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Pest Control Huntingdon

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Pest Control Huntingdon

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Have you got a problem with wasps, fleas, bees, bed bugs, ants, woodworm, rats, mice, cockroaches, rabbits, moles or birds? Mark and George can help you!

You can be assured that you will receive a prompt, professional and cost effective service that will be:-

  • Safe for you and your children
  • Safe for your pets
  • Safe for your home and garden
  • Safe for the environment

Call now and speak to Mark and George at Pestforce.  We are able to advise you about solutions to your pest problems and give you a no obligation free quote.

With Pestforce you are totally protected. Everything our fully qualified and friendly technicians do for you is insured and guaranteed.   

Pestforce is a national, well established and recognised company with experience of dealing with all manner of pest problems.                                                       

If you are in business you can be sure that it will also be:-

  • Safe for your employees
  • Safe for your premises
  • Safe for your customers

For commercial businesses needing a longer term solution, I can offer long term contracts at competitive rates.

Pestforce Huntingdon is available for all residential and commercial premises (shops, factories, restaurants, food outlets/storage etc) schools, sporting facilities (cricket, bowling, football, tennis, rugby etc) residential/care homes, agricultural premises (stables, kennels etc).

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Recent Jobs

Noises in the loft - February 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Huntingdon had a call from a lady hearing noises in the roof. After our inspection it was clear rodents had entered the house via the stack pipe. To restore calm we placed rodenticide and traps in the roof and sealed the entry point. Four rodents have been removed and we have now sterilised the area using a ulv. Now the client has a rodent free house .

Huntingdon Mice Control Under Kitchen Units - December 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Huntingdon had a call from a lady who had seen mice and a bigger Rodent.on inspection it was evident rats and mice where present they had chewed through the door. They had got in following pipes up under the kitchen solve this we placed traps and bait inside and Rodent box's outside. We are 3 weeks in and no more pests now its blocking up after Xmas.

House clearance in Huntingdon - October 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Huntingdon had a call from a lovely gentleman about a relative who was having issues with rats. On inspection the house was in need of some care before the treatment was started. The whole house was cleared then cleaned and sterilised. We then proceeded to eradicate the unwanted visitors. The house will now be rodent proofed to stop issues in the future. It was a pleasure to get this issue solved for such nice people .

Squirrel control in Huntingdon - September 2021

Pestforce Pest Control  Huntingdon had a call from a lady who had a issue with squirrels. On inspection it was evident squirrels had moved in to the roof , cables had been chewed along with roof beams .it was evident they had made a home as you could  hear them running about between the tiles and membrane. To solve this I placed traps in the roof and garden and 5 have been removed. This solves the problem so after proofing  it will be a squirrel free house .

Wasp control in Huntingdon - July 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Huntingdon had a call from a gentleman who had a young dog wich was stung when outside which was not very nice for the dog or owner .on arrival we spotted a ground wasp nest under decking this was treated to kill the wasps now it is safe again for the dog .wasps can be very aggressive especially later in the year the sting can be fatal at the least very painful We advise people not to try and do it themselves it is safer for an expert to treat it as angry wasps can be very vindictive. 

Bee relocation in Huntingdon - June 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Huntingdon was called out to a gentleman who had a rather large white tail bee nest in the shed .we were able to get to the nest place it in a transport box with the Queen. We then transported them to a farm where they have been relocated checking two days later they have settled in .we always try to save bees 

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