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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes. 

My name is Trevor King, I'm a highly qualified and experienced pest controller serving Milton Keynes and local areas near me. 

Each pest problem is different and therefore requires a bespoke finely tuned approach in order to get rid of the pests and prevent them from coming back.

Please don't just rely on advice from friends or the guides you may see on the internet - contact a local and trusted pest controller that has years of experience. 

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Pest Control Services in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes has plenty of different pests that frustrate both business owners and homeowners.

Here are some of the most common pests that I tackle:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Wasps and wasp nests
  • Bees and bee nests
  • Squirrels
  • Birds and Pigeons
  • Moles
  • Foxes
  • Bed Bugs
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • and many more

Residential pest control in MK:

  • Home pest invasions like rats, mice and bed bugs
  • Garden pest control to fight off foxes, moles and squirrels
  • Loft and attic pest control to deal with ants, spiders and pigeons
  • Roofing pest control to remove bee and wasp nests and rodent entry points

Commercial pest control in MK :

  • Getting rid of mice or rats in food service businesses like restaurants, takeaways and coffee shops
  • Office pest control, dealing with deep-rooted invasions like ants and cockroaches
  • Pest control for medical practices and clinics to ensure the property meets the sanitary hygiene standards that patients expect
  • Shop and retail pest control services such as removing entry points for birds and dealing with bee and wasp nests hanging on the roof

If you're suffering a pest-related problem in your home, restaurant, office building or store, don't hesitate to get in touch with me, Trevor, on 01908 596 151 today.  

Rat Control in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Rat Control

Most people would scream at the sight of a rat because they're fast, they scutter around and fit into small spaces, and they're commonly associated with filth and disease. Unfortunately, they can get into any home regardless of how clean it is on the surface, especially if it's cold and your home offers a warm place for them to take shelter. Luckily for you, our Milton Keynes rat control is a popular service that I provide.

I've dealt with plenty of rat infestations before in Milton Keynes, giving me plenty of experience and knowledge in dealing with the initial problem. However, I can also help ensure that the rats don't return and burrow their way into your property by sealing all of the entrances to your property as well as using baits and traps. I'll deploy a variety of different strategies based on the size of the infestation, your property and also whatever seems most effective based on individual circumstances that I will examine when I arrive at your property.

If you're tired of seeing rats in your home restaurant, pantry or office, give me a call today on 01908 596 151 for my Milton Keynes rat control service and I will be happy to help you.

Mice Control in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Mice Control

Most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a rat and a mouse. However, mice control and dealing with rats require different approaches, especially considering how small mice are and the tiny gaps they can fit into. Got a hole the size of a pencil somewhere in your home? That's a prime entry point for a small mouse.

Having dealt with countless mice before in Milton Keynes, I'm more than qualified to help you remedy the issue. Whether you've seen just a single mouse outside your home or can hear them scuttering around in your walls when you're sleeping, I'll help you solve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible using a variety of pest control tactics to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

If you finally want to get rid of the mouse problem you have, or if you're unsure if they're mice or rats, don't hesitate to give me a call today on 01908 596 151.

Milton Keynes Wasp Nest Removal

In the summer, wasps are a very common sight in gardens across Milton Keynes. They're intimidating, angry and hurt like hell when they sting you. That's why our Milton Keynes wasp control and wasp nest removal services are very popular.

Don't let these pests and their nests scare you or your kids from stepping out into the garden. Wasp control is one of the most common services requested by homeowners and property owners in Milton Keynes because they're off-putting and frustrating to deal with. Regardless of where they are in your property or how large their nests are, I'm well-equipped with the right tools and experience to manage your wasp infestation with ease.

If you've found a wasp nest or have noticed a surprisingly large number of them around your property recently, give me a call immediately on 01908 596 151 and I'll come out to your location in Milton Keynes to confirm if it's a wasp infestation, bees or just a passing group - and provide our Milton Keynes wasp control or wasp nest removal services.

Bee Control in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Bee Relocation

Bees are often mistaken for wasps because they look very similar. They have black and white stripes, similar wings and make a buzzing sound when they fly around, so it's perfectly understandable to confuse them. However, bees are beneficial to the environment and they're commonly spotted in gardens across Milton Keynes. However, you might still want to request bee control and bee nest removal services if they're being a nuisance.

I can understand that bees can get quite frustrating to deal with, hence why I'm more than happy to help you relocate those bees away from your home if they're causing trouble or control them so that their numbers don't overwhelm you. As beneficial as bees are to the environment, they can be a nuisance now and then too.

Just give me a call on 01908 596 151 and I will be delighted to provide our Milton Keynes bee control and bee nest removal services if required.

Squirrel Control in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Squirrel Control

If you have unwanted squirrels invading your home or property in Milton Keynes then I'm here to help. Whether it's the endangered red squirrel that you want to relocate and move away from your property or annoying grey squirrels that are running across your roof and causing trouble for your family or customers, my squirrel control services are ideal for both situations.

