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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Rugby, your reliable partner in effective pest control solutions.

I'm Mark Robinson, your dedicated pest controller serving the Rugby area and South Warwickshire.

With a focus on ensuring your comfort and peace of mind, I'm committed to delivering professional and efficient pest management services.

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I strive for the best:

  • Professionalism: With a wealth of experience, our team approaches every pest situation with a high level of professionalism and expertise.
  • Efficiency: We understand the urgency of pest issues and respond promptly to address and resolve the problems, preventing further infestations and damage.
  • Effectiveness: Our treatments are not only safe but also highly effective, ensuring long-lasting results that keep your property pest-free.
  • Transparency: Clear communication is essential. We provide digital reports and invoices, giving you a transparent record of the actions taken during our services.

Fully accredited and qualified pest controller…
British Pest Control Association Member CEPA Certified Professional Pest Management CHAS Accredited Contractor Royal Society for Public Health Think Wildlife - Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use

Our Rugby Pest Control Services

Our services encompass a diverse range of pests commonly found in the Rugby area:

Rugby Rat Control

Rats can create both property damage and health risks. Our rapid-response rat control involves thorough inspections, effective baiting, and sealing entry points to prevent recurring issues.

Rugby Mice Control

Mice may be small, but they can lead to significant problems. Our meticulous approach involves identifying nesting areas, entry points, and employing targeted treatments to eliminate mice from your premises.

Wasp Nest Removal in Rugby

Wasps can be unnerving, especially when nests are nearby. Our experts are skilled in the safe and efficient removal of wasp nests, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor spaces without worry.

Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing in Rugby

Birds and pigeons can cause property damage and hygiene concerns. Our bird control strategies are customized to suit your property's needs, incorporating deterrents, proofing, and, when appropriate, nest removal.

Rugby Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs can disrupt your sleep and overall well-being. Our comprehensive bed bug control includes thorough inspections, targeted treatments, and recommendations for preventing re-infestations.

Rugby Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are not only unsightly but also unhygienic. Our cockroach control involves a thorough process of identifying hiding spots, employing effective treatments, and offering advice on maintaining a cockroach-free environment.

Rugby Flea Control

Fleas can cause discomfort for both humans and pets. Our flea control approach includes treating infested areas and providing guidance on how to maintain a flea-free environment.

Other Pest Services

Our expertise extends to other pests, including moles, silverfish, ants, and spiders. Regardless of the pest, our experienced team handles each situation with care and discretion, ensuring your property remains pest-free.

Pestforce Pest Control Rugby is your trusted partner for comprehensive and reliable pest management. With a focus on professionalism, efficiency, and expertise, Mark Robinson and the team are dedicated to addressing your pest concerns and restoring your comfort and safety.

Contact us today at 01788 288 019 to discuss your pest control needs and take the first step towards a pest-free environment.

Recent Jobs in Rugby

Manhole provides rodents with easy access to property in Rugby, CV23 - 3rd January 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Rugby were called to attend a property in Rugby, where rats had been causing damage in the kitchen. Our team arrived at the agreed time and completed both internal and external survey, during which we discovered extensive gnawing and recent droppings under the kitchen units as well as a rat burrow exiting via the drain system inside a manhole. Work began immediately with our highly recommended rodent treatment program and a second visit was booked for us to check the progress. One week later we returned, the rats had taken the bait, which was then replenished. During the third visit, we discovered bait is still being taken, suggesting activity is still recent, once again we replenished the bait and will visit again in one week to monitor the rodent activity. This is still ongoing; we are confident we will rid this property of rodents in the very near future.


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Rats drawn to overgrown garden in Rugby, CV21, 9th November 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Rugby received a call from a troubled homeowner who had been trying to treat an ongoing rat problem in the back garden of their home in Rugby, the self-treatment has been unsuccessful, and our client was feeling frustrated. Our team soon arrived to investigate, starting with a thorough survey of the garden. During the survey it was noted that the garden had become fairly overgrown in areas, offering plenty of harbourage. The garden also backs on to a park and a cemetery. We discussed the bird food in the garden which has now been stopped, as this offers an easy source of food to rodents. There was no evidence to suggest the rats were living in the garden, no rat burrows or nesting were identified. We discussed the available treatment options and placed traps under cages in secure locations which will protect not target species from harm. We continued to visit regularly to check the progress of the treatment plan and monitor the traps. 4 visits later, no further evidence was identified, meaning this treatment was complete and all equipment was removed from site.

