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Pest Control Services in Shropshire 

We work with all domestic homeowners, including tenant, both with pest problem in the home as well as outside the property, whether the problem is in a garage, shed, workshop or any other outbuilding.

Being experienced and qualified in pest control, we have a range of methods at our disposal to quickly alleviate you of your pest control problem.

We are not limited to using just modern methods or poisoning as we believe that traditional methods of pest control can still get the quickest results.

There is a bigger picture in pest control –

  • i. it is about identifying the problem
  • ii. dealing with the pest humanely
  • iii. ensuring that the methods used as safe for use around children, pets and non-target species

For more advice on the Services we provide and our previous customers - Call us today on 01743 830132  - I am here to help my local community.

Shropshire Rodent Control 

If you feel that you have a problem with rats or mice then please get in touch. A quick survey of your property will allow us to make an assessment.

Don't delay as an infestation can get out of hand through the breeding cycle of these pests. Rodents, particularly rats have the key attributes of the definition of a pest - causing DAMAGE - DISEASE - DISTRESS. The bigger the infestation the bigger the damage, increase risk to your health and high chance of distress (for many people).

Common rodents such as Rats and Mice are more of problem as the colder weather hits and move closer to property looking for shelter, warmth and a food source. Check out our latest Shropshire Pest News which gives more information about Rats and Mice and how to Know if You habe a Problem and also How to Avoid a Problem in the first place.

Shropshire Pest control news

For Pest and Environmental Services in and around Shrewbury and Telford call 01743 830132. So I can give you more information and help you make the right choice.

Mole Catcher in Shropshire

I have been fascinated by moles for many years and have a wealth of experience in removing a mole problem. Even 1 mole can cause havoc on your lawn and when it comes to agricultural land the costs are higher.

Moles disrupt the land causing trip hazards for livestock and increase the potential of Listeria entering the food chain.

If you have a mole problem then please give me a call and before you know it your lawn or land will be back to normal. The ONLY thing I cannot do is to stop more moles from moving into the area just cleared.

Professional and experienced mole catcher in Shropshire call Rob on 01743 830132. 

Pigeon Control in Shropshire

Birds are a frequent nuisance and in addition to causing damage and mess, they are also a risk to heath. Bird droppings ("guano" is the technical term) are actually a bio hazzard and should be cleaned using biocide.

A problem with birds also brings an issue with secondary pests such as bird mites, maggots, flies etc.. We can provide bird prevention and control measures to suit all situations; shooting, netting, spikes, proofing etc...

We follow a simple process that we have adaptly called the Pestforce BIRD system. We put together a BRIEF on the problem and required result, we INVESTIGATE by surveying the site, we RESPOND with the solution and the cost and then on your approval we DELIVER the required result.

Typical bird control includes pidgeons and seagulls however there are some licencing rules around many species in terms of what we can and cannot do.

For more advice on Mole and Bird Control in and around Shrewbury call us today on 01743 830132. 

Bed Bug Control in Shropshire

Bed bugs, or 'Cimex lectularius' are parasitic insects that need to feed on human blood to survive. Once in the home they live in the cracks and crevices in and around the area in which human’s sleep.  Attracted by the presence of human body heat and the Carbon dioxide in our breath, they make their way out of their harbourages around the bed at night and feed on the host, often leaving small red irritating bites on the body. Some people are very sensitive to these bites and they can cause severe skin inflammation in some cases. Sometimes the adult bugs can be seen on the bed sheets or mattress, but because they only grow to around 6mm and live in tiny cracks they can be hard to spot. Some signs that you may have Bed Bugs would include small red irritating bumps to the skin, or even smears of blood on the bed sheets.

Whilst it is widely accepted that they are not a transmitter of diseases, they can be a very distressing thing to live with especially for young children. If you own a business such as a hotel or a Bed and Breakfast (B&B), an infestation of Bed Bugs can be disastrous and if not treated professionally can be extremely difficult to get rid of. At Pestforce Pest Control in Shropshire, we are the experts in bed bug control. We offer a 24-hour emergency call out service, 7 days a week to all homes and businesses. We can be on site anywhere in Shropshire usually within 2 hours of getting a call. We have the latest equipment products and cutting edge training to ensure that your problem is dealt with quickly, discreetly and effectively and most importantly in a way that keeps you, your customers, your children and pets completely safe. The only thing at risk is the Bed Bugs!!

For more advice and Information on Bed Bugs Call us today on 01743 830132  So I can give you more information and help you make the right choice.

