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I appreciate your time is valuable, especially when you have a problem, so here’s a quick guide to what you need to know about me:

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I can, however, deal with all kinds of problem pests across Ely. If you are experiencing a pest problem in Ely and need a local Ely pest controller, then please call me, Marcus, now, on 01353 379 037.

Pest Control Services in Ely

If you have problem pests in Ely, it’s vital to act quickly. The longer you wait to call in pest control services in Ely, the more serious the problem is likely to become. No matter what the pest you’re dealing with, we can help.

Here are some of the common pest control problems in Ely I can handle for you.

The types of pests we commonly tackle include:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Wasp nests
  • Squirrels
  • Birds and pigeons
  • Moles
  • Foxes
  • Bed bugs
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
This list, however, definitely isn’t exhaustive. There are many more problem pests we can handle. In short, whatever your pest control problem in Ely, call me, Marcus, today, on 01353 379 037.

Ely Rat Control

There are lots of good reasons for people in Ely to need rat control. To start with, rats can spread over 35 diseases including really nasty ones like the plague. That very much still exists. These days, it can often be treated but it’s far better to avoid getting it in the first place.

What’s more, you don’t even need to come into direct contact with a rat to be at risk. If a rat leaves urine, faeces, saliva or hair about the place, then you could still be infected. Rat bites cause even more problems. If you have young children or pets, the risk becomes even higher.

Even though rats are fairly big, as common pests go, they can get into very small spaces, even behind appliances. They’re also very adaptable. You might expect to find them in dark, damp basements and crawl spaces but you’re just as likely to find them in attics and lofts.

Our rat control team in Ely doesn’t just deal with the rats which are there. We also advise you on how to stop them from ever coming back. If you so much as suspect you have a rat problem in Ely, get in touch with us right now on 01353 379 037.

Ely Mice Control

Mice are a lot smaller than rats. This means that a single mouse is a whole lot less intimidating than a single rat. The problem is that mice are very unlikely to stay single for long. That’s why you need to call our mouse control services in Ely as soon as you see one or even just the signs of one.

The alternative is that your single, little mouse becomes a full-on mouse infestation. Keep in mind that a female mouse can carry 5-10 litters a year. Each litter can contain up to 14 pups. That means one pair of mice can produce up to 140 new mice per year. What’s more, mice can start breeding when they are 4 weeks old. Those numbers soon add up.

If you call us for help with a mouse problem in Ely, we’ll make absolutely sure that all the mice are removed. What’s more, we’ll investigate how they got in to begin with and advise you on how to prevent them from coming back. Call us today on 01353 379 037 for effective and humane mice control services in Ely.

Ely Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps are notoriously aggressive at the best of times. They become even more aggressive during the nesting season (roughly July to October). That’s when there’s usually the highest demand for Ely wasp control and wasp nest removal in Ely.

An individual wasp sting is unlikely to cause any serious medical problems unless you have allergies. It will, however, still be painful. The real danger with wasps is the possibility of multiple stings. This could happen as a result of being repeatedly exposed to wasps or as a result of being attacked by an angry swarm.

If you see a lot of wasps near your home, there’s a good chance that they have a nest somewhere close to you. This could even be in your home although you might only see it if you look for it. In fact, you still might not find it. Our Ely wasp control team has removed wasp nests from all kinds of places.

If you keep noticing problem wasps in Ely, call our wasp nest removal service in Ely today on 01353 379 037. We’ll happily give you a customized, free, no-obligation quote.

Ely Bee Relocation

We’re all in favour of protecting bees. That’s exactly why we offer Ely bee control and bee’s nest removal / rehoming in Ely. It’s the best solution for both humans and bees. Here’s what you need to know.

Bees are generally pretty docile creatures. Like wasps, however, they can become aggressive if they think they are being threatened. That includes if they think that their young or their hive is being threatened. The problem is that bees can interpret standard human activity as a threat. Then they attack and sting and as soon as they sting they die.

It’s therefore in everyone’s best interest for a bee’s nest to be moved somewhere away from humans. That way the bees get to raise their young in peace and the humans get to go about their daily business in peace. We see this as a win/win for everyone.

Our Ely team can take care of everything for you. Just call our Ely bee control and bee’s nest removal / rehoming team in Ely on 01353 379 037.

Ely Squirrel Control

Our Ely squirrel control team can deal with any issues relating to grey squirrels in Ely. Grey squirrels are neither endangered nor protected, quite the opposite. They were brought to the UK from the USA in the late 19th century as exotic pets. Since then, however, their population has grown massively and can now be a serious issue.

The main problem with grey squirrels is that they are rodents. Their natural instinct is to bite and chew their way through any barrier they encounter. This can lead to serious problems with your home. If you have a garden then grey squirrels will soon leave your trees stripped of their bark.

Additionally, grey squirrels are very territorial. They have been known to attack other animals, including pets and sometimes attack humans. Even if they don’t, they eat the same food as many garden birds but are much more capable of getting it. This can make them a serious problem for the bird population.

