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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control South East London.

My name is Bob Sayer and I am a highly qualified, experienced, and local pest controller in South East London. Serving Greenwich, Eltham, Plumstead, Woolwich, Waterloo, Thamesmead and all SE Postcodes.

From the shoreline of the Thames to the foothills of Crystal Palace, Pestforce will control your pest problems. 

I have experience managing vermin and insect infestations in homes, schools, shops, pubs, clubs, places to eat, offices and churches across all SE postcodes. 

Rest Assured:

  • DBS Checked
  • Fully Insured
  • Fully Qualified

Fully accredited and qualified pest controller…
British Pest Control Association Member CEPA Certified Professional Pest Management CHAS Accredited Contractor Royal Society for Public Health Think Wildlife - Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use

When it comes to pest control in South East London, you need the very best. You can be sure I only use ethical, safe, and proven pest control methods.

I am also accredited by both the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and CEPA. The latter is the highest possible accreditation in pest control.

As part of the Pestfore brand, I can provide you with the nation’s gold standard in pest control, bringing this locally to South East London.

With an average of 4.9/5 from over 10,000+ reviews across all our websites and social channels, you know you can trust the Pestforce brand.

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If you are experiencing a pest problem and want to speak with a local South East London pest controller, then please call me, Bob, on 02080 883 960 anytime.

Pest Control Services in South East London

For fast, efficient, and effective pest control in South East London, call us today. 

Some of the pests I typically tackle are:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Wasp nests
  • Squirrels
  • Birds and pigeons
  • Moles
  • Foxes
  • Bed bugs
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Moths

Residential Pest Control

  • Home pest control
  • Garden pest control
  • Loft pest control
  • Roofing pest control

Commercial Pest Control

  • Restaurant / takeaway pest control
  • Office pest control
  • Medical clinic pest control
  • Building and construction pest control
  • Shop and retail store pest control
If you are experiencing pest issues, whether at work or home, benefit from my 5* rated pest control services in South East London by calling Bob on 02080 883 960.

South East London Rat Control

The sight of a rat will cause anxiety in most people. With my level of experience in rat control in South East London, you can be sure I will be able to get rid of the issue for you in a safe manner, ensuring rats do not return to your home in the future. There are a number of different signs and indications that you may be dealing with a rat issue in your home. Rat droppings are usually one of the biggest indicators. Droppings are typically situated in specific locations, concentrated in one area because rates tend to produce as many as 40 droppings every night. Other signs that you may have an issue with rats in your home or business in South East London include footprints, rat nests, rat holes, scratching noises, and rub marks.

Brown rats are a big issue in South East London.  The River Thames has long been a major rat-magnet.  But lately, rats have been thriving more than ever due to construction work for the 2012 Olympics and Thameslink.  Rats are beneath your feet in the old London sewer tunnels and The Underground, feeding all day and night rubbish buffets, and sheltering in derelict buildings, our attics and our gardens.  We may not like it, but the SE postcodes are a perfect home for rats.  

Rats can cause pricey and treacherous structural damage.  A rat's front teeth can grow 5 inches in a year. That's why they're always gnawing on things to grind them down such as water pipes, gas pipes and electrical cables. Nasty infections, such as Weil’s disease, listeria, hantavirus, toxoplasma gondii and salmonella can be spread through rat urine. Dribbling pee is part of a rat’s behaviour.  Urine-marking is a passport to communicate information about its age, social status, individual identity, current stress level, index spatial knowledge and acts as a sexual advertisement.  Dark scent marks can be found on easily walked on surfaces such as bricks.

The Cockney big squealers' success lays in its adaptability to our urban sprawl and its prolific rate of breeding.  Reaching sexual maturity at 2-3 months, a female rat, under a vacuum environment, could have 15,000 pups by the end of a year.  But the mortality rate is high with few rats reaching two years old. If you hear scratching or pitter pattering noises in the attic during the night, it could be rats.  They can use loft insulation as a downy bed for a siesta.  As cold weather bites, rats tend to move indoors during October and November.  Other noises in ceiling voids could be the tail bangs, hissing and shrieking of rats boxing.

