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Franchise Owner: Nathan Clark & Charlotte Clark

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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Leicester.

We are a local professional pest control company serving Leicester and across the county of Leicestershire. 

We pride oursleves on delivering bespoke and effective pest control solutions to homes and businesses that keep your property pest-free.

Rest Assured:

  • Local Pest Controller
  • Phone Lines Open 24/7
  • DBS Checked (ID carried)
  • Fully Insured (up to sum of £5m)
  • Digital Reports with RAMS 
  • FREE Surveys (subject to availability)
  • Emergency Call Out Fee (applies for visits required after 8pm on weekdays or on Saturday/Sundays)

Fully accredited and qualified pest controller…
British Pest Control Association Member CEPA Certified Professional Pest Management CHAS Accredited Contractor Royal Society for Public Health Think Wildlife - Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use

Family run Leicester Pest Control

About Us

Hi there, I am Nathan Clark, the owner and leading technician of Pestforce Leicester. Alongside me, you will find my wife, Charlotte, and our daughter, Mollie, so it's a real family business! I was born in Oakham and have lived all my life in Leicestershire. Gamekeeping to mechanical work is part of my varied background. A new young pup, Rogue, is also part of my family. I pride myself on offering pest control solutions that delve down to the root of the problem. I have seen almost every problematic pest issue in this industry and I really understand what an uncomfortable life can turn into with pest issues. I always say to our customers don't be embarrassed about pest issues, it's not down to you. I'm very keen here on helping out our local community in Leicester.

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If you are experiencing a pest problem in your home or business and you want to speak with a local pest controller in Leicester, contact Pestforce Network any time. Feel free to contact Nathan on 01164 300 350 any time of the day or night to discuss your pest problem and get a quote.

Pest Control Services in Leicester

If you need a fast and effective pest control service in Leicester, then call us today.

The following list is not exhaustive, but it gives you an idea of the pest control work we take on:

The types of pests we commonly tackle include:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Wasp nests
  • Squirrels
  • Birds and pigeons
  • Moles
  • Foxes
  • Bed bugs
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Moths

Residential Pest Control

  • Home pest control
  • Garden pest control
  • Loft pest control
  • Roofing pest control

Commercial Pest Control

  • Restaurant / takeaway pest control
  • Office pest control
  • Medical clinic pest control
  • Building and construction pest control
  • Shop and retail store pest control
If you are suffering because of a nuisance pest bothering you at your home or place of work, you might need our 5-star rated pest control services. We are located in Leicester. Please call Nathan for a friendly chat on 01164 300 350. We will give you a quote and arrange a service time.

Leicester Rat Control

Most people hate the sight of rats, they are unsightly and scurry around a building or garden. Rats are also noisy when they live in the walls of the loft. Rats are unsightly, but they also carry disease with them. No-one wants to see a rat in their home or around their property at anytime. Our Leicester rat control team have the experience and knowledge to remove your rat problem and to proof your property to prevent them from returning. We have a variety of techniques we deploy, from baits and traps to poisons. They are very effective and humane.

We’ve dealt with every size of rat infestation possible, indoors, outdoors, between the walls, in tiny crawl spaces, and in lofts. If you’ve got a rat problem in Leicester then pick up the phone and call us today on 01164 300 350. Pestforce Network is a 5-star option for pest control in Leicester.

Leicester Mice Control

Mice are the smaller cousin of rats. Sometimes they are cute, and people keep them as pets, but when they are unwelcome house guests in the home they can be unsightly and unhygienic. Our pest control services are on stand-by to help you with mice issues at any time of the year. Our professional pest control service can eliminate mice from your property and treat the area so they don’t return. We are skilled at recognising the entry points for mice and preventing future infestations.

If you’ve spotted a mouse in your home use our Leicester mice control services, by calling us on 01164 300 350 today. The sooner you call us, the sooner you live mouse-free.

Leicester Squirrel Control

Grey squirrels can also be cute, but not when they are in your loft gnawing on electricity wires or damaging the cladding of your home. Grey squirrels are not native to the UK, they arrived in the Victorian era and were instrumental in reducing the population of smaller native red squirrels. Grey squirrels are not only an issue for red squirrel habitats and numbers, they are also a problem in the home and garden. Grey squirrels are very dexterous and cunning. They can grip wire and cladding, cause property damage, and increasing the risks of a fire inside the home.