Squirrel control can be difficult in Milton Keynes because they're so fast and hard to predict, so give me a call on 01908 596 151 and I'll visit your property to see what can be done. There's no harm in giving me a call to see how I can help.

Bird Control in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Bird Control

People often think that all pests are grounded, but birds and pigeons can be equally as annoying and extremely difficult to control because they're flying in the air. Our Milton Keynes bird control and pigeon proofing is another common service that is regularly requested of me. Although birds are a common sight in Milton Keynes, there's no denying that they can cause problems with droppings, nests and other pestering behaviours.

They're very difficult to deal with, but I've had my fair share of bird and pigeon related pest control callouts. Be it protecting your home's solar panels or pigeon proofing your business so that they don't raid your pantry, I have various different strategies that can help you deal with these flying pests.

If you're tired of seeing birds and pigeons flocking around your property in Milton Keynes, give me a call on 01908 596 151 and I'll be happy to assist you.

Bed Bug Control in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs can be incredibly stressful to have around your home. They bite you and make you itchy, they leave behind nasty droppings on your bed and they multiply every day. Bed bug control is incredibly difficult because the bugs can spread on clothes from one person to another and start a completely new infestation. However, I'm more than confident that I can help you solve such a troublesome and frightening infestation.

If you're unsure if you have a bed bug infestation, don't hesitate to contact me today on 01908 596 151 and I'll come out to your location in Milton Keynes to help you.

Cockroach Control in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are perhaps the most unsightly pest that could invade your home or business. It gives chills to everyone that sees them and they're relatively common in Milton Keynes, so don't be too alarmed if you see them. I'm more than happy to provide my expertise with our Milton Keynes cockroach control service to help you remedy the issue and deal with all the different types of cockroach.

Be it the Oriental cockroach, the German cockroach or the American cockroach, simply give me a call on 01908 596 151 and I'll be happy to examine your situation and provide a solution.

Flea Control in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Flea Control

Fleas are a surprisingly common problem for homes across Milton Keynes especially if you have pets. I've handled my fair share of flea control callouts and I'm more than happy to cater for your needs, ensuring that I handle any pets with care and inspect your home thoroughly to put together a plan to get rid of your flea problem.

If you're tired of fleas ruining your day, don't hesitate to contact me, Trevor, today on 01908 596 151 to discuss your flea problem and what we can do about it and how our Milton Keynes flea control service works.

Other Milton Keynes Pest Services

While the pests listed above are the most common that I've personally dealt with, I also provide pest control services in Milton Keynes for the following:

  • Moles
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Hornets
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Cluster Flies
Whatever type of pest you're dealing within your home or property, I'm more than happy to assist by offering my professional pest control services to your location in Milton Keynes. Simply give me a call on 01908 596 1512 and we can arrange an inspection date for my services.

Recent Milton Keynes Jobs

Rodents chewed through air vent to enter loft space in Milton Keynes, MK13, 3rd January 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes received a call to attend a property in Milton Keynes where the occupants had raised concerns after hearing noises in their loft space. On our arrival we conducted as survey, fresh droppings were discovered in the loft alongside clear impressions in the insulation. On further inspection the point of entry was identified. The rodents had chewed through an air vent to gain entry to the loft. Following our recommended rodent treatment program, we fitted new rodent proof air vents to block off the point of entrance and changed the other air vents to new rodent proof air vents, which will prevent the rats from finding alternative entry in the future.

Click to see more recent jobs.

Wasp nest in air vent at a property in Milton Keynes, MK45, 29th October 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes were called out to investigate the increasing number of wasps around an air vent of a property in Milton Keynes. Our team arrived at an agreed time and began by completing a survey of the property. Wasps were identified entering an air vent from outside of the property, a wasp’s nest was then discovered to be inside the air vent. Treatment was initiated immediately; our client was then informed to call us if there is still activity after 72 hours. The wasps remained active, and a second treatment was then carried out, which was successful.

Nuisance pigeons and guano clean up in Milton Keynes, MK18, 24th September 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes were called out to a property in Milton Keynes to eradicate nuisance pigeons and clean up the pigeon guano. On inspection there were approximately 25 resident pigeons, several roosting areas and a great deal of guano. We discussed the treatment options with our client and agreed a suitable course of action. Treatment commenced with the eradication of the pigeons, followed up by the guano clean up including biocide and disinfectant. Bird proofing was then installed to protect the area from future congregation of pigeons.

Historic rodent concern requires monitoring in Milton Keynes, MK18, 25th August 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes visited a property that had historically suffered an ongoing problem with rodents. We arrived at the home in Milton Keynes at the agreed time to examine the loft space for any recent rodent activity. On this occasion we were not able to identify any new activity suggestive of further infestation. This is excellent news for our client. Further to our inspection we set to work with disinfectant and sanitiser and used odorcide to eliminate the odour. The client is delighted and we are always on hand to assist in the future should there be any further concerns regarding rats or mice.