Wasps cause chaos in a family home in Rugby, CV23, 10th October 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Rugby were called to a family home in Rugby where wasps were causing chaos. Our team arrived swiftly and began with an initial survey. During the survey we identified a wasp nest entrance on the exterior of the property. Wasps had also created a hole in the ceiling of a room. We inspected the loft space, although no nest was found. We discussed the findings of the survey with our client. Following this we were able to successfully eradicate the wasp nest, and then use a metal plate to cover the hole that the wasps had created, this will stop the wasps from using this area in the future. Our insecticides can take up to 72 hours to successfully eradicate all wasps, therefore we booked a second visit to return, ensure the treatment had worked and remove the vacant wasp nest.

Carpet moth invades a museum in Rugby, CV23, 9th September 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Rugby received a call to attend an interesting museum in Rugby where there was an issue with carpet moth. The museum owner was clearly troubled by this as the carpet moth had been causing damage to some of the artefacts. We agreed a time that was suitable for us to arrive and conduct a full survey of the museum. On arrival we set to work, searching amongst the artefacts for indications of carpet moth. Carpet moth traps were laid out and soon we had the evidence we needed to tailor a treatment that could be safely carried out in this museum. We discussed the treatment options with the museum owner and decided to carry out the treatment after the museum had closed for the day. We treated 3 rugs and 2 additional door mats with a residual insecticide spray, along with fogging of the whole museum. Once this treatment had been completed, we gave strict advice for the building to remain closed until 8am the following day, with further gave recommendations to ventilate the museum by opening all windows and doors for at least 5 minutes before first entry. The museum owner is delighted to be free of carpet moth and be reassured the precious artefacts stored in this building are not being damaged further.

Wasps cause concern in a garden in Rugby, CV1, 16th August 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Rugby were called out by a returning client who was incredibly concerned about the large number of wasps present in his garden at his home in Rugby. We arrived at the agreed time, and began the survey, we identified the wasps immediately in very large numbers. Our team has a considerable amount of experience and knowledge with wasps, on further inspection it was noticed the wasps were displaying feeding actions, crawling on an oil tank in the garden. We searched for a wasp nest, to no avail. However, taking a step back, we noticed a tree hanging over the oil tank was also of interest to the wasps, due to the amount of sap it was excreting. So with no wasp nest present it was decided the best course of action would be to clean the sap residue off of the oil tank, with hot soapy water, and trim back the over hanging branches of the tree. Our client is now free of the wasps, and no chemicals were needed in this treatment.

Bedbugs found in a bed in Rugby, CV21, 14th June 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Rugby received a call from a client who was frustrated after finding bedbugs in their bed at their home in Rugby. Our team arrived and conducted a full inspection, several live bedbugs were identified. Treatment began immediately with the use of a professional insecticidal spray, covering all floor areas, walls, and furniture. Our clients were issued with all health and safety guidelines associated with this treatment. We returned a month later to carry out a follow up treatment as recommended on our first visit. In this case a third visit was necessary, bedbugs can be difficult to treat although we have multiple treatment options to ensure great results every time.

Mysterious burrow appears in front garden in Rugby, CV23 - June 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Rugby received a call to investigate a burrow that had appeared in a front garden in Rugby. On our arrival we were able to examine the burrow, which the client had filled in, although was now open again suggesting signs of recent activity. There was no evidence of rodent activity around the area. We installed a motion camera to find out what was responsible for this burrow. We returned 24hours later to check our camera, and nothing was picked up, we once again examined the area for rodent activity as rats do burrow, and there was nothing found. Our persistence paid off, when 72 hours later, a juvenile rabbit was caught on camera using the burrow. Our clients were delighted that it was not caused by rodents.

Garden ants try to enjoy a drink at a pub in, Rugby, CV23 - May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Rugby were called to attend a pub in Rugby where ants were being problematic. We commenced our full inspection, during which, the ants were seen active on the bar area and mainly targeting the drinks gun. No further activity was seen with in the interior or exterior of the building therefore we would presume the nest to be located under the centre of the building. We discussed a treatment plan and initiated this immediately. We will return in one week to monitor the infestation, which we hope will be under control by then, although we have advised a third treatment maybe necessary.

