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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Northants (Northamptonshire).

We are a local, affordable & professional pest control company offering services to Northampton, Kettering , Wellingborough, Corby, Daventry, Rushden, Thrapston , Towcester and all surrounding areas.

With Pestforce pest control you can be confident of a fast response and guaranteed results.

We combine a conscientious attitude to our work with a genuine desire to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Add to this a lifetime of local knowledge and a realistic approach to pricing, we are confident that we will be hard to beat for any pest control problem.

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Qualified and Experienced Pest Control in Northampton

We are registered with the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), the leading UK trade association for pest control professionals.

This “not-for-profit” organisation promotes high standards in training and professionalism within the industry.

Subscribing to this body means that we are committed to providing an effective, safe pest control service that does not harm children, pets, or wildlife. It also means that I practice humane pest control methods. All members of the BPCA have to prove their competence.

We are qualified to Level 2 standard in ‘Pest Control & Management’ awarded by the Royal Society for Public Health.

We also work within the BPCA “Basis Prompt Scheme” which ensures that we keep up to date with the changes in the industry notably, changes in legislation and new products and techniques.

Our work is fully insured with £2million Public Liability Insurance.

Residential and Commericial Pest Control in Northampton

We understand the problem of unwanted pests;

In a domestic situation there is the distress that can be caused but also the potential health risks from some pests whilst many cause property damage and in extreme cases some can cause fires.

In a commercial situation we can offer assistance on both contractual or “one off” basis to help businesses either solve a particular problem or comply with relevant legislation.

In a rural setting we can offer a wide range of pest control solutions using both modern and more traditional techniques.

It is much easier to control pests at an early stage before they get established and so we advise contacting us as soon as you suspect a problem.

We are happy to offer free advice as to the best course of action and will give a free quotation for any service needed.

Pest Control Services in Northampton


  • Wasps – eradication and nest removal
  • Fleas & Bedbugs
  • Flies, Ants & Cockroaches
  • Woodworm Treatments
  • Many others, including Carpet Beetles, Moths and more


  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Squirrels


  • Moles
  • Rabbits
  • Foxes


  • Bird proofing & Control

If you live in any of the following towns or surrounding areas we are local to you Northampton | Kettering | Wellingborough | Corby | Daventry | Rushden | Thrapston | Towcester.

We work with many different types of customer on many different premises such as farms, golf courses, churches, schools, care homes, sporting pitches, all variety of restaurants and food outlets, together with all types of domestic premises.

We are proud of our ability to offer a prompt service with most jobs attended on the same day or at least within 24 hours. Don’t let the pest problem take hold; contact us as soon as you suspect you may have a problem.

Recent Jobs

Bed bug control in Northampton - April 2022

We had a call from a lady and gentleman who had a bed bug issue .on inspection it was clear that it was a bad issue as they had serious bites and hundreds of bugs were seen. As a priority we decided the best action was to heat treat the property. This heats up the fabric of the building to kill of all life stages .in bad instances heat is more efficient than using chemicals and much safer for the environment. So if you have any issues with bed.bugs please call us and we will soon have you bug and bite free .

Mice infestation in loft in Northampton - March 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Northants had a call from a lady who had cables nibbled and could hear noises in the roof.on inspection it was evident it was a low level infestation. To combat this we placed traps and bait in the walls roof and under the floor.if it was field mice we would only use traps so it has less impact on other wildlife. At pestforce we endeavour to protect non target species with a structured plan of action tailored to suit each client and situation.  We are proud to be involved with the campaign for wildlife. This is a good reason to employ a good pest control team as they can sort the issue in a safe manner protecting you your pets and other wildlife. 

Mice running around kitchen in Northampton - March 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Northants had a call from a petrified lady who had a mouse running around her bedroom. On arrival we spotted him so we placed traps around the bedroom. The next morning we had a call to say he was caught so went around and removed it .no more now and a happy customer 

Mole Control in Northampton - February 2022

We have had numerous calls the last three weeks for moles .some are gardens with the moles destroying lawns .some are on large fields where they can transmit some diseases to sheep especially. Mole hills can cause nasty trips for humans and can cause injuries to horses ect .so if you have a mole problem large or small please feel free to contact us and we will solve the issue. 

