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My name is Mark Robinson of Pestforce Rugby. I love helping my customers who are usually distressed and concerned about a pest problem.

I wanted to make a difference to customers and to get away from the day to day of my previous job so joined Pestforce and established the Rugby office. Every day is different and I look forward to the next challenge presented by my customers.

I was brought up in the countryside, so can usually be found out shooting in my spare time.

I love what I do and I hope that I can help you too.

For more advice on the Services we provide and our previous customers Call us today on 01743 830132  - I am here to help my local community.

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Pestforce Rugby are available for all residential, commercial, and agricultural jobs in Warwickshire covering towns and cities such as:

 Brinklow, Brownsover, Dunchurch, Long Lawford, Monks Kirby, Princethorpe, Rugby, Stretton-under-Fosse, Thurlaston

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Recent Jobs

Wasps still active in December!! - On entering the loft space in Long Itchington, I immediatly spotted a sizeable nest, it had fallen from the rafter's, from the colour and condition it was likely a previous year's nest, but there were still wasps flying around...curious. A little more investigation and this years nest was found! Another good size nest, and still active, although the drones where sluggish. A lengthy conversation with the client followed, regarding treat or not treat with insecticide. Agreed on NOT to treat, and leave to die off naturally, the only wasp to go into winter will be the queen. I didn't charge for the call-out and arranged to come back in January to physically remove both nests, as work is planned for the loft space next year.

Mice in Marton! - pestforce were called to a house where for two nights the customers had started to hear scurrying noises in loft. On inspection of the loft, mice were indeed present with a small quantity of droppings and some chewed insulation in a relatively small area. So not a large infestation. Discussion with client about control methods, use of traps or rodenticide. Agreed upon trapping only, as client was not morally comfortable with the use of rodenticide, and as a technician a small quantity of mice can usually be easily controlled with trapping (also with rodenticide you cannot control where they will eventually die). I returned 3 days later, 3 x catches in the traps, no more scurrying noises, no need to use rodenticide, win-win situation and a happy customer.

10th July Dunchurch Rugby -  Pestforce were called out as a clients conservatory had filled with Wasps: Nest location unknown at time of arrival. Following inspection, activity centered around an old dis-used chair. Turned the chair round to see entrance at the back.. wasp number increase, cut the back of the chair to expose the nest, wasp number increase again. Not a problem as of course suitably clothed in bee suit with elbow length bee keeper gloves. Thought this will make a great photo, couldn't use camera with gloves on, took one glove of got the photo, had a small strip of bare skin exposed for less than 10 seconds, bang first sting of the season. The wasp won that small battle, but lost the war, a nice blast of insecticide straight to the heart of the nest, rapid exit, job done and a very happy customer!

Sunday 1st July: Another hot summers day, another wasp nest to treat! This time the nest was in the sofitt. Treated with an extendable lance, to avoid getting too close. Although this time of year aggression is pretty low in wasps. Another successful treatment and the customer is back to enjoying the garden wasp free!

What a great place to work this afternoon in a very Sunny Rugby. Stunning pieces of art produced by one of the residents, dont think you can see from the photo, but these are 3D. Pieces where completed and put up in the garden in readiness for the centenary of the end of WW1. Lest we forget.

My first truly challenging mole job. After a successful removal of moles from my clients paddock and front lawns a month ago, a new one has decided to take up residency in a large mound (25m long, 3m wide and 1.5m high, consisting of earth and rumble. Tunnels difficult to locate, as when probing to find them, you "usually" feel a "pop" as your probe finds the tunnel, not here, it either goes in 1/2" then hits half a brick or drops right through into center of mound. When a tunnel is found, soil is so loose they simply collapse and you cannot get a trap in, and add to that they are able to tunnel in 3 dimensions, had tunnels at 45 dgerees, near vertical, popping out of the sides of the mound. Actually blanked (no catches) twice, I never blank twice on moles! Persistence and perseverance as ever paid off, 3rd visit to check his luck had run out. Job done, happy days, happy customer!

AM Friday 25th May: Call for 2 recently appeared mole hills, on a rather nice lawn, customer did the right thing....contacted a professional early. Friday PM visited & placed traps, returned Sunday 27th May for check of traps. Boom... caught the back garden vandal! Customer back to lovely lawn. happy bank holiday!!

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