Rats invade gas cupboard near bin store in Milton Keynes, MK9, 15th August 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes received a call from a lady who was concerned about droppings she had discovered in a cupboard in her home in Milton Keynes. We agreed a suitable time to visit and investigate this for her. We arrived at the agreed time and began investigation completing a survey of the property. We noted a high level of smear marks into the upper cupboard via gas pipes, there was further evidence of rat droppings externally around the bin store. The gas cupboard doors were also discovered to be rotten along the bottom, allowing easy access for rodents. We started our extremely successful rodent treatment program immediately and scheduled a second visit one week later. We returned one week later to monitor the progress and discovered that there had been evidence of rat activity within the cupboard and around the gas pipes. We replaced the foam that had been pushed aside, replenished baits and agreed to visit one week later. We arrived for our third visit, there was no evidence of activity, which is amazing. We then were able to use a rodent proof mesh on the inside of the cupboard doors and around the gas pipes, this will help to prevent future access to any rodents. We then removed all of our equipment, our client was delighted to finally be rodent free.

Wasp nest discovered in new build property in Milton Keynes, MK13, 11th August 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes were called out to attend a new build unoccupied property in Milton Keynes. The building company had discovered the nest whilst working on the property. We attended the same day to avoid the company losing valuable time with the works on this new home. We inspected the exterior of the property and identified the point of entrance the wasps were using; we then entered the loft space and located the wasp nest. Our team have a great deal of experience with insecticidal treatments and this wasp nest and surrounding wasps were quickly treated and successfully eradicated. Our team were also able to remove the wasp nest on this occasion. Our client was issued health and safety advice following the wasp nest treatment.

Bumble bees relocated to an orchard tree in Milton Keynes, MK10, 1st August 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes were called to investigate the large quantity of bumble bees spotted entering our client’s garage in Milton Keynes. Our team arrived the same day and conducted an inspection in the garage, a bumble bee nest was soon discovered inside a filing cabinet. Bumble bees are beneficial to our environment and are currently on the endangered species list therefore we decided to remove them and relocate the bees to a new home more suitable. Our team is highly trained and experienced in bee relocation and set to work immediately. This is definitely a job best left to professionals. The team began by scooping up the bee’s nest from the filing cabinet and placing into a bee box, ensuring the queen bee is inside the bee box, the box is then left in place for the day. This encourages the rest of the colony to follow and enter the bee box by themselves. Using this method is much better for us and the bees, as we are minimising the disturbance to the bees and not causing additional stress resulting in angry bumble bees. Our team returned later the same evening and checked the bee box, which was by now, housing all the bees. They treated the filing cabinet with a bee deterrent to prevent further activity, and carefully removed the bee box. The bees were then relocated to an orchard tree and quickly began to settle. They will certainly be much happier in the orchard tree and continue to play their important role within their new environment.

Biocide clean following squirrel intrusion in a loft space in Milton Keynes, MK7, 4th July 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes received a call to investigate noises, possibly rodents, in the loft space in a home in Milton Keynes. We arrived the same day and conducted a survey of the loft space, during which we discovered the intruder was a squirrel. The squirrels point of entry was identified and droppings and urine were also noted, although the squirrel was not present during our inspection. As the squirrel was not present, we had the opportunity to seal the hole used to gain entry, without fear of blocking the squirrel in the loft. Squirrels are rodents and as such are also known to transmit various viruses and diseases, Hantavirus, Leptospirosis and Salmonella to name a few. Contact with rodent droppings, urine, nesting materials, carcasses, and inhalation of dust close to rodent activity are all risk factors of contracting these rodent transmitted diseases. Therefore, due to the amount of squirrel droppings and urine in this loft space we recommended we sanitise and conduct a biocide clean in order to protect the household from the risk of disease and virus transmission potentially left by the squirrel. Our pest control team are all trained to safely carry out biocide treatments.

Silverfish infestation in Milton Keynes, MK12, 23rd June 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes were call out to a place of care in Milton Keynes where they believed they had a silverfish infestation. Our team arrived and completed a full inspection of the areas of concern. Silverfish are nocturnal creatures, and no sightings were noted on inspection. We put a monitoring procedure in place and booked to visit again a few weeks later. Silverfish love dark, moist areas, so bathrooms are a haven. On return to this place of care, we were able to identify silverfish infestation from the monitoring procedure. We arranged for a treatment using an insecticide spray, concentrating mostly on the high-level infestation areas, toilet, and storeroom. This will eradicate the infestation. Silverfish are harmless to humans, although their droppings can cause damage to carpets, clothing, and various paper items.

Squirrels nest in loft space in Milton Keynes, MK10, 31st May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes received a call and swiftly attended a home in Milton Keynes. During the call the client explained they were hearing scratching and gnawing noises in the loft.  On our arrival we conducted a full inspection of the loft space, we discovered a squirrel’s nest, a deceased kit along with evidence of gnawing. We commenced work with our squirrel trapping program and scheduled a follow up visit. During the second visit our client also mentioned they had seen a rodent in their garden, with this information we also began a rodent treatment program in the garden in addition to our progress monitoring in the loft space. In the loft space we checked the traps and checked for signs of further activity, nothing was noted. We agreed to visit again the following week. The third and final visit we had successful results and we were able to remove all traps and bait boxes. Our team were able to then seal the hole to prevent further access to birds or squirrels, this was completed on the final visit to ensure that nothing was trapped inside when sealed. This home is now rat and squirrel free.

