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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Clacton on Sea.

I am Andy Hoare and I offer affordable pest control services across to Clacton-on-Sea, Harwich, Frinton on Sea, Brightlingsea and all surrounding areas.

I provide a professional and effective pest control service to all types of customers.

Why do pest control issues and problems occur?

There are a number of reasons why numbers of insects, rodents and animals can sometimes spiral out of control: 

Built environment

As humans, we expand our living areas at a fast pace but this can impact on the insects, rodents and animals in their natural habitat. Moles, for example, live in woodland and wooded areas but, with buildings sometimes ‘cutting off’ moles from their natural areas, meaning that they make their homes in areas that are inconvenient to us – like our bowling green, playing fields, football pitches and other recreational areas. I am also a part time gamekeeper; hence I complete a large amount of work in farming and countryside settings.

Climate and weather patterns

When we experience strange weather patterns, it can impact on the numbers of insects in our eco-system, especially when the weather favours a particular insect and their breeding pattern. Wasps enjoy temperate weather and climate, so the strange weather patterns we have sometimes experienced in previous years means that we see a lot of nests, with large colonies. Wasps can be a nuisance as well as a danger to some people’s health – wasp stings can cause a reaction called anaphylaxis in which the body enters a state of shock, causing major organs to shut down. Either way, a wasp sting can be painful and not welcome. Wasps do have a finite life cycle, coming to life in spring and dying off in autumn, leaving the mated queen to hibernate through winter, beginning the whole cycle again the following spring. If the nest is out of reach and far away from people, children and pets, technically they can be left alone. However, if the nest is in a place that means it becomes a nuisance, do not try and deal with it yourself. As a qualified pest controller with a level 2 certificate in ‘Pest Control & Management’, I can use professional-grade chemicals to deal with the wasp nest.

Modern living

The way we live also changes over time and so some habits and lifestyle choices favour some pests. Rats and mice, for example, look for similar conditions in which to build their nests as we do – draught-free, weather –proof, warm and with a plentiful supply of food. Our food rubbish, composts and recycling areas provide perfect nesting material and food for rodents. Many business customers such as food outlets find that they can experience issues with uncontrolled numbers of rats and mice on occasions. It is difficult to eradicate completely the rat and so many commercial customers prefer to have a pest controller like me to service an annual, long term contract. Birds, Pigeons & Seagulls can also become an issue, especially as their droppings can cause expensive damage to a building, many companies now recognise that rather than spend hundreds and thousands of pounds repairing damage, that investing in various bird proofing techniques is a better financial option. Having completed specialists bird proofing techniques courses, I am your local pest controller for the job.

I can tackle any pest problem from squirrels to woodworm, as well as:

  • Moths, flies, ants, wasps, bees, bugs, insects, spiders, carpet beetle
  • Rat and mice control
  • Bedbug & flea treatments
  • Rabbits, moles, foxes and more.

Can I help you? Yes I can! I work with all domestic customers, whether the pest is in or outside of the property.

I have worked with many business customers including:

·       Education establishments from schools, colleges, day nurseries etc.

·       Accommodation providers including local landlords, estate agents, letting agents and many others

·       Health care setting such as clinics, nursing homes, rest homes and other similar settings

·       Local Authority settings and centres, as well as other settings including churches, cemeteries, day centres tec.

·       Recreational and sporting settings such as football clubs, rugby pitches, golf courses and many others.

·       Food outlets including cafes, restaurants, pubs etc who all need a discreet, yet effective pest control service

·       Agricultural and other animal based settings from farms through to livery stables, riding centres etc.

·       Industrial settings from factories to workshops, as well as storage facilities, car parks and office complexes etc.

Recent Jobs

Rodent baiting and proofing for loft in Clacton - March 2022

Mice entering at a property via the air bricks into wall cavity and up into the loft space. Poison treatment used in loft space. 2 visits required to sort the problem out for the customer. Once infestation was dealt with proofing was done over the air bricks to stop anymore mice gaining entry in the future.

Rat poison for garage in Clacton – January 2022

Rats in garage had been chewing customers camping equipment and tent. when we inspected the garage we found entry point was at the back of the garage under wooden door which was rotten at bottom and rats had chewed the way though. A poison treatment was put in place and infestation was completed in 3 visits. Once treatment was completed the door was the repaired.

Clacton Rat Control in Customers Loft - December 2021

Rat treatment completed today, customer called when he heard noises in loft space at his bungalow. When loft was inspected rat dropping where found, a snap trap treatment was put in place. Rats where getting in to loft by climbing up bushes which where up to gutter level, now treatment is completed customer is going to cut bushes down to below gutter level.

Clacton Mice Control - December 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Clacton were called to a customer who found she had mice in the loft as some of her Christmas decorations had been chewed by her visitors. Only 2 pest control visits were needed to deal with the infestation and proofing was done with wire mesh covers on all airbricks around the property to stop and further entry by mice.

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