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Hello, I'm Mark Robinson, your local pest controller for Stratford upon Avon and the nearby areas.

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For immediate assistance and a complimentary survey in Stratford upon Avon, please don't hesitate to contact me, Mark, at 01789 228 016.

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Stratford upon Avon Pest Control Services

Struggling with pest issues in Stratford upon Avon? I offer a wide range of pest control services designed to meet both residential and commercial requirements.

Whether it's your home, garden, business premises, or a particular area that's affected, I employ safe, ethical, and efficient techniques to ensure your environment is pest-free.

Reach out today for thorough and compassionate pest control services at 01789 228 016.

Rat Control in Stratford upon Avon

Rats are a widespread issue, creating fear, discomfort, and health hazards. In Stratford upon Avon, I use state-of-the-art rat control methods tailored to your unique circumstances. Don't let rats take over your space; contact me for effective and prompt resolution.

Mice Control in Stratford upon Avon

Mice can infiltrate the smallest openings, posing tricky challenges. As your local pest control specialist, I excel in identifying signs of mice, eradicating them, and safeguarding your premises against future issues. Noticed signs of mice? Let's tackle it together. Reach out for expert mice control solutions.

Wasp Nest Removal in Stratford upon Avon

Wasps can be more than an annoyance; they pose serious threats, particularly when nests are close to human activity. I offer specialized wasp control and nest removal services to ensure your Stratford upon Avon property is safe and wasp-free. Found a wasp nest? Contact me immediately for professional removal.

Squirrel Control in Stratford upon Avon

Squirrels, especially the non-native grey ones, can cause various issues. In Stratford upon Avon, I provide effective squirrel management solutions, tackling the problems they pose while respecting wildlife laws. Encountering squirrels? Let's discuss your options.

Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing in Stratford upon Avon

Birds and pigeons can become nuisances when nesting in or near buildings, leading to damage and health concerns. I offer bird control and pigeon proofing services to protect your Stratford upon Avon property. Experiencing bird-related issues? Let's solve them professionally.

Bed Bug Control in Stratford upon Avon

Bed bugs are a severe concern, leading to discomfort and sleep disturbances. If you're dealing with a bed bug infestation in Stratford upon Avon, contact me without delay for effective control measures and peace of mind.

Cockroach Control in Stratford upon Avon

Cockroaches are a difficult and unpleasant pest to handle. I offer robust cockroach control strategies to eradicate them from your Stratford upon Avon property. Seeing cockroaches? It's time for a professional approach.

Flea Control in Stratford upon Avon

Fleas can infest homes, especially those with pets. If you're facing a flea issue in Stratford upon Avon, I'm here to help you take back your space from these pesky invaders. Don't let fleas dominate; call me for effective flea control.

For any pest concerns in Stratford upon Avon, don't wait – reach out to your local pest expert, Mark Robinson, at 01789 228 016 for reliable, efficient solutions.

Recent Jobs

Investigation of droppings in a home in Stratford upon Avon, CV37, 17th August 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Stratford upon Avon received a call to go and investigate some droppings that had been discovered in a home in Stratford upon Avon. We arrived at the agreed time and began our investigation. The client assumed these were mouse droppings, however on examination, we noted the droppings were situated in impossible positions for rodent droppings. We inspected the droppings closer using a gloved hand, we picked up a sample of the droppings, it crushed easily between two fingers and very easily turned to dust, which glittered as it fell. Mouse droppings are usually hard, so this turning into a dust, especially a dust that glitters, is a strong indications of bat droppings. We advised our client to visit This website will help to identify the species, give advice on living with bats, and offers surveys in order for them to track our decreasing bat population. Bats pose not hazard to health and do not generally cause damage, on a positive note, they have a good appetite for flies and other unwanted summer bugs.

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Mole catcher in Stratford upon Avon, CV37 - 11/03/2022

Pestforce Pest Control Stratford were called out last month to help a local resident with a serious mole problem in their back lawn. We attended the same day as the callout to assess the situation. In total we counted 7 mole hills in the garden. We set 4 traps strategically throughout the garden in the hope of catching the troublesome mole. We returned the following and had successfully caught the mole. All traps now removed and another garden mole free in Stratford. 