If you have unwanted squirrel guests visiting your home or garden and want our Ely squirrel control services, please call us now on 01353 379 037.

Ely Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing

Ely bird control means a whole lot more than just pigeon proofing in Ely. We can help with the safe and humane management of all kinds of birds, even protected ones. That said, pigeon proofing is one of our most popular services in Ely.

Many people enjoy having at least some birds on their property. The key point is to make sure that they stay in places that are safe for both humans and the birds themselves. This can require management and strategy.

Essentially, you need to know how to see an area from a “bird’s-eye perspective”. You then take steps to discourage them from inappropriate areas and into appropriate ones. If you need help with Ely bird control and pigeon proofing, please call us here today on 01353 379 037.

Ely Bed Bug Control

If you spot red marks on your soft furniture or bedding, then call our Ely bed bug control team immediately. This is a major tell-tale sign and you need to act quickly to minimize the damage. Be aware that bed bug bites can take a couple of weeks to show up. When they do, they tend to be on your face and upper body as these tend to be exposed at night.

Even though bed bugs are unlikely to carry serious diseases, their bites can still be a major issue. The main problem with them is that they itch. At a minimum, this can lead to a loss of sleep. It can also trigger scratching and this can lead to cuts that open the door to infection. Also, bed bugs can attack pets and trigger major vet’s bills.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite you, your family or your pets. Call our Ely bed bug control team now on 01353 379 037.

Ely Cockroach Control

There are more than 3000 species of cockroach in the world but there are only four main types of cockroach in the UK. These are American, Brown-Banded, German and Oriental. All of them can spread a whole host of very nasty medical conditions. This means that if you see even one, you need to call our Ely cockroach control team immediately.

Cockroaches are particularly associated with intestinal conditions such as cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery, salmonellosis, and typhoid fever. They are also a common trigger for allergies and can provoke asthma attacks. If you’re experiencing these but can’t work out why, then cockroaches may be the answer.

As cockroaches are mainly active at night, it can be very hard to spot the actual insects. You can, however, often see markers of where they’ve been. For example, you may see their droppings or their shed skins. You may also pick up an unpleasant smell although this does fade over time so you may not notice it.

If you spot any of these signs call me, Marcus, immediately, on 01353 379 037. I have extensive experience in Ely cockroach control. I’ll be happy to assess the situation and give you a free, no-obligation quote.

Ely Flea Control

Fleas are a common problem but our Ely flea control team is always here to help. The signs of a flea infestation are very similar to the signs of a bed-bug infestation. They like to live in the same places and eat the same food i.e. blood. Unlike bedbugs, however, fleas tend to bite the lower part of your body, especially your knees and also your elbows.

One huge difference between fleas and bed bugs is that fleas are notorious for carrying diseases. Even if they don’t, it’s very easy for flea bites to become infected and that’s without you giving in to the temptation to scratch them.

If you think you may have fleas, please call me, Marcus on 01353 379 037 today so I can advise you on suitable Ely flea control for your home or workplace.

Other Ely Pest Services

We often get calls for other types of pest control in Ely.

For example, we’re regularly asked to deal with:

  • Moles
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Hornets
  • Cluster Flies
No matter what the pest, if it’s a problem for you, we can handle it. Just call us here at Pestforce Pest Control Ely on 01353 379 037. Remember, we’ll always give you a customized survey and a free, no-obligation quote. All our work is guaranteed as standard and we’re fully insured.

Recent Jobs

Fleas found in kitchen and garage of Ely house, CB6 – Monday 8th April 2024

Pestforce Ely received a call from a family that had just returned home from a holiday and collected their cat from a cattery only to find that the cat had returned with fleas. We visited today and found fleas throughout the downstairs of the property and in the garage also. An insecticide treatment was completed across all the downstairs to eradicate the problem for the family. Whilst chatting about the treatment, we also discussed another issue where pigeons were settling in a tree that covered the driveway and causing issues with having to continually clean the cars, so we were able to suggest a cause of action that could help resolve this issue too.

Rats in Ely garden, CB6 – 21st March 2024

Pestforce Ely was looking after a garden in Ely that had seen some rats running around. We found several holes in the ground around the edge of their shed and also some coming from under the fence from the neighbours garden. We have worked through with the customer to treat the garden and now has been rat free for over 2 weeks.

Rats running round Ely garden, CB6 – 2nd February 2024

A customer contacted Pestforce Ely regarding a sighting of a rat in their garden. On our way home from another call in Ely, we called in an investigated. There was some clear activity levels in the garden where a rat had made a hole under the shed in the garden and a track could be seen heading to the fence line with the neighbours garden. We proposed a treatment plan that would help and the customer has taken the plan onboard but asking for a week or so for personal reason before we start the treatment. We aim to work with our customers to ensure timescales work for them as much as we can.