The fuzzy undercover agents hardly ever scurry further than 300 feet from their burrows or nests when searching for food and water.  Feeding at night, rats can eat 50g of food a day and will eat almost anything a human eats. Rats are expert climbers able to scale vertical surfaces such as cavity walls and bounding under floorboards.  Using their whiskers to judge widths, rats elongate their flexible bodies through tight spaces. Rats can swim along the network of sewers, darting through a damaged waste pipe into the home.  They have been known to wriggle up the U-bend into toilet bowls. 

As a survival strategy, rats are neophobic meaning they are very wary of unfamiliar objects or new foods.  A rat will try a small amount of a new food the first time to see if makes them feel ill.  This learned food aversion tactic makes using poisons a slower process than some impatient humans would like.

In the garden, rats dig into grassy banks or burrow under dry sheds and decking.  They can be attracted to food dropped from bird feeders.  Rats can be controlled in the garden, but it’s best to use Bob’s expertise to ensure other wildlife is kept safe. Rats can be particularly ferocious and dangerous, especially if cornered or if food is in short supply. Much like of the extensive use of antibiotics in humans is helping create strains of hardy 'superbugs', the use of rodenticides is creating colonies of poison-resistant 'super rats'.  

I use a range of techniques, including poison, traps, and bait. Plus, I have dealt with everything from small to mass-scale rat infestations. If you have a rat issue in South East London, simply call me today on 02080 883 960.

South East London Mice Control

The smaller cousin of the rat, mice may appear cute, but you certainly do not want wild mice in your home. As a mouse control expert in South East London, you can be sure that I can help you to keep mice out of your home or business. There are a number of different signs or indications that you may have a mice infestation in South East London. This includes gnawing marks and shredded materials, as well as grease marks on your skirting boards or walls. You are also likely to have noticed small dark droppings. Plus, mice have a very distinct and unusual smell, which is like ammonia. If you have noticed any of these signs, it is important to get in touch with me sooner rather than later for mice control services in South East London. I have many years of training and can easily spot the presence of a mice infestation. I will not only help you to deal with the issue you are experiencing now but I will proof your property to ensure mice do not return in the future.

House mice are the conquering heroes of pests in SE London and Bob's most common call out.  

Ever since we’ve been holed up in caves, mice have been caching in on a human civilisation.  Instinctively fearful of prey and needing protection from the harshness of the British weather, city-born mice have found a shortcut to an easier life than their countryside cousins - our cosy homes.  Pre-built access pipes lead straight into Mouse Utopia where good food and shelter is it in abundance.

Q: How can I tell if I have mice?  A: Use your senses of sight, smell and sound to detect an infiltration of mice.

You'll know you have squatters by the patter of tiny feet at night.  Squeaking is the conversation of a mischief of mice and brawling youngsters. Droppings found in t he tidiest of cupboards, along skirtings, or on surface tops, are a major clue you have mice.  Small and dark, about the size of a grain of rice, they can be scattered everywhere that a mouse has zipped along. A musty smell is a tell-tale sign that you might have a house mouse.  As a pheromone trail, they constantly leak urine wherever they go.  Despite the potential for disease, there is no real cause for alarm.  Cleaning up droppings with a disinfectant spray and making your house as mouse proof as possible should be enough.

The hidden confines of a cupboard, snug bedding of loft insulation, runways under the floorboards, the climbable inner surface of cavity walls, even a toy box, provide the perfect home.

The house mouse can fit through any gap big enough to poke a pencil through.  In the human jungle, mice explore every nook and cranny nibbling anything to see if it is edible, including power cables.  They chew clean cuts through wood, paper and clothing.  If you find gnawing debris such as wood shavings, shredded paper, holes in containers, holes under counters and holes around pipes, it's highly likely you've got sitting tenants. You may see greasy smear marks as mice rub along their routes, particular around holes or around corners.

