a treatment programme in place which has caught a mouse in their server room and then arranged a service contract to work with them for the next year to protect the site.

Rat control for home in Cambridge, CB22 - 19th November 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge received a call from a lady concerned about her 90 year old father in law that found a dead rat in the dining room and it would affect his carers if they saw them.  We attended, completed a survey and go the go ahead for some proofing and baiting.  The day after we got a call to say there was something in a trap, removed a rodent and carrying on with treatment plan.

Mouse droppings in kitchen, CB3 - 8th November 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge was called out to their house as they are having a kitchen fitted and have found some droppings in a food cupboard and heard noises in the walls. We have identified access points behind ivy covering the back wall which the customer is going to get cut back so I can get access and proof but placed a course of traps out and have caught 2 mice. Customer requested leaving down for a 3rd week for peace of mind as the kitchen works are still continuing.

Wasp nest treatment for commercial customer in Cambridge, CB2 - 1st November 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge were contacted by a property management company to treat a wasp nest causing concern.  After gaining permission from the landlord to complete the works, we found a wasp nest in the door frame of tenant's bedroom and another wasp nest in the main bedroom's decking area. We managed to gain access to both of them to treat them. The tenants were really happy and the property management company were impressed how quickly I could deal with it.

Flea treatment for home suffering from cat / dog fleas in Cambridge, CB23 - 28th October 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge were contacted by a local family for help with fleas in their house.  They have 2 dogs and 2 cats which they have taken to the vets to get treated. We inspected the property and found flea eggs under the carpet in the lounge. The customer wanted the lounge and main bedroom spraying. We sprayed the affected rooms and the customer let us know they were very happy with the treatment.

Bedbug control for rented house in Cambridge, CB1 - 24th October 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge recieved a call from a distressed women who had found bedbugs in her bedroom. She had only started renting her room 3 months ago and woke up finding a bed bug on her pillow and for the last few nights had been sleeping on a sofa to avoid getting bitten. We attended the same day to survey the property and found no evidence the bedbug had spread to other rooms. To date we have completed an initial bedbug spray treatment to her room. So far the customer has been really happy at the speed we have been able to attend and treat. 

Cockroach control at science park in Cambridge - 18th October 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge had an urgent call out as staff member at a science park in Cambridge thought they had found a cockroach on site. We attended within the hour and found a bug in the corner of reception that following a detailed inspection was a Squash Bug.  We have left monitoring traps out over the weekend on site for peace of mind however there is little to worry about. Always call the professionals. 

Wasp nest treated in Cambridge, CB23 - 15th October 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Cambridge were called out to treat a wasp nest at a property in Cambridge. The couple who live there had started seeing wasps swarming around the fascia at the front of their house. We treated the nest with our effective solution however while inspecting the property found a 2nd wasp nest forming at the back of the property. We treated this nest which was located in the soffit. Some very happy customers. 

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