Lots of noises being heard in Ely house, CB6 – 22nd January 2024

Pestforce Ely received a call from a family that had heard noises in a couple of the walls and across the loft. We had another appointment in the same village later that day so we arrange a visit to see what was going on. When we surveyed the property, we discovered a few mouse droppings in the loft space and several pipework holes the customer was not aware of on the outside of the property. Several locations were chosen throughout the house for the treatment which has caught 2 mice and reduced the amount of noises being heard. The holes were sealed and treatment left in place for another week for the customers peace of mind.

Rats eating food in Ely Garage, CB6 – 28th November 2023

Pestforce Ely received a call from a customer reporting sightings of rats in his garage space. On inspection, the garage was being used as a pantry for food and storage of a lot of overflow items from the house. We could hear noises in the ceiling area of the garage space whilst we were there. We suggested some items needed to be removed and cleaned up which would help the situation and then placed some traps around the garage for control. On returning to the garage today, we had caught a large rat in a trap and the customer reported less sightings but still some noises being heard. We have reset the traps for another week of the treatment for the customer.

New cafe service contract set up in Ely, CB6 - 16th November 2023

In October, Pestforce Ely were contacted by the owners of a new cafe in Ely that they had just purchased and we're interested in arranging a visit to discuss a service contract for the premises. The owners have been renovating the property over the last few weeks and are ready to open early next week. We have been in today to complete the initial set up of monitoring stations.

Mouse seen in Haddenham Ely kitchen, CB6 - 11th October 2023

Pestforce Ely was called by a previous customer that had just moved house as they had seen a mouse in their new kitchen. We placed some traps across the house as we had found other evidence of mouse activity in different places in the house too. We made some suggestions of what could be done around the outside of the house to help for the future. On our return today, we had caught 6 mice in traps and the customer reports a reduction in the amount of noise being heard.

Large wasp activity flying into an Ely house window lintel, CB6 – 20th June 2023

A customer called Pestforce Ely to report lots of wasps flying in and out of a hole above the window lintel of her Ely house. When we visited the property, we could easily identify that they were wasps that were flying in and out of a small hole at the top of a window lintel. We were able to use our lance and inject an insecticide dust into the small gap which has had the desired effect and no more wasps have been seen flying in or out of the hole since.

Pigeon nesting on Ely satellite dish, CB7 – 24th May 2023

Pestforce Ely received a call from a customer requesting help with a nesting bird. We were only a few miles away finishing another job and were able to get to the house within a few hours. We were met by the customer and were shown the side of the house with the nest on top of the satellite dish. We set up our ladders to inspect the nest from a safe distance and discovered it was empty of any birds. We reported this to the customer and agreed to remove the nest, use a spray to neutralise any bird droppings present and then installed a section of spikes across the top to stop any future nesting.

Rats in Ely garage, CB6 - 5th May 2023

Our customer in Littleport, Ely contacted us asking if we could sort some rats out that had gotten into her garage. We arranged a visit and found several holes in the fabric of the building that the rats had been using to gain access into the garage. There was also a few boxes of fishing items that had been chewed for nesting material. Pestforce Ely set up a treatment of just some traps as she was concerned about the rodenticide and when we returned today, we had caught several rats. The customer agreed for us to place some rodenticides into the garage for a week to completely eradicate the rats from the premises.

New contract set up in Ely business, CB7 - 11th April 2023

Pestforce pest control Ely was asked a couple of months ago to quote for a factory complex in Ely that was looking to tender for the new annual service contract for the premises. I was lucky to have won the contract and have now set up the property with rat protection outside and mouse and insect protection inside. As an addition, we have since been requested to service their electronic fly killers around the premises which we have surveyed and are starting to complete on a regular basis for the company.

New contract started for an Ely fashion production building, CB6 – 10th February 2023

A few weeks ago, Pestforce Pest Control Ely was asked to look over an issue for a building on a business park that produces fashion clothing. The maintenance engineer for the site had started to see holes appear in the stone French style drain around the edge of the building and when he filled them back in they re-appeared again the following day. We visited the site and discussed what was happening as we had seen it on another contract site we do on the same business park. We investigated the holes to see if there was anyway into the building and quoted for an annual service contract to be set up to cover the site. Today was our first visit to set this up for them and we always complete a free visit the following week to assess the impact within the first week and therefore move or add to the treatment depending on what we find.

Rats visible in Ely garden and strange noises being heard in the house, CB6 – 19th January 2023

Our new customer contacted Pestforce Pest Control Ely as they had recently moved into a house on the outskirts of Ely and had seen some rats in the garden and then heard some strange noises in the walls of the kitchen. When we visited, we were shown some holes they had found in the garden that they had tried to use petrol on without success. There was also so evidence under the kitchen cupboards and in the loft. We treated all the areas and came back today to find that they had not heard any noises in the kitchen or the loft for the last week and the camera they had in the garden had only seen 1 rat in the last week.

Rats under Soham, Ely decking, CB7 – 16th January 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Ely received a call from a gentleman that was concerned he had seen a rat in his garden and wanted a check to make sure that he wasn’t being infested. We arranged to complete a visit and found a hole next to their decking. There was no other sign around the garden and after discussion with the customer, we agreed to complete a burrow bait of the hole and return in a week. On our return today the customer had not seen anything in the garden since our last visit but he wanted us to leave the treatment down for another week for peace of mind.

