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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Newmarket.

My name is Marcus Bell and I am your local and highly qualified pest control expert.

It is not uncommon for pests of all types to be found at home, from indoor crawling creatures to scurrying rodents and flying insects to outdoor wildlife. As a result, we have provided effective solutions for domestic pest control and commercial pest control throughout Newmarket. I would be glad to assist you in combating these nuisance pests. 


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Please don't hesitate to call me, Marcus, on 01638 499 049 at any time, if you are experiencing a pest problem and want to speak with a local Newmarket pest controller.

Pest Control Services in Newmarket

Listed below is a sampling of the typical pest control services we provide, but it's not exhaustive:

The types of pests we commonly tackle include:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Wasp nests
  • Squirrels
  • Birds and pigeons
  • Moles
  • Foxes
  • Bed bugs
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Moths

Pestforce Pest Control Newmarket is an accredited member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) as well as being accredited by CEPA (the highest accreditation in pest control), so you can be assured we only use safe, tested, and ethical methods when treating your pest problems.

There are several adverse effects associated with pests, such as damage to your home or your business. If you need pest control services in Newmarket then please call our friendly personnel today at Marcus to set up a consultation.

Newmarket Rat Control

Rats are regarded as one of the most odious animals on earth. The reason could be their habit of scurrying around. There may also be an association to filth or disease that they share. We all know that having rats in our home or even near our home is a nightmare no one wants to deal with.

We are proud to announce that our Newmarket team of rat control experts have the experience and knowledge to not only get rid of your rat infestation but also to prevent it from returning. There is a wide range of techniques that we often employ, including baits, traps, poisons, etc. We've handled every type of rat infestation there could possibly be indoor, outdoor, between walls, in crawl spaces, behind appliances, and even in lofts.

There is no need for you to hesitate to pick up the phone and call us today on 01638 499 049. In case you have a rat problem in Newmarket.

Newmarket Mice Control

A mouse is the smaller cousin of the rat, and while some mice are adorable, the majority of them are really not welcome in homes (unless they are kept as pets). We understand that getting mice out of your house can be an anxiety-producing experience, so we have a team of mouse control experts available 24/7 to assist you with getting mice out of your home.

We have trained Newmarket pest control services who are experienced mice control technicians who can identify the signs of mice presence and infestation. With our training, we can identify all possible entry points that mice may be used to get into your house. We can also proof your property to make sure mice cannot return.

You can reach us at 01638 499 049 if you've spotted a mouse inside or around your home and need our mice control services.

Wasp Nest Removal in Newmarket

The most common sighting of wasps in the garden is during the summer months (July - October), as they are almost as common as bees. But that does not mean that they do not become intimidating, particularly in a group or when they are angry. There is nothing we can't help you with. No matter where you live, we have access to an array of wasp control techniques that can be tailored to fit your needs.

One of the most popular pest control services we offer around summertime in Newmarket is the removal of wasp nests, which is one of our most popular removal services in Newmarket. Throughout Pestforce's network, wasp nests have been removed from just about every imaginable place, from roofs and lofts to kitchen cabinets and sheds, even football stadiums! It is through our experience that we can successfully remove wasp nests of every size, which is why you can count on us for excellent services in Newmarket.

We offer professional wasp nest removal in Newmarket at our Pestforce Pest Control Newmarket location if you find a nest near your house or think you might have wasps inside your house. We will be more than happy to come and inspect the property for you free of charge call us at 01638 499 049

Newmarket Bee Control

Throughout the spring and summer months in Newmarket and throughout the United Kingdom, many people enjoy being able to see the bees in their gardens. Even so, your joy and happiness can soon turn into a sense of despair and worry if you happen to discover a bee nest very close to your home or even inside your house.

There are very few situations when a "treatment" is required when it comes to bees - at Pestforce we take steps to safeguard the bees from harm. In any case, our expert Newmarket pest control services are well-equipped to handle any problem. Despite popular opinion about bees, they are not protected, however, we understand that bees are an important part of the environment so we will consider relocating them if necessary.

When dealing with a bee problem, it is important to take extra care. There will be no destruction of the nest, and we will take every precaution to relocate it far from you. You might think this is a scary process, particularly if you're afraid of flying insects, be assured however, we are professionals who know what we're doing and are completely protected by safety gear, so we are confident in removing a bees nest in Newmarket.

