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If you've got moles, rats, mice, wasps, fleas, bees, ants, rabbits, woodworm or birds causing you problems... we can help you.

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Pestforce Pest Control Kettering

Thank you for finding and clicking through to our website. If you have a Pest Control problem or concern, you're in the right place! We can sort a whole manner of issues, no matter how big or small....just give us a call!

When you phone us you will either get through to Mark or George, we are the owners of Pestforce Pest Control Kettering and so can guarantee no pushy sales people at the end of the line! We are a Father & Son partnership with a wealth of knowledge between us, not to mention a keen interest in Environmental Control. 

Your Time is Important – best to book in early

We can be very flexible when we carry out appointments so we’ll work around your diary. We can offer early, late and weekend calls if that works better for you. Appointments are done on a first come first served basis so book early as once they are gone they’re gone.

You Are in Safe Hands – we are qualified and experienced

When working with us you will receive a fully prescribed and accredited pest control service. We will get to the route cause of the problem and then carry out any necessary proofing to avoid the issue reoccurring.   

We are highly trained in the use of all solutions and will always use a NON TOXIC option where possible, ensuring we protect our customers, the environment and ourselves. Only when absoloutly necessary do we use TOXIC solutions within industry accredited guidelines.

We are qualified and experienced in Commercial, Industrial and Domestic services. Our customers include;

  • Farms and agricultural
  • Golf and Sports clubs
  • Schools
  • Letting Agents
  • Day Nurseries
  • Warehoiuses
  • Retail and Food outlets
  • Building companies
  • Domestic properties

Recent Jobs

Wasps in Corby - August 2021

Had a call from a customer who thought they had bees in the soffit.on inspection we identified the insects as wasps a rather large nest .this was treated from the outside with a insecticide dust. The dust is injected into the nest killing the queen and the nest. Now wasps are getting aggressive so please do not try to treat it yourself as stings are painful and in certain people can be very dangerous. So always use a good pest controller 

Rodents in Kettering - February 2021

Had a call from a, gentleman who had a problem with rats getting in the house, on inspection we found they where under a large decking with a open front. They had burrows going in under the extension wall. So the rats where treated with a new fast acting product, so the infestation was controlled within 10 days, we then meshed all around the decking, and underneath wich was difficult. The soil was dug away from the wall and mesh was layed then covered over. This will stop any in the future. Another happy customer.

Hornets in Kettering - June 2020

Pestforce Pest Control Kettering had a call today about some large wasps in the shed. When advised it had grown to football size in a week it sounded interesting. On arrival the shed door was opened and yes it was a hornet nest a angry hornet nest. So to treat it we decided on one shot, put it in shut the door then minutes later opened door cut away the nest and removed it. Iwas glad they called because they would of been stung at some point. A relieved and happy customer. 

Flea Treatment in Kettering - June 2020

We had a call from a customer who was getting bitten, on inspection it turned out to be fleas brought in buy a cat. We advised both the dog and cat where given flea treatments buy a vet to get them clear. We then advised we treat it firstly buy spraying on the first week then a week later u.l.v the property. This has proved to be very effective on fleas. We visited today and she is flea free ,another bite free customer.

Mole Control in Kettering, NN14 - June 2020

We took a call from a lady who had moles including the flower beds .on inspection the lady had tried sonic deterrents which where expensive and in our experience do not work .so we discussed with the lady the best way is to trap them .so we placed traps wich was shown and explained to her,the area was fenced of to stop the dogs digging .on returning we had trapped the culprit.another two weeks to make sure and a mole free customer.

Rodent Control in Kettering, NN10 - May 2020

Pestforce Pest Control Ketting recieved had a call of noises behind a skirting board on inspection there was a small hole around a pipe worn smooth, so to solve this we added traps behind the skirts along with rodentacide, the gentleman was surprised when we caught a large rat it shows how small holes can let them in .on further inspection we found breaks in the sewer benching wich has allowed them under the cavity .so we are repairing the sewer bench and fitting one way rat walls to stop the problem. 

Rats in Kettering, NN14 - April 2020

Pestforce Pest Control Ketting recieved a call from a lady hearing scratching in the wall. After our inspection we found entry points in the bathroom floor ,after talking to her the property has had a history of ingress buy rodents .so we investigated further and recommended rat walls to isolate the sewage system .now we are blocking in the pipes under the floor to stop any more rodents visiting her again .a very relieved lady .

Rodent infestation, NN10 - February 2020

Pestforce had a call from a lady who has been getting problems from rats in her garden. She is really into her wildlife and a rodentacide treatment was not a option. We set out rat boxes with break back traps in to control the rodents without any toxic effects. This treatment runs a little longer but has proved to be very effective in ths case. 

Cat Fleas - January 2020

Pestforce Pest Control had a call from a distressed lady in nn10 this week complaining about being bitten in her house .the lady has 3 cats which are the source of the flea problem .the lady was on the ball already treating the cats .we recommended to spray the whole house with 2 separate treatments. Which is being done with the I.g.r. spay it stops all life cycles of fleas .my advise is to always protect your pets against fleas but using flea collars otherwise they can take hold especially in warmer weather.

Long-term Rat problem in Rushden - October 2019

Pestforce Pest control Kettering were called called to St Margaret's Avenue which had a  long-term problem with rats. Initially called up to catch a rat running around a house to later discover that the lady couldn't understand why her new washing machine wasn't working...well.. the rat had chewed through the pipe to get in.  We caught the rat and proofed the property with concrete and copper wool.

Flea Infestation in Corby - August 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Kettering carried out the treatment of two houses within a mile away for a letting agents in the center of Corby. This was the worst residential flea infestation we had ever seen and had resulted in the tenants moving out as the flea products they had brought were not sorting the problem. We conducted treatment of fleas with an IGR insect growth regular which is very effective as it targets all life cycles and also has no built in flushing agent so does not leave any stragglers. 

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