Our food is perfect for a mouse's high metabolism.  Mice live in the fast lane burning up huge amounts of calories, so they have appetites to match.  As expected, London’s mice make up their home within a few metres from food.  Just a few crumbs and an untidy cupboard to nest in are enough. City slicker mice are nocturnal so are frustratingly hard to see, nibbling on food left out at night or vanishing the moment you appear.  If you see a cheeky mouse during the day, it could indicate there is a large population is blooming within your home.  Mice are prolific breeders; in a matter of weeks, a few mice can become a dozen.

If you have a mouse issue in your home or business in South East London, simply call me today on 02080 883 960.

South East London Squirrel Control

If you are experiencing issues with grey squirrels in South East London and you require my expert services in South East London squirrel control, please do not hesitate to give me a call for more information. Out of all squirrels in the UK, grey squirrels are the most common type. Despite not being native to our country, they were introduced to the UK from North America during the Victorian era, and they have stuck about ever since. Since grey squirrels arrived, the population of red squirrels has depleted. I have much greater squirrel control options at my disposal when it comes to grey squirrels because the species are not protected. I am happy to answer any of the queries or concerns you may have, as well as schedule a date for a free inspection. I will offer you professional advice on controlling squirrels in your area, including some great assistance when it comes to keeping red squirrels away from your garden and property.

Do you have unwanted squirrel guests appearing in your garden, home, or business? If so, and you want to make the most of my South East London squirrel control services, please call me on 02080 883 960.

South East London Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing

In South East London, it is not uncommon to see lots of birds, particularly pigeons! While most are harmless, they may start to become a worry if they have made a nest on your roof or in your home. If this is the case, my South East London bird control service could be just the thing you need. Pigeons and other types of birds are adaptive creatures. They can adapt in places that are very difficult to reach, including under your solar panels, in your guttering, and in loft spaces. Plus, if they make a big mess if they end up on your property or home! It is important to note, though, that some birds are protected. Therefore, I will always understand what species of birds have invaded your residence so I can give you the correct advice and/or treatment options.

Simply call me today on 02080 883 960 for more information about bird control in South East London.

South East London Wasp Nest Removal

Another issue that I see a lot of people experience in the UK is a wasp invasion! Wasps are very common around the home and garden from July through to October. They can be intimidating, especially when there are many of them or they are angry. Luckily, I am the South East London wasp control expert you need to deal with this issue.

My South East London wasp control service is one of the most popular services I offer, especially in the summer months. I have gotten rid of wasp nests from every place you can imagine, from sheds to rooftops. No matter the size or location, I will be able to safely remove the wasps' nest for you. It is usually quite easy to determine whether or not you have an issue with wasps in your home or business. After all, you will typically see more swarming insects than you usually would. You can often see the wasp nests within a structure on your property. Plus, you may find that you hear buzzing noises quite often. If you have a feeling that you probably do have a wasp’s nest in your home or business, it can be incredibly dangerous to continue living with this in your home, and it can be even more dangerous to try and attempt to remove it yourself. This is something that you should never try to do. You always need a professional to handle this for you, which is why my service is a must.

If you believe there is a wasp nest in your home or business in South East London, please get in touch with me today. I will carry out an inspection free of charge.

South East London Bee Relocation

Bees are incredible insects. They play a hugely important role in nature. However, at the same time, no one wants a bee’s nest inside of their home or business. I can help you to deal with this. I understand how important bees are to the environment, and I will always look to relocate the bees whenever I can. I cannot and will not destroy a bee’s nest in South East London. Instead, I will rehome the bee’s nest, and this is why you need an experienced professional to handle this for you.

If you are looking for expert bee control help in South East London or South East London bee’s nest removal services, then please me us today on 02080 883 960.

South East London Bed Bug Control

If you are experiencing a bed bug issue in your home or hospitality business, there is not a lot that you will be able to do without professional assistance. This is where my South East London bed bug control comes in. Because bed bugs are tiny, you can end up missing them with ease. However, if you are finding bumps or bites on your body, there is a high chance that you have got an issue with bed bugs. Another indication that you may have an issue with bed bugs is if you have started to notice small specks of blood on your sheets.