Moles and rabbit control in Northampton - January 2022

Had a call from a gentleman, who was having his gardens raided buy rabbits and dug up buy moles.we inspected the problems and it was evident alot of damage had be done buy both pests. To solve this problem, we agreed regular trapping throughout the year to keep the pests at a managed level. So if you have issues with moles or rabbits on large or small scale please contact us and we will be pleased to help, stopping the damage caused. 

Rodent Control in Northampton - December 2021

Had a call from a gentleman who had seen a rat outside the house. On inspection we noticed that some had entered the roof chewing cables. It is a good thing to check your roof periodically to check for chewing. Especially if the heating unit is there as they like the heat. To solve this problem we baited the roof under the floor and outside. After 2 weeks no more bait was taken and no more sounds at night. So a Rodent free customer who can now enjoy Xmas

Rats in Northampton - December 2021

Had a call from a lady with noise in the roof. On inspection it was evident a small amount of rodents had taken up residency in the roof .to combat this we treated the roof with a rodenticide. This achieved total control. They had entered under a roof tile on the roof. This is not uncommon for rats as they climb very well.

Cluster flys in Northampton - November 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Northants had a call from a company who had cluster flys in the office. On inspection it was clear that the issue needed to be addressed. To eradicate the issue the property was treated twice a week apart with a foging machine. The results from this procedure was excellent and now are fly free. Resulting in a very pleased customer. 

More flea control in Northampton - October 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Northants had a call from a gentleman complaining about getting  bitten. On inspection it was clear that the fleas had emanated from the cat as in most cases. To solve the problem we recommended the cat was  treated  buy the vet. We then treated the property 3 times with different insecticide compounds on each visit this has eradicated the problem. The customer now is flea free .

Flea infestations in Northampton - September 2021 

We are having a lot of flea calls at the moment, we advise anyone who owns a pet please treat your pet regularly, as fleas are looking for warmth and a host. Even if pets are treated they can still import fleas to your property. We advise fleas in a house a treated  buy a professional  as shop bought products are costly and do not work very well . So if you suspect fleas please give me a call

Cockroaches infestation Northampton - September 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Northants had a call for cockroaches from a landlord .on inspection there was evidence of them in the property all life stages were present so we agreed  a treatment plan. The house was treated with a insecticide then pheromone traps are placed . After two visits the treatment plan is working well so soon it will be a roach free house.

Rat control near me in Northants - September 2021

Had a call from a lady who had a rat run through the front door and into the sitting room taking up residency behind the sofa. To address this immediately instead of using traps we used our specialy trained jagd terrier .she was entered and immediately located the rat and dispatched it straight away . This is sometimes the best option and is totally non toxic as no bait is used .this method is extremely effective and much safer for the environment. Another rat free customer. 

Wasp nest removal in Northampton - August 2021

We had a call regarding ground nesting wasps these tend to be really aggressive and awkward to treat. To treat these we dug down to the nest along a pipe.these nests are treated buy a freeze spray then a de dust is put on the area before we fill it back in .both of these chemicals are non toxic this is done so the ground is not contaminated. This is a good approach especially in sensitive areas. 

Wasp Control in Northampton - Aug 2021

We had a call from a lady who had a medium nest buy the front door. We always find ground nested wasps are extremely nasty . To treat the nest we lifted the nest, and sprayed with a fast acting insecticide this kills them on contact. They are so nasty they followed us to the van, waited until we removed our bee suits then struck 4 stings on my rear and my sons eye .This shows don't try to treat nests yourself even a professional in a full suit can get stung .this situation for a non professional could prove to be, very nasty !.so if you suspect  a wasp nest please contact us and avoid the pain !!

Bee relocation in Northamptonshire - Aug 2021

We undertook a large double bee removal this week .we looked at the nests in June and tied in with the lady's builder on time frames wich suited them . We had to remove alot of the flat roof to get access the first nest was 3feet long and the with of the joists the second was the same size .Once the nest was accessible the bees were sucked into a special box so they are unharmed. The comb was then cut away and brood comb and honey comb was attached to frames and a double box was filled so the colony has a good start .the hive and both vac box's were re located to our apiary the bees were then put in the hive the Queen was present as the bees went in their new home on their own. We checked them today and all is well happy saved bees. If you want us to do a relocation please contact us and we will be happy to help .

