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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Brixton.

We are your local professional pest control team covering Brixton (SW2) and surrounding areas nearby.

We always carry out detailed surveys prior to works, provide effective treatments and put in measures to prevent problems re-occurring. 

Rest Assured:

  • Safe & Effective Treatment Plans
  • Local & Friendly Team
  • Residential Pest Services
  • Commercial Pest Services
  • DBS Checked with ID
  • Fully Insured (up to £10 million)
  • Digital Reports with RAMS

Members of:

  • BPCA (British Pest Control Association)
  • CEPA Certified
  • Checkatrade - 350+ reviews
  • UK's Most Reviewed Pest Control Franchise - over 16,000+ reviews
Fully accredited and qualified pest control technicians…
British Pest Control Association Member CEPA Certified Professional Pest Management CHAS Accredited Contractor Royal Society for Public Health Think Wildlife - Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use

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Award Winning Pest Control

Brixton Pest Control Services

We undertake anything that might be necessary, but some of the things that we will look into include the following:

Some of the types of pests which we most commonly help with are:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Wasps - including their nests
  • Bees - including their nests
  • Squirrels
  • Birds
  • Moles
  • Foxes
  • Bed bugs
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • + anything else you might be concerned about

Residential pest control:

  • Home pest control.
  • Garden pest control.
  • Loft or attic pest control.
  • Roofing pest control.

Business pest control:

  • Restaurants and takeaways 
  • Offices
  • Medical practices
  • Building and construction sites.
  • Shop and retail
If you are struggling with any pest problem in your home or work, then don’t hesitate to call the local Pestforce office in Brixton on 0208 088 0356 today.

Brixton Rat Control

Most people who have ever seen a rat will know just what a nasty sight it can be. It can very often be frightening and concerning, and you will probably want to have it dealt with as soon as possible if you see one in your home or place of work.

Nobody wants to see a rat anywhere near their home, and finding decent rat control is always going to be an important thing for many people.

If you are in need of some professional rat control you can trust, then you need look no further than the Pestforce Pest Control service in Brixton.

We have dealt with every kind of rat you can imagine, and we are more than adept at helping you to get rid of them from your home or place or work forever.


So if you have got a rat problem in Brixton, then give us a call on 0208 088 0356 today.

Brixton Mice Control

Although mice might at first sight be a little cuter than rats, the truth is that they are just as worrisome, and still not the kind of animal you want to be running around anywhere.

If you happen to run a business in Brixton, then a mice infestation is really bad news - it could even get you into legal trouble and could certainly lose you some customers.

Our Brixton team are well versed in looking for the early signs of a mouse, as well as in getting rid of any that they do find. You can be sure that your local Pestforce team is going to be able to help you with your mice control in Brixton at all times.


If you need some mice control in Brixton, don’t hesitate to call us as soon as possible on 0208 088 0356.

Wasp Nest Removal in Brixton

Once it starts getting to the summer months and the weather is heating up a bit, it is not uncommon to start seeing wasps everywhere.

This is something that we all know as a normal part of the cycle of the year - but that doesn’t mean that you will want to see them in your home or where you work. In fact, they can be dangerous to have around, and a wasp infestation is not something you should leave alone.

When you need to get rid of a wasp infestation, there is really only one thing to do.

Because of their intimidating nature, we are happy to say that we can offer a top-notch wasp control and wasp nest removal service in Brixton. Just give us a call today on 0208 088 0356 and we will be more than happy to discuss the options with you.

Brixton Bee Relocation

Similarly to wasps, when you see a lot of bees in a particular place, it can be a sign that you have an actual infestation of them, and that it is time to try and do something about it.

Bees might seem like a friendlier cousin to the wasp at first, and in many ways they can be, but that doesn’t mean that they are something you want in your home or workplace anyway.

In fact, having bees can be a real concern, and is not the kind of thing that you should leave alone to get worse.

With our expertise, we are happy to say that we can help you to deal with any bee problem you might have, whether that’s just a small nest or whether there is a large nest that is going to need rehoming or removing. In any case, we are always going to be your first port of call in Brixton when you want to deal with bees.

If you need to get rid of some bees or a bee nest in Brixton, then call your local Pestforce team on 0208 088 0356 today.

Brixton Squirrel Control

There are two main types of squirrel in the UK, and how we can respond to your squirrel control needs will depend on what type you have bothering you.

If you have grey squirrels, however, then we can absolutely help you out. If you find yourself with a number of grey squirrels routinely bothering you in Brixton, then you can be sure that we are able to give you some assistance.

