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Customer Reviews

Pestforce Royal Leamington Spa is rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 69 customer reviews.

About us...

My name is Mark Robinson of Pestforce Royal Leamington Spa. I love helping my customers who are usually distressed and concerned about a pest problem.

I wanted to make a difference to customers and to get away from the day to day of my previous job so joined Pestforce and established the Royal Leamington Spa office. Every day is different and I look forward to the next challenge presented by my customers.

I was brought up in the countryside, so can usually be found out shooting in my spare time.

I love what I do and I hope that I can help you too.

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When we work for you, you can relax because you're totally protected. Everything our experienced and friendly operators do for you is Insured and Guaranteed.

But please don't just take our word for it. .....

We've had the pleasure of helping thousands of customers in Warwickshire with their Pest Control problems and you'll find a selection of their stories by clicking here.

So whether it's your house, your garden, your farm, your football pitch, your golf course, your bowls lawn, your cricket pitch ...... or even your own private runway that's being affected, by now you'll realise your Pest problems are in safe hands with us.

If you're worried about your pets ......... don't be. Pest and pets might be spelt with the same letters, but we understand the way you feel about them is very different. ...... We always make sure that whatever we do to tackle your pest problem is pet friendly.

How can we be so sure we'll tackle your problems effectively?

Because our highly trained operators have access to a wide range of different pest control solutions and a specialised laboratory to help us diagnose those really rare pests that occasionally pop up and give us on the spot advice if we need it.

So let's get moving. The sooner you pick the phone and call us, the sooner your pest problems will be just an unpleasant memory.

Pestforce Royal Leamington Spa are available for all residential, commercial, and agricultural jobs in Warwickshire covering towns and cities such as Ashow, Baginton, Brandon, Bubbenhall, Harbury, Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Radford Semele, Royal Leamington Spa, Ryton-On-Dunsmore, Shipston-on-Stour, Southam, Stoneleigh, Warwick, Whitnash, Wolston

For your free on-site quotation, request a callback or email us on or call: Our out of hours / emergency number - 01926 266 063.

Recent jobs

Noisey rats in Leamington - October 2019

Large block of shops & flats undergoing renovation on a main shopping street in leamington. Tenant in one flat can hear rats under floor boards in hall & kitchen. The flat is secure to rat entry (for now) but the noises are causing distress to the tenant. Only way to access to where the rats are, through floor boards, once check no pipework or electrical wiring under the floor boards, 2 holes cut on reviewing inside rat dropping present. This confirm holes are in the right places!: Rodenticide placed and holes re secured.

Wasp nest in Royal Leamington Spa - 27th July 2019

A pub local to me who I cover for their annual pest control requirements, requested a call out to a wasp nest located in the first floor eaves just to the side of the front door. Not the greatest welcome to a pub, having to pass through an area active with wasps. Nest at about 2m up fully visible (quiet unusual to be able to see the whole nest) It was about the size of a honydew melon. An ideal nest to try a new product which has a physical mode of termination ie contains No toxic insecticides. A freeze spray, at -45 deg straight into nest entrance, then a move to cover the outer area. Nest and its contents frozen in a few seconds. I was then able to physically remove the nest. I left a wasp trap hidden behind a hanging basket to mop up any last wasps not in the nest at time of treatment. Job done! 

Scratching noises in Warwick - 17th July 2019

Call to a property complaining of scratching noises from roof space. Investigation could not find any evidence of rodents, no droppings, no gnaw marks. Camera placed in loft to verify pest present, as customer reports noises nearly constantly. Follow up a couple of days later, no rodents seen, customer still reported scratching noises, took a look out of the velux and a lot of wasps seen entering roof gully (under a tile) in the area where client hearing scratching noises, mystery solved, wasp not rodents.

More Moles! - Recently I was called to two x 2 acre fields, moles spread across 5 areas, treated and removed within 3 visits. Recent follow up with customer, to check still clear...... no new hills after 2 weeks, happy customer!

Moles in Marton! - Pestforce Pest Control were called out to a horse stud, suffering from Moles across 3 paddocks. Real concern from the owner that the tunnels undermine the integrity of the ground a creating possible ankle breakers for the horses using the paddocks. I immediatly placed traps and total of 4 moles removed over 3 visits, all 3 paddocks now clear of moles.

Weathers turning cold, rodents are heading for warmth, is your home secure??

The Problem: A little Mouse, not with clogs on , but tracking dust on his feet... Entry point located, the "yellow" on the image are foot prints of mice. The Product: Gnaw resistant mouse proof mesh

The end result: Access denied!

