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I'm Harry Willmore, your local trusted pest controller dedicated to serving Colchester and surrounding areas such as Witham, Maldon, and Harwich. I am committed to providing custom and effective pest control services that directly address the root of the problem.

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Pest Control Services in Colchester

If you need an effective and fast pest control service in Colchester, be sure to call us today.

Below is an overview of the typical pest control work we undertake:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Wasp nests
  • Squirrels
  • Birds and pigeons
  • Moles
  • Foxes
  • Bed bugs
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Fox control
  • Deer management
  • Rabbit control
  • Crop protection
  • Drainage works
  • Agricultural land management.

We understand that farming and agricultural businesses have enough to worry about without pests, whether it's from something as small as a mouse to as large as a deer. We can put your mind at ease and take these problems away.

If you are suffering because of a nuisance pest and need our 5* rated pest control services in Colchester, then please call today for a friendly chat with Harry on [Insert Phone Number].

Colchester Rat Control

Nobody likes the sight of a rat. And we understand why! Whether it's their quick movements or their association with filth and disease.

However, we all agree no one wants a rat in their home or even near it. Our Colchester rat control team has the experience not only to eliminate your rat problem but also to rat-proof your property to prevent their return.

We utilize a variety of techniques such as baits, traps, and poisons. We've handled every size of rat infestation possible: indoors, outdoors, in between walls, in tiny crawl spaces, behind appliances, and in lofts.

Got a rat problem in Colchester? Then pick up the phone and call Pestforce today on [Insert Phone Number].

Colchester Mice Control

Mice, the cousins of rats, may be cute to some but are unwelcome visitors in our homes!

That’s why our Colchester mouse control experts are ready to help you evict mice from your home and ensure they don’t return.

Our team is trained to spot the signs of a mouse's presence and infestation. We identify all possible entry points and proof your property so that mice cannot return.

Spotted a mouse inside your home or nearby and need our Colchester mice control services? Call Pestforce on [Insert Phone Number] today.

Colchester Squirrel Control

Squirrels, particularly grey squirrels, are common in Colchester and can be troublesome. If you're dealing with unwanted squirrel guests in your home or garden, our Colchester squirrel control services are here to assist.

Red Squirrels are native to the UK and protected, limiting our control options. However, the more prevalent grey squirrels, introduced in the Victorian era from North America, are not protected, allowing us more effective control measures.

Do you have issues with squirrels in Colchester? Please call Pestforce on [Insert Phone Number], and we can discuss your concerns and arrange a date for a free inspection.

Colchester Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing

Birds, especially pigeons, are a common sight in Colchester. Although they can be charming, they become problematic when they nest in or on your property. Our Colchester bird control services are designed to handle these situations sensitively but effectively.

Birds can nest in hard-to-reach places like loft spaces, guttering, and under solar panels. Our team is experienced in handling these challenges responsibly, particularly with species that are protected, ensuring we adhere to wildlife laws.

Facing bird or pigeon issues in Colchester? Contact the Pestforce Colchester bird control team on [Insert Phone Number] before the situation escalates. We offer a free inspection and a no-pressure approach.

Colchester Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps can become a significant nuisance during the summer months. Our Colchester wasp control experts are well-equipped to safely remove wasp nests from all types of locations, ensuring your home and garden remain safe and comfortable.

Our experience includes removing nests from lofts, rooftops, and even more unusual places like garages and sheds. No matter the size of the problem, our service aims to resolve your wasp issues effectively.

Discovered a wasp nest near your home or noticing wasps inside? Don’t hesitate to call Pestforce Pest Control Colchester on [Insert Phone Number]. We also offer a free inspection to assess the situation thoroughly.

Colchester Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are a growing concern in residential areas, and their small size makes them particularly challenging to detect until they become a significant issue. Our Colchester bed bug control service is essential if you find yourself dealing with these pests.

Noticing bites or blood spots on your sheets could be a sign of bed bugs. Our professional team will help identify and eradicate bed bugs, allowing you to sleep comfortably once again.

Think you might have bed bugs in your Colchester home? Contact us at Pestforce on [Insert Phone Number] for a comprehensive solution.

Colchester Cockroach Control

The mere sight of a cockroach can cause distress. Our Colchester cockroach control services are designed to tackle these hardy pests quickly and efficiently, minimizing their presence in your home or business.

Whether dealing with German, Oriental, or American cockroaches, our team has the expertise to identify and eliminate cockroach infestations effectively.

Spotted a cockroach near your premises? Call Pestforce Pest Control Colchester immediately on [Insert Phone Number] for expert assistance.

Other Colchester Pest Services

Besides the pests mentioned, we handle a wide range of other nuisances, including moles, silverfish, moths, ants, spiders, hornets, and cluster flies. No matter the pest, our Pestforce team in Colchester is ready to help.

For any pest control needs, please reach out to Pestforce Pest Control on [Insert Phone Number]. We're passionate about providing top-quality pest control services and look forward to assisting you in becoming pest-free.

If you are experiencing a pest problem and want to speak with a local Colchester pest controller, then please call me, Harry, on 01206 205 671 anytime.

Recent Jobs

Wasp nest treatment in Dedham, Colchester - August 2022

Customer in dedham called us as he had a wasp nest in his garage. They had built there nest inside a straw hat customer had left hanging in the garage. We treated the nest and no more activity by the end of the day.

Carpet beetle control in Colchester - March 2022

Insect treatment done this week for carpet beetles in a rented property in Colchester. Tenants where finding them in all rooms on ground floor after inspection was done we found they where coming from the chimney which had a old birds nest in. The chimney was swept and a spray treatment was done in all rooms and a fogging treatment in the chimney flu.

Pest control contract for sports club in Colchester – January 2022

New contract set up this week for a local sports club, mice and rats getting into the club house. Rat boxes where installed around the building and loft space. Mouse bait boxes installed in all areas in side building in discreet locations. We will do regular visit every 6 weeks to monitor and control any activity.

Flatford Mice Control - December 2021

Customer from Flatford called when she found things had been chewed in her cupboards. When we attended we found evidence of mice activity, A treatment was put in place under floor boards and in cupboards. Once treatment was completed proofing was done at points of entry with wire mesh over air vents.

Rat control for home in Langham, Colchester - December 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Colchester were called to a property suffering from rat activity around compost bins and chicken’s coup. The infestation was dealt with a poison treatment in bait boxes around the problem areas in 3 visits. Customer was also advised on a different way of feeding chickens to try and help prevent any further problems

"Scratching noises in the loft" - Summer 2021

We had a call from a customer based in Wivenhoe as they had heard scratching noises in the loft. We paid a visit and discovered rats, they were gaining entry from the drainage system. We laid a trap treatment and all the visitors were caught over a standard 3 week riddance prigramme. The drainage company will be fixing the drains next week to avoid this happening again.

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