Northants Wasp Nest Removal - July 2021

We have been receiving a lot of calls this week for wasps at the moment, most are under porch flashing or roof tiles. We can easily treat these in a safe manner. We do not recommend trying to do it yourself as it can end very painfully and can be serious in some cases. So it is always best to contact a professional pest controller.

Wasp removal in Northampton - July 2021

We have had calls from customers  in nn over the last week saying they have a wasp problem. We have found there are more multiple nests , these have been very aggressive. It is early so they will get bigger , if you think you have a nest it is safer to contact a good pest control company as they have specialist equipment to make the whole process safer and more efficient. 

Bees relocation in Northampton - July 2021

We had a call from a concerned customer who had a large swarm of bees .on arrival the swarm was very large so we both got suited and prepared the bee vac this is a specialist box wich the bees are sucked into under low pressure so they are not harmed.the swarm was then transported up to one of our hives and then put in as the Queen was in all the rest followed her in .now the hive is very active and happy .a happy customer and happy bees

Bees in a fire place in Northampton - July 2021

We had a call from a gentleman who had a large amount of bees in the house .on arrival we could tell it was a swarm of hunny bees unfortunately they had swarmed into the log burner .we bocked them in and left them a while until most of the swarm was in the log burner .we used a bee vac to gently stuck out all the bees. Then transferred them to a farm they are then placed in a brood box hive .we always try to save bees .if you see any swarms please don't kill them please contact us .

Bee relocation in Northampton - June 2021

We have had a lot of calls for bees. Any type of bee we will try to remove them in a safe and controlled manner. Bumble bees and honey bees are relocated to a farm where they can carry on doing there good work. Please if you suspect bees do not kill them as they are in decline and so important to the eco system .

White tail bees in Northampton - June 2021

It's the time of year bees are moving  into new places .we try in all cases to remove bees in a safe and controlled  manner. We remove them and relocate to the farm so they are not hurt we relocate them in the woods so they are happy . Any honey bees are relocated to one of our hives so they can carry on doing there good work .

Mice and ants in Northampton - May 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Northants had a call from a previous customer, concerning ants in the kitchen and noises in attic .On inspection there was evidence of house mice in the attic and a lot of ants in the kitchen and living room. To combat these issues the mice where treated and the entry points blocked. Also the ants where treated with ant dishes which proved to be successful after 2 weeks allowing time for the nest to die.

Squirrel in roof in Northampton - May 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Northants had a call from a gentleman who spotted a unwanted visitor's. On inspection squirrel activity was confirmed, so traps where set and 4 so far ,holes will now be blocked,so no more will gain entry . Squirrel damage can be vast to property's, so prompt action is required. 

Rat Control in Northampton - April 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Northampton had a call about noises in the roof, on inspection rats where present in the roof, on further investigation it was found the drain was broken, with holes running under walls, the rats where treated, the drain repaired and a rat wall fitted, this is a common problem but easily sorted 

Ant control in Northampton - April 2021

Pestforce Pest Control had a call from a household wich was getting ants entering their pantry. On in inspection we found nests outside, so these where treated, and ant dishes with a bait where placed inside, now after two visits the ants are gone. 

Moles in paddock in Northants - March 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Northants had a call from a horse owner, who had a few mole hills in a new paddock. On inspection there where some new activity, so mole traps where placed. On the first visit a mole was caught however to our surprise... this mole was ginger in colour. A real rarity in the mole species and perhaps a 1 in 100,000 chance. A mole hill free paddock since and therefore one very happy customer. 