16/7/18 Leamington Spa - Today Pestforce had the pleasure of visiting a lovely ground floor flat in a Georgian town house. The client had been catching mice in a live catch trap, and releasing them into the garden and surrounding areas for a few weeks, however they were still finding droppings. Time to call in expert pest control! We immediatly identified an access point around a drain grate and proofed against re-entry. Following a short course of treatment behind the kick-boards, no more dropping, no more mice!

On 30th June Pestforce visited a property in Chiswick Green, which was under full renovation. Works temporarily ground to a halt  due the to discovery of a football sized wasp nest at the top of the loft gable. Since the loft was un-boarded, the treatment was a wasp nest destroyer from about 5-6m soaking through for the nest, leaving me able to treat from a nice safe distance. Nest neutralized aand renovation works re-commenced!

This week I had a call to a leading national cloths store, complaining of small brownish moths fluttering around the store. On arrival identification soon followed, Tineola Bisselliella, other wise known as Common clothes moth... in a cloths shop? Fancy that ?? Wish it could always be so straight forward. Returned at closing time, straight forward treatment, with a great new piece of kit "Exedos ULV fogger" which delivers the equivalent of a nuclear blast to crawling & flying critter's, and perfectly safe to customers and staff after only 1 hour, not the usual 4 hours plus of more conventional spray treatment. Job done! Extremely relieved staff and customer following Pestforce Royal Leamington Spas visit!

This week I had the chance to polish up my knight's shiny armour and help a damsel in distress. But seriously, I had a extremely distressed customer, who suffered two sleepless nights thinking she had a rat behind her front room fire. Although she is a council house tenant and had been in contact with the local council to get the issue resolved,  had been passed from department to department and back again without any action. Despite my best efforts to re-assure it wouldn't be a rat (if a rat can get in some where it can usually get out) most likely a bird, often pigeons being the usual suspect. I was able to get to her in a couple of hours, fire simply screwed off the wall: Culprit found.... Young magpie, removed, fire replaced, clean down and out in 15mins. A very happy customer and a great review gratefully received. Happy days!


Mark has been amazing with my pest problem. He is extremely personable and reliable. I would definitely recommend him.


Helen Couldrick

Excellent, efficient and most helpful.


M Ross

Fantastic service. I rang Mark first thing in the morning and he was with me within 2 hours. Uninvited wasps were dealt with speedily and were totally gone within 24 hours. Wished I'd called him sooner! I was appreciative of his calm and 'no drama' stance. Very pleasant gentleman.



Came as soon as he could to fit us in, explained what was happening clearly and what was expected to happen



Fantastic customer service. From the moment Mark picked up my call until the completion of the works I was assured the wasps nest in my loft would be sorted. Mark arrived on time, undertook the necessary action and provided detail of what had been done and what should happen next. Could have asked for a better service. Would definitely recommend for any pest control issues. Thanks Mark


Chris C

Excellent professional service, very quick response. Would highly recommend.


Amanda Daniells

Wasp's nest in the house loft was dealt with quickly and efficiently by Mark. All wasp activity stopped within 24 hours.



Mark was fantastic with us. He put our minds at ease and was both professional and reassuring. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.



I would highly recommend this company Mark was very professional and it was all done very quickly NO MORE WASPS will definitely use them again if I need to


Elaine Skinner

I am absolutely delighted with the service from Pestforce. Mark was knowledgable and came out quickly to effectively treat the wasp nest on my property. Thoroughly recommended.


Richard White

Mark was a pleasure to deal with from the outset. He solved our wasp problem promptly, efficiently and professionally. A great service which has our highest recommendation.


Lee Robinson

Mark was very quick and professional. Would definitely recommend



I called Mark as we discovered a Hugh Wasp nest in the garden. He was easy to talk to on the phone and quoted a price .
Arrived promptly and quickly removed the nest. Very informative and gave us a wonderful talk on wasps which we fund fascinated .
No hesitation in recommendation to anyone. Useful number to have in our phone contacts .Many thanks Mark.


Mr and Mrs Judd

Mark responded quickly to my request to deal with a wasp nest. Despite it being a weekend he got me booked into the first available slot. Booking was easy and quick. He arrived on time and sorted out the nest with minimal fuss. Everything was clearly explained and I was pleased with the report I had for my records.