Don’t let this issue go unresolved. Instead, contact me today on 02080 883 960 for my South East London bed bug control service.

South East London Cockroach Control

Just a simple sighting of a cockroach can be more than enough to make your stomach turn. So, if you have spotted a cockroach in your home or business, you may be starting to feel very worried that there are more cockroaches where that one came from. There is no need to fret, though, as my South East London cockroach control can help to ensure you do not need to have any sleepless nights worrying about cockroaches. I have the qualifications needed to deal with all kinds of cockroaches, from American cockroaches to German cockroaches.

If you have noticed a cockroach in your home, there is no time to waste. Contact me today on 02080 883 960 for South East London cockroach control.

South East London Flea Control

Fleas can be a very common issue for homeowners in and around South East London, especially if you have pets in your family. However, even if you don’t have pets, you could still end up with a flea infestation. There is no need to worry though, as I provide professional South East London flea control.

If you suspect you have fleas in your business or home, the best way to get to the bottom of this is to either catch one yourself, which can be very difficult, or by giving me a call on 02080 883 960 for my South East London flea control service. I will come to your residence and do a free inspection for you.

Other South East London Pest Services

The pests that we mentioned above are some of the most common that we treat in South East London. Other common pests I receive a lot of phone calls about are as follows:

  • Moles
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Hornets
  • Cluster Flies
Whether or not the pest you are worried about is listed on this page, please do not hesitate to give Pestforce Pest Control South East London a call on 02080 883 960. I have many years of experience in the industry, and my professional South East London pest control services are widely considered the best in the area.

Recent Jobs

Mouse Infestation in Town house: London Bridge, SE1 – 7th July 2023

A customer called Pestforce Pest Control South East London after being recommended by a colleague and previous Pestforce Pest Control customer. He had been having issues with mice in a property that he had was about to rent out. As the customer was having renovation work done he was keen to get his flat inspected. We arrived that day and were able to work with the customer’s plumber to eradicate any ingress points around the flat’s piping. We are now monitoring the property for the customer ahead of his tenant moving in to the property. 

One for sorrow (magpie trapped in chimney): West Norwood, London SE27 – 18th May 2023

A customer who had used Pestforce Pest Control South East London before called us to say that they believed some mice had returned as they were hearing scratching noises in their chimney. Our technician Bob visited straight away, and after inspecting the chimney found that a magpie had become trapped in the chimney. Our technician was able to release the bird and our customer was incredibly relived that the issue was resolved so quickly.

Squirrel loft inspection in Forest Hill, London SE23 – 13th May 2023

Pestforce Pest Control South East London were called to property in Forest Hill SE23 after a customer had been alerted to a possible squirrel infestation impacting a neighbour’s property. On arrival our technician Bob inspected the property internal and externally and confirmed that no activity was coming from the loft. Our technician was also able to highlight a significant difference in roof levels that meant the squirrels could only access the one property. We spoke with the neighbour and explained our findings. Our customer and her neighbour were relieved the issue could now be easily resolved.

Rat trapped in drainage system in Dulwich, London SE22 – 3rd May 2023

A couple who had been hearing noises in the external wall of their property in Dulwich SE22 rang Pestforce Pest Control South East London who attended promptly and inspected the property, noticing that the external wall had been built over the drainage system. Our technician examined the outside drain, finding drain guards in place and functional. Our technician also noted evidence of rat activity in the form of droppings. We put a three-visit riddance programme into practice and within two weeks the noise had ceased and there was no further evidence of activity. Our customer was incredible pleased they had contacted us and that the problem had been sorted.