Rats pay a short visit to a home in Milton Keynes, MK2 - 27th April 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes attended a property in Milton Keynes where there were concerns that rodents were moving in. Our rodent team were soon in attendance and completed a full survey. On removal of the kickboard in the kitchen, rat droppings were identified. During the survey we also discovered activity in an outside cupboard which had a hole at the bottom, this hole led the rats directly into the hallway of the home. We discussed our highly successful 3-visit rodent treatment program, each visit one week apart, with the client. Our team began immediately with the placement of bait boxes. On the final of our 3 visits, there was no evidence of further activity. Therefore, it would be prudent to fill the holes and ensure that the cupboard and hallway ‘rat entrance’ is rat proof and no longer a rodent entrance. This will help to avoid another infestation in the future. This has now been accomplished and the client can now enjoy a rat free home.

Pigeon spike installation in Milton Keynes - 14th February 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes received a facebook message in the afternoon the other day from a local commercial client in MK1 who had a pigeon problem at their site. We booked them in for a bird survey of their property for their earliest convenience. Our survey uncovered clear areas at the site that required a biocide clean and pigeon proofing. We gave the customer a bespoke quote for the recommended works. We have since completed the job, cleaning up the bird guano, installing discreet bird proofing measures including bird spikes and bird netting.The customer was over the moon for the fast and effective works of our Milton Keynes pigeon control service.

Rat droppings calls for professional help from a trained pest controller, MK2 - 7th February 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes received a phone call in the afternoon the other day from a local homeowner in Milton Keynes who had found rat droppings in their home. We offered the client some simple advice and scheduled them in for a rodent survey of their home for our next available diary slot. We discovered clear evidence of rat activity with recent rat droppings found in the attic area. To remove the infestation we put in place a unique treatment plan utilising non-toxic rodent baits and rat traps. We have now completed our treatment and the rats have been effectively eradicated. The client was over the moon for the fast and effective treatment of our Milton Keynes rat control services.

Fly spray treatment in loft in Milton Keynes, MK18 - 15th January 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes attended a property in MK after the residents were having serious troubles ridding their loft space of a serious fly infestation. We have since conducted an effective insect spray treatment after identifying the fly species. The loft is now cleared and the flies are gone. We also identified the source of the flies which has been treated and removed. 

Hearing scurrying in the loft in Milton Keynes, MK19 - 4th December 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes had a call from a new customer after they could hear scurrying in the loft. They were now scared of going up there to get down their Xmas decorations. We booked in a pest survey for the next day. Our inspection revealed evidence of mice with lots of droppings found. We devised a riddance plan and securely placed bait and traps in the loft. 6 mice caught and the infestation was erradicated. Another home in MK back to being pest-free. 

Mice control in property in Milton Keynes - 4th November 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes were called in to help a family after they were struggling to erradicate a mouse infestation from their barn conversion in MK. They had been trying to control the issue themselves with shop-brought pest control remedies. We attended the day after their call and conducted a detailed pest survey. There was obvious signs of mice in the loft primarily so a treatment plan was devised and set up. After 3 visits we had successfully caught 10 mice. With the infestation erradicated we set about proofing the obvious rodent entry points, one of which was through a vent in the soffits. The mice had climbed the walls, crawled through the vent, chewed the tubing, entered the wall cavity and found their way into the living areas of the house. Now the property is fully rodent proofed with a vent cover and proofing of a gap under the patio doors. 

Mole trapping in Milton Keynes, MK18 - 27th September 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes have recently cleared a back garden of a troublesome mole problem. After 2 visits worth of placing our effective mole traps we have successful caught the one mole that had been causing several mole hills across the garden of the property in Milton Keynes. Another happy customer and a mole free garden near you. 

Pigeons trapped in loft space in Milton Keynes, MK18 - 16th September 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes were called out to survey a home in Milton Keynes for a suspected bird trapped in the loft. We attened and found 2 trapped pigeons who had created a large mess. We managed to free the birds and then quoted to the client to clean up the bird mess and loft insulation. They agreed and we reattended the next day to fully biocide and disinfect the area and sealed the entry point to which the pigeons entered the loft. 

Emergency wasp nest treatment for pregnant women - 9th September 2021

After desperately calling the local council to help remove a wasp nest from her property and being given a 3 week wait, we were quickly called in to help this heavily pregnant lady with her pest problem. We were availble the same day and had the wasp nest which was situated at gutter level of a 3 storey building treated in under 20 minutes. An effective treatment which killed the wasp nest and another very grateful customer who was very impressed with the all round service. 

Milton Keynes Wasp control, MK2 - 2nd September 2021

Pestforce Pest Control MK treated an large wasp nest on the top of a 3 storey building in Milton Keynes. After climbing our ladder we found the entry point to the nest and treated with Ficam insecticide dust. An effective treatment and now no more wasps. 