Rats getting under Ely floor, CB7 – 3rd January 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Ely received a call from a gentleman that was concerned he had a smell under the floor of his house and was thinking that it was rats. We went to the property to assess the issue and found several holes around the external of the property leading into the channel running around the edge of the property and then off under the property. After a short discussion with the customer, he worked out that the previous owner had installed it to help with drainage. We completed some short term proofing of the pipework to stop access into the tunnel whilst the owner found a builder to resolve permanently and sorted some air fresheners/deodorisers for the internal to help with the smell. We contacted the customer a couple of days later and found that they hadn’t heard or smelt anything else new since our visit.

Rats running rampant in Haddenham, Ely garden, CB6 - 28th December 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Ely received a call from a distressed customer that had seen 4 or 5 rats running backwards and forwards in their garden. They were in the process of renting out the house and didn't want their new tenants to be affected by the rats in garden. We identified several areas of the garden that showed signs of rat activity including some burrows. Our customer was happy with our proposal and we set up the treatment. On our return today we had caught 3 rats, seen some rodenticide being eaten and the customer confirmed that she hadn't seen any running around but wanted another week down to be sure.

Rat issue in commercial building computer storage area in Ely, CB6 – 21st December 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Ely received a call from a company on an industrial estate on the outskirts of Ely which were concerned that their cleaning company had found some droppings in a kitchen area. We arranged a time to visit and when we inspected the building, we found evidence of rats eating some coffee pods in the kitchen area. We suggested a treatment plan that included in and around the kitchen area, above the false ceiling , around the external of the building and then in their computer storage area to ensure some protection is in place although there was no sign of activity in it. On return today, we were surprised to find a rat in a trap under the false floor of the computer room. The customer has not heard or seen any other activity in the building, however due to the sensitivity of the area, we have agreed to protect the premises over the Christmas and new year period.

Rats running round Ely garden and under garden office, CB6 – 1st December 2022

A customer in Ely contacted Pestforce Pest Control Ely to report some rats in his garden and concerns they were getting under his garden office. On a visit the following day, we found several burrows going under the office and some leading from the neighbours garden. We arranged to complete a treatment there and then and discussed options with our customer that was showing a lot of anxiety over the issue. We arranged a return visit a couple of days later so that we could keep him informed and happy with the progress. On this visit, we were able to find some discarded bird seed at a neighbours house who was currently away. We cleared this away as best as possible in their absence and then made another visit today where the holes had stopped being seen under the fence line and garden office. Our customer asked for an extra visit for peace of mind which we have agreed to complete for him.

Rats causing problem in Soham, Ely garden, CB7 – 18th November 2022

We received a call from a customer having issues with rats in his garden.  Pestforce Pest Control Ely attended the following day and discussed the issue with our customer. One of our customers neighbours has a garden that has a lot of waste items and as a consequence, my customer has started to see some rats coming into his garden. We have implemented a treatment plan for our customer and have headed found to the neighbour to discuss if there is anything we could do to help them out and improve the situation for everyone. Over the last week, we have seen a downturn in the amount of rodents using both gardens and both customers are happier.

Wasp nest removal from a bathroom extractor housing in Witchford, Ely, CB6 – 8th November 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Ely received a call from a customer reporting wasps in a bathroom and some wasps were seen in the loft space. We arranged a visit to inspect the property for the customer. On arrival, we were able to see some wasps flying in and out of an extractor vent on the side of the building which the customer confirmed was above the affected bathroom. We proceeded to visit the loft space where we were able to find a nest had been made on top of the ducting from a bathroom extractor. We removed the nest which had damaged the ducting which we were able to replace for the customer to ensure the extractor was still operable.

Rats under static caravan in Witchford, Ely CB6 – 4th November 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Ely was asked to attend an issue at a park caravan home that had rats and the owner was currently recovering in hospital. When we attended, we completed a full search of the property including the underfloor crawl space. There was lots of evidence of rat activity under the caravan and a treatment plan was agreed with a relative of the owner. On the follow up visit this week, a large rat was caught under the caravan and the owner had returned and had not seen or heard any activity for a few days since their return.

Woodpecker causing serious damage to wooden soffits on Little Downham Ely house CB7 – 27th October 2022

A customer call Pestforce Pest control Ely asking for advice on how to deter woodpeckers from damaging the soffits of her house that she had spent a lot of money a couple years ago as part of a TV show she was on. I agreed to attend to attend for a free survey to look over the issue and give some advice. It is a tricky site with a state of the art building that was showing lots of damage from a woodpecker along the expensive wood soffit, it was looking like the woodpecker was after some grubs or food. We discussed options and ideas of what could be done to deter the woodpeckers and are awaiting a response back from the customer with a decision of what she would like to do.