Shropshire Flea Control

Fleas are parasitic, wingless insects that feed on the blood of mammals. There are many different types of Flea, the most common being the Cat Flea and the Bird Flea.  An adult flea measures just 2 mm. Their narrow bodies make them perfectly adapted to live in your pets hair, carpet fibers or upholstered furniture and their long hind legs mean they can leap from host to host with ease. An adult female is capable of laying over 1000 eggs in her lifetime and given the right conditions can breed very quickly. They have a number of different stages in their life cycle and If allowed to establish in your home or business, can be almost impossible to completely eradicate with the use of domestic products. 

Adult Fleas need to feed on blood meaning that a common sign a premises is infested is the occupants being bitten. These painful, itchy red bites most commonly appear on the legs and ankles sometimes causing inflammation and irritation that can in some cases persist for weeks. This is something that can be particularly distressing for younger children. Other signs you might have an infestation are pets constantly scratching or in more severe cases, being able to see adult Fleas crawling and jumping on you, the furniture or carpets. Think you may have Fleas...? Call Pestforce Shropshire, the experts in Flea control. Whether it's a home or business we're on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with your problem.  Our vast knowledge and experience in Flea control and our extensive product range mean we can tailor a treatment for any situation and guarantee 100% results whilst always working with your safety in mind. 

Run a business? Need us out of hours or in a hurry? We offer an emergency call out service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just give us a call and talk to Rob, your local friendly technician on 01743 830132.

Woodworm Treatments in Shropshire

Woodworm- despite not being the most common pest- still cause much concern for home and business owners. 

For more advice on Woodworm Treatments Call Rob today on 01743 830132  

 Shropshire Insect Control

Ants, Moths, Flies, SilverFish, Cockroaches, Carpet Beetle and More.. Regardless of your location in Shropshire, pest insects can become a very large problem- very quickly.

If you notice an increase of insects in your home or office, it is vital you contact a technician as soon as possible as a nest may be present in your property.

For more advice on Insects and Insect Control Call Rob today on 01743 830132.

Bee and Wasp Control in Shropshire

As we enter spring, bees and wasps start to become a more common pest to encounter. Bees are one of the first insects to start stirring. You may witness a mortar bee, resting the sun and warmth on a south facing wall. Soon after, you will start to see large bumble bees in the area and when the weather is dry, they prefer to make their nests in the grounds. Honey bee swarms follow in the months of May and June.

You may see a ‘cloud’ pass by or you may return from work or a shopping excursion to find that the bees have moved in! They travel as a swarm but are docile insects, which are simply resting and then will move on within a day or so. We do not exterminate bees, preferring instead to re-home them with local bee keepers. If you are worried about a bee invasion, call Pestforce and we’ll be happy to help.

For more advice on Bee and Wasp Control Call PestForce Pest Control in Shropshire on 01743 830132  So Rob can give you more information and help you make the right choice.

Recent Jobs

Rats on the bird feeder in Church Stretton - 15th December 2022

We had a call last week from a customer in church Stretton in Shropshire reporting rats on her bird feeder in broad day light within feet of her living room window. She was extremely upset and crying on the phone and didn't know what to do. After reassuring her on the phone we were there within a couple of hours. We did a full inspection of the garden and found 36 burrows in a relatively small back garden! More concerning was that several of them were around the external wall of the house. Despite her not being aware of a problem in the loft we offered to check where we found a significant rat infestation that she wasn't are of. We should soon after this property back to being rodent free.

Rats in the loft this Christmas in Shrewsbury - 10th December 2022

A very busy start to the week with Rat jobs in Shrewsbury. We had a call that came in to us this week from a customer in Shrewsbury who was hearing scratching and bumping noises coming from the loft and wall cavities. Our inspection showed a large Rat infestation in the loft with large piles of Rat droppings and chewed wires. Won't be long at all before this customer in Shrewsbury has had their rat infestation sorted by Pestforce, your local pest control experts in Shrewsbury.

Rats living in kitchen and chewing electric cables in Shrewsbury - 5th March 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Shropshire recieved a call from a client who had seen a rat in her kitchen which ran behind the washing machine. Few days later they had a big flood due to rats chewing the water pipe at the back if the washing machine. We removed the kick boards and found they had chewed a hole through the wall from next door. They had then dragged insulation into the space behind the kick boards to to make a nest and also found food that they had foraged from the kitchen cupboards and lots of rat droppings. We have since implemented a rodent riddance treatment are soon to have the property rodent free.