Rats in Northants - February 2021

Had a call from a lady who had a rat problem going back years, she had numerous people out to try and sort the problem. On visiting it was apparent how much damage they had caused to electrical cables and water pipes in the roof. There was no signs around the outside at all. We then noticed the dip in the drive, when this was lifted, it was apparent there was a gap in the wall where utilities went in, with runs following the pipes in, in all 3x different holes where found. After treatment with a new fast acting product no more rats, a hard one to solve but very satisfying, holes being blocked, a pleased customer 

Rats in October 

We had a call from a concerned neighbour of lady in Northampton. On investigation we where shocked how bad it can get if you don't know what to do. The poor lady was plagued buy them every where in the house. On investigation we found 2x roof tiles broken and 2x breaks in the man holes with rat runs straight into the foundations. To rectify this we repaired all the defects eradicated the rats then we deep cleaned the whole house with firstly a cold fog steriliser, then cleaned all carpets ect with a. Cleaner, then all surfaces where cleaned buy hand. The lady is so happy with a clean fresh house 

Large Rats in NN13 - October 2020

Had acCall from previous customer saying they are hearing a party in the attic. On inspection there where rats present in the attic we placed fenn traps tracking dust and bait, the next day we removed 2x big ones, the bait and noises continued, so further investigation found the rats had chewed out of the drain then followed the pipes up into the house, to stop this we are putting in 2x rat flaps to isolate the drains, and to dig out and repair the drains, this will stop the rats from entering thus proofing the house which is allways the best way, 

Rats in the walls in Northants, NN6 - September 2020

We had a call from a lady with noises in the wall and atic. On inspection it was clear there was a small infestation, tracking dust was placed and bait placed, on the follow ups the bait intake rapidly decreased until no prints showed, the lady was happy there are no unwanted visitors now. 

Wasp problem in Northants - August 2020

The last month has been busy with calls for wasps. The nests in roofs have been very large and super aggressive. These can be treated with 100% success. We have also had a lot of calls for ground wasps these can be hard to trace and are the most aggressive, even vengeful. So if you have any nests causing concern please contact us and avoid being stung. 

More Wasps in Northants - June 2020

We had a call about a wasp nest in the attic. On inspection bats where present so the nest was frozen and removed. The only solution when bats are present or suspected, this is why doing it yourself can cause environmental damage and wasps can kill in a confined spac  due to they can sting more than once unlike a bee wich can only sting once then dies. A happy and relieved customer. 

Wasp nests in the PE area - June 2020

Pestforce Pest Control Northants had two separate calls for wasps in the pe area. The first was in a upper window sill this was treated using a lance, the second was two nests one in a Bush and one in a porch both of these where treated with a freeze spray and the nests removed totally non toxic solution. Two happy wasp free customers.

Wasps and Cluster Flies in Northampton, NN11 - May 2020

Pestforce Pest Control Northants had a call from a gentleman complaining there was a strange noise emanating from the roof space.on inspection there was a wasp nest in the roof and the roof was full of cluster flys  .so we decided the best course of action was to freeze the nest ,then to ulv the roof for the flies,this proved to be very effective and no flies or wasps where present afterwards a.happy customer 

More squirrels in Northampton - March 2020

Had a call from a gentleman who had squirrels in his roof in nn11 .on inspection they had chewed through the roof in the corner and then destroyed the inside ,to solve this we placed fenn and chubby traps in the roof baited with wine gums on our return in the morning the culprit was caught a large buck squirrel. We left traps down for a further week ,and he is now squirrel free . Please don't think squirrels are sweet they cause so much damage and need dealing with straight away!!!!

Moles in Northampton - March 2020

Had a call from a contract customer who runs a cricket club in Huntington, he was worried because moles had started to invade the outfield, on inspection they where going to water along the hedge .we layed down mole traps and caught one ,this week I will lift them while the grass is cut and rolled ,then traps will be reset . This time of year make moles are looking for a mate so they are more active so they appear where they have not been before .

Squirrels in roof - March 2020

Had a call from a family in nn13 complaining of a squirrel in there roof .on arrival 2 squirrel drays  where spotted in the trees outside,on inspection of the roof there was a entry point along the side of the roof solve this we put fenn traps in the roof and a cage trap outside.we baited both and the morning we had a call to say there was one in the cage,when we checked the roof we had one there as well. So now I will check for a further week and then block up the hole,another pest free family .

Cluster fly problem for estate agent - February 2020

Pestforce Pest Control Northampt had a call from an estate agent asking if we could sort out a fly problem in one of their office suites in a old church. After inspection we saw the flies were in the wooden slats in the roof void, inbetween them both. We discussed it and decided to ULV the two suites with an insecticide, this is to be repeated in a week to kill all the cluster flies. We will then monitor the situation if it re occurs in the future we will advise a EFK is fitted to each office .