Ant nest treatment in Milton Keynes, MK13 - 20th August 2021

Pestforce Pest Control MK have started a treament for garden ants after a large infestation had been seen by tenants in their conservatory and patio area. Ant gel pots have been left at strategic positions and a partial spray treatment carried out to the perimeter of the house where ant activity was evident. So far the ant problem has reduced significantly and we will attend a follow up visit next week. 

Cluster fly treatment in Millton Keynes, MK10 - 11th August 2021

Pestforce Pest Control MK were called out after a mass of flies had ben reported near a client's home in Milton Keynes. We treated the fly swarm with an inseciticide and now the issue has been ressolved. Effective cluster fly solutions, always call Trevor. 

Rat infestation erradicated in MK1 - 2nd August 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes are in the middle of a trapping programme for a domestic customer living on the outskirts of Milton Keynes. We have placed strategic rat traps throughout the property and so far have been very successful. A further follow up is due to check traps and remove all of the infestation has been erradicated. 

Wasp nest treatment in Milton Keynes, MK17 - 15th July 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes treated a wasp in a loft space for a client last week. We were confident the nest was treated however a call from the client a week later mentioned the nest might still be active. We were more than happy to return the client's home and treat again to ensure the problem was gone for good. 

Wasp nest removal in Milton Keynes, MK18 - 1st July 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes were called to treat a wasp nest after the gardener had been stung whilst mowing the lawn. We located the nest under the lawn, treated the nest and was confident the wasp problem had been effectively dealt with. One happy albeit a bit sore client. 

Wasp Control Milton Keynes, MK3 - 29th June 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes were called under the assumption they were carrying out a bee relocation, however, on arrival at the client's property we identified the insects were in facts wasps entering the brickwork of the client's home. We treated the wasps and have been informed no more wasps have been present at his property. 

Spray treatment for fleas in home in Milton Keynes, MK2 - 3rd June 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes carried out a flea spray treatment to a residential home after a inspection of upstairs and downstairs room confirmed obvious evidence of fleas present. We treated all cracks and crevices in the affected rooms and confirmed to the client we would follow up with a ULV treatment. Flea problem no more, very effective treatment carried out and another happy client. 

Garden Ant problem in Milton Keynes, MK11 - 28th May 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes attended a home in Milton Keynes after a couple were struggling to self treat a heavy infestation of ants in their garden. We attended the same day and baited the garden to erradicate the ant issue. The customer called us a weeks later to say the ant treatment has been successful. Another happy customer. 

Mice control for pub in Milton Keynes, MK12 - 5th May 2021 

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes were called out to a local pub who were having an issue with mice in their outside bar and garden area. We have set traps in safe areas of the garden and have already caught one mouse after 2 visits. Further visits due however mice sightings have reduced significantly. Problem should be fully erradicated after another 2 visits. 

Milton Keynes Wasp Nest Removal in Loft for Renovated Bungalow - MK2, Milton Keynes, 30th April 2021

Our Milton Keynes wasp removal service was activated after a call from a building company that was refurbishing a bungalow. They had spotted 2 wasp nests in the loft. Our Milton Keynes wasp nest removal experts visited and found a further 3, and we're pleased to say that all 5 wasp nests were removed.

Milton Keynes Mice Control Needed After Previously Having Wasp Problems - MK4, Milton Keynes, 20th April 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes recently visited a customer that we had treated for wasps last year that now has mice. After inspecting the property in Milton Keynes for pests, and setting some traps, we walked around the house to look for some entry points. Our local Milton Keynes pest experts noticed a deflated rubber ring (the customer has swimming pool) that had water in it. As we emptied it, we noticed some crested newts (protected). We spoke with client who said that they may have come from a wooded area in her garden where she had been refurbishing a small pond. This turned out to be good news as there was a planning application in a field next door and building cannot be undertaken within 25 meters away from newts, so the houses won't be too close, so the customer was very pleased.

Milton Keynes Mice Control Needed After Noises Heard Within Walls - MK1, Milton Keynes, 8th April 2021

A customer contacted Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes after hearing noises in their walls and floors. Our Milton Keynes rodent control team visited and conducted a survey which revealed a mice infestation. A redundant pipe leading into the kitchen from the garden was providing a convenient entry point for the mice. After a successful treatment and proofing, we are pleased to say the property is now pest free!

Milton Keynes Squirrel Control Catches Squirrels Within One Hour - MK4, Milton Keynes, 22nd March 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes recently visited a client that had suspected squirrel activity. After a survey I confirmed that they did indeed have a problem and showed where they were entering the loft. Our Milton Keynes pest controllers set some traps in a loft at approx. 1500 and was called within an hour to remove a captured squirrel!

From Milton Keynes Mice Control To Wasp Control - MK1, Milton Keynes, 12th March 2021

Our Milton Keynes pest controllers were asked to attend a household in to deal with a mice infestation that the client had been self treating. We checked in the loft and found 2 wasps flying around, and explained to the customer that these ere emerging queens coming out of hibernation and that there must be a nest. The wasps were destroyed and after 2 further visits there was no more mice activity and our local pest controllers subsequently sealed the entry point.