Rodents chewing through pipes in Shrewsbury, Shropshire - 24th February 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Shropshire were called out after a customer had a severe water leak in their kitchen ceiling and suspected foul play from a family of rodents. When the customer found the burst pipe he found gnaw marks. We were able to attend the next day and inspected the house. We found further extensive chewing damage in the pantry to the door frame, the box containing the dog food and most worrying the beer. Rat droppings found as well as mice droppings in an upstairs cupboard. The rodent entry point was located and identified as a burrow going under the front wall of the house. We have since completed a rodent riddance treatment and the rat population is now under control. Before leaving we properly sealed and rodent proofed the entry point to prevent further infestation.

Rats in loft in Whitchurch, Shropshire - 17th February 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Shropshire were called to a property by a family after noises could be heard in the loft space which sounded like scratching. We attended and carried out a rodent inspection of the property. We idenfitied holes that had been chewed from the loft into the kitchen. We also found lots of rat droppings and smear marks on electrical cables caused by rodents running over them. We have started a 3 visit riddance programme to get rid of the rats. We are confident to soon after this property and family back living pest free. 

Click to see more recent jobs.

Rat control for local family home in Shrewsbury, SY5 - 20th January 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Shropshire received a text in the evening the other day from a local family in Shrewsbury who had rats in their semi-detached home. We offered the client some simple advice and scheduled them in for a rat survey visit of their home for their earliest convenience. We discovered clear evidence of rat activity with fresh rat droppings found in the attic area. To remove the infestation we set up a bespoke treatment plan making use of poison rat baits and rat traps. We have since ended our treatment and the rats have been effectively eradicated. The client was over the moon to be back living without a pest infestation and our professional Shropshire rat control services.

Wasp nest removals in Shrewsbury and Telford - July 2020

We're very busy here at Pestforce pest control Shrewsbury with calls for Wasps nest removal in Shrewsbury and Telford coming in fast. Call out for wasps nest removal in telford was answered the same day with the wasps nest removed without using any chemicals. If you need a Wasps nest removing in Shrewsbury or Telford, call today for a fast and free quote.

Rodents in Shropshire - February 2020

The rats are still going strong at pestforce pest control shropshire and showing no signs of letting up with the cold, wet weather persisting. A customer in shrewsbury called pestforce pest control shropshire today in desperate need of help with a long term rat problem in their loft, which several other companies have failed to control. The Rats are very active and can be heard every night running accross the ceiling, gnawing and scratching and have now begun chewing through electrical cables. Pestforce pest control shropshire were on site the same day to carry out a free survey and begin treating the problem. Entry points identified, so it won't be long befor these Rats are a distant memory for our customer. If you need pest control in Shropshire, call the experts today at pestforce pest control shropshire for a free survey.

Living With Wasps In The Kitchen - Shrewsbury, September 4th 2019

Here's a very unusual job that Pestforce Shropshire's wasp nest removal team responded to which we wanted to share (see pictures below). The customer had noticed wasp activity on the external wall of his property in Shrewsbury some weeks ago. Before calling Pestforce's local wasps nest removal experts in Shrewsbury, he went on holiday for ONE WEEK. And, in that short space of time, the Wasps decided an extension was in order so chewed through his plasterboard and continued to build a rather impressive nest structure inside his house. What's even more amazing, is this customer lived with this nest in his kitchen for a week after returning before calling us! The calmest customer of the year award goes to that man! Pestforce Shrewsbury's wasps nest removal team attended the customers home on the same day he called and, due to the location of the nest, opted for a chemical free wasps nest removal and destruction. Another happy customer for Pestforce Pest Control Shrewsbury.

Shropshire wasp nest removal Shrewsbury wasp nest removal Shropshire wasp nest removal service

Honey Bees in Barrow

AND WE ARE OFF! What a way to finish the pest control day! Our first Honey Bee rescue of the season started with an urgent call to Pestforce Pest Control Shropshire from a regular customer in Barrow, near Much Wenlock. The customers house is being refurbed and the builders were removing the old ceiling when they found this very well established colony of Honey Bees. Quite a shock as you can imagine! In an ideal world, we would leave a job like this until the warmer months when we know the Bees will have built the colony size up again and have an abundance of flowers to forrage food from after rehoming, standing a much better chance of survival. However building works had to proceed so we were left with no option but to go ahead with the extraction. The Bees have been relocated successfully by Pestforce Pest Control Shropshire and Telford, in to a hive in a warm barn and their food is being heavily supplemented until they have built their numbers back up and food is pleantiful. Equally as important as the Bees survival is the fact that the customer and their family and builders are now safe and can complete building work to their home, knowing no Bees were harmed. This was a super early one, but a reminder that Bee and Wasp season is only round the corner. If you need help with any Pest problem, call the experts Pestforce Pest Control Shropshire today.

