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My name is Mark Robinson and I'm a local professional pest controller serving Solihull and the surrounding areas nearby.

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Please contact Pestforce today for professional and trusted pest control advice and treatments. 

We will happily provide estimates for treatments however every pest problem is unique and for the most acccurate and effective treatments we need to carry out a survey of the affected property.

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Our Pest Control Services

Rodent Control (mice, rats, squirrels) - we will visit your property to carry out an inspection and then put in measures to remove any infestation and measures to avoid or reduce the chance of another infestation. We will use non-toxic measures where relevant and possible.

Wasp Control - we will treat wasp nests in all locations. Wasp nests should be dealt with by professionals taking account of the environment around the nest and in the property.

Bed Bug Control - a very common "pest" and can occur in any property. We will visit and survey the area affected and then apply a treatment to deal with these blood sucking creatures. It can take multiple visits to rid you of the problem. Note - we will need to treat every room adjoining the room where bed bugs are found.

Flea Control - are another very common problem. We will survey the site before deciding on the course of action required depending on the local environment, taking account of pets etc...

Bird Control - we have a series of measure that can be applied when dealing with birds that are causing a nuisance. This includes spiking, netting, gels and shooting.

Mole Control - moles can affect both commercial and domestic customers. In a domestic property they can a real mess of your lawns and exterior areas. We are expert at tracking and trapping moles to remove the problem. In a commercial property (like a farm) they cause damage that can harm livestock. 

And more...

Residential & Commercial Clients We Work With:

  • Domestic households and property
  • Letting and Estate Agents
  • Schools, Colleges and Day Nurseries
  • Warehouse and distribution units
  • Restaurants and food retail outlets
  • Golf clubs and sports clubs
  • Facility Management companies
  • Construction and Building companies
  • Farms and agricultural

If you need a Pest Control professional to give Expert, Friendly and Professional service and advice, call me on 01214 051218

Bookings & Payment Options

Be quick and talk to us so we can find out more, and if needed we’ll get you booked in straight away. And, you’ll be one step closer to being Pest free.

We can be very flexible when we carry out appointments so we’ll work around your diary. We can offer early, late and weekend calls if that works better for you.

Domestic customers can pay by Cash or Credit card and payment can be agreed to be spread over the duration of the treatment / visits.

Commercial customers can pay by Credit card or BACS (subject to receipt of a purchase order). Commercial contracts are paid by BACS and subject to the specific contract terms agreed.

Call Mark your local & trusted Pest Controller for expert advice on 01214 051218

Recent Jobs

Rodents torment occupants in a home in Solihull, B93, 10th May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Solihull were called and attended a property in Solihull where the occupants reported they could hear rats in the loft. On our arrival we noticed there was a brick placed in front of the house where cables entered the building, speaking with the residents this had been placed there following a previous concern of mice entering the property. We then conducted our survey, in the loft we discovered mouse droppings and evidence of gnawing and chewing of a plastic bag and the foam insulation. As the loft is not fully insulated a mouse would sound very loud. We discussed our findings with our client and decided on a treatment plan and also set up a camera to see what we were dealing with. On our second visit we checked the camera, this had no evidence of any rodents present. The client also reports that there have been no noises in the loft either. We agreed with client to stop the monitoring visits and left the client with a few traps for self-use. The client was happy and will call us back if there is any future activity.

Complete and effective rat control for home in Solihull - March 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Solihull took a call from a concerned home owner in Solihull as he was suffering from a rodent infestation in his property. We attended the next day to survey his property. We found gnawed air brick covers and gnawing around some pipe work which suggested obvious entry points for rats. We have begun a rodent treatment at this property using rodenticide baits and traps. After a series of visits and a detailed drain survey had been carried out we eventually erradicated the rodent infestation from the problem and provided some rodent proofing measures to the property. 

Rat droppings found by landlord in Solihull - January 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Solihull recieved a text yesterday in the early hours from a local landlord in Solihull who had found rat droppings in their home. We provided some simple advice and booked the customer in for a vermin survey visit of their property for that afternoon. We discovered clear evidence of rat activity with fresh droppings found in the lounge area.  To control the rat problem we devised a bespoke 3 visit riddance programme integrating rodent toxic baits and rat traps. We have since completed our treatment and the infestation has been effectively eradicated.  The customer was over the moon for the fast response.

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Squirrels in loft in Hockley Heath, Solihull - April 2021

This job is a very good example of why you should never ignore noises in your loft. We investigated a customer's loft space to find gnaw marks on the elbow joint of the loft water tank. This led to a leak, and customer requiring major building works to replace the ceiling, due to water damage. So noises in your loft, call Pestforce immediately before an issue becomes a disaster

Ant advice in Solihull - April 2020

During Corona V pandemic, each job request i considered before attending, is their a direct risk to customers health and safety for an obvious example, rats are present in kitchen and contaminating work surfaces. Ants are border line health issue, ie if inside the house ie kitchen work tops, however it is  very early in the year and colonies not yet at full strength. SO this regular customer got talked through how to mitigate & keep numbers down to an acceptable level until lock-down conditions change and a full treatment can be carried out. Don't sit and worry about pests, call Pestforce and discuss, might not be able to resolve, but I can supply you with facts & tips to cope or minimize the  impact

Mice in garage in Chadwick (B98) – January 2020

The best form of pest control is to keep them out in the first place! A garage in pretty good condition , no holes/broken mortar/gaps around pipes, easy access to roof etc.  But both garage doors had a half inch gap at the bottom, mice simply running under the door,  Pestforce Solution; fit anti rodent bristle strip across the bottom of the door. Mice excluded form the garage, no rodenticide used.

Rats invade home - 31st October 2019

Tenant with young toddler, found gnawed and chewed food stuff on the kitchen table. On arrival entry point to kitchen  for the rodents quickly identified, gaps around heating pipework allows rats to gain access to kitchen and with a little further investigation also into the bathroom. All holes immediately sealed to stop rats entering living space, Biocidal clean of kitchen & bathroom followed so that the tenant could get on with their life with out the worry of rats. Inspection moved outside: Once again a broken air brick identified as one entry point & a 2nd located next to drain. After a course of treatment, and rats eliminated, Final proofing (blocking) of entry points completed. Rats are now unable to access the house

Poolside wasps in Solihull - 29th July 2019

Large hotel, spa & golf complex. Poolside guests being harassed by wasps. Total of 3 wasp nest located and terminated. Guest now have the peace & quiet they where looking for. Pestforce Pest Control saves the day!

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