Rats gaining access to an Ely houses conservatory, CB6 – 23rd September 2022

Pestforce Ely was asked to investigate some noises in the houses conservatory. When we attended, we found an access burrow down the side of the house in a narrow gap between the conservatory and the next door neighbours brick wall. Access was difficult to gain as we needed to climb up onto the roof of the conservatory and then climb down into the tight gap to complete the treatment. The customer was amazed how we gained access in an attempt to resolve the issue for the customer.

Wasp nest in Mepal (Ely) old tree stump, CB6 – 4th August 2022

A wasp nest in an old tree stump in their garden as they were due to hold a party for their grandchildren at the weekend. I went round and was shown the offending old tree stump which had 2 main access for the wasps to enter. I treated both and advised that they should keep an eye on it before the party and to call me back if they were still seeing some activity.  Everything was good with it.

Insect noises in a Little Thetford (Ely) ceiling, CB6 –  30th July 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Ely was called by the owner of the property to say that her tenant has been hearing noises in the ceiling and seeing some dust debris appearing on a shelf and she thinks it is an insect issue as they have tried to knock the ceiling but the noise continues but they cannot work out what is causing the noises. I contacted tenant directly and arranged a visit this morning. After a quick discussion on arrival and a visit to the area of the house with the noises, I established it was the sounds of a wasp nest that was found on the outside of the property. I was able to treat the space under the edge of the roof to get rid of the nest for the tenant.

Ants in Witchford (Ely) conservatory, CB6 –  28th July 2022

My customer contacted me to discuss options for ants that were annoying him in his conservatory. I visited and found he had used some ant powder but it hadn’t worked. I explained that the ant powder is often a boundary but not enough to kill off a nest. I suggested a couple of stages to a treatment which would be to fill the holes in the skirting board with caulk, then use a gel insecticide that any ants that found holes would take back to the nest to kill it off and then an insecticide spray for a quick knock down of any active ants. My customer agreed and I was able to complete the works there and then for him.

Wasp nest above garden canopy in Ely, CB6 - 21st July 2022

A customer phoned to say that he had a wasp nest in the eves of his house above his office but it was a tricky position above a garden canopy and he thought it wouldn't be able to be treated. I went along and was able to inject insecticide to kill it off from the floor with a long lance. Whilst there he asked if I didn't mind clearing a plant from his front gutter as he didn't have any ladders, I was happy to help him out.

Bed bugs found in an Ely HMO for field labourers, CB7 –17th July 2022

The owner of a hotel for field labourers in Ely called me to ask how would I treat bed bugs as they believed that there was some in at least 1 of the rooms. I went along to have a look and found several live bed bugs in one of the rooms and the owner said that they had moved from another room, which I checked and found bed bugs in there too. I completed a spray and fog treatment across both rooms there and then and have arranged to go back in 2 weeks’ time to do it again.

Wasp nest high up in Haddenham (Ely) roof space, CB6 – 12th July 2022

A gentleman called me to report a wasp nest in the eves of their house. I arranged a time and then I found on a Dorma window roof line the entrance to a wasp nest. I used my long lance and applied a dust treatment into the space and the customer reports no more wasp activity.

Wasp nest in Ely residential care home bungalow, CB7 –  6th July 2022

A property manager for a residential care company in Ely called to say 1 of their empty properties was showing signs of wasps. I called round and found lots flying inside the bungalow and they were using an air brick low down to gain access. I treated the space and visited the following day and the nest was not active anymore.

Wasp nest slowing down Ely house renovation, CB6 – 25th June 2022

A contractor completing a renovation of a house built in 1800 had to stop work on an external part of the house due to a wasp nest being in the way with wasps flying in and out. The contractor had scaffolding in place so I could get up close and check that it was a wasp nest and was able to treat it quickly for them and they could carry on working in that area a few hours later.

Red spider mites on Stretham (Ely) detached house, CB6 – 17th June 2022

Pestforce Cambridge was called to a detached house in the middle of a renovation that the builder had discovered red insects on the outside of the house when they were removing the rendering. I identified the insects as a red spider mite and proposed a spray of the entire external of the house and roof.

Fleas in Littleport (Ely) house, CB6 – 8th June 2022

A customers tenants contacted him asking for help as they had only just moved into the property and they were getting bitten very badly. They do not have any pets and believe the previous tenant must have had a cat and left them. I agreed with the landlord to complete survey and then if there was any evidence than a spray and fog and arranged a suitable time directly with the tenant. Several fleas were found when I attended and I completed the agreed treatment plan.

Wasps in Ely house air bricks, CB6 – 1st June 2022

An elderly lady called me in distress as she had discovered some wasps flying in and out of an air brick in her garden and she had previously had a reaction to a sting. I was able to rearrange my route and got there within an hour and indeed found a dozen or so wasps flying in and out of an air brick in her garden. I treated the entrance with an insecticide dust and have arrange to go round the following day to install a wire mesh cover over the front of the air brick to stop any further access.