Quick call out, brilliant service. Professional and quick job. Thanks


Guy Marshall

Excellent professional service. Good Comms: Risk assessed the situation well. Good customer satisfaction


David Lawson

Very efficient service attended our house on the day we called to make an appointment dealt with our problems ( waspnests }.No sign of any activity around the nests since.



Brilliant job by Mark in appalling weather conditions. Thank you Mark much appreciated .


Dee Best

Attended by disabled neighbour regarding wasp nests.excellent service and very professional.


Linda lucas

We were very satisfied with the prompt response and friendly service received. Would not hesitate in using again.


Zoe Lane

Very grateful for his help catching mice! Hope they won't return.


Mrs Williamson

We used Mark's services for our rat problem and I have to say this was absolutely excellent. He was very thorough in finding out where the rats were coming from and explained everything very clearly to someone who is not an expert! He also helped when trying to contact a company to complete repair works to our drains and even found the company for us. I would not hesitate in recommending Mark to anyone else who finds themselves in a similar position. We are now rat free and very happy customers. Thank you.


Catherine Plant

Thankyou Mark. I was very impressed with and pleased that you attended on time as arranged and carried out the necessary work as planned. Communication with you was straightforward and easy. You were well-organised. I am very pleased that I chose you to do this work for us. Thankyou again.


Mrs Leaman

Mark arrived to the site promptly, and after careful study explained in detail what the issues were and what remedial action if any was required. In this case as the issue was ground nesting bumble bees there was no need for any intervention apart from mark taping off the area to avoid visitors to the cemetery inadvertently walking over the nesting area. This was completed with a minimum of disruption to the cemetery and I am pleased to give a glowing report on this service.



Mark of Pestforce has helped up twice
With bird problems. Brilliant. Would recommend him highly.


Elaine and Chris cooke

Fantastic service from Mark today when he swiftly removed a wasp nest from the attic. Quick to respond to enquiry, prompt arrival and professional service.



Very quick response to my original phone call regarding ruffling noises being heard in the loft, Mark was very efficient and came the next day. On his visit he confirmed it was unfortunately rats, he explained the treatment process and exactly what he was going to do and I was very keen for him to get the job done. He was very professional, polite and friendly and gave us confidence in knowing he knew exactly what he was doing,,,he checked our property outside so he could determine where the problem was coming in from and advised us on preventatives for the future so offered us real peace of mind that the problem was being dealt with correctly and quickly ! Highly recommend.



First class service. Problem solved in two visits.


Les Boyce

Great work from Mark - came out next day and started work. Great communication and updates and advice going forward. Highly recommend


Hunningham Cricket Club

Pestforce responded rapidly and were very thorough in tracing and dealing with our rat problem. Mark attended regularly until the problem was eliminated.
Mark was free with good advice on how to minimise future problems.


Roger Clay

Great service with great communcation. Very responsive. I won’t hesitate recommending Mark to anyone who needs his service. Thanks



Everything explained
Flexible appointments
And successfully conclusion - happy around


John glenn

Thank you for a job well done.


H. Tombs

Mark did a geat job. He was friendly, efficient and successful in solving the fieldmouse invasion, carrying out the necessary ancillary jobs, carrying all the necessary equipment on board his van. We would not hesitate in calling on him again should the need arise.


Tony Hutchinson

I would just like to thank Mark Robinson for his prompt, friendly and very effective service in treating a mole problem in my garden.

Mark was excellent to communicate with, very prompt & attentive with his service and solved the problem immediately.

Thanks Mark - an outstanding service & much appreciated


Gordon Matthew

Mark, Many thanks for your prompt treatment of our home following an infestation of unknown type that was causing a nuisance!



First class service - thank you


The beesleys

Prompt, thorough and professional service. Mark explained what he was going to do and did it. Pleasant knowledgeable guy. Would recommend him to anyone with pest problems.


Norman Mabe

We had a squirrel issue, initially thought we had two of them in the loft, turned out to be five! Mark was extremely conscientious and worked really hard to get rid of the problem. We are now squirrel free and squirrel proofed.
I found Mark to be a likeable trustworthy bloke and have no hesitation in recommending Pestforce to anyone requiring action against pests


Dave McCourt

Mark came and sorted our unwelcome guests in only a couple of visits. He was knowledgable and reassuring, recommending an environmentally friendly solution (no poison).



Mark has been efficient and very helpful, explaining what he was doing and how long it would take. Excellent service


Annette Rawlins

Excellent service from Mark! Timely, professional, effective and trustworthy. Highly recommended!


Olga Bassoli

Good and efficient service. Very pleased.


