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Pestforce Braintree is rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 14 customer reviews.

Pestforce Pest Control Braintree

I’m Andrew Hoare and I am your local pest control technician, covering Braintree.

In my role as Pestforce technician, I get asked many questions on pests, the problems they cause and treatments for getting rid of them. Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions:

1. What pests do I deal with?

I deal with ALL pests from nuisance bugs, spiders and other creepy-crawlies right through to rabbits and birds – you name it, I deal with it! Foxes, moles, wasps, bees, squirrels, woodworm, carpet beetles, moths, flies and more.

2. Do you have to be qualified to be a pest control technician?

Anyone can call themselves a pest controller but you need to be sure that you are using the right person; using chemicals for example, in the wrong way can have dreadful repercussions.

I hold a variety of qualifications including

· Level 2 ‘Pest Control & Management’, Royal Society Public Health (RSPH)

· I hold a firearms and shotgun certificate

· I have also completed a number of specialist courses such as bird proofing and gassing technique, insect identification, rodent control, wasp nest removal and the safe, effective use of pesticides.

I am also experienced

o I have been a part time game keeper for many years

o I have worked with local farmers on all manner of vermin control

o I am a keen shooting enthusiast

o I am an outdoor enthusiast, both working in and recreational use of the countryside


3. I am embarrassed to admit that I think I have either fleas or bedbug in my home! Can you deal with these pests?

Yes! Firstly, there is no need to be embarrassed as neither fleas nor bedbugs are attracted by dirt or ‘poor hygiene’. Bedbugs and fleas are easily spread on clothing, bags, pets etc. and, once in our homes, become firmly established, very quickly.

There is a difference between fleas and bedbugs. Bedbugs are lentil sized, and are dark brown or orange. These nuisance bugs are becoming increasingly resistant to pesticides and insecticides. Once treated, your bed - including bedding – needs a thorough clean. Bedbugs do not hop or jump, but crawl – very quickly.

Fleas, on the other hand, do jump and once they are in soft furnishings – carpets, sofas, and cushions etc. – a treatment needs to be applied that break their 4 stage life cycle. Pets also need to be treated and it is thought that the increase in the flea population and distribution across the UK may be down to 2 factors – incorrect use of pet flea treatments and the warmer winters.

Did you know...bedbugs tend to bite their host (i.e. YOU!) in a straight line (flea bites will be in a random pattern)?

4. I think I have something living in my attic? I can hear scrabbling, mainly at night...

There are several possibilities here and I will need to check for various things in your attic space. However, the 3 common possibilities are:

Rats they can make their nests just about anywhere and have been known to make their way up in to lofts by various means. They can swim, climb and jump very well. Their numbers can swell very quickly and, like other rodents, they chew everything they can to make their nests.

Micethese tiny little rodents also enjoy the warmth and relatively undisturbed attic space to make nest and breed their young. Mice, like rats, are ‘chewers’ and can claim most materials as being suitable for nesting material. This can cause a lot of expensive damage, very quickly and in some circumstances, such as if they chew through electrical wires etc., they can cause a fire hazard.

Squirrelsthis is not very common but squirrels can also nest in attics. Like their other rodent relatives, they can chew through a variety of material such as the timber frame within the roof. They also multiply quickly and can become a problem quicker than you would expect. Squirrels can be trapped inside and outside, also baited at specific times of the year to protect against tree damage. So you will need my services to remove the squirrels, once and for all.

ALL the methods I use, including any chemical treatments, are humane – I do not (and will not) cause any animal, even if it is pest, unnecessary suffering.

5. I think my pest problem is outside. Can you deal with it?

Yes I can. I work with all householders – whether homeowners or tenants – and includes all pest control issues in the home and outside – garages, sheds, outbuildings etc.

6. What about business customers?

I have worked with several business customers to help them either control or exterminate all manner of pests:

Agricultural settings inc. Farms, stables, livery yards and food storage areas

Sporting complexes inc. Rugby, football & cricket clubs, golf courses and other recreational areas

Accommodation providers inc. Student accommodation, letting agents, private landlords, estate agents, secure accommodation, care homes, nursing homes

Education settings inc. Day nurseries, schools, day centres

Food retailers and service units including Cafes, restaurants, B&Bs, pubs, hotels, restaurants, shops etc.

Industrial units and factories

Office complexes

And caravan sites, mobile home parks, country estates and houses, stately homes, garden centres, graveyards, building sites and many more!

7. Why do I need a professional? Surely shop-bought treatments are just as good?

Not always. Some pest control issues need a licensed and professional technician to deal with them. Take wasp nests, for example – disturb one of these with an insufficient ‘spray’ and you could have up to 5,000 angry wasps to deal with. Not only is my work fully guaranteed but I also have comprehensive insurance (both Public and Product Liability Insurance, each to the value of £5 million). There is more to pest control than simply laying traps and poison.

Direct Immediate 24 Hour 7 Day Response!

07760 277 883

Braintree, Great Dunmow & Thaxted Office:  01376 390 804

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Thank you, great service.

I am the carer of the lady that used Andy, he was patient with us leaving the property. Did a great job


Amy barrett

I have had cause to use Andy's services to deal with Moles and a wasp's nest. On each occasion I have found Andy helpful and professional. He has turned up on every occasion within the time window arranged and dealt with the problem swiftly.

I would highly recommend that if you need the services of Pest Control expert that you contact Andy.


Barry W

Great Service , Problem Solved


Martin Young

Excellent service, quick and reliable



Friendly and professional service. We would use again if required.



Prompt and very friendly service. Would definitely recommend.



Fast punctual service. Very pleased with the results.



Excellent service, highly efficient and very helpful.



Excellent service, thoroughly recommend. Solved our problem within 3 visits, offered good advice to help in future.


Lisa Stansfield

Delighted with the service Andrew provided. Two visits saw the end of the mouse problem, certainly would use Andrew again if the need ever arises.


H M Phillips

So pleased with the service provided by Andy. I got a quick appointment and Andy was very professional. He turned up on time and answered all my questions.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services.

Thanks Andy.




Mole hills have blighted our lawn for ages - we thought we had tried everything.  A friend recommended we speak with Richard at Pest-Force Essex.  After two visits we have our garden back.
For peace of mind we have signed a twelve month contract with Richard so if a new mole moves in all we have to do is pick up the phone.
After further discussions we have since employed Richard on an annual contract to look after all pest control at our commercial premises.
Peter Miles, Hope Cottage, Gt Bardfield, Essex

Peter Miles


Since signing an annual contract with Richard from Pest-Force the rats and mice around our farm seem to have become a thing of the past. We have had contracts with other companies previously which have been ineffective.
Richards farming background does, I am sure, contribute to his effectiveness and we look forward to a long and pest free relationship with his company.
Mick Kempster, Cross Farm, Walthams Cross, Essex

Mick Kempster


Within an hour tour of my kennels, Richard advised me how we could implement a safe programme of vermin control.  Housing other people's dogs had always made me nervous of using poisons but the equipment used by Pest-Force and the professionalism displayed in it's use has quickly allayed any fears.
We have been extremely impressed with the results of Richards work and now regularly recommend his many  pest-control services to our customers.
Andy Tyrell, High-Barn Boarding Kennels, Essex

Andy Tyrell

07760 277883

01376 390 804

Customer Reviews

Pestforce Braintree is rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 14 customer reviews.

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