Rats nesting around decking in Crystal Palace, London SE19 – 20th April 2023

Pestforce Pest Control South East London were asked to attend a property in Crystal Palace SE19 where rats had apparently been nesting under the decking in the garden. When we arrived we noted the area backed directly on to an area of woodland and rats were running across and under the decking. The owner of the flat mentioned that they loved to feed the birds in the morning and was a lover of all nature and wanted the rats gone but didn’t want them killed. Given the environment we were keen to avoid using anything that would harm the local wildlife. After inspection we noted that the rats were not nesting under the deck but coming from a nearby damaged drain cover to eat the birdseed that was falling through and under the decking. We were able to temporally mesh around the drain cover to limit any access and advised the owner stop feeding the birds. We have returned to the property twice and have yet to see any evidence of rats on the deck, but have advised that the drain be permanently fixed.

Mouse riddance treatment in Camberwell, London SE5 – 15th April 2023

A customer with a flat in the heart of Camberwell called Pestforce Pest Control South East London after repeatedly finding small droppings regularly appearing on his kitchen sideboard. We attended at a time suitable for the customer and inspected the flat. We discovered that mice had chewed through the skirting behind the customer's fridge. We put in place a three-visit riddance programme and proofed the area behind the fridge. By our second visit the droppings had stopped appearing. We continued to monitor on the third visit. With no recent evidence of activity after a month our customer was happy that they had contacted Pestforce Pest Control South East London to resolve their mouse issue and knew who to call should any further issues occur.

Reappearing mouse visitor in Brockley, London SE14 – 7th April 2023

When a mouse interrupted their Sunday family TV viewing, a family in Brockley rang Pestforce Pest Control South East London to solve the problem. A technician arrived and inspected the property, noting that everything was proofed and secure other than the two fireplaces in the front room. The technician placed UV tracking powder down around the fireplaces as part of the riddance treatment. When the mouse reappeared the following Sunday our technician followed up immediately and found that although the mouse had not been captured, it had left tracks leading to its access point in the second fireplace. The technician was able to block the area, preventing future access. The mouse has not been seen since and the customers are happy, knowing that they can return to a relaxed Sunday evening viewing time.

Fleas in Denmark Hill, London SE24 – 14th March 2023

When a customer in Denmark Hill starting noticing bites on her arms and legs after staying in a hotel for a friend’s wedding she rang Pestforce Pest Control South East London for some advice. Our technician Bob attended that day and inspected the property. After placing down insect monitors he was found evidence of flea activity. After advising the client he carried out a two-visit treatment to eradicate the infestation. Our customer was pleased we had been able to resolve the problem so quickly and left a very kind review for Pestforce Pest Control South East London.

Ants, ants, ants everywhere in property in Camberwell SE5 – 5th March 2023

A customer from Camberwell SE5 contacted Pestforce South East London when they noticed ants crawling up a downstairs wall into the upstairs bathroom area. Our technician Bob arrived and inspected the property internally and externally, finding a small hole around the outside waste drain, where he noticed ants crawling directly into the property. After treating and proofing the external ingress points, ant gel bait stations were added strategically in the bathroom and downstairs utility room. Our technician will be checking in with the customer on a second visit to ensure the problem has been successfully controlled.

Rat trapped under bathroom floor in property in Gypsy Hill, London, SE19 - 5th February 2023

Pestforce Pest Control South East London were called to property in Gypsy Hill SE19, where a customer had seen a rat emerging from his basement into his home. He had attempted to catch the rat and chased it upstairs where it hid in a hole under the bathroom flooring. We attended straight away and put in place a riddance treatment of bait and traps. We kept in regular contact the customer until he rang with the inevitable call that there was a bad smell coming from under the bath. Our technician popped straight over and was able remove a dead rat from under the bathroom floorboards. The customer was relived that the rat had been found and removed and gave a lovely review on our Pestforce Pest Control South East London website.

Wasp Extermination and nest removal in Penge, London, SE20 - 26th January 2023

When a wasp nest was highlighted on the survey for her new property, a customer in SE20 Penge called Pestforce Pest Control Lewisham to ensure the problem was dealt with asap. When we arrived we examined the property thoroughly both internally and external. Due to the cold weather there was no obvious activity although we were able to highlight some possible pest vulnerabilities of the property e.g missing drain covers, possible ingress points for rodent activity and where any wasp infestation was likely to occur. The customer was happy that we were able to advise her and popped our number in her phone - so she could call Pestforce Pest Control Lewisham if any other problems arose.