If you have unwanted squirrel guests visiting your home or garden and want our Leicester squirrel control services, please call us on 01164 300 350, and we can discuss the situation further. We will arrange a date with you for a free inspection and give you an idea of what the service costs.

Leicester Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing

Birds can also be an issue for residential and commercial properties, in particular pigeons. Pigeons are unsightly and unhygienic, like rats, they also spread disease. Unfortunately, pigeons can make their nests on your rooftops in Leicester, and they can be hard to remove. Birds and pigeons are adaptive creatures and can nest in some very hard-to-reach places. Nesting sites include loft spaces and guttering and under solar panels. And if they can make their way inside your home or property, then you may have a large mess to clean up as well.

Some birds are protected, so as a responsible pest control company, we will assess the species of birds to ensure proper treatment and/or advice. Our local Leicester bird control experts provide removal and cleaning services. Call us today for an inspection and pressure-free quote.

Leicester Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps are a common sight in the spring and summer months in the garden and neighborhood. Although they are common they are also intimidating. Wasps can become aggressive and angry, they can cause severe stings, that can be fatal to some people. Always remove nests. Our Leicester wasp control experts are fully equipped to help you get rid of nuisance wasps in and around your home. Our Leicester wasp nest removal services are one of the most popular pest control services we offer in Leicester. The Pestforce Network has removed nests from every imaginable place, from lofts and rooftops, to kitchens, garages and sheds.

The Pestforce Network has dealt with every size of wasp nest possible, which is why you can be confident in our wasp nest removal services in Leicester. If you’ve found a wasp nest near your house, contact our Leicester wasp nest removal service for a free inspection and quote.

Leicester Bee Relocation

Bees are wonderful insects and important for the local environment. Still, some people don’t like flying insects and would prefer to have the nest removed and relocated. The Pestforce Network offers a relocation service for bees in Leicester. It’s a popular service in the summer months.

Contrary to popular belief, bees are not a protected species, but they still need to be handled carefully. A bee’s nest cannot be destroyed in the same as a wasp’s nest. Don’t worry, we know what we’re doing. Contact our Leicester bee control help by calling us today on 01164 300 350.

Leicester Bed Bug Control

Bedbugs live in the sheets and mattress of your bed. They are tiny creatures that bite the skin to feed on blood vessels which causes irritation, redness, and discomfort when sleeping and throughout the day. Unfortunately, bed bugs can be difficult to eradicate without pest control. If you discover bites or bumps on your body and you don’t know where they came from, there’s a chance you could have bed bugs. A bed bug problem is difficult to eradicate. If you don’t want to burn the sheets and replace the mattress with a new one, contact the Pestforce Network.

If you have a bed bug problem at home in Leicester, the Pestforce Network can help. Bed bugs are so tiny, they can be missed very easily, but a professional service makes sure they are eliminated and don’t return. Call us today on 01164 300 350 for our Leicester bed bug control.

Leicester Cockroach Control

There’s something about the way a cockroach moves that gives people the chills. The mere sight of a cockroach is enough to turn someone's stomach. So when you spot them inside your house or close to your home, we can understand the panic and worry that comes along with it.

Worry not! A professional pest control service in Leicester can determine the type of cockroach problem you have and recommend the best solution. In the UK, American and German cockroaches are common. Call us for Leicester cockroach control on 01164 300 350.

Leicester Flea Control

Fleas are a very common problem for homes across Leicester, especially if there are pets in the house. Fleas can also be found in households which don’t have pets. In any case, help is available with our Leicester flea control service. Eradicate fleas from your home right away.

If you suspect you have fleas in your home, the best way to know is to catch one, or else call our Leicester flea control experts. We carry out a free inspection of your home and recommend the best action. Call Nathan for our Leicester flea control on 01164 300 350 today.