We can help you with bee control services at Newmarket. If you would like us to remove bee's nests at Newmarket, then contact us today at 01638 499 049.

Newmarket Squirrel Control

In the case that you are experiencing squirrel problems in Newmarket and are looking for a squirrel control service in Newmarket, please give us a call.

There are many types of squirrels in the UK, but grey squirrels are arguably the most common ones. (They were introduced from North America to the UK in the Victorian era) - and since then, red squirrel populations have been shrinking. Since grey squirrels are not a protected species, our squirrel control options are much more numerous compared to those available for other squirrel species.

Our squirrel control services are available in Newmarket, so if you have squirrels visiting your home or garden and you wish to hire our squirrel control services, please give us a call on 01638 499 049 and we can discuss further.

Newmarket Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing

Throughout Newmarket, birds, and pigeons, in particular, are frequently spotted. In the event they cause problems for you or have made nests in your roof or home, we can offer you our Newmarket bird control service.

Pigeons and birds can nest in some very difficult to reach places, such as loft spaces, gutters, and under solar panels. You may need to clean up a large mess if they are able to make their way in to your residence or property. We as an experienced pest control company understand that some birds are protected, which is why we will assess the species of birds for the best treatment and/or advice.

If you want our Newmarket bird control team to deal with your problem before it gets worse, please contact us on 01638 499 049. Please let us know how we can help and how we can conduct the inspection free of charge and without pressure.

Newmarket Bed Bug Control

Regardless of where you live, you cannot do much about bed bug infestations, you will need professional help, like our Newmarket bed bug control service.

They are so small that they can be easily overlooked since they are so small. A bed bug bite however is hard to miss. Whenever you find bites on your body or during the night, you probably have a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs may also show themselves on your bed sheet if you notice little bloodstains.

Contact us at 01638 499 049 for bed bug treatment at Newmarket if bed bugs have made their way into your home.

Newmarket Cockroach Control

There is something certain about the way cockroaches move that gives people chills. Cockroaches are enough to turn some individuals' stomachs even just by looking at them. If you find them inside your house, or near your house, we can understand what it's like to panic and worry when you find them.

If you are worried about getting cockroaches under control, don't be, Pestforce is available to help you Newmarket. Compared to other pest control companies, we are uniquely qualified to deal with all types of common cockroaches, including German cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches, and American cockroaches.

We at Newmarket cockroach control are ready to assist you right now if you've observed a cockroach around the house. To contact us easily, please call 01638 499 049 now at Newmarket.

Newmarket Flea Control

Fleas are one of the most very common problems that affect homes across Newmarket, especially if there are pets in the home. Even households where there are no pets are susceptible to flea infestations. Regardless, we offer flea control services at our Newmarket, which can be of help in any case.

We recommend either catching a flea yourself (which can be challenging) or having our Newmarket flea control experts inspect your home for free, and advise you on what to do next.

Marcus can take care of your flea control needs in Newmarket on 01638 499 049, so call us today to request a free inspection at your residence or business.

Other Newmarket Pest Services

In addition to the above pests, we treat several other types of pests depending on the location. Among the most commonly occurring pests that we receive a lot of calls about are the following:

  • Moles
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Hornets
  • Cluster Flies

The Pestforce Pest Control Newmarket experts can help you with any pest problem you may have, whether it is listed here or not. As a Pest Control company, we are highly motivated to ensure your pest control needs are met. There is no question that our professional Newmarket pest control services are the best available. We look forward to discussing your pest problems and helping your home be pest-free!

Recent Jobs

Moths in Newmarket living room, CB8 – Tuesday 16th April 2024

A customer in Hong Kong contacted Pestforce Newmarket with a few pictures of some insects that were affecting her mother’s house in a village just outside Newmarket. We were able to identify the insects as moths and suggested a treatment plan for the affected rooms. The customer agreed and asked for us to schedule the treatment on a day when the mother’s carers were at the property which we did. Today we visited and found a large number of flying moths, some larvae and some damaged carpets. We completed the agreed treatment plan and liaised with the daughter in Hong Kong to ensure everything was communicated well and she was happy with the work completed.