Loft space infested with Squirrels in Herne Hill, London, SE22 - 17th January 2023

After being kept awake through the night by night coming from the loft space of their recently purchased house, a couple from SE22 Herne Hill called Pestforce Pest Control South East London first thing the next morning for help. We attended straight away and accessed the loft space where we found clear evidence of squirrel activity. More importantly we found an access hole in the side of the roof. We were able to temporarily mesh the ingress point meaning the squirrel could no longer enter the loft. We returned two days later to check that there had been no further access.This was confirmed when we we disturbed the squirrel attempting to access via the newly meshed hole, but he was still unable to get into the loft. The customers were relieved the squirrel would not longer disturb their sleep and took Pest Control South East London's recommendation to get the roof professionally surveyed/fixed.

Pest Inspection of newly purchased property in Hither Green, London, SE12 - 8th January 2023

The day before exchanging on her new property in SE12 Hither Green , a customer with a phobia of mice rang Pestforce Pest Control Lewisham, anxious to ensure the new property was secure and free of any ingestion. We arrived the same day and were able to carry out a thorough internal and external inspection. Happily we found the property to be secure and found no evidence of mice. Although we did remove an old wasp nest from the loft space for the customer, who was relieved that she could move into the property the next day knowing her new home was ‘Pest Free’

Rodent Infestation investigated and treated in West Norwood, London, SE27 - 26th December 2022

Pestforce Pest Control South East London received a desperate callout on Boxing Day from a family, whose Xmas had been rudely interrupted by a mouse scarpering across the kitchen floor of there second floor apartment. Our technician arrived and inspected the property finding several ingress points leading to the property downstairs. Our Technician was contacted the following week by the downstairs neighbour, so we attended promptly and found evidence on a rat infestation in the cellar of the property. Our technician was then able to put a 3 visit Rat riddance treatment into place in the basement of the property ensuring the issue was was resolved as quickly and effectively as possible. Both home owners was please that had contacted Pestforce Pest Control South East London to resolve the problem.

Rat infestation in a basement in West Norwood, London SE27 – 17th November 2022

When a tenant in SE27 West Norwood alerted his landlord that he could hear scratching underneath his stairs, the landlord called Pestforce Pest Control South East London. Our technician met up with both landlord and tenant at the property and was able to access the disused basement below the stairs. We found plenty of evidence that rats had been living in the basement area. Our technician recommended a three-visit riddance treatment and returned the following week to find a large rat caught in one of the carefully placed traps. We also noted that a pipe in the basement was dripping slightly and recommended that this was fixed as it was providing the rats with a water source. 

Discovery of rat under kitchen kickboards and subsequent riddance programme provides relief for couple in Penge, London SE20 – 7th November 2022

A couple in Penge were alerted to a possible rat infestation after discovering large droppings in their kitchen and bathroom. They wisely called Pestforce Pest Control South East London and our technician arrived promptly at the property where we found further evidence of rat activity under the kickboards and in the adjoining downstairs toilet. After inspecting internally and externally it became clear that the rat had entered the property through the toilet after recent plumbing work and was now living in hollow skirting between the two rooms. We recommended a three-visit riddance treatment and returned the following week, where we discovered and retrieved the deceased rat that had died behind the toilet bowl. The couple where relieved to have the problem resolved and left a lovely review.

Persistent squirrel in loft in Crystal Palace, London SE19 – 1st November 2022

A customer from Crystal Palace SE19 contacted Pestforce Pest Control South East London to deal with a squirrel that was accessing the loft space above her study and making a great deal of noise rummaging around the loft. Out technician arrived and inspected the loft, finding droppings and evidence of nesting in the loft insulation. We placed down traps and bait and returned for regular visits – although this particular rodent proved a challenge as it appeared be eating our bait without setting off the traps. Perseverance paid off as the squirrel eventually ran out of luck and was caught in one of our traps. The customer was incredibly pleased that she could continue her work undisturbed and left Pestforce Pest Control South East London a glowing review.