Housemartins in Barford - 19/02/21

Took a call from a property owner who had Housemartin nests (5 on the one property) from last summer. After a long conversation about can/should anything be done, we reached agreement to only defend or proof the property very in very specific areas where droppings from the nest are causing an issue. So all the Apex's (4 of which are above windows & the end gable above the rabbit hutch) have been protected with a simple, nearly invisible plastic product (Bird Divert) , that a fixes to the apex, but as plastic doesn't not allow the new nest building to stick. All the other eaves, where, if a nest is built and droppings from it do not cause an issue to the homeowners, So returning birds can still build nest on the property, but only where they cause no problem. NOTE - this work can only be carried out between:  1st October , after the birds have left the nest & headed to warmer climates, & 1st March, before the returning birds start nest building again for the new season. As it is illegal to disturb or destroy a live nest, even a nest under-construction. As soon as the first piece of mud is put in place no action can be carried out.

Rats chewing pipes in Shipston on stour - 20/01/2021

Client had a mystery leak in the flexible pipe connecting toilet to the drain system. Following replacement of pipe, a 2nd leak appeared, replaced again and the plumber reported possible rat activity. I get a call to attend, looking at the old pipes 100% rat gnawing caused the leak. A quick review into manhole cover, this property had 6! rat droppings were noted in 3 of them. As an initial measure a rat flap (one-way vale) was fitted into drain leading to toilet, to stop rats getting to the flexible pipe and denying entry to property. Rodenticide placed in all manholes: 2 weeks later, rodenticide consummation ceased, and no further bath room leaks. very happy customer!

Wasps in Combrook, Nr Stratford - June 2020

A wasp nest that requires a little more thought before tackling..., 5m up, and blocking bathroom vent. 2 visits required, 1st one to terminate the nest (you don't want to be trying to remove a live football size wasp nest 5m up a ladder). 2nd visit: after confirming nest is dead, Vent was removed brought down to ground level & nest safely removed. Often wasp nests can be treated and left, this one had to be removed as blocking the vent, a dead wasp nest, full of wasps/larvae & eggs can get a bit "Stinky" which would have fed straight into customer's bathroom. happy customer

Amercian Mink vs Giant Tortoises in Stratford - March 2020

A  new one on me, Mink terrorizing Giant Tortoises, and these are full Galapagos size tortoises! Ideally with mink a trap on a floating island is best approach, but not possible here, although water side garden.Cameras placed to confirm where & when active, traps will be placed accordingly... to be continued...

Pigeon job in Stratford Town Centre - January 2020

A high end high street clothing outlet is having H&S issues with pigeons roosting above their door. So a lot of issues to contend with, pigeon guano is very un-healthy substance to be up close with, after cordoning off the street Pestforce's 3 man team, kitted up & cleaned and disinfected the hole area, prior to carrying out fitting pigeon proofing to keep them away from a very important area of any shop, its front door!

Wasp treatment in Hampton, nr Stratford - 24th Septmber 2019

Just as you think the wasp season drawing to a close and thinking about taking wasp gear off the van to make room for rodent equipment. Customer had been away for a week and returned to find a bathroom full of wasps (light had been left on) On arrival the entry point was obvious behind a gutter, but the actual hole in was obscured by the gutter its self, no access for the lance, could not get to it with ladder as a conservatory was directly below. So up into the loft (which needs checking for open water tanks & bats). Luckily on this occasion the rear of the nest was visible from inside the loft , so treatment could be actioned & nest terminated. Ps no bats or open water tank.

Rats in Combrook nr Stratford - 23rd July 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Stratford Upon Avon were called to a beautiful 15th century thatched cottage which had been stood empty for 1 year and currently under going renovation. Located by a small river, rats had somewhat taken over, not anymore. Treatment commenced & at first followed up found significant quantity of dead rats found and removed, a good start! 2 more follow ups to go & proofing work to be carried out.

Stratford-Upon-Avon 19th February 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Stratford-Upon-avon were called to house with a very large garden & mature trees where numerous squirrels had been seen around the garden and climbing onto the house. This co-insided with noises "thumping" about in the loft heard by the customer. On inspection of the loft, no signs of a squirrel dray (nest) and more curiously no droppings what so ever. Mice tend to leave a little "presents" black and about same shape and size as a grain of rice, everywhere they move about, rats tend to favour (but not exclusively) a toilet area, larger oval droppings about the size of a sultana, squirrels can be recognizable by a little "pig tail twist" to the end of their poo, none of these where seen. Time for a camera, to confirm what's up there, return 3-4 days later to check the video. It's mice, the client was surprised mice could make such a loud noise. Now the pest is confirmed, treatment commenced, as it's mice and only a couple of them, non rodentcide treatment selected (trapping) and completed.

