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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Leamington Spa.

My name is Mark Robinson and I'm a local professional pest controller serving Royal Leamington Spa and the surrounding areas nearby.

When I work for you, you can relax because you're totally protected. Everything our experienced and friendly operators do for you is Insured and Guaranteed.

We've had the pleasure of helping thousands of customers in Warwickshire with their Pest Control problems.

So whether it's your house, your garden, your farm, your football pitch, your golf course, your bowls lawn, your cricket pitch ...... or even your own private runway that's being affected, by now you'll realise your Pest problems are in safe hands with us.

If you're worried about your pets ......... don't be. Pest and pets might be spelt with the same letters, but we understand the way you feel about them is very different. ...... We always make sure that whatever we do to tackle your pest problem is pet friendly.

So let's get moving. The sooner you pick the phone and call us, the sooner your pest problems will be just an unpleasant memory.

I am available for all residential, commercial, and agricultural jobs in Warwickshire covering towns and cities such as: Barford, Harbury, Leamington Spa, Radford Semele, Shipston-on-Stour, Southam, Warwick, Whitnash. Snitterfield, Long Itchington

Proudly supporting a local charity in Leamington with all their pest control needs.

Recent Jobs in Leamington

Starlings vacate nest and leave mess on the front wall of a home in Leamington Spa, CV47, 31/05/2022

Pestforce Pest Control Leamington Spa were called to attend a home near Leamington Spa. Starlings had been nesting around the guttering on the front of the property and the nest was now empty. Our team arrived and assessed the area, we identified the nest and noticed guano on the front wall below the nesting area. We decided on a plan with our client. The nest was removed and disposed of, and the guano was cleaned off the wall. Bird proof mesh was then installed into the gaps and gutter area to prevent future access.

Rats in the kitchen in Warwick - 30/03/2022

Yet another customer with rear kitchen extension and rats have gained access, they can be heard in the kitchen ceiling, broke through into the kitchen by gnawing a gap around pipe work. Luckily on this occasion the entry point was outside next to the back door: So, with having access to exit & entry points, i was able to deploy variety of traps to catch all the rats in residence without the need to use rodenticide, if rodenticide had been used,  would have almost certainly led to having to deal with smell of decomposing rodents & fly issues, as when using rodenticide, we have no control over where they die. If traps used, we know where the rats are, in the traps!  so they can be removed and dealt with before any smell or fly issue arises. A very happy customer.

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Rats looking further a field for food in Leamington Spa, The Parade - June 2020.

As lock down continues rats are looking further a field for food from their normal feeding areas (Pub & restaurant bins). Two rats arrived in the back/roof garden area of a well known high street shop. A lengthy discussion with the owner regarding use (or not of rodenticide). None toxic was requested on ethical grounds, The size of the infestation was not large, so none toxic treatment agreed and executed. Both rats caught within 2 days, traps left in situ for a further week+  Property now clear of rodents

Bumble bees in Warwick Garden - May 2020

Small bumble bee nest located in a small gardens' herbaceous boarder. Under-normal circumstances would advise just leave alone and give a little space. But 3 year old needs to be out in the sun,the  garden is very small. So re location of the nest to a rural location. Very happy customer

Squirrel problem in Leamington - May 2020

Spring is definitely here, call to a property where noises described as "like a herd of mini elephants rampaging round the loft". 2 Adults and 4 youngsters quickly and discretely  removed. Gnawing damage to wooden beams started and a nest next to water tank, not unknown for collapsed ceilings due to water tank issue from squirrel activity. Finally entry point: missing brick at the apex of roof  blocked

Jackdaw in Marton - 01/03/2020

I took a call from a regular customer, very local to me. She advised her mum had been at her house looking after a new puppy, went into the front room to be confronted by a "Large black bird" jumping & flying round the room! Her mum was distressed to say the least. Luckily I was only 10 mins away, arrived to find a jackdaw had fallen down the chimney and into the front room. Entered, opened the window The jackdaw (who are highly intelligent) immediately took the opportunity to depart. Job done in 30 secs! next 10 mins talking to her mum, to calm her and assure everything is now ok. I didn't charge, sometimes its not about the money a little extra service are what small business should be about

Non-toxic solution to a mouse issue in Leamington Spa - January 2020

Customer with long term issue with mice in a 4 storey Georgian house. Entry points where pretty easy to find (damaged air brick under a step at the back door and missing mortar around pipe work into the kitchen). Everyone.....Check your air-bricks particularity the ones at ground level are in good condition, mice only need a hole the diameter of your little finger, for rats its holes the size of your thumb and they will gnaw tight holes, into holes just large enough to take a a run! Once entry points were sealed, the population in the house (nearly 20) was removed via trapping, without the need for the use of rodenticide .