Mrs H Tombs

Very efficient service to clear small moth problem. Mark explained the process clearly and reassured me that he could help. He was always very punctual too. I would recommend his services.



Excellent service. Came same day and problem resolved with further advice given. Will use again but hope won't be necessary



An excellent ande speedy service, who we would have no trouble in calling again should the need arise


Bill Robinson Stockton parish Council

I discovered a wasps nest in the loft whilst installing a CCTV system contacted Mark at pestforce agreed a convenient time for site visit, issue resolved in a professional manner with guidance to avoid further issues. Fair pricing friendly and professional service would recommend no problems.



Great friendly and prompt service from Mark. We had issues with moles, wasps and mink. The first two issues were dealt with quickly and efficiently. Although we didn’t manage to capture the mink, we now feel more confident in protecting our land. Thank you



Mark removed a wasp problem for us. The nest was just under the eaves/guttering and he sprayed it. The following day, all the wasps had gone.
Mark came around at the agreed time, was very friendly, helpful and efficient.


Kim Callaghan

Prompt,efficient,friendly hesitation in recommending Mark .Problem solved within minutes.Thank you.Rita.



Prompt , pleasant and efficient job well done.



Great service from Mark which started by him turning up exactly when he said he would, then a diligent assessment, treatment and follow up advice for a couple hornets nests. Thanks Mark- appreciated!



Called Mark on Monday morning due to large wasp nest in roof. Mark came out that evening and treated the nest. Thank you Mark for your friendly professional speedy and knowledgeable service. I would not hesitate to recommend you.



Having a problem with a big hornets' nest in the eaves of our house I called Mark (on a Sunday!) and he came next day and easily dealt with the problem. He has a reassuring manner, and cost a great deal less than using the local authority. His card is now pined to my office wall as I know who I will use if ever such a problem occurs again.


Gwyn Pritchard

Mark is a new contact we have for Pestforce and is very knowledgeable, he contacted me after he completed a job for one of our clients and gave me a thorough run down on how things went, what he found and what the rectification process would be. I would always recommend Pestforce to any of my clients as well as friends, family.
Thank you Mark


Paul Waters

Returned call quickly and arrived on time to remove large wasp nest. Explained procedures, and undertook same efficiently.



Honestly, you're a miracle worker, Mark. By the time we got home after our call there wasn't a wasp in sight. Haven't seen one since. Amazing service.

Have passed your name on to our House Committee chairwoman because when she saw your price she was doubly impressed as our last was removal was more expensive.



Mark was very professional and explained the situation and solution clearly. He worked quickly and unsupervised. It seems the wasp nest is now gone, after less than 24 hours.


Elaine Farrington

Very impressed with Mark, appearance, punctuality, politeness, & professionalism all second to none. Good value for money and I will always call Mark at Pestforce for any and all 'pests' that I may encounter in the future. Great service, great guy.


Michael Lent

I will be recommending to all my family and friends. Brilliant service.


Pam Andrews

Excellent!! - A fast, friendly, efficient and effective mole catcher! Got him within 24-hours! Thank you Mark ??


Darren & Claire Brown

Friendly, quick and very efficient. Would definitely recommend.


K Welsh

An efficient and professional service. would recommend.


Mr Johal

Words cannot really explain the level of professionalism and service we have received from Mark at Pestforce.
We have suffered with rats for years and tried many firms and solutions with little success. We have often been told, by so called professionals, that we will never be free of rats as we live near fields.
Mark was very knowledgeable, thorough and explained every step.
He has returned every week to refill boxes, check traps and look for signs of activity. We have not seen a rat in weeks and couldn't be happier.
I wholeheartedly recommend Pestforce and especially Mark.
I understand that will may suffer with pests again and I know who we are going to call.
Huge thanks from Carl and Tanya.

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Carl and Tanya

Prompt and efficient service. Totally reassured that the problem would be solved quickly.



Friendly and professional service which eradicated our Mining Bee issue. Thank you Mark.



Mark was able to fit us in just a couple of days after I spoke to him.

He worked quickly and efficiently and my problem was solved instantly.

Would highly recommend.



Good service, well explained. Mark knew what he was talking about. Multiple wasp nests removed.


Chris Grimshaw

Mark called to confirm his appointment and arrived on time. He was polite and reassuring throughout and he carried out a thorough inspection.


Patricia Armitage

Leamington Spa
01926 266 063

Customer Reviews

Pestforce Royal Leamington Spa is rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 69 customer reviews.

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