Mice in Shropshire

Another extremely busy and satisfying day for Pestforce Pest Control Shropshire, helping people with their pest problems in all corners of Shropshire. Lots and lots of jobs coming in still for Shrewsbury pest control for Rats and Mice as well as early Cluster Flies, Moles and Squirrels. These pictures are from a call today in Shrewsbury. This customer called Pestforce Pest Control Shrewsbury as they could hear scratching noises coming from the walls. It didn't take us much looking to work out this customer had a few uninvited guests! These Mice will be dealt with in a completely non-toxic, rodenticide free way! If you think you might have a pest problem, call today to book your FREE, no obligation survey.

A late emergency wasp call out...

Pestforce Pest Control received a panicked call out to Shrewsbury last night where wasps were angrily swarming inside the customers house. They had noticed what appeared to be a damp patch in the ceiling but what the customer didn't realise was that this patch was actually there because just the other side of it was a wasps nest. They had ben building their nest up over the last few months and gradually picking away at the plaster board on the other side, making it thin and weak. When the customer touched the ceiling, it was paper thin and gave way, taking with it part of the wasps nest and unleashing hundreds of angry wasps into the house, stinging anyone they came across. We were there within an hour of receiving the call, treated the nest and stayed on site with the family until we knew it was completely safe and then sealed up the hole in the ceiling. Another satisfying job completed and an extremely relieved family left to continue with their evening.  

Another day, another wasp nest!

Wasps season is proving to be a busy one this year and the wasps nests are beginning to reach a good size now. A customer in Shrewsbury called Pestforce for expert wasp nest removal in Shrewsbury as they had this wasps nest being built in the roof space of their garage. Responding to the call out for wasps nest removal quickly, I was there the same day to destroy it. I was able to treat and destroy the wasps nest in no time at all and shortly after the treatment their was no wasp activity as all. If you need a wasps nest removing, call the wasp experts today at Pesrforce.

Wasp nest removal in Shrewsbury

This is a photo from a call out this week to a customers property in Shrewsbury who needed an expert wasps nest removal. This customer had a wasps nest being buiot under tue eaves of the property a short distance above head height on a narrow walkway.  The wasps nest was still quite small, with dozens of wasps visible on the outside building on to the nest and dozens of very aggressive wasps swarming around the nest entrance. This customer needed the wasps nest removed as soon as possible so they called Pestforce expert wasps nest removal in shrewsbury. We responded immediately and were with the customer on the same day. A short time later and we had destroyed and removed the waps nest. For expert wasps nest removal in Shrewsbury, ludlow, oswestry, whitchurch, church stretton or surrounding areas then call Pestforce, the experts in wasp nest removal today for a free quote!

Pigeon clear up and proofing at L'occitane En Prevence

I was contacted by the clients head office asking me to attend their store in Shrewsbury. They had recieved reports from the store staff that there was a number of pigeons dwelling to the rear of the shop, and as a consequence a large amount of Guano had built up on the floor, to the point where the drains had become blocked and they could no longer access the emergency exit. I carried out an inspection and quickly noticed that aprevious attempt had been made at proofing the area with a new canopy. Due to it being poorly fitted, it had failed in a number of places and had allowed access to some thirty or so pigeons, who had made nests wherever they could. They were roosting on just about every ledge going spare and had made a huge mess with their droppings. They had even started to nest on the floor and there was eggs and nesting materials ust about everywhere. Pigeon Guano in particular is a serious hazard to human health, so it was imperative that a robust clean up was done. Teamed up with Cliff from Pestforce north wales.  All surfaces were treated, and all Guano and nesting material was bagged up and taken off site.  The existing netting and wire was removed and disposed of, and then replaced with a bespoke post and wire system with pigeon grade net canopy. Where appropriate, ledges and sills were proofed with the use of bird spikes. 

pigeon clear up and proofing Pest Control in Shrewsbury

Double Decker Bus Converted Holiday Home with Cluster Flies Problem

This is a job for cluster flies. I was contacted by the customer who owns a farm with four converted double decker buses which they let out as holiday accommodation. They were receiving complaints from some of their guests at the time because of large numbers of flies coming to rest on and inside the buses. Covering the windows and generally making a nuisance of themselves they were keen to have something done during a period where they would have no guests, so as not to disrupt business. This left me with one morning to get a good solid treatment done and get out the way before the next guests turned up. A surface spray product was used around key areas of the bus's which has proved to be very effective and there has been no flies at all since the treatment. 