Mouse infestation at property in Bermondsey, London SE16 – 20th October 2022

Pestforce Pest Control South East London were contacted by a distressed homeowner whose house had suddenly become infested with mice. Our technician visited the property and found activity across the premises. We put in place a three-visit rodent riddance treatment with safely secured bait stations strategically placed in the flat. On the second visit our technician discovered a waste pipe for a washing machine that had not been sealed externally. The technician was able to proof the hole, thereby stemming the infestation.

Hornet infestation found during building work in Beulah Hill, London SE19 – 1st October 2022

A customer whose loft extension work in SE19 had been halted by the discovery of a large hornet’s nest on the site of the building work put in an urgent call to Pestforce Pest Control South East London. We arrived promptly the same day and – once suited up – were able to eradicate the infestation using an insecticide treatment and remove the nest from the site. The customer was extremely pleased that we came out so quickly, meaning that the building work could resume the following day.

New house in Peckham, South East London, SE15 - September 2022

A customer with an extreme phobia of mice, sensibly contacted Pestforce Pest Control South East London - having just bought a new house. Our technician inspected the property and found no signs of mice activity ; however, we were able to highlight several areas of the property to that were vulnerable. We were able to carry out some small-scale proofing to ensure the customers property remained ‘Pest free”.

Mouse and Flea infestation in Dulwich, SE22 - August 2022

A worried SE22 house owner in Dulwich called Pestforce South East London after a neighbour looking after the property had discovered  both fleas and mouse infestations while the owners were  away on holiday. We promptly arrived at the property and after carrying out a household inspection was able to quickly and effectively contain both infestations before the relieved customer returned home from holiday.

External Rat Control in West Norwood, South East London, SE27– July 2022

When a customer in SE27 noticed deep holes appearing in the soil at the side of his property he wisely called Pestforce South East London to find out what was going on. We arrived at the property and after inspecting the surrounding area we recommended a burrow baiting and trap treatment. We ensured all bait and traps were safely placed and then returned to monitor the situation a week later, when we found all but one of the baits had been eaten – and one large rat had been caught in our trap. After further treatment we were able to stop the infestation and recommended that the customer should take further precaution by getting a drain survey carried out.

Rodents under Floorboards in Greenwich, South East London, SE10 – July 2022

An anxious customer from SE10 rang Pestforce South East London when their quiet evening was disturbed by scratching and scuttling sounds coming from under the lounge floorboards and behind the kitchen kickboards. The Pestforce technician arrived at the property and after carrying out an inspection recommended a trapping and poison treatment. Once that was in place the technician monitored the property over three weekly visits and was able eradicate the house mouse infestation, leaving the customer happy and reassured.

Wasp Nest Removal in Sydenham, SE26, June 2022

After hearing munching sounds behind the wall of their new office cabin, a vigilant customer in Sydenham rang in Pestforce Pest Control South East London for help. We attend and inspected the cabin and after safely climbing on to the roof of the cabin found residue from where wasp had accessed into the insulation of the cabin and had started to build a nest. We were able to quickly and safely eradicate the wasp and the customer was able to return to get back into the cabin office and return to work.

Wasp Control for tenant in Hither Green, SE23, June 2022

A concern tenant in Hither Green who had heard noises coming from his attic and roof called Pestforce Pest Control South East London for help. We arrived and inspected the loft area which was well sealed and there was no clear evidence of any pest activity. Technician eliminated all other possibilities after a thorough inspection and established that wasps were coming in through a small hole below window frame attempting to build a nest. Technician was able to use insecticide to eradicate the nest before it had been fully built. Another happy customer kept ‘Pest Free’ in SE23.