Milton Keynes Pest Control For Haunted Converted Pub - MK6, Milton Keynes, 24th February 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes was visiting a converted 18 century pub where rats were present. Our local pest controllers checked in the cellar where there was an area known as the bread ovens. On the steps into the ovens, our Milton Keynes pest controllers saw some deposits of sand where rodent had been digging out into the wall. We took a picture and across the phone screen there was a striation of light. After discussing the baiting process with the customer, she asked if the bait smelt of tobacco and after I said I had seen this light on my phone which could of been a puff of smoke she replied "well it is haunted down there"! Subsequently our following visits were a little more scary.

Milton Keynes Rodent Control at Place of Worship - MK1, Milton Keynes, 8th February 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes were called to investigate rodent infestation at a hall of worship as a result of a leak. The job was booked in for after the weekend due to limited availability, however over the weekend there was a second leak, so the client called another pest control company who attended. By chance, we were driving by and the customer flagged us down. We discussed the situation, and we were asked to complete a full survey to identify the pest and how they were getting in. Upon the survey we had identified that it was a mouse problem as there were droppings (the previous company had set a rat trap) and had worked out how they were getting in.

Milton Keynes Rat Cleaning and Sanitisation - MK4, Milton Keynes, 19th January 2021

After a previous pest control company had eradicated and removed some rats from an attached outbuilding, Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes were called to clean and sanitize the building. This was undertaken in two visits, by way of fumigating with a bio sanitizer, vacuuming all droppings and then wet spraying all surfaces with a sanitizer to kill all pathogens and diseases carried by rats.

Milton Keynes Bird Guano Clean Up - MK3, Milton Keynes, 12th December 2020

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes were called by a building company recently to undertake a pigeon guano clean up in a derelict building before refurbishment work could commence. The whole building was very hazardous as the birds were on the upper floors. The floorboards were removed by the builders and pigeons had defecated all over the rafters. Our Milton Keynes pest controllers were removing guano and treating rafters at height without any stable footing. The whole job was completed within a week in order to enable the contractors to keep to schedule.

Rat Found in Milton Keynes Sofa - MK4, Milton Keynes, 18th November 2020

This morning our Milton Keynes rat control team attended to a customer who had witnessed a rat in his living room. He called our local pest control team and we attended to inspect the property, and to everyones surprise, we discovered the rat inside the customers sofa! We removed the rat and suspected it had been poisoned. We asked the neighbour and he explained that he'd been self-treating after a major rat problem which Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes were able to support him with and resolve the rodent problem.

Wasps Gaining Entry Via Roof Tiles - MK3, Milton Keynes, 11th November 2020

Today our Milton Keynes wasp control team attended to a customer who noticed wasps entering through roof tiles into the daughters bedroom. Another local Milton Keynes pest control company had attended this property twice but had since stopped answering calls from the customer. Our experts inspected the very tight loft cavity and noticed a very small hole in the ceiling. We located and removed the wasp nest much to the delight of the customer.

Milton Keynes Rat Control for Rats in Cavity Wall - MK1, Milton Keynes, 5th November 2020

Today our Milton Keynes rat control team attended to a semi detached house where the customer could hear noises from within his cavity wall. He had previously engaged with a different Milton Keynes pest control company who could not find any evidence of rodent activity. After discussing with the client that rodents may be coming from next door, we spoke with the next door neighbour and undertook a survey. We discovered lots of rat droppings in the loft and an entry point. Needless to say, we commenced our Milton Keynes rat control treatments and are confident we will eliminate any rat infestation present.

Cluster Fly Control in Loft - MK3, Milton Keynes, 26th October 2020

Our Milton Keynes pest control team were called by a lady who was renovating her home, and the surveyor had seen wasps in the loft. We attended and did a thorough inspection of the property and found a small old nest in the loft, but also discovered the loft had a significant cluster fly problem. In addition to this, we also found the fireplace was full of bird droppings too. We advised the customer that this should be removed as it presented a potential health hazard to the builders, and provided a proposal to treat and remove the droppings in addition to treating the cluster flies in the loft.

Pestforce Providing Unrivalled Milton Keynes Wasp Control - MK2, Milton Keynes, 14th October 2020

Our Milton Keynes wasp controllers recently attended to a lady who needed our local pest control service after having a bad experience with a very large pest control company last year. In her words, they were 'robbers' and she was hoping that Pestforce Milton Keynes could do a better job. Needless to say, we did not disappoint. Our whole mission is to provide the golden national standard that Pestforce is known for, locally here in Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes Neighbourhood Mole Control - MK5, Milton Keynes, 2nd October 2020

Our Milton Keynes pest control team had their hands full with a recent visit to a client who contacted us about a nuisance mole. Whilst discussing the characteristics and behaviour of a mole, and that the range of a mole is 100 square metres, our Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes were then approached by three neighbours. One of the neighbours said he saw a mole go into his shed. We inspected the shed and found evidence of rodent activity, so we implemented some rat control treatments. Another neighbour was attempting some DIY mole control, and was using rat poison and Jack Daniels! Our Milton Keynes mole control experts set traps in all gardens and caught the mole within one week, much to the delight of all the neighbours involved.