Rats in Ely house, CB6 – 25th May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Ely was asked to attend to deal with a mouse a customer has had in her downstairs cloakroom in an Ely house. When checking through the cloakroom, I discovered rat droppings. The customer then remembered some activity in the kitchen which resulted in droppings under the kitchen cupboard. On the outside of the house was a partly chewed drain cover, some slight damage to the drive way and evidence of stones at the bottom of the manhole inspection chamber. A cause of action that included traps and poisons in the house and then some in the drain manhole cover has been started to get on top of the issue for the customer.

Wasp nest in Ely townhouse, CB6 –  9th May 2022

My customer had started to see wasps flying in and out of a hole near her bedroom window and was concerned that it wouldn’t be long before a big nest was formed. On arrival there was a few wasps seen entering a hole near her sash windows which I quickly treated with an insecticide for her. I was also asked about what I could do for nesting starlings in her extractor outlets at the front and back of the house. I have made a proposal which I am due to complete after the nesting birds have moved on.

Rats in Ely garden, CB6 – 3rd May 2022 

I was called out to an old ladies bungalow in Ely that had been experiencing a rat running round her garden.on searching around her garden, I discovered a hole next to a drain manhole inspection chamber. I removed the cover and found debris in the bottom of the chamber which I suspect is rat activity. I treated the burrow with some rodenticide and also the chamber. On return I discovered a rat in the burrow which I removed and we are currently awaiting a drain survey that the customer is arranging.  No further activity has been seen since my treatment though.

Bird access restriction fitted to Stretham (Ely) house, CB6 – 29th April 2022 

Whilst completing some recent work in the area, I was approached by a neighbour who was suffering from the same problem. I complete a check of their house and found it to have the same floor in the new build as her neighbours. I suggested a course of action which had been successful in the neighbours property, which they took to the house builder who agreed to the works to be completed. I installed an excluder to restrict the access of the birds into the void space. Then cleaned down the bird droppings across the side of the house. Reports from the customer has been a reduction in bird activity across the roof and void space.

Bird issue in Ely new build, CB6 – 25th April 2022 

A few months ago I was asked to visit a customer to discuss issues they were having with birds accessing a space behind their guttering. The house was only 2 to 3 years old and there was a space between the soffits holding the guttering and the main part of the walls. I suggested that they contact the builder as there should be a warrantee on the premises. They phoned back up last week and the builder has asked for them to arrange the works to resolve the issue. I have attended again, completed a clean of the walls to remove the droppings, checked to make sure there was no nesting currently going on and then installed something to stop any birds from getting access in the future. I have received a message to say that they haven’t heard any birds for days and are really happy.

Noises in Ely walls and loft space, CB6 –13th April 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Ely was asked to look over a property in a small village outside of Ely where the owners had heard things throughout the walls and the loft. The outside of the house had several holes near the walls which Rats were getting into the cavity walls and then droppings were found in the loft space. I proposed a treatment plan of burrow baiting, traps and proofing which was instigated and within a week, a rat was caught and the customer has seen a big drop in the noises being heard.

Mice and Rats in Ely garden, CB7 – 4th April 2022

A new mother gave me a call and asked if I could visit her house as they had seen both mice and rats in her garden. There was several burrows in the garden near her summer house. On discussion with the customer, she told me she had someone years ago that did visit every 3 months to top up the bait, but he is ill and cannot do this now. I suggested that it is something that I can take care of for her now and she agreed. I revisited today and found 3 mice in the traps and then I have changed the stations to allow for longer between visits.

Noises in Little Thetford (Ely) loft space, CB6 – 28th March 2022

My customer asked me to investigate what was causing her sleepless nights. On a visit to the house, I found several broken air bricks around the house which would explain the mouse droppings I found in the loft. There was also some signs of bird nesting material in the loft space and some holes in the soffit at the back of the property. With the treatment plan I agreed with the customer, I have removed 4 mice from the loft space and covered the damaged air bricks with mesh.

Bedbugs in Ely house, CB6 – 29th March 2022

On a visit to my customers house, they told me they were getting bitten from something.  The bite marks started about 3 months ago when they returned from a few days away with family in a pub.  Looking around the main bedroom, I found some evidence of bed bugs which my customer agreed for me to spray the room with an insecticidal spray followed by a fogging treatment with a return in 3 weeks’ time to complete the second part of the plan.

Moles in Ely garden, CB7 –  28th March 2022

A couple had been away for a few days and returned to hills in their garden. I attended and found around a dozen mole hills spread across their garden and also the garden of their neighbour. I was able to work with both households to spread some traps across both gardens to go in search of the mole causing the damage to their gardens. After a week in the ground, I have caught a mole and am seeing no more new hills in either garden space.