Rats getting into Newmarket extension roof, CB8 – 25th March 2024

Pestforce Newmarket received a call to investigate an issue where the home owner was hearing noises in a flat roof of the extension at the back of the property. When we looked over the property, we found several access points under the roof tiles of the extension and some rat runs around the base of the walls. There was a damaged air brick which could allow access also. We have set up a treatment across the garden and in the entrance to the space in the roof and agreed to seal the gaps on the next visit.

Mouse activity found in Newmarket kitchen, CB8 – 22nd March 2024

A cleaner for a gentlemen living in a block of flats in Newmarket asked Pestforce Newmarket to attend to assess a possible mouse issue in her employers property. Looking over the kitchen, we found evidence of mice running wild. We were also able to suggest some sealing of gaps which should be completed by the landlords representative to stop future issues from happening. We set up the treatment plan as agreed and when we went back today we found 3 mice in traps. The owner of the property was very happy with the first weeks success and has now decided for me to visit regularly over the next year to keep an eye of the property for him.

Rats found running around a Newmarket loft space, CB7 – 23rd January 2024

A customer contacted Pestforce Newmarket requesting a visit to establish what was making noises in her bungalow roof. We found rat droppings in the loft and were able to recommend some improvements to the trees and bushes touching the outside of the house. Over the first week of the treatment, the customer was able to work on some of the recommendations and a rat was caught in the roof. We are returning next week to continue checking on the treatment plan for the customer.

Squirrel accessing Newmarket loft space, CB25 – 27th November 2023

A neighbour or a recently visited customer contacted Pestforce Newmarket to ask for a visit to assess a possible squirrel access issue they have been suffering from. When we arrived, the customer took us through the issue and explained her husband had tried to resolve the problem in the guttering but was scared of heights so may not have completed it properly. We used our ladders and indeed found a hole in the fascia board behind the guttering which was not really filled by the customer. We were able to remove his work and filled the space with some wire mesh that would protect the space better but still allow for air flow in the loft.

Wasps nest in Newmarket shed, CB8 – Monday 21st August 2023

Pestforce Newmarket received a call from a customer that had been stung when getting their lawnmower out of their shed and wanted it checking out. We were able to visit on the same day and on inspection found an active nest about the size of a football on the roof of shed. We removed the nest in whole and treated the area with a spray to help discourage any wasps currently out foraging from re-establishing the nest again.

Large wasp nest removed from Newmarket shed, CB8 – 23rd June 2023

A customer called Pestforce Newmarket asking for an attendance to remove a wasp nest he had found in the top corner of his shed. We were able to attend within a few hours and found the biggest nest of the year so far. We were able to remove the nest from the underside of the shed roof and treated with an insecticide for good measure.

Ant issue in Newmarket kitchen area, CB8 – 21st June 2023

On our way from a job on the outskirts of Newmarket, Pestforce Newmarket received a call from a couple that had been experiencing issues across the kitchen/diner with ants and the products they had bought from Amazon were not working. We inspected the property and discussed options that would not affect their pet and proposed the use of small discs with ant gel being spread across the inside and outside of the house. We have suggested that after the treatment that the customer fill the gaps with a silicone type product to help for the future. When we contacted him a few days later, the results where he hadn’t seen anymore ant activity and I had cost him less than he had paid for his own treatments.

Mouse activity in Newmarket farmhouse, CB8 – 24th May 2023

A customer who was renting a farmhouse on the outskirts of Newmarket contacted Pestforce Newmarket reporting a mouse being seen in her kitchen. Our customer was concerned about her 3 children and a 4th on the way and wanted to make sure that the house was safe for them. We completed an inspection of the property and found several areas of concern. Our proposed treatment plan was accepted by the customer and we were able to catch 2 mice, seal several holes and then arrange for a follow up visit in a few months to make sure the house was ready for winter.

Mouse droppings discovered in Newmarket school out buildings, CB8 - 3rd May 2023

Pestforce Newmarket previously assisted a school in Newmarket with a mouse issue and wasps and they contacted us again to attend as one of the school teachers had found some mouse droppings in their out buildings they keep some sports equipment in. We checked out the buildings and suggested a course of action to see if there was any current activity in them. We returned today and found no activity but completed some proofing of some holes and installed bristle strips across all the doors.