Pest Control in Shrewsbury Flie problems

Mole Trapping for Shukers Landrover

Having recently moved to a new premises in Ludow, shukers landrover contacted me to help them with a Mole problem. They were trying to get new turf laid out the front of their showroom, and just as they had begun work, mole hills had started to appear.  Desperate to get the job finished, i set a few traps in a verysmall area, and then the groundworkers laid the turf everywhere except where my traps were. presuure was on to get them caught, as if i missed and they moved i would have to re set the taps under the new turf! Luckily the mole...which turned out to be two moles, was caught straight away, allowing the groundworkers to finish off the last little bit and outting a stop to the Mole Hills.

Pest Control in Shrewsbury moles

Bird proofing survey for Sports Direct

I was originally called out because staff were complaining of flies coming into the store from the over head air conditioning units. I went to check the main air con units at the back of the store, which are housed on a flat roofs i could see no obvious cause for concern inside.  I discovered, upon checking these main supply units, that there was a serious pigeon infestation. Again, someone had previous attempted to install bird netting but has left multiple weak points which the birds have exploited, and are now nesting in, on and underneath these air con units. This is, i'm almost certain, where the flies are coming from attracted in by the guano and the presence of dead pigeons and food waste which they have carried up there. A full survey was carried out, recommendations made and a quote submitted to the facilities company Ryan Electrical. I am awaiting a response. 

Pest Control in Shrewsbury Birds

Rehoming Honey Bees

I received a call from a customer in Oswestry, saying that they were dismantling a shed in their back garden as part of some landscaping work. They had taken the whole shed down, and when it had come to pulling the floor up they had disturbed what they believed at first to be honey bees, which were now swarming around the garden. I was able to give a priority emergency response. Within the hour, I had reached the property and was suited up, ready to survey the job for them. I explained to the customer that I was reluctant to kill any Bees, and requested that I was given full access to their garden for the next couple of hours. As I believed that if time and care was taken, I could safely remove and rehome the nest. The customer was thrilled with this, as she had spoken to TWO other pest control companies locally already, neither of whom were willing to respond for 48 hours and had quoted her £50.00 more than my fee to destroy the nests....they would not even entertain the idea of rehoming! I carefully removed the rest of the shed flooring which was still covering the nest, and discovered that a tear had been caused in the top, giving me a great view into the active nest, but making for an interesting time with highly agitated swarming bees....definitely a job for a trained professional! 

Bees every where

I got a container ready that I used for containing nests....which was only just big enough. The bees had not only formed a paper nest under the floor of the shed, they had also cleared away a fairly substantial amount of earth and had actually buried their nest into the ground. This meant that some time had to be taken to carefully dig around the edges to free it up from the earth. I slid my shovel gently underneath one end, and then carefully slid my hand under the other end to support the weight. The nest was very big and heavy, but I was also surprised at how delicate and fragile it was too! I slowly lifted the nest out the ground in one piece, and placed it gently into the waiting container. For a short while, I decided to leave the lid off the container to allow as many of the flying bees to find their way back to the nest before sealing the lid. Tiny breathe –holes allowed fresh-air into the container...however time nevertheless remained key.  As despite having access to air, I knew that if the bees were left too long they would still potentially suffocate - over heat and die, or suffocate. It was then a short drive down the road to a nearby farm where Cliff from Pestforce North Wales lives, and there we found a nice part of the woodland in which to make the bees a new home. They were well behaved throughout, and I didn't get a single sting! The final step was to place them gently out of the container underneath a tree in a quiet corner of the woods. Needless to say the customer was over the moon, and left me 5 star review on the Facebook page.

Photo's of the Week

This photo comes from the site of a contract I’m tending to for a customer. They have a large property with a chicken coop at the back of the house. The site is adjacent to a farm and a lake on the other side, and the customer is finding that they’re having a big problem with rats! The rats were originally invading the coop just for the plentiful food. However recently, the rats have now began to establish several nests within the coop, and the customer has been watching helplessly as dozens of them run around the barn at night. This is all despite having previously had a contract with an established pest control provider. The pictures show a pretty clear idea of what I found when coming to the property. Note where the rats have burrowed in, as well as where we suspect is the entrance to their nest. The penultimate photo shows where the rats have climbed onto the top of the feed bin where the chicken feed was stored. They were actually able to chew through the top of the bin to get to the you can see by the teeth impressions! The final picture of the rat job shows where my foot had gone clean through the earth floor of the chicken coop. The rats had created so many tunnels under the coop that as soon as I placed any weight on