Noisey rats in Leamington - October 2019

Large block of shops & flats undergoing renovation on a main shopping street in leamington. Tenant in one flat can hear rats under floor boards in hall & kitchen. The flat is secure to rat entry (for now) but the noises are causing distress to the tenant. Only way to access to where the rats are, through floor boards, once check no pipework or electrical wiring under the floor boards, 2 holes cut on reviewing inside rat dropping present. This confirm holes are in the right places!: Rodenticide placed and holes re secured.

Wasp nest in Royal Leamington Spa - 27th July 2019

A pub local to me who I cover for their annual pest control requirements, requested a call out to a wasp nest located in the first floor eaves just to the side of the front door. Not the greatest welcome to a pub, having to pass through an area active with wasps. Nest at about 2m up fully visible (quiet unusual to be able to see the whole nest) It was about the size of a honydew melon. An ideal nest to try a new product which has a physical mode of termination ie contains No toxic insecticides. A freeze spray, at -45 deg straight into nest entrance, then a move to cover the outer area. Nest and its contents frozen in a few seconds. I was then able to physically remove the nest. I left a wasp trap hidden behind a hanging basket to mop up any last wasps not in the nest at time of treatment. Job done! 

Scratching noises in Warwick - 17th July 2019

Call to a property complaining of scratching noises from roof space. Investigation could not find any evidence of rodents, no droppings, no gnaw marks. Camera placed in loft to verify pest present, as customer reports noises nearly constantly. Follow up a couple of days later, no rodents seen, customer still reported scratching noises, took a look out of the velux and a lot of wasps seen entering roof gully (under a tile) in the area where client hearing scratching noises, mystery solved, wasp not rodents.

More Moles! - Recently I was called to two x 2 acre fields, moles spread across 5 areas, treated and removed within 3 visits. Recent follow up with customer, to check still clear...... no new hills after 2 weeks, happy customer!

Moles in Marton! - Pestforce Pest Control were called out to a horse stud, suffering from Moles across 3 paddocks. Real concern from the owner that the tunnels undermine the integrity of the ground a creating possible ankle breakers for the horses using the paddocks. I immediatly placed traps and total of 4 moles removed over 3 visits, all 3 paddocks now clear of moles.

Weathers turning cold, rodents are heading for warmth, is your home secure??

The Problem: A little Mouse, not with clogs on , but tracking dust on his feet... Entry point located, the "yellow" on the image are foot prints of mice. The Product: Gnaw resistant mouse proof mesh The end result: Access denied!

16/7/18 Leamington Spa - Today Pestforce had the pleasure of visiting a lovely ground floor flat in a Georgian town house. The client had been catching mice in a live catch trap, and releasing them into the garden and surrounding areas for a few weeks, however they were still finding droppings. Time to call in expert pest control! We immediatly identified an access point around a drain grate and proofed against re-entry. Following a short course of treatment behind the kick-boards, no more dropping, no more mice!

On 30th June Pestforce visited a property in Chiswick Green, which was under full renovation. Works temporarily ground to a halt  due the to discovery of a football sized wasp nest at the top of the loft gable. Since the loft was un-boarded, the treatment was a wasp nest destroyer from about 5-6m soaking through for the nest, leaving me able to treat from a nice safe distance. Nest neutralized aand renovation works re-commenced!

This week I had a call to a leading national cloths store, complaining of small brownish moths fluttering around the store. On arrival identification soon followed, Tineola Bisselliella, other wise known as Common clothes moth... in a cloths shop? Fancy that ?? Wish it could always be so straight forward. Returned at closing time, straight forward treatment, with a great new piece of kit "Exedos ULV fogger" which delivers the equivalent of a nuclear blast to crawling & flying critter's, and perfectly safe to customers and staff after only 1 hour, not the usual 4 hours plus of more conventional spray treatment. Job done! Extremely relieved staff and customer following Pestforce Royal Leamington Spas visit!

This week I had the chance to polish up my knight's shiny armour and help a damsel in distress. But seriously, I had a extremely distressed customer, who suffered two sleepless nights thinking she had a rat behind her front room fire. Although she is a council house tenant and had been in contact with the local council to get the issue resolved,  had been passed from department to department and back again without any action. Despite my best efforts to re-assure it wouldn't be a rat (if a rat can get in some where it can usually get out) most likely a bird, often pigeons being the usual suspect. I was able to get to her in a couple of hours, fire simply screwed off the wall: Culprit found.... Young magpie, removed, fire replaced, clean down and out in 15mins. A very happy customer and a great review gratefully received. Happy days!

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