Large bed bug infestation in Newmarket property, CB8 - 11th April 2023

A couple in a rented house in Newmarket had been suffering from bites for several months. Pestforce pest control Newmarket visited the property for a survey and found a large infestation of bed bugs across the main bedroom. On discussion, it would seem that both the couple work in stables and may have been away a few months back which may be the cause. We were able to complete a spray and fog treatment at that time and have returned today to complete a follow up visit and treatment. The reports are that it has been working and less activity and bites have been noted since the first visit.

Ants in Newmarket farmhouse, CB8 – 28th March 2023

We received a call from a personal assistant of a director of a company on the outskirts of Newmarket that had seen some ants in the kitchen of his farmhouse home and she was looking at arranging a visit on his behalf. We arranged a suitable time to attend the house to investigate what we could do for them. On the site survey, we discovered black garden ants coming from under the kickboards of the kitchen. We suggested a spray under the kitchen cupboards to quickly knock down the amount of ants around and then insecticidal gel treatment under the cupboards to kill off the nest. The customer agreed and a follow up conversation with the customer a few days later shows no signs of ants be present in the house again.

Squirrels getting into Newmarket roof space, CB7 – 16th February 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Newmarket was asked to give some advice to a customer that thought they had squirrels getting into their loft space. We spoke briefly over the phone and then visited later in the day. The customer had seen the squirrel run up a tree and go into the roof somewhere. We checked out the loft and placed some traps in for her and then investigated the outside of the property. The tree made it difficult to gain access but we were able to get close enough to find the hole that the squirrel was using and have proposed some works to stop them getting in there in the future and will be completing this when we go back soon.

Rats in Newmarket pre-school, CB8 – 10th February 2023

A pre-school owner called Pestforce Pest Control Newmarket with a concern that they had found some strange things in a kitchen they use and would like some advice. We were intrigued and arranged to get their the same day. We searched through the kitchen and found lots of chewed insulation and rat droppings under a kitchen cupboard and then found some more and a hole chewed in a wall behind the kitchen cupboard with the sink. We asked to check outside the property for any other activity and found a rat burrow in the ground down the side of the property. With the property being a sensitive site with the children being able to gain access to the areas concerned, we discussed treatment plans with the owner to ensure everything was going to be secure and Children friendly. We completed the plan today and there has been no more activity inside or outside of the property. We have also agreed to fix the hole under the kitchen cupboards for the owner if the landlord does not complete it quickly or effectively for them.

Rodent proofing of Newmarket house, CB8 – 3rd February 2023

A previous customer called Pestforce Pest control Newmarket back up after 6 months of completing a rat clearance to ask me to complete the series of proofing of their property that I had suggested back then. They had been doing some work on the house after moving in but were unable to complete the suggested proofing as part of it and they realised it would be easier and quicker for me to complete it for them. We went round today and completed all of the works as we had previously highlighted and quoted for. I was pleased to also hear that they had not had any other noises since the original treatment was completed.

Mice terrorising Isleham, Newmarket house, CB7 – 27th January 2023

A family of 3 gave Pestforce Pest Control Newmarket a call as they have been hearing a lot of noises in the loft and have been unable to get sleep. When we originally visited, we found evidence of mice across the kitchen and loft. Proposed and set up a series of treatments across the whole house to help eradicate the issue. We returned a week later and cleared 4 mice from the house and another week after to clear another 2. We have heard from the customer since and they have had the whole weekend noise free.

New house owner concerned about rat droppings in the Newmarket loft, CB8 – 30th November 2022

A new house owner contacted Pestforce Pest Control Newmarket reporting that they had received the keys from the estate agent a couple of days ago but the inspection had highlighted some droppings in the loft space and could I tell them if there was anything to be concerned about. We attended to house and found a large amount of droppings that looked old. We recommended placing some monitoring items in the loft for a week while they did the decorating. We returned today and found no activity at all. We completed a clean of the droppings in the loft with a decontaminating spray for the customer to ensure they were happy before moving their children in.