Mouse droppings in the loft!

Pestforce Pest Control Stratford Upon Avon were called following the discovery of droppings in a loft space. Dropping identified as mice (very small. roughly size and shape of a grain of rice and black in colour). Infestation was low, so a NON toxic (no rodenticide) solution was able to be provided, carried over just two visits. Entry point on exterior of house located and blocked. 

Noises in the loft!

I was called to a house where for two nights they had heard clanking & banging noises in the loft. On inspection of the loft, mice were indeed present, small quantity of droppings and some chewed roof beams, the clunking and banging was from mice using a loft Ariel as a vantage point, the loft Ariel was not securely bolted in place. Discussion with client about control methods, use of traps or rodenticide. Agreed upon trapping only, as client was not morally comfortable with the use of rodenticide, and as a technician a small quantity of mice can usually be easily controlled with trapping. Returned 4 days later 3 x catches in the traps, no more noises, no need to use rodenticide, win-win situation.

Squirrels in Barford!

Squirrels had "created"  basically chewed an entrance in to customers loft space via the soffit of a dormer window. The squirrels, once inside had started to damage wiring, they need to be removed from the loft space and then kept out for good! Once confirmed they were out, Pestforce moved in to proof them out, a great new product: rodent proof flexible mesh, easier on the hands than "normal" wire wool or mesh and just as effective at detering rodents. Secured into holes created and then sealed of with new lead flashing. Job done!

Hornets nest in Stratford upon Avon - 6th August 2018

I was called to a customer for a suspected hornets nest in a bird box. On arrival I confirmed a Vespa crabro/European Hornet as the new resident of the bird box! Nice easy treatment thankfully! Hornets are easily distinguishable from wasps, they are about 3-4 times the size of a wasp but also have very distinctive red shoulders, they're sting is apparently pro rata to the size of a wasp, I cannot confirm this as not been stung by a hornet..... yet!

Wasp nest removal - 16th July 2018

 Another day, another 4 wasps nests for Pestforce to tackle! One in a garage, two under the eaves and the last one in a raised patio. All straight forward, all treated, happy customers!

Mice control in Stratford - 16th July 2018

 A mouse job, such a nice change at this time of year and the added bee suit to wear in this weather!

Wasp nest treated in Stratford upon Avon - 11th July 2018

Today Pestforce Pest Control were called to a wasp nest in the client's garage in Alceter and what a beauty it was, not to mentione the largest this year, so far!  Glad they didn't leave it for another couple of months! Although it was a large nest, easy treatment, clear line of sight to the nest, and a great big escape route through garage door. Nest treated, client happy, job done!! 

Lighthorne warwickshire - 9th July 2018 

Call to a house with report of a wasp nest in the eaves. Pestforce to the rescue! Upon arrival, we quickly confirmed that there was more than one nest. The house is old farm house with walls 2 ft thick, 2 other entry points were seen, one into the wall next to the window and then a 3rd straight through into the fabric of the walls. The two "new" nest conveniently at head height, no ladders or lance required... nice. During treatment the neighbors head appears over the wall... can you help? I have a wasp nest! Of course I could help! 4 wasps nest in under a hour, happy days!

Mice in my customer's Kitchen & Loft - 12th June 2018

With a baby on the way the customer, needed a quick and thorough treatment to clear the house of rodents.  Mice like to live in the penthouse (loft) and relax undisturbed throughout the day, then go down to the All you can eat Buffet (kitchen) of an evening, they're clever like that! Traps & bait behind the kitchen kickboards... I do like a kickboard held in place by screws... easy to remove, totally safe location and easy to get back in! Bait and traps in loft. Entrance points identified and proofed (stop them re-entering). Standard 3 treatments later, successful treatment and another happy customer for Pestforce Royal Leamington Spa. 

Are fleas like buses? Haven't done one in a while, this Friday two came along on the same day. 

Job number 1: Host  is Rover (the dog) who went off to the vet, whilst the house gets a treatment. Job number 2: Host this time Felix (the cat) same procedure off to the vet, whilst treating the house. Despite all the appropriate PPE (personnel protection equipment) hooded coveralls, with cable ties securing access up the trouser leg, gloves, half face mask & googles and with the coveralls disposed of after treatment at the customer, The missus still insists on me having to strip at the back door, clothes straight into 60 degee wash, me straight in shower! You can never be too careful when it comes to fleas!

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