What’s more, grey squirrels are much more common than red, so it is highly likely that this is the type you have - and that we can therefore help you fully.

Looking for help with dealing with grey squirrels in Brixton? Give us a call on 0208 088 0356. We would be more than happy to help.

Brixton Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing

Birds are a very common sight across all of Brixton. While they might be perfectly acceptable merely as a sight, if you find that they are bothering you then this is another story altogether.

If they have made a nest in your home, on your roof, or somewhere similarly frustrating, then our Brixton bird control services might be useful for you.

It can be truly amazing what kind of places birds can end up nesting in. Because of this, you might not even notice for a long time that you have such an issue, until it is too late.

But no matter how far they have got with their nesting, your local Pestforce team in Brixton are always happy to help remove them safely and humanely.

Call our Brixton bird control team on 0208 088 0356 today to find out more about how we can help you with your bird problem.

Brixton Bed Bug Control

If you have a bed bug problem at home or in any kind of accommodation, it is one of the most frustrating kinds of pest issues you can possibly come across.

You will very likely need to get hold of some professional help in Brixton to ensure that you are dealing with your bed bug problem as successfully as possible.

Because bed bugs are so small, they are very easy to miss. But if you start getting bitten from bed bugs, then you will know that you have them very soon, and you will likely want to deal with them as soon as you can.

You might even notice small specks of blood on your bed sheets, a sure sign of a bed bug infestation in your bed.


To deal with this bed bug situation, call Pestforce Pest Control Brixton on 0208 088 0356. We will be pleased to help you get rid of any bed bugs you might have in your home.

Brixton Cockroach Control

Few people relish seeing a cockroach, whether it’s in their kitchen, bedroom, or in their business’ premises.

If you come across cockroaches in Brixton then you are going to want to make sure that you deal with it as swiftly as possible.

That will mean reaching out to the experts to ensure that you can have it dealt with in the proper way.

No matter how advanced the problem is, you can be sure to get the help you need by calling your Brixton Pestforce office today on 0208 088 0356 and explaining the nature of your problem. We’ll have those cockroaches dealt with as soon as possible.

Brixton Flea Control

Fleas are notable for how hard they can be to spot, and the fact that you might not notice you have them until they are a real problem in your home.

If you fear that you might have fleas in your home, then you should make sure to deal with it as soon as possible.

The simplest and best approach is to simply call the Pestforce team in Brixton on 0208 088 0356. We will make sure that your fleas are removed at the earliest possibility.

Other Brixton Pest Control

As well as the above, we also offer help with the following pests:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Hornets
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Cluster Flies
  • And many more

pest control in sw2

Whatever pest problem you might have, at home or at work, don’t hesitate to call Pestforce Pest Control Brixton on 0208 088 0356 today. We are passionate in offering you the very best pest control possible, and we are always more than happy to help.

Recent Jobs in Brixton

Flea infestation in Victorian house - SW2, Brixton, August 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Brixton recieved a call last week from a concerned home owner in Brixton. She had seen fleas in her house which she pressumed had been brought in by her cat. The cat had been treated at the vets however fleas were still present. We attended the nest day, surveyed the property and found evidence of fleas. The following day we returned to treat the 6 affected rooms using a residual insectidial spray. The lady had to leave the house following the treatment for 4 hours however once the period was over she could return. We have recently heard back from the customer to confirm the fleas have been erradicated and her home is back to normal. 

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Mice invasion in flat in Brixton - SW2, Brixton, July 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Brixton were contacted by a flat owner in Brixton who was suffering from a rodent problem. We were able to attend the next day and assess the scale of the infestation in the property in SW2. Our highly experienced technician, Alison, identified during an extensive pest sruvey of the kitchen that the client was suffering from a medium sized population of mice. The client highlighted where he had seen the mice running from under the fridge and towards the kitchen kickboards. The smear marks noted by Alison were consistent with longer term mice activity. Several possible entry points were identified under kitchen units. The client agreed to a treatment plan and to date we have carried out 4 visits to this property to get a proper handle of the infestation. The use of baits and traps have been successful and getting on top of the infestation and the client is very pleased with our work. One further follow up is due and hopefully we will be proud to say there is another pest free property in Brixton. 

