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During winter, rodents can be a problem in both the house, or under a property or in outbuildings.

Rats and mice, like humans, like to build nests, raising their young in warm surroundings, where food is plentiful and they are protected from the weather and predators. But, very quickly they can cause damage, shredding all manner of materials to make their nest and they can also multiply at an alarming rate. Dealing with rodents needs to be done quickly so again, if you suspect you have mice or rats, then call me. I can remove and control all year round pests like birds, pigeons and seagulls through use of netting spikes and other proofing methods. I also can help with squirrels, foxes, rabbits and moles in both one off calls and annual contracts.

Summer can present many insect infestation problems.

Ants in most cases, make their nests underground in the garden. Whilst one ant nest in the garden doesn’t pose too much of a problem (in fact, ants are an important part of our ecology), several ant nests can be a problem. Ants can ‘attack’, trying to bite with their ‘jaws’ but they are too weak to make any impact. Some red ants can sting but the main danger from ant nests in the garden, particularly if the ant population is excessive and the nest extensive is underground damage to plants. Plants and shrubs may start to die off as their roots become disturbed and dislodged. But simply killing the ants is not enough; the nest needs breaking up or a new colony of ants will simply move in! As a pest controller, I can safely use insecticide and make sure that no ants remain and the nest if of no use to another colony. Ants rarely venture inside, although the ‘black ant’ can make a nest in a property.  If you think you have an ants nest in or near your property then give me a call. I treat all insects and summer pests including wasps, bees, ants, bedbugs, fleas, spiders, beetles, flies, moths and more.

No matter what your pest problem – whether bedbugs, flies, wasps, rats, mice, birds, rabbits, foxes, moles etc – call me.

I work in domestic properties (houses and flats) as well as a variety of commercial premises – churches, schools, sport facilities including grounds, food shops, storage units, industrial units, farms, stables and livery yards, kennels and much, much more!

Recent Jobs

Rodent proofing installation in kitchen in Aylesbury, HP20, 19th July 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Aylesbury received a call to assist a client with mice in her kitchen in Aylesbury. The client has been catching mice in her kitchen cupboard and required us to install rodent proofing to stop the mice gaining entry. We completed an inspection and identified the ingress point of the rodents. Our team were able to remove the old extractor cover and replace it with a large one with rodent mesh covers. We also used rodent proof mesh on two further areas to prevent mice from entering the kitchen.

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