Rodents nibbling food in a small grocery store in Rugby, CV21 - May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Rugby received a call and swiftly attended a small grocery store in Rugby. The store staff had noticed signs of rodent activity within the store. On arrival we completed a full survey of the store. During the survey we discovered nibbled pieces of fruit, although no droppings were observed. In the toilet we identified a compromised drainpipe, this could potentially be a point of entry for rodents. Furthermore, there was another hole under the stairs leading into the fabric of the building. We are very much experienced in dealing with rodents, and our opinion based on lack of droppings and the size of the nibbles, would be to point the finger at rats. We discussed our rodent treatment program, and this was agreed and commenced. We decided to use motion sensor cameras on top of the usual measures put in place as part of the treatment program. We returned one week later to check the progress of the treatment program and have a look at the camera footage. There was one rat caught on camera and one rat had been captured. We decided to leave the camera in place along with the methods of capture and schedule a third visit in a weeks’ time. On the third visit, we once again reviewed the footage from the camera there had been no sightings of rats, the methods of capture were all clear too. There have been no additional signs of nibbled fruit or gnawing activity. Once again, our proven methods have excelled, and this grocery store can be confident they are now rodent free.

Rat control for cellar in Rugby - February 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Rugby were called out to help a client with a serious rodent infestation in their cellar. We carried out a same day rodent survey to the property. We found clear evidence of rat activity and devised a bespoke plan to rid the area of these pests. We used a series of traps and wanted to avoid the use of rodenticide to prevent the rodents dying in a place where we could not retrieve and safely dispose of. After a course of 3 visits we successfully erradciated the rat population. The client was over the moon to be rat-free once again. 

Wasp nest on boat hull in Marton, Warwickshire - April 2021

A wasp nest located itsself in a boat hull.  The nest was treated, as due to the proximity to a Security light, which is above clients letterbox, and lately the wasps from the nest have been very aggressive in the area, attacking the light, and dive bombing paperboy & Postie. After treatment the following day and confirming nest had been successfully terminated!, Nest was removed easily from its location and disposed of appropriately

Moles in Clifton - February 2021

Call from a small holder with a paddock for sheep & field for hay ledge. Mole hills are appearing across the paddock and heading to hay ledge field. If left untreated and mole hills are across the hayledge feild at cutting time, any soil from the hills will contaminate the grass and waste the end product, reducing feed available. Mole where across a wide area, but quickly resolved, with x4 moles caught & removed from site.

Mole Control in Rugby - June 2020

Pestforce Pest Control Rugby recieved a call from a distraught allomenteer, "strange" hills appear across their veg beds. Although moles themselves don't target a crops root system (ie they dont eat them) they can with their tunnels expose roots, which is detrimental to  the plants, the tunnels may also get used by voles who will eat the roots of plants, and the hills can dis-lodge plants. Traps placed, 2 days later 2 moles removed, quite un-usually two moles caught within 6" of each other, Mole are highly territorial & solitary creatures and not often you get two so close to each other, but that's nature..... always surprising

Bumble bees in Long Itchington, Rugby - June 2020 

Call to the local C of E academy as a small bumble bee nest had established in a soffit at head height just near the back door. really nice and simple, facia ends boards removed, nest lifted out placed in a box and then re located to a rural location to carry on being bees!

PPE Donation - April 2020

Following a request from my local village trying to help provide PPE to the NHS during these difficult times. I decided to donate 50% of my stock of masks & visors. Great to receive a grateful think you in return. "Pestforce Rugby and South Warwickshire just donated uregently needed supplies to NHS Covid 19 East Lancashire Response Hub. It is a tough time for small businesses and this will save lives. Fantastic service. 

Bed bug infestation in Rugby - May 2020

Worst bedbug infestation personally seen in the last 12 months, and top 3 all time. Dark smears found all over the mattress which were are the bed occupier's blood, bedbug excrement containing blood, molted bed bugs skins, squashed adults. Needless to say the mattress was condemned, room and next door rooms, where stripped, of everything except furniture and thoroughly treated. A 2nd follow up treatment will be required in 2-3 weeks to ensure total eradication. Don't ignore bedbugs.... at the first warning signs... a bite, talk to a professional.

Moles in Marton - 05/04/2020

Regular customer with large very well kept garden: clear access plenty of social distance, waves from  the window only , no cup of tea this time. All contact via phone for the enquiry & arrangement, report & invoice via email to payment online. Traps in 3 days later after 1 check, mole removed. 