Noises in ceiling void space of Newmarket extension, CB8 - 29th September 2022

Pestforce Newmarket received a call from a customer in Newmarket that was starting to have a garden office built but they had started to hear noises in their current kitchen extension ceiling space. When we attended, we were shown around by our customer to explain what they were experiencing and then we surveyed the property. The customer identified a pipe hole above the extension which when investigated was the outlet pipe for their extractor and then we discovered a drainage exit at floor level with access to the cavity wall. We proposed a course of treatment which on return this week was reported to have severely reduced noises they were hearing. Their contractor completing the garden office brickwork then agreed to use some of their cement to make repairs to the drain.

Wasp seen entering a small hole in a Cheveley, Newmarket house, CB8 – 22nd September 2022

We received a call from a couple in a village just outside Newmarket who had seen lots of inspects flying in and out of a hole at the side of their property and wanted someone to check if they were wasps or bees. We were only just round the corner at the time so we went straight round to investigate. It was indeed a wasp nest that had started to use a hole in the mortar where the air brick filler had been missed. We treated the access hole with a dust to kill the nest off and agreed to go back a couple of days later to fill all the holes above the windows of all the downstairs windows as they had not been installed.

Moles in Newmarket garden, CB8 – 5th August 2022

An owner of a property in a  new housing estate on the outskirts of Newmarket was showing evidence of moles in their newly completed garden and they wanted them removing. The customer had recently had some new plants and bark chippings in their garden and they had hills appearing in the last week or so. On a visit, the new landscaping had been a nice enticement for the moles to come in. I found around a dozen hills and runs which I placed traps in and have been reducing the activity for them.

Clothes moth causing damage in Newmarket house, CB8 – 28th July 2022

I received a call from a lady that had just moved into a rented property and had found some ants in the kitchen and had some clothes chewed which she thought was from moths. I went along to complete a survey and found some ants coming through the back of the kitchen cupboards and then several of the rooms had evidence of moths damaging the carpets. My customer agreed to me completing a spray of the rooms effected by the moths and for some discs of ant poison to be placed under the kitchen cupboards to combat against the ants.

Mouse activity in Newmarket school, CB8 - 25th July 2022

A school in Newmarket where I had previously removed a wasp nest for them called to ask if I could check out some mouse activity they had seen. I went along and found out that a previous caretaker had caught a mouse in a trap in a small kitchen they have but the caretaker had left. I investigated and found some droppings under the kitchen units. I agreed to place a treatment under there and planned revisits around their work schedule on site due to the summer holiday closure.

Wasp nest removal in Brinkley (Newmarket) village, CB8 - 22nd July

An estate agent called to say she was dealing with the sale of a house as part of a probate estate but the new buyers had identified that the loft space had a wasp nest located in it and they wanted it removing before the purchase went through. I agreed a date that would allow the executor and the estate agent to meet me there and conducted the removal for them. It turned out to be an old nest but it was better to get rid of it anyway.

Wasp nest in Newmarket doorway, CB8 - 19th July 2022

I was called to attend a house on the edge of Newmarket that had a wasps nest under the porch cover of the entrance doorway to the house and they were struggling to use the door since it had been found as a guest had been stung the previous day. I was passing by on the way to another job and was able to treat the nest within 30 minutes of the call.

Care company in Newmarket with a wasp nest in their air conditioning compound, CB8 –16th July 2022

A member of the management team of a care company contacted me and asked if I could remove a wasp nest that had been found by a contractor trying to complete a service on their air conditioning units. We I attended, I was shown to the compound which had some old air filter boxes stacked up and a hole in the side of the box was the access point for the nest. I dusted the hole and removed 2 air filters from the box which housed the nest.

Bed bugs in Newmarket HMO, CB8 - 10th July 2022

The landlord of a house of multiple occupancy in Newmarket called me to say their tenants were getting bitten and they thought it was bed bugs and what could be done. I arranged a visited and checked through all the rooms with the landlord and found live bed bugs in 3 of the 6 rooms. I gave advice on how I would treat the house and recommended every room be treated. They prepped really well when I attended a couple of days later and sprayed and fogged every room in the property and arranged  a 2nd visit a few weeks later.