Milton Keynes Pest Control on Local Farm - MK2, Milton Keynes, 21st September 2020

Having grown up in the country and been involved in shooting for over 40 years I undertake pest control for farmers and land owners across Milton Keynes, whether it is controlling rabbits, via ferreting or shooting, deer and birds. Recently Pestforce Pest Control were charged with controlling pigeons and corvids on a recently harvested crop, which in turn protected near by crops from damage. We had great success thanks largely to my trusty apprentice, Ruger, my 2 year old labrador!

Wasp Control in Milton Keynes for Wasp Nest Under Decking - MK3, Milton Keynes, 11th September 2020

This morning our Milton Keynes Wasp Nest Removal team attended to a customer who had a noticeable wasp issue in their garden. Our team were able to treat the problem, a wasp nest which was under their decking, and swiftly removed the nest without issue. If you have noticed an increase in wasp activity or discovered a wasp nest in Milton Keynes, call our local wasp control team at your earliest convenience.

Milton Keynes Bird Proofing - MK4, Woodhill, Milton Keynes, 8th September 2020

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes were called today by a local gun shop where a lady was interested in purchasing a gun to shoot some jackdaws that were pulling thatch from her thatched roof. Our Milton Keynes bird control team spoke with the lady and explained the law under general licence and advised her to apply some bird proofing gel that makes the house look like it's on fire, thus keeping the birds away. We helped her with this treatment which had almost immediate effect on the jackdaws.

Rats in Milton Keynes Shed - MK9, Campbell Park, Milton Keynes, 31st August 2020

Today our Milton Keynes rat control team attended to a customer near Campbell Park who had discovered rats in their shed and outbuildings. On inspection, the rats were coming from their neighbours garden, who had been hoarding a lot of items in the garden and some of the outbuildings. We advised both parties to destroy any unwanted items and we proceeded to eliminate the rat problem and cleanse the outbuildings. Our Milton Keynes rat control service prevailed and the rat issue was resolved.

Milton Keynes Bee Control for Under Mobile Home - MK3, Milton Keynes, 21st August 2020

Today our local Milton Keynes bee control experts were called by a loss adjuster to remove bees for under a mobile home. Workmen were ready to repair a damaged floor but couldn't proceed due to the bees. Our Milton Keynes bee control team arrived and relocated the bees using our professional bee vacuum, meaning the floor repair works could continue.

Milton Keynes Ant Control For Ant Infestation Inside The Walls - MK3, Milton Keynes, 12th August 2020

Today our Milton Keynes pest control team tackled a significant ant infestation for a customer. They had a puppy arriving in 5 days and needed the ant problem taken care of as soon as possible. The ant infestation was so bad we had to drill holes into the wall to get to the nest! Thankfully we were able to treat the ants and very quickly started noticing the results of the ant control treatment.

Milton Keynes Wasp Control After Infant Stung in Cot - MK1, Milton Keynes, 3rd August 2020

Our Milton Keynes wasp experts attended a customer, a worried mother whose infant had been stung by a wasp in their cot! This young family had moved out and stayed with relatives out of fear. Our experts attended and located a small hole in the bedroom ceiling. The wasp nest was then located and destroyed, to the delight of the family who could now return home.

Milton Keynes Bee Relocation - MK7, Milton Keynes, 28th July 2020

Today our local Milton Keynes pest control team were called to a property where they had a serious problem with bees in a hole in their garden. With this recent spell of great weather, these bees stopped the customer from enjoying their garden. We attended the property armed with our trusted bee vacuum and successfully removed and relocated the bees leaving the customer free to enjoy their garden in peace!

Milton Keynes Rat Proofing - MK2, Milton Keynes, 13th July 2020

Today we attended a customer who was recently serviced by a different local Milton Keynes pest control technician. In the customers words, this pest controller offered "value too good to be true". Well it seemed that turned out to be true, the Milton Keynes rat treatment they were booked for was the bare minimum. There was no follow up work or and rat proofing carried out. On our inspection, we immediately identified the point of entry, a broken air brick, which the rats were using to gain access to the property. We blocked this entry point and treated the property properly. We're pleased to report that there have been zero rat sightings since and the customer says she wishes she had come straight to Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes in the first place.

Thatched Roof Pest Control - MK9, Milton Keynes, 2nd July 2020

Today Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes were called to a thatched roofed property who were waiting for it to be re-thatched. Their property enjoyed a large garden with lots of trees attracted lots of squirrels. Our solution was to set live traps outside, which started catching squirrels immediately. As a long term measure, we installed Good Nature traps which has also had lots of success trapping squirrels before they can get to the property. The customer was very pleased with our comprehensive squirrel control measures we put in place.