Moles in back garden in Northampton - February 2020

Pestforce had a call from a gentleman with moles in the garden. We found the runs and layed down mole traps, on returning the next day the culprit was caught. We then squashed all the hills and runs down and will check again after a week to make sure there is no more activit. A happy mole free customer. 

Bedbugs in Northampton - February 2020

Pestforce Pest Control Northampton had a call from a worried lady in NN10 saying her and her children where been bitten when in her bed. On closer inspection bed bugs where present in low numbers. We had a chat with the lady and advised to treat the whole house, this was done with a IGR insecticide to stop all stages,after the first treatment it looks really good,one more treatment and the house will be clear ,then we will monitor it for a further week to make sure all critters are gone .this house was spotlessly clean in every way, it proves they are a problem to anyone. We always advise customers especially if they work away to check rooms before staying as most cases start in this way .

Proofing for factory - January 2020

Pestforce Pest Control Northampton had a call from an existing customer about proofing at their food factory. We have filled in with copper mesh and capped with concrete all the low level holes, now fitting a stainless steel strip on the bottom of the roller doors, brush strips up the side of the doors and stainless steel flashing around back door. The next step is a overnight glue board treatment to make sure they have no unwanted guests. These jobs prove that quality proofing and buying a professional can save you from diesease, damage,and distress.

Proofing for developer - January 2020

Pestforce Pest Control Northampton had a job from a customer we have done alot of proofing before on his development to fit a net around the gate ,as this was done originally buy the installer in netting and failed ,we was asked to look at it .we decided to do it in mesh wich was folded into a complex shape to stop any birds.we installed it and it looks so much better than netting and stronger . A very happy developer. 

More Noises in the loft - December 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Northampton had a call from a lady hearing noises in her roof and in the walls. On arrival, we had a conversation about the noises she said ( here having a party up there). We surveyed the outside and found runs under the shed and in the roof space there where more runs and lots of mess and damage indicating rats. To solve this we decided to treat outside. In the roof space we used a foam where they had run in the walls and tracking dust was applied to find all the entry points. On the next visit I expect the party will have stopped .

Noises in the loft in Northampton - October 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Northampton were called up to chewing sounds under the stairs and scratching in the loft. As the customer had a 1 year old boy, the idea of poison was a real worry but after reassuring him about the way poisons are designed now, they were more than comfortable for us to treat there property. We carried out a normal survey of the house and discovered, rats coming up via the sewer 3 inch hole under the house via pipes.  Lots of rodent repelling mastic with built in wire wool skimmed with concrete to fill the entry point in. Placement of rat poison in the loft and other side of pipes and under stairs. It's a waiting game! 

Mice infestation in Daventry - October 2019

Pestforce Pest control Northampton were called to deal with with mischievous mice running rife around a house on the high street.  As the house was joined, next door also had a problem too but didn't realise. Treatment over 3 weeks with 8 mice boxes in each property with rodenticide. Soon enough we had a call about a fowl smell coming from the roof and as you could imagine there were a few dead.  After a discussion with the customer about getting the Christmas decorations down they decided to have a biocide clean service which we offer. Soon enough the smell and the rodents disappeared. Another happy customer!

Noises in the roof, Northampton - October 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Northampton had a call from a customer this week regarding noises in the roof space. On inspection there was a lot of branches in separate drays a lot of damage to the roof space. 4 fenn traps where placed with lots of nuttela. We returned today and 3 had been caught a good start to the job. It shows that it's a easy problem to fix but if left they can cause such serious damage so it's allways best to call in a pest control company. 

Rats in Northampton - August 2019

Pestforce pest control Northampton was called to assit a customer's rat problem. The customer had lived at the premises their entire life so when we had the call regarding rats running around rife it baffled us to think where the root of the problem may lie. Upon visit we came across a plague of rats and it seemed to have come from ground work a neighbour was doing but digging further it turned out to be leading from the drain so we'd successfully fitted a rat wall with rodenticide. Another satisified customer.

Wasp Nest in Northampton - August 2019

Pestforce pest control Northampton's biggest wasps nest to date found wrapped around a customers loft in little billing. The customer tried his hardest to treat himself but was fed up of getting stung too many times!   Treated with non toxic freeze spray very effective and quick!

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