New buyer house survey spotted droppings in Ely house, CB6 – 17th March 2022

I received a call from a customer that was in the throws of selling his house and the surveyor had identified some areas of concern in the house that had some droppings. I have arranged with my customer to complete a course of treatment throughout the property to allow him to reply back to his buyer that adequate action had been taken, this has included a course of rodenticides across the house, a disinfectant treatment and removal of the droppings throughout and then some proofing on the external of the building. All with a comprehensive report which the customer can pass onto his buyer

Mice in Ely loft space, CB6 – Monday 7th March 2022

A couple and their children have heard lots of noise in their loft space over the past few nights and were concerned that damage was being done to the electrics above their head. There was damage to some of their items they were storing in the loft space and some droppings throughout. I have placed a treatment throughout the loft, found several holes around the outside of the house where mortar had been damaged and then offered my services in the future if the customer needs a hand to clear out the loft space to make it easier to store things.

Birds nesting under tiles in Wilburton, Ely, CB6 – 7th March 2022

I was asked to attend a customers house to see if I could identify where sparrows were getting into their loft space above their sons bedroom. I searched through the customers loft space and found no nesting material. Access to their garden was very difficult as it was only through their house, I managed to get a set of ladders through and found a hole in the end of a soffit and then a hole underneath a roof tile. I was able to proof both holes with some wire mesh for the customer.

Noises above office in a garage in Ely, CB6 – 4th March 2022

A customer had converted part of his garage into an office since starting to work from home and had recently started to hear some noises above him when he was working and was concerned that some damage could be being done. After a survey of the space, I identified some access points where tiles were damaged or misaligned and mortar missing from them. There was no rodent activity but I found a nest in the space. I was able to treat the area the nest was, remove all the material and then block the access point. I then gave my customer some extra advice and quote to help seal the garage further to avoid rodent access.

Large bird nest removal from loft in Littleport, Ely, CB6 – 2nd March 2022

A family was having anxiety attacks over noises of birds in their loft and the amount of bird nesting material in the space which was complicated by the size of the loft space. They had had 2 other companies attend who said they couldn’t do the removal or quoted a large amount of money for just looking at the external of the house. Another Pestforce colleague and myself were able to fit into the tight space and remove the nesting material, identify and fill an access point in the roof space and leave the house clean and tidy.

Mice living in loft space in Ely, CB6 – 23rd February 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Ely was asked to attend a customers house in Ely who has been hearing noises in the loft space which has been causing him sleepless nights. After a full inspection of the house, including the loft, kitchen, garden and drains, I installed a course of treatment for the gentlemen which resulted in removing 4 mice from the loft. The customer organised a drain survey through a recommended company which came back clear. I was also able to help complete some proofing work for my customer to reduce any possible further activity, help to resit a roof tile dislodged by the bad weather and remove a birds nest and block a hole to stop them from nesting in the future.

Noises in the loft in Ely, CB6 - 12th February 2022

Pestforce pest control Ely was called by a young mum that hadn’t moved into her new home very long ago but has been kept awake at night by noises in the loft space.  When I attended and surveyed the loft space, I discovered some rat droppings which I installed some traps for and also found a broken air brick in the garden which I have installed a wire mesh front to stop any rodent entry.

Rodent control for rented property in Ely, CB6 - 28th January 2022 

Pestforce pest control Ely were called by a client to say he had a couple of issues with his house and a rented property round the corner that has been hearing rodent activity.  The customer had put his own traps down but hasn’t had any success.  In the loft space above his house was a run of rodent droppings the length of the loft space and then some nesting material at the end.  In a rented property just round the corner was more droppings.  The rented property has parts that are approximately 200 years old with lots in ingress points.  I have managed to reset traps and give some advice to the customer on what works could be completed to make the building more secure against rodents.

Birds in property from holes in soffits in Ely, CB6 - 28th January 2022

Pestforce pest control Ely were contacted by a lady who had birds in her loft space. On arrival, I discovered a hole in the soffits behind the guttering which I was able to patch with a wire mesh but I also found some rat droppings over the space which have a treatment in place to resolve whilst I was at the property. The customer hasn’t heard any issues with anything above her bedroom since I attended.

Clearing bad rodent odour from home in Ely, CB6 - 24th January 2022 

Pestforce pest control Ely were called by a customer to say that they had a new build property that were having some issues with mice throughout and there was a smell that they were concerned something had died and are having a party over the next weekend with people staying over which the smell was going to be a problem.  I attended and discussed the issues with the customer.  I found out that he is in dispute with the builder for not installing a mesh grid at the bottom of the cladding on the property.  I was also able to use an inspection camera and take photos of some holes in the loft space that were not sealed properly which the customer was planning on using with the builder.  I placed some mouse treatments across the loft space and the kitchen and also completed a fogging odourizer into the loft space to start to neutralize the smell with a proposal to respray on Friday afternoon which would cover the party and also a cost for an excluder strip into the cladding cavity.

Effective mice control for kicthen and loft areas in Ely, CB6 - 18th January 2022

Pestforce pest control Ely received a call from a customer that was in need of my help as he had seen mice in his kitchen and bedroom space.  On inspection, there was droppings in his bedroom cupboard, cinema room, up in the loft and behind the kick boards in his kitchen.  The customer had covered a broken air brick cover on the outside of the house and had placed his own mouse traps the loft space (something has taken the food of it but not set the traps off).  I have spread a variety of treatments throughout the house and arranged to come back over a shorter timespan than normal tore-visit the spaces and resolve to issue for the customer.

