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Welcome to Pestforce Rushden and Wellingborough.

We are a local family-run pest control company based in Rushden and serving all of Northamptonshire.

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Key Points:

  • Local to Rushden (rapid response)
  • Bespoke, Safe and Effective Treatments 
  • Phone Lines Open 24/7
  • Fully Trained and Experienced with most pests
  • Digital Treatment Reports

Qualifications and Memberships:

  • British Pest Control Association 
  • CEPA Certified
  • RSPH Level 2 in Pest Management
  • Pestforce Franchise (19,000+ reviews)

Fully accredited and qualified pest controllers…
British Pest Control Association Member CEPA Certified Professional Pest Management CHAS Accredited Contractor Royal Society for Public Health Think Wildlife - Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use

Our Comprehensive Pest Control Services in Rushden

At Pestforce Rushden, we handle a wide range of pest problems, including but not limited to:

Rat Control Services in Rushden

Rats can pose a significant threat to both health and property in Rushden. At Pestforce Rushden, we specialize in effective rat control. Our approach involves a thorough inspection of your property, identifying and sealing entry points, and employing safe, humane methods for rat elimination. We focus on not just removing the current infestation but also providing advice and solutions to prevent future occurrences, ensuring your Rushden home or business remains rat-free.

Mice Control Services in Rushden

Mice are a common problem in the Rushden area. Our mice control services are designed to tackle these intruders quickly and efficiently. We start with a detailed assessment of the infestation, followed by strategic placement of traps and baits. Our team also advises on preventive measures to secure your property against future invasions. With Pestforce Rushden, you can rest assured that your mice problem will be handled professionally and effectively.

Grey Squirrel Control in Rushden

Grey squirrels can cause significant damage to gardens and properties in Rushden. Pestforce Rushden offers specialized grey squirrel control services. Our methods are safe, humane, and comply with local wildlife laws. We focus on habitat management and deterrents to control the grey squirrel population effectively. Our team is well-versed in the behaviors of grey squirrels in the Rushden area, ensuring targeted and successful control.

Wasp Nest Removal in Rushden

Wasps can be more than a nuisance; they pose a risk, especially if allergic. Pestforce Rushden provides professional wasp nest removal services. Our experts are equipped to safely remove wasp nests from all types of properties in Rushden, ensuring the safety of your family and pets. We also offer advice on how to keep your property wasp-free in the future.

Ant Control in Rushden

Ants can invade homes and businesses in large numbers. At Pestforce Rushden, our ant control strategies are tailored to address the specific species and severity of your ant problem. We use eco-friendly treatments and provide long-term solutions to keep your Rushden property ant-free. Our team also educates clients on preventive practices to maintain an ant-free environment.

Fly Control in Rushden

Flies can be a significant issue, particularly in the warmer months in Rushden. Pestforce Rushden’s fly control techniques are designed to effectively manage and prevent fly infestations. We utilize a combination of traps, light traps, and safe chemical treatments, ensuring a fly-free environment in your Rushden home or business.

Bedbug Control in Rushden

Bedbug infestations require expert handling, especially in a residential area like Rushden. Our bedbug control measures at Pestforce Rushden involve a comprehensive plan that includes identification, eradication, and preventive strategies. We use the latest techniques and products to ensure these pests are completely removed from your property.

Flea Control in Rushden

Fleas can be a distressing problem in homes, particularly those with pets. Pestforce Rushden offers effective flea control services, using safe and reliable methods to eliminate fleas from your home or business. We also provide valuable advice on how to prevent future flea infestations in the Rushden area.

Pigeon Control and Proofing in Rushden

Pigeons can cause damage and health risks. Our pigeon control and proofing services in Rushden are designed to deter pigeons in a humane way. We use various methods like netting, spikes, and avian deterrents to keep pigeons away from your property. Our team also offers structural proofing solutions to ensure long-term protection.

Bee Relocation Services in Rushden

At Pestforce Pest Control Rushden, we're not just about pest elimination; we understand the critical role bees play in our ecosystem.

Thus, we're dedicated to providing professional bee relocation services in Rushden and the wider Northampton area, ensuring both the safety of your property and the preservation of these vital pollinators.

Discovering Honey Bees at Your Residence

Finding bees within your dwelling demands immediate attention.

Our initial step involves a comprehensive site survey, utilising advanced thermal imaging technology to pinpoint bee colonies.

This innovative approach allows us to ascertain the full scale of the infestation, recognising that some bee colonies, particularly those established over long durations, may harbour old combs invisible to thermal detection.

We advocate for the complete removal of these combs to avert future bee invasions.

Our Methodical Bee Relocation Approach

  1. Initial Survey: Conducting an in-depth evaluation to locate the bees and assess infestation levels.
  2. Quotation: Providing a detailed quote, considering any necessary special equipment, structural modifications, and the complexity of bee removal.
  3. Preparation for Removal: Organizing safe access and prepping for the secure extraction of the bee colony.
  4. Bee Extraction: Skillfully removing the bees, their comb, and reserves, leaving no trace to deter future colonies.
  5. Property Restoration: Diligently returning your property to its original condition, especially in heritage buildings requiring sensitive handling.
  6. Bee Proofing: Implementing measures to shield previously affected areas from new infestations as part of the restoration process.
  7. Relocation and Aftercare: Transferring the bees to a new habitat where they can thrive and contribute to local agriculture through pollination.

The Necessity for Bee Removal Ignoring a bee infestation can lead to severe implications:

  • Structural Damage: Compromising the integrity of your property.
  • Attracting Other Pests: Bees can draw moths, flies, and more.
  • Health Risks: The danger of bee stings, especially to those with allergies, children, and pets.

Ethical Removal and Community Engagement

We employ humane methods in our removal process, recognising the importance of bees to our environment.

Our contribution extends beyond removal; we've successfully rehomed over 410,000 bees, integrating them back into the ecosystem. 

Addressing the Swarm Phenomenon

The recent surge in honey bee swarms can be unsettling.

We offer complimentary removal services for these swarms, transforming potential nuisances into thriving bee communities, further underlining our commitment to environmental conservation.

For Rushden residents seeking a balance between property safety and ecological responsibility, Pestforce Pest Control Rushden is your go-to for ethical, effective bee relocation services.

Join us in protecting and preserving our local bee populations for a greener, safer future.

For expert bee relocation services that put safety and sustainability first, reach out to Pestforce Pest Control Rushden. Let's work together to protect your home and our precious bees.

Woodworm Treatment in Rushden

Woodworm can compromise the structural integrity of properties in Rushden. Our woodworm treatment procedures are thorough and effective. We identify the type of woodworm, assess the extent of the damage, and use appropriate treatments to eradicate the infestation. Our treatments also aim to prevent future infestations, preserving your wooden structures in Rushden.

We pride ourselves on our customer-centric approach.

Every pest situation is unique, and we tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction with our services.

Don't let pests take over your space.

Contact Mark and George at Pestforce Rushden for reliable, effective, and affordable pest control services in Rushden.

Call us to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards a pest-free property.

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