Milton Keynes Fox Control and Removal - MK2, Brickfields, Milton Keynes, 26th June 2020

This morning our Milton Keynes Fox Control team completed a fox treatment at a school. We were initially called by the school they had a problem with foxes defecating the playground. We conducted a risk assessment and ruled out shooting due to the nearby road, housing and park. We proposed a trapping treatment and have extracted several foxes from the premises. The school were very pleased with Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes and our local fox control service.

Milton Keynes Rat Removal from Garden - MK9, Milton Keynes, 21st June 2020

This weekend, our Milton Keynes rat removal team finished the treatment for a customer in central Milton Keynes. They had been having problems with rats in their garden and were getting a puppy soon and wanted to make sure the garden was free of rodents so the puppy could enjoy the garden. So our Milton Keynes pest controllers, along with an unlikely ally - the customers pet cat - managed to trap 8 rats over the course of our rat control treatment. We're pleased to confirm there have been no rats at the property since and would like to thank our feline associate for their support. The customer was very pleased with our Milton Keynes rat control service.

Milton Keynes Wasp Nest Removal, Caught in the Act - MK3, Milton Keynes, 17th June 2020

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes were called this afternoon to a customer who thought they could hear bees in their loft. We conducted our standard pest control inspection of the property and on inspection in the loft, we discovered the makings of a wasp nest. This is amongst one of the first wasp nests we've treated this year. We did our Milton Keynes wasp nest removal service after treating the wasp nest. The customer was delighted we were able to intervene and remove their wasp nest without any issue.

Bumblebee Nest Under Decking, Removed and Relocated - MK2, Milton Keynes, 12th June 2020

This morning Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes attended a property who had bumblebees under their decking in their garden. We removed the nest and relocated it so the family can continue enjoying their garden once the weather improves. They were very pleased with our speedy bee nest removal service.

Milton Keynes Booklice Control Turns into a Wasp Nest Removal - MK1, Milton Keynes, 10th June 2020

This morning we attended to a customer to treat booklice in their loft when she explained that since last year when she had a problem with wasps, her shower extractor fan had stopped working. On closer inspection in the loft, we pulled back the insulation and not only did we discover the old wasp nest (which a previous Milton Keynes pest controller had treated and left there), there was also a wasp comb inside the extractor pipe, blocking it and stopping it from working. The customer purchased some extractor hose and we removed the old host, and wasp comb, and fitted the new extractor pipe so it was working like before! She was very impressed with our comprehensive approach to her booklice and wasp control.

Squirrels in Loft - MK4, Milton Keynes, 5th June 2020

This morning we attended a property who have had squirrels return to the loft annually. Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes inspected the loft and discovered a family of squirrels during the inspection. We caught three squirrels with our traps. It was near impossible to do any proofing on the property, such as blocking up entry holes due to accessibility issues, so we installed Good Nature traps in the loft. The customer accepts she will always have squirrels, but now she has a robust and automated system to keep them away, and she's very happy with our Milton Keynes squirrel control service.

Bumblebee Nest Removal Under Decking - Brickfields, MK2, Milton Keynes, 1st June 2020

Today Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes attended to a customer who were doing some refurbishment works on their garden and were taking up the decking when they discovered a bumblebee nest under the decking. They were concerned as not only could they not use the garden, they had to halt the garden works too. Pestforce Milton Keynes attended and safely removed the nest and rehomed it, leaving the customers free to enjoy their garden and continue with their renovations.

Milton Keynes Squirrel Control for House with Thatched Roof - 27th May 2020

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes recently attended a customer who had squirrels in their garden running onto their thatched roof. To make matters more complicated, the property was a listed building! The customer had already spoken with several thatchers who couldn't help, so it was Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes who came to save the day. We caught some squirrels in the garden, and also left the customer with some Good Nature squirrel traps. These innovative devices are a self maintenance machine, and has a digital camera inside so you can see what's caught inside remotely without physically checking on it. These devices are fantastic for squirrel proofing. This gave the customer peace of mind that the pests are dealt, and future proofign with the Good Nature system for ongoing issues. The customer was very happy with our Milton Keynes squirrel control service!

Milton Keynes Bees Nest Removal Without Pesticides - 7th May 2020

Pestforce Pest Control Milton Keynes attended an emergency pest control case in Milton Keynes of what the customer thought was wasps. After inspection, it turned out to be bumble bees nesting in a bird box. I removed and re located without the need for any pesticide.

Bed bugs in Milton Keynes - 6th December 2019

Pestforce Pest Control MK were called out by a lady who was worried about bed bugs in their child's bedroom and rest of the house. I attended and carried out a ULV treatment following a visit and spray treatment from another pest control company. 

Squirrel Infestation in Milton Keynes - 21st October 2019

Trevor from Pestforce Pest Control MK was called out to a house i where the client had an issue with squirrels as reported by the plumber who had attended because of a problem with cold water supply. The plumber reported a squirrel in the water tank. Trevor from Pestforce attended site and removed 3 drowned squirrels from the tank and made repairs to where they had chewed the water tank lid. The loft was also inspected which was clearly showing signs of infestation, the customer was advised and a solution was put in place.

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