Loft inspection for suspected mouse problem in Ely, CB6 - 14th January 2022

Pestforce Pest control Ely was asked by my customer to attend their house to complete a survey as they were doing some work in the loft space and had found droppings. On inspection, we found several areas of the loft space had mouse droppings spread across them. We  also identified several pipe holes, a damaged electric meter box and some holes next to roof joists on an extension which the customer agreed was within his capability of repairing with wire wool and mortar. We are monitoring the activity over the next week to ensure there is no more activity for the customer.

Rodents in the loft in Ely, CB6 - 5th January 2022

Pestforce pest control Ely were called by a gentlemen who was hearing noises above his bedroom and was worried what was causing it and if any damage to wires, etc. could be being done up there. On a visit to his house, I found evidence of mice activity in his loft space (droppings and a chewed bag as a nest) and I also found several different access points that could be used by rodents.  I placed traps and bait in the loft space and proofed the holes with wire mesh and repair cement and the customer hasn’t heard anything since.

Birds nesting in Ely, CB7 - 6th January 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Ely received a call from a home owner that was being annoyed for the past 3 years with noises constantly being heard above her in the loft and she had had 2 previous companies out and they couldn’t find anything wrong.  We had to postpone the survey till after Christmas due to the customer having Covid but when I could attend, I found some evidence of bird nesting between the roof tiles and the felt.  Then on the outside, there was a hole behind the guttering giving access.  I was able to remove the nesting material and proof the hole and the customer reports being able to sleep properly for the first time in a long while.

Rat burrows in Ely, CB6 - 5th January 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Ely were called by a gentleman who asked for advice as he had found some burrows in his garden near his decking.  On survey I found 3 holes near his decking and cold frame and I under the fence to next doors garden.  I completed a treatment of burrow baiting for the customer and he hasn't had a problem since.

Mice control in Ely, CB7 - 24th December 2021 

A landlord called to ask to give advice at his rented house as the tenants have a new baby and have been hearing noises in the walls and are concerned. After a full survey of the house, I identified a possible access point along the length of the extension (which the landlord got his builder in to proof) and several areas of the storage areas where activity could be visible. I set up a treatment plan which caught a mouse and the tenants are really happy with the end result.

Pest control contract for pub/restaurant in Ely, CB7 - 8th December 2021 

Pestforce Pest Control Ely are pleased to announce we have surveyed and agreed a contract arrangement for a public house/restaurant in the village and will be installing the planned protection at the being of next week to keep the customer and staff safe.

Pest control contract for new cafe, CB6 - 6th December 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Ely have been working with the owner of a new cafe opening in the centre of the village and they have finally completed the building works and opened the doors to their customers.  I have set up the initial treatments before they opened and committed to visit weekly throughout December to ensure they have the best support I can offer whilst they are newly open.

Rat proofing for chicken coop in Ely, CB7 - 3rd December 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Ely received a call from a friend of one of my current customers asking me to see what I can do about rats getting into his chicken coop.  On inspection, I found 2 holes going in towards the coop.  I have managed to burrow bait, set some traps around the edge of the coop and suggested some changes to the design to help prevent access.  So far no new activity.

Garden back to being mole-free in Ely, CB7 - 25th November 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Ely had a call from a family who had invested money in landscaping their garden so their 2 year son could have a nice space to play, however in the past month they have had lots of mole hills turn up in their garden.  We have since completed a treatment over a couple of weeks which has resulted in getting rid of the mole from their garden.

Annual pest control contract for mice and rat control in Ely, CB7 - 18th November 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Ely was contacted to look around a livery stables with the idea of putting treatment plan in place. Previous contractor too far away and doesn't contact with planned visits in advance.  Only part of the property has bait boxes which were all empty.  Set up the whole site and picked up completing mole work on the site too.

Cat flea infestation in Ely, CB7 - 8th November 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Ely received a call from the customer who has a house cat that has fleas. It was a 1 bed bungalow in a monitored community. On inspection, we found the cat had passed away and a severe flea infestation was found. We have sprayed with an insecticide and completed a fogging treatment and all seems to be under control.

Wasp nest removal in loft of home in Ely, CB6 - 1st November 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Ely were called out by an elderly couple in Ely after they found a wasp nest in their loft. After inspecting loft, we moved outside and found wasps accessing the property under a loose roof tile.  We managed to treat with Ficam D from the ground. The customer was nervous about having dead wasps in the loft space when they want to get their Christmas tree down, so have said that we will go back and remove wasps and bring the tree down for them when they are ready for it.

Mole control for garden in Ely, CB6 - 25th October 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Ely have started a mole trapping programme for a client's back garden in Ely. The garden has been plagued with over 12 mole already. We have placed 8 traps in the ground as we found the tunnels very easily. We are optimistic that will catch something on our return. Keeping gardens mole free. 

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