Rat Control in South East London, SE15, June 2022

A concerned tenant rang Pestforce Pest Control South East London when they saw a rat walk across their bedroom floor. They had managed to trap the rat but needed help and advice on proofing and ensuring the problem did not reoccur. Our technician arrived promptly and was able to give some reassuring advice to the customer and was immediately able to find the access point under the toilet in the adjoining bathroom. Our local pest control technician used a combination of steel wool and expanding foam to ensure there was no future possible access. 

Forest Hill Mouse Control, SE23, June 2022

A worried shop owner in Forest Hill SE23 contacted Pestforce Pest Control South East London when they found a cockroach behind some shelving on their premises. They contacted Pestforce SE London who arrived and carried out a thorough inspection. Our technician Bob recognized the cockroach as and Oriental cockroach (that usually mean there may be an issue with drains). With no drains nearby and no other evidence or recent activity, we were able to reassure the owner that there was no obvious sign of infestation. As a precaution Pestforce South East London put down some cockroach monitors and agreed to return the next week to inspect.

Mouse Infestation in West Norwood, SE27 - May 2022

A homeowner in West Norwood contacted Pestforce South East London as they had recently noticed droppings around the kitchen cupboard. After three visits the mouse has now been caught. In addition, by using tracking powder our technician was able find the access point which the mouse was using to come in and seal it, preventing further infestation. Customer was left happy and ‘pest free’

Mouse Infestation in Loft in Crystal Palace, SE19 - May 2022

A landlord of a property in SE19 contacted Pestforce South East London as his tenants had heard the sounds of rodents in the loft space in the property. We arrived promptly at the property and investigated. After a thorough inspection of the loft area the technician found clear evidence of mouse activity in the loft space. We were able to detect that the mice were running between neighbouring properties. We were able to speak with the neighbour as well and have recommended a 3-visit treatment for mice to start eradicating the problem. 

Rat control in Woolwich, London, SE18 - May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control South East London were called out to a lady who through she had seen a rat in her toilet. We attended in 30 mins and found that a brown rat ( Rattus Norwegicus) had become trapped in toilet bowl. The rat was retrieved from the bowl and was dispatched. We believe the source may be coming up from the drains and we recommended to the customer that a drain cap may be required and possibly drainage specialist maybe required to permanently solve this issue. Customer was relieved and to have the immediate problem of a rat in her toilet resolved and will be looking to contact Pestforce South East London again should there be a reoccurrence of the problem.

Mouse control for flat in Ruskin park, Lambeth, London, SE24 - May 2022 

Pestforce Pest Control South East London were called out to help some flatmates after they thought they may have a rodent problem in their ground floor flat in the Ruskin Park area. They had started to hear scratching noises coming from their kitchen primarily occuring of a nightime. We attended the following day and found evidence of a minor mouse infestation with droppings and a mouse carcass found behind the kitchen kickboards. We have since started a baiting and trapping programme with baits and snap back traps safely placed under the kitchen units and secured away. We hope to this infestation controlled after 2 further visits. We believe we have identified the source of the problem and the tenants have been very pleased with the service provided so far.

Rattus norvegicus in SE London - February 2021

We were called out to a home after a women phoned to say she could hear noises in her loft space. On arrival, we inspected the loft and uncovered immediately that rats had gained access from the down pipes and had gnawed a hole in the fascia board. We meshed the bottom of the down pipe but ensured free movement of the water. The problem was quickly rectified. 

Rat problem in South London - May 2020

We had an emergency call this morning from a tenant who was seeing rats climbing out of the floor drains in the yard and then disappearing under the waste bin. Upon investigation the floor drain covers were loose and the rats were simply pushing the plates off then going under the bin where the drainage plug was missing and were just climbing in for food, once full they were disappearing back down the floor drains until their next feeding time. Advised the client to replace the floor drain covers and re fit the drainage plug in the bottom of the bin.

Garden Ants in South East London - June 2019

Today Pestforce Pest Control South east London received a call regarding garden ants which had been pestering the customer for some time. Following just one treatment the ants have been eradicated and the family are very relieved. 

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