Moles in Kentford, Newmarket garden, CB8 –  4th July 2022

A family were the 1st to move into a new build estate last year and since the rest of the development had been progressing hew has started to be plagued by a mole in his garden. He had tried lots of different techniques but without any success and now he felt it time to try someone else. I discussed the activity he had been seeing and my strategy for removing them from his garden and he agreed as he was fedup of the lawn being destroyed by the mole.

Bird mites in Burrough Green (Newmarket) house, CB8 – 29th June 2022

A previous customer asked me to look over her house as her sone was getting bitten regularly but nobody else in the house had been. I made a visit and discounted bed bugs on inspection of the room. The only evidence was some specs on the outside window ledge which could be seen as a mite when looked at on my phone. I suggested a clean of the guttering and check for any bird nesting material and then a spray of the bedroom. The customer chose to complete the gutter clean themselves and asked me back to complete a spray of the outside of the building only at this stage to ensure the children of the house did not come into contact with the insecticide.

Wasp nest in Newmarket school playground, CB8 - 27th June 2022

I received a call from a primary school in Newmarket where 1 of the teachers had been stung when they opened a storage cupboard in the playground. I got there within the hour and discovered they had a nest that had appeared rapidly within days in a storage cupboard in the playground. I treated and removed the nest straightaway. I left the area sectioned off for a day to let any rough wasps move on and then took the nest in to show off to the children in the classroom.

Wasp nest in Ousden (Newmarket) house, CB8 – 23rd June 2022

I was called by a family and asked if I could help them out and work out what was causing some noises in a bedroom. When I arrived, the owner showed me the room where a noise could easily be heard and she thought that since it was an old farmhouse, then the noise was being caused by termites. I thought that unlikely and on a search on the outside of the property I found a section of the soffits with active wasps flying in and out of the space. The customer was amazed that they hadn’t seen it and I treated the nest entrance hole with a dust there and then.

Wasp nest treatment and removal from a Newmarket tree, CB8 – 20th June 2022

I received a call from a customer that had found a wasp nest in a tree in her garden. We I attended, the customer said they had one in the same place last year. There was a nest approximately 20 to 25 cms in diameter with wasps actively flying in and around it. I used an aerosol insecticide to knock down the activity around the wasp nest and then removed it into a bag straightaway.

New contract started in Newmarket Pizza shop, CB8 – 14th June 2022

A colleague in a local area asked me to contact a new customer of his that also had a pizza shop in my area and was looking at setting up a pest control contract for the shop. I visited the next day after the discussion and after a tour of the property and discussing requirements, an agreement was made for a service contract to be put in place. I set up the planned items that had been discussed there and then and have agreed a free visit to assess any activity in a weeks’ time. As I was there completing the works, the Environmental Health Officer attended to complete their new audit and they were given a 5* rating.

Wasp nest removal in Newmarket house, CB8 – 1st June 2022

I was contacted by a contractor completing some works in the loft space in a Newmarket detached house and they came across a large wasp nest with some wasps flying around. I agreed to treat the nest and remove it there and then. There was a whole large bag of the nest in the end. Works are progressing with the house renovations that the customer is completing.

Rats in Newmarket garden, CB8 –  27th May 2022

A gentlemen contacted me saying that he had seen a rat in his garden and wanted some advice. On the visit to his garden, I found some rat access point near his garden shed and near his fence panels. I have placed some rodenticides and traps down and the customer hasn’t seen any new activity over the week.

Solar panel proofing on Newmarket House, CB8 – 24th May 2022

My customer owns a detached house that had just had some work completed on the roof but the builder completing the works would not complete any proofing of the solar panels (he had seen some pigeons starting to congregate on the roof and did not want them to start to nest). I proposed an installation of solar panel spikes around the edge of the solar panels and also the installation of a bird scarer gel to the roof line of the house to deter any birds wanting to settle. I went ahead and installed as planned for the customer.

Ants in Soham (Newmarket) pub kitchen, CB7 – 17th May 2022

I received a call from a landlord that I complete regular service checks on his pub saying that they had found some ants near the doorway in the kitchen area. When I arrived, he had placed some generic ant powder down but it had not worked. I cleaned this away and placed some insecticide in discreet bases along the ant runs and the landlord has not had any issues since.