Significant Rat Infestation in Brixton - SW2, Brixton, May 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Brixton recently dealt with a severe rat problem in a semi-detached house. This was promptly resolved over a 2 week period with a long term solution involving drainage interventions to prevent rats migrating from the main trunk sewer into the property. The rat problems with this house has been completely resolved for several weeks. The client in recent days has told his neighbour what has taken place and how we resolved the problem so we were requested to approach the neighbour to ensure they weren't likely to get similar problems. On surveying their property, they were fortunate enough not to have a rat problem, however on inspecting their drainage system it was evident that rats were potentially a problem moving forwards due to having an open interceptor and additionally, partial blockages within their pipework. We are currently working with a drainage contractor to have their drains service cleaned and appropriate interventions installed to prevent any risk of rats entering their building long term. This is also of benefit to the neighbouring property we have already worked with as rats always have a risk of entering the neighbours house through the structure. With most things in life, it is certainly true that prevention is better than cure.

Brixton Fox Control for Foxes Under House - SW2, Brixton, April 2021

Our Brixton pest controllers were recently called to a lady who believed she had rats or mice living in the walls or floors of her Brixton property which was currently under renovation. Initially, our Brixton pest control team were unable to confirm what was causing the noise as there was no evidence of any rodent activity or other pest issue. To identify exactly what was causing the problem, we installed a wildlife camera under the floor of the house. On inspection of the camera, to our Brixton pest controllers and the clients surprise, we identified an adult fox was living or creating a den under the house and had been entering via the open rear end of the property due to the renovations. Our Brixton pest control team are now working with a specialist to humanely remove the fox and his habitat. We have resolved this problem by consulting a fox specialist who works with Pestforce Pest Control Brixton regularly. We consider fox control to be very specialist and therefore always work with a third party as any action involving foxes must always be humane and within the guidance of all legislation.

Brixton Pest Control for German Cockroach Treatment - SW2, Brixton, March 2021

This week Pestforce Pest Control Brixton has been called to a rented sixth floor flat in a communal block for an existing management agent we work for most weeks. Reports from the contractors renovating the flat that cockroaches have been seen, specifically German cockroaches. On inspection of the flat, we found a light infestation in the kitchen and utility area. We also took the initiative to survey the surround areas of the flat and other parts of he building to find out where the cockroach infestation is coming from. On inspection of communal bin stores and rubbish shoots on the ground floor and service rises for the building, we identified an extensive infestation which would be clearly impacting many of the flats and residents in this building. During this visit, as instructed by client, we started our Brixton cockroach control treatment in the flat to reduce the existing problem and we are now supporting the building freeholders to resolve the problem for the block as a collective in the hope we can resolve this problem for all the residents in the long term.

Bird Mites in Brixton - SW2, Brixton, October 2020

We had to attend a rented flat on Tuesday this week.  The tenants oddly were invaded by hundreds of tiny insects in the kitchen, which seemed to come from an extractor fan. We investigated and found the external vent cover was missing and starlings had been nesting in the pipe.  Once a nest is bird free, bird mites associated with the nest can migrate to other areas looking for alternative food sources and hosts.  This is a real big problem when pigeons have been removed from nesting sites in buildings and commonly roof structures.  We were able to confirm the starlings had fledged the nest and the nest was inactive. This is a requirement by law as a red listed bird species.  We then cleared out the old nesting materials and treated the pipe with a residual insecticide to eradicate the bird mites.  We also did an appropriate spray treatment in the kitchen area near and adjacent the extractor inlet where the mitres were entering the property.  We returned today to find the mites had almost completely gone, so we did a second residual insecticide spray in the pipe to ensure full eradication.  We then installed a new extractor external vent cover to prevent further bird or general pest ingress.  We have also agreed that the tenants in the property will install a small bird box for the starlings to provide a new home when they return. Resolved!

Brixton Emergency Pest Control Call Out - SW2, Brixton, November 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Brixton received an emergency call out from a lovely lady who was very distressed. Her daughter had moved to a rented flat in the Brixton area for University only to find it was infested with mice. The lady called us on a Friday evening and asked if we could get to her terrified daughter as quickly as possible the same day. Luckily our female technician (Alison) was on her way home, so she was able to divert to give a quick response. The technician arrived in under 1 hour. She was able to reassure the clients daughter and quickly identify the source of the problem as a hole in a wall under the kitchen units where builders had passed pipework through the structure. Treatment to eradicate the existing mice was carried out for 10 days over 2 visits and tracking dust confirmed the suspected hole as the entry point. On the 2nd visit the kitchen units were removed and rodent proofing was completed to seal the hole using cement to stop any further mouse ingress into the flat. The girls daughter was so relieved and particularly happy that we were able to send a female pest controller. A great service and impressive response time.

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