Rodents in the back garden, North Rugby - 29/02/2020

Customer seeing around half a dozen rats in the back garden, all below their bird feeders, then disappearing under the "Man Cave" at the end of the garden. Was able to trap 3, within a couple of days, the rest where taken care of with absolutely minimal use of rodenticide placed only where rats would have access to the bait, a successful outcome. A few thoughts on bird feeders... rats only set up in residence where they have a reliable food and water source and bird feeders can be a great source of food. But this should be balanced against giving our native birds the best chance of survival over winter period and who doesn't like having blackbirds, robins, wrens & tits in their garden. When you think about putting out food for the birds please consider: 

  • Not  feeding all year round, only when birds really need it
  • Place feeding points out in the open away from bushes & shrubs, rats like cover!
  • feed early in the day so the birds have the maximum amount of time to feed, and don't over feed.
  • Remove un eatan each evening (use a tray to catch any fallen food), don't leave food out over night, when rats are most active.

The perfect job? Moles in Birdingbury - January 2020

One of my favorite regular customers, in fact my very first, only 3/4 mile up the road, early beautifully clear morning with a bit of a nip in the air. Cup of tea (no sugar slash of milk, nice and strong)and a hobnob always on arrival. Always calls on very first hill, doesn't let them run a muck first, so always a straight forward job,also means I can keep the costs down too. plus tea and biscuits ??

Wasp nests in October?? - 28th October 2019

Just when you think you've treated your last wasp nest for the year, this one was located directly above a customer's loft hatch, good size (basketball size) and individuals finding their way in to the bathroom each morning. Not a great start to your day fending off wasp to get to the shower. As nest completely visible from loft hatch treatment was very straight forward. Due to its position customer requested physical removal after treatment, so they could access loft easily. No problem returned 2 days after treatment and removed from loft.

Bats present in Birdingbury - 24th September 2019

Call to a property about potentially wasps, but customer thought it could be bees, but couldn't confirm due to the height they where active. I got the binoculars out, confirmed wasps. Headed to the loft, on entering the loft,which  was a nice loft (no clutter, fully boarded and tall enough for me to stand up!  Down the middle of the loft directly below the apex there was a area of droppings running the length of the loft, but not widely spread across the whole loft, just right down the middle , this should set alarm bells going in a pest controllers head, it did mine. Flipped the torch up to the apex, and sitting there looking down at me.... a long eared bat. Immediately existed the loft to have a chat with the customer,  that  there was going to be NO treatment carried out on  the wasp nest by me due to the presence of bats. Just for info mice poo & bat poo are about the same size and shape, the distribution was the clue, mouse poo would of been spread over the whole area of the loft, not just down under the apex. Final test (please don't do this without gloves on in case it is mouse poo) but if you squeeze/crush the dropping bat poo will turn to dust and have a silvery/shimmery shine to the dust (as its made up on the wings and cases of insects they eat) mouse poo will be, if old, rock hard, if very fresh a bit squishy ie they dont turn to dust. If in doubt call in an proffessional.

Mole issue in Rugby - 24th September 2019

Call from a customer who has a large 2 acre paddock, surrounded on 3 sides by  crop fields, which have just been harvested and ploughed over. Moles arrived in 3 areas the day after ploughing. Previous experience of the customer was damage to his grass cutter blades, from stones pushed up in mole hills, after this he tried to flatten all hills prior to cutting grass adding an extra hours work and only to be faced with new hills the next day. His issue was resolved by Pestforce in 2 visits, he can now get on with his final grass cutting with out the worry of damage or extra work.

Wasps at a Rugby Club in Rugby - 27th July 2019

Wasp nest located at one corner of the roof just below guttering entering through failed pointing. Nest around head height, easy access, straight forward treatment as insecticide could be placed directly where required. Nest terminated, training resumed!

Chirping noises in Dunchurch, Rugby 6th February 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Rugby were called to a current contract, chirping noises had been heard in the cellar. On inspection, no obvious signs of anything that would chirp, certainly no chirping noises when I was on site (often the case). Before any treatment can be carried out, confirming which pest you are dealing with is vital. So to get a species identification, a series of sticky pad traps placed around likely areas of activity, sources of heat, behind fridges, pump units and air con units. I returned 2 days later to find a couple of catches: 

1) Ground Beetle, the black one, not a pest species

2) House Crickets (acheta domesticus) pest species

Treatment carried out sticky traps left in situ to continue monitoring after treatment. Followed up a week later, no catches good news, then as this customer is a regular contract, I left traps in place until next routine service, still no captures, premises now clear of house crickets.