Rats control for garden in Newmarket, CB8 –  11th May 2022

I received a call from a gentlemen that was struggling with rats running around his garden. He had recently paid for Rentokil to attend and they charged for bait stations across the garden, however he was having problems getting hold of them to attend for the agreed checks and the rats were still running around. He asked me for a second opinion. I suggested some traps to catch the rats. He agreed and they were set up. 2 days later I received a message from the gentleman to say 1 of my traps had caught a rat. On returning to the garden, we had caught another rat in a trap and he hadn’t seen anything running around the garden since the rats were caught.

Rats in Newmarket garden, CB8 – 4th May 2022 

I was asked to visit a customers garden where they had seen some rats running around. I explored the garden space and found 3 burrows at the side of the garden. I suggested a treatment plan to burrow bait the holes whilst placing some traps around the garden. My customer currently reports no sightings of any rats and the burrows have almost disappeared, however my customer has asked for another week for peace of mind.

Mouse droppings found throughout Newmarket house, CB8 – 27th April 2022 

When cleaning their house, my customer came across some mouse droppings in several upstairs rooms and was concerned they had an infestation. I inspected and only found a few droppings in several rooms and in1 loft space. Over the treatment plan that was installed, we caught 2 mice. The customer had not heard any activity for days, but asked for the treatment to be left down for another week for peace of mind.

Squirrel in tenanted Cambridge loft space, CB8 – 15th April 2022

The landlord of a property in Newmarket asked me to meet them there to investigate what her tenants were hearing in the loft that was keeping them awake at night. There was evidence of squirrel activity in the loft space and a whole that had been gnawed in the wooden soffit behind some guttering. On the return visit, I had caught a grey squirrel and then filled the hole with some wire mesh to stop any future access. The tenants have already reported back to the landlord that they haven’t heard any noises for days.

Rat droppings and birds nesting in Newmarket, CB8 – 4th April 2022

A family has just moved into a new house a month ago and when they started to move things into the loft, they found lots of rat droppings across the loft space. I visited, found some access points for the rats which have been treated to establish if the rats are current or if it was a previous problem. I have suggested a cause of action to remove the droppings which the customer is considering. Whilst I was working in the loft, I discovered sparrows and starlings just starting to nest under some roof tiles at the front of the house. I was able to add some proofing to the space and witnessed the birds unable to get back in before I left the house.

Mouse droppings in Newmarket house, CB8 – 30th March 2022

The customer phoned in a panic asking for a visit as they had found some droppings in a cupboard in the kitchen. On investigating the house, I discovered several cupboards with some droppings and some possible access points through pipe holes and then some droppings in the loft space with a skeleton of a mouse. A series of traps and rodenticides have been installed through the house and the customer has reported that they have not heard any noises since my visit.

Difficult access for bird proofing in Newmarket, CB8 – 16th March 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Newmarket was asked by a customer to investigate what was making noises in the loft space of his house and was keeping him awake at night. I completed a survey and found no evidence of rodents in the loft space but could see some light coming through the soffit area that was too big and was unusual. Access to the space at the front of the house to investigate was difficult due to foliage and a wall dividing their neighbours garden. I managed to use a camera to find a couple of holes under the tiles but couldn’t get a ladder close enough to complete any works. I worked with the house owner to arrange for a slimline width scaffold tower to be delivered which I could use to get access. I completed some proofing works and resolved the problem for the customer.

Annual pest control contract set up in Newmarket, CB8 - 27th January 2022

After completing a survey of a warehouse facility last week, we have agreed with the director of the company that I should take over the annual pest control contract for the firm at this location. We spend 2 hours with the customer today to set up all the locations around the site ready to protect them for rodents.

Effective bedbug spray in Newmarket, CB8 - 11th January 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Newmarket received a call from a frustrated landlord saying that some tenants in her property had moved out and had left some bed bugs which had been treated 6 times by another company linked to an old agent. She wanted to get the properties empty rooms let asap. We made a visit and found some bed bugs on the bed bases in several of the empty rooms. We hoovered up some powder put down by the previous company, applied a spray and fogging treatment to the rooms and am aiming to reinspect the rooms over the next week to give my recommendation for the rooms to be let again.