Leicester Ant Control

Ants are a common sight in homes and gardens during the summer season. Ants build nests in the garden and go looking for food and resources in the local area, that’s why you are likely to see a string of marching ants across your kitchen floor or garden path during summer months. If you have an ant infestation in Leicester contact your local pest control service and talk to us about the issue. The Pestforce Network offer a professional 5-star service to eliminate an ant infestation and treat the area to prevent further issues. Contact our Leicester service today.

When it comes to an ant infestation it’s better to work with professionals. There are different species of ants in the UK and they require different approaches. So, if you have an ant infestation in your home, call our Leicester ant control services to arrange inspection.

Leicester Mole Control

Are moles tearing up your garden and causing problems for you? It might be time to call Leicester mole catchers to get rid of the moles and their unsightly burrows once and for all. Moles are rarely seen above ground, instead, you can see the mounds of earth in the garden. Due to the way moles tunnel under ground they can put the foundations of your home at risk. Mole burrows tend to break up the soil and contribute to subsidence and other issues.

you need our Leicester mole control services, please call Nathan on 01164 300 350 today.

Leicester Fly Control

We’ve seen and tackled many types of fly infestation, including house flies, cluster flies, bluebottle flies, greenbottle flies, fruit flies and horseflies. No matter what type of fly problem you have, or where the infestation is, our Leicester fly control experts are best placed to help.

A fly infestation can create a potential health risk, either from the risk of infection from the flies or from what’s attracting the flies in the first place. Call 01164 300 350 for our Leicester fly control services, and our local expert Nathan to arrange an inspection and get a quote.

Leicester Cockroach Control

There’s something about the way a cockroach moves that gives people the chills. The mere sight of a cockroach is enough to turn someone's stomach. So when you spot them inside your house or close to your home, we can understand the panic and worry that comes along with it.

Worry not! A professional pest control service in Leicester can determine the type of cockroach problem you have and recommend the best solution. In the UK, American and German cockroaches are common. Call us for Leicester cockroach control on 01164 300 350.

Other Leicester Pest Services

The above pests are some of the most popular Leicester pests we treat. Some other common pests that we receive calls about include:

  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Spiders
  • Hornets
Whether the pest is listed on this page or not, please give Pestforce Pest Control Leicester a call on 01164 300 350. We are passionate about pest control and treat every call with great enthusiasm. Our professional Leicester pest control services are widely regarded as the best available. We are ready and waiting to discuss your pest issue with you and to help you become pest free!

Recent Jobs

Mice in the cupboard in Leicestershire - August 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Leicestershire took a call from a very elderly lady rang in distress as she who had seen mice in her cupboards eating the dog food. We arranged to pop in that afternoon as I knew I would be passing by. Whilst there she also mentioned that she had an ant problem which I sorted at the same time. Very interesting lady to speak to have a chat and a cup of tea with her, I then found out she was a renowned horse dealer back in the day who had often ridden with King Charles. Every day is certainly different.

Moles invade local church lawn in Leicestershire - July 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Leicestershire were called to our local church who reported they had issues with moles. On arrival it was apparent that they had been very busy with more than 50 mole hills dotted about near graves. I returned that evening when it was a quieter time of day, 3 moles caught so far after only a couple of days.

Rat sightings in a warden controlled sheltered housing complex in Leicester,  LE4 – 1st April 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Leicestershire received an emergency call out after a resident said she had seen a rat run across her flat floor. Due to the time of day we were able to go out to her straight away. Upon inspection there was no evidence of rats in the lady’s flat, however mouse droppings were seen in one of the kitchen cupboards and near the skirting boards of the lounge/bedroom area. The customer did have issues with her sight and informed us that her eyesight is often quite blurry. The customer had placed glue boards around the property which had caught several cockroaches in the kitchen area that were coming out from under the fridge, upon investigation these were Blattella Germanica (German cockroaches).  We recommended to remove the glue boards as she said she wouldn’t know what to do if she caught anything. I reassured the resident and carried out a thorough inspection of the property.  I set mouse traps as necessary and placed an insect monitor down the side of fridge for the cockroach issues. This was set up as a 3 visit treatment and successfully cleared the infestation. Following all the visits we liaised with the warden for the home so that they knew what we had done whilst there. The lady was so grateful for our fast response she couldn’t thank us enough.

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