Light infestation of bedbugs

Tell tale signs, reddish/blackish spots on furniture/bedding/headboards and in this case a wardrobe seems to be main harbourage (harbourage a place where bedbugs hide to digest their last blood meal) showing highest concentration of blood spots. All clothing from wardrobe bagged up and cable tied, to be washed at 60 degrees or placed in a bag in the freezer for a few days to kill any adults or eggs. Upsatirs rooms treated to a residual insecticide spray followed by a ULV (ultra low volume) fogging, A ULV machine atomizes  insecticide, so that it will pervade into every nook & crannie, driving bedbugs out of their hiding place on to the residual insecticide. No visible evidence downstairs, so bedbug traps left in place to monitor any activity, find out in a week if downstairs needs treating too!

Mole catching!

Today was spent working on a farmers fields between Stretton & Princethorpe. Beautiful morning, beautiful setting, couldn't really ask for a nicer 'office' for the day! 4 acres of fields and all the moles were gone within 3 visits!

Wasps still active in December!! 

On entering the loft space in Long Itchington, I immediatly spotted a sizeable nest, it had fallen from the rafter's, from the colour and condition it was likely a previous year's nest, but there were still wasps flying around...curious. A little more investigation and this years nest was found! Another good size nest, and still active, although the drones where sluggish. A lengthy conversation with the client followed, regarding treat or not treat with insecticide. Agreed on NOT to treat, and leave to die off naturally, the only wasp to go into winter will be the queen. I didn't charge for the call-out and arranged to come back in January to physically remove both nests, as work is planned for the loft space next year.

Mice in Marton!

Pestforce were called to a house where for two nights the customers had started to hear scurrying noises in loft. On inspection of the loft, mice were indeed present with a small quantity of droppings and some chewed insulation in a relatively small area. So not a large infestation. Discussion with client about control methods, use of traps or rodenticide. Agreed upon trapping only, as client was not morally comfortable with the use of rodenticide, and as a technician a small quantity of mice can usually be easily controlled with trapping (also with rodenticide you cannot control where they will eventually die). I returned 3 days later, 3 x catches in the traps, no more scurrying noises, no need to use rodenticide, win-win situation and a happy customer.

Dunchurch Rugby- 10th July 2019

Pestforce were called out as a clients conservatory had filled with Wasps: Nest location unknown at time of arrival. Following inspection, activity centered around an old dis-used chair. Turned the chair round to see entrance at the back.. wasp number increase, cut the back of the chair to expose the nest, wasp number increase again. Not a problem as of course suitably clothed in bee suit with elbow length bee keeper gloves. Thought this will make a great photo, couldn't use camera with gloves on, took one glove of got the photo, had a small strip of bare skin exposed for less than 10 seconds, bang first sting of the season. The wasp won that small battle, but lost the war, a nice blast of insecticide straight to the heart of the nest, rapid exit, job done and a very happy customer!

Another hot summers day, another wasp nest to treat!

This time the nest was in the sofitt. Treated with an extendable lance, to avoid getting too close. Although this time of year aggression is pretty low in wasps. Another successful treatment and the customer is back to enjoying the garden wasp free!

What a great place to work this afternoon in a very Sunny Rugby. Stunning pieces of art produced by one of the residents, dont think you can see from the photo, but these are 3D. Pieces where completed and put up in the garden in readiness for the centenary of the end of WW1. Lest we forget.

My first truly challenging mole job

After a successful removal of moles from my clients paddock and front lawns a month ago, a new one has decided to take up residency in a large mound (25m long, 3m wide and 1.5m high, consisting of earth and rumble. Tunnels difficult to locate, as when probing to find them, you "usually" feel a "pop" as your probe finds the tunnel, not here, it either goes in 1/2" then hits half a brick or drops right through into center of mound. When a tunnel is found, soil is so loose they simply collapse and you cannot get a trap in, and add to that they are able to tunnel in 3 dimensions, had tunnels at 45 dgerees, near vertical, popping out of the sides of the mound. Actually blanked (no catches) twice, I never blank twice on moles! Persistence and perseverance as ever paid off, 3rd visit to check his luck had run out. Job done, happy days, happy customer!

AM Friday 25th May

Call for 2 recently appeared mole hills, on a rather nice lawn, customer did the right thing....contacted a professional early. Friday PM visited & placed traps, returned Sunday 27th May for check of traps. Boom... caught the back garden vandal! Customer back to lovely lawn. happy bank holiday!!

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