Squirrel proofing in Newmarket, CB8 - 10th January 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Newmarket received a call from a lady and gentlemen that had been hearing noises in their extension above the toilet. I was able to get a camera into a light fitting but was unable to identify any activity. There was a small gap of around 2 inches between the extension and their neighbours property which I found a small hole allowing squirrels access into the space above the toilet. I have been able to remove the guttering and soffit and proof the hole and stop any squirrel access again.

Vermin control in Newmarket, CB8 - 8th January 2022

Pestforce pest control Newmarket were called by a client who had been hearing things in the loft for years and had been buying poison from amazon which had worked before but it wasn’t being successful this time round and wanted someone to give him a view of what it is and how could they be getting in.  On inspection, he had mouse activity in both his loft spaces which have had a treatment plan placed in to control and then I identified a few access points that could be causing the problem which have been proofed.

Commercial Pest control contract for site in Newmarket, CB8 - 4th January 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Newmarket attended to the kitchen of a new delivery service being started in the City. I had complete the survey and quote a couple of months ago and the customer has been working through getting ready for his opening which is this week. I have set up treatment inside and outside of the kitchen and provided all the paperwork ready for his Environmental Health Officer visit.

7 Wasp Nests Removed from Loft in Newmarket, CB8 - 24th December 2021 

A call came in from a gentlemen that had taken down his Christmas decorations and found some wasp nests that he was concerned about and didn’t want them up there next year. I attended and removed the 5 that he had seen plus 2 more that I found and received a 5* review for the work.

Wasp nest control in Newmarket, CB8 - 7th December 2021 

Pestforce Pest Control Newmarket a mother called to say that their child had heard some noises in the loft and was scared it could be wasps. On inspection, I found activity in the loft, garden and in the void space under the floor across the whole of the house. So far we have seen a reduction in the noises being experienced.

Mice control to make home safe in Newmarket, CB8 - 2nd December 2021 

Pestforce Pest Control Newmarket had a call from a previous customer to say he has a new born baby and have had mice running around their kitchen worktops, he has caught and released some but needs some proper advice.  I attended and completed a full survey and found some activity in their loft and some access holes under the kitchen cabinets.  The customer was happy with my proposals and I have progressed with the plan, filled the holes and set up traps and they haven't had any problems since.

Fly treatment for loft in Newmarket, CB8 - 2nd December 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Newmarket were called out by a gentleman to see if we could take a look at his loft space as he has been finding flies on his landing space. I identified them as cluster flies and treated with a fogging spray and hoovered up for him.

Old bird nest removal in Newmarket, CB8 - 18th November 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Newmarket were contacted after a contractor found an old bird's nest when installing air conditioning. We attended and found the roof felt sagging with nesting material.  We cut the felt, removed all the nesting material, sprayed with disinfecting spray and recorded a video of the roof to show the roofer.

Wasps entering home in Newmarket, CB8 - 8th November 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Newmarket took a call from a customer's son asking to have a look at wasps getting into his mums kitchen area. Attending and found a high level access point for a wasp nest near her loft area and they were using a grill to get into her kitchen. Have treated the nest from below (no visible nest in the loft) and quoted for proofing the grill.

Mice control in Newmarket, CB8 - 1st November 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Newmarket recieved a call from a new home owner of a new build house in Newmarker after they had heard scratching in the walls next to his office.  On inspection, the loft space had some mouse droppings under the boarded out floor.  We installed traps under floorboards and behind the wall insulation (awaiting to see if they have been successful).  We have put a new cover grill over the outside of a air brick that could be causing access into the building. We await to see if we get a catch with the traps. 

Wasps and mice in loft in Newmarket, CB8 - 15th October 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Newmarket recieved a call from a concerned home owner in Newmarket who had found a wasp nest in their loft. This pest problem was uncovered by a plumber the day before who had been in the loft to change the boiler and had got stung. We attended and treat the nest in the loft while wearing our protective bee suit. On inspection of the loft we found clear evidence of mice activity and numerous droppings. This was relayed to the customer and we offered to clean and disinfect the affected area of mouse droppings. We have also started a baiting programme to ressolve the mouse problem. The customer was impressed that we had found this issue and was glad it was being sorted at the same time. We are due to reattend and once finished will recommend some neccessary proofing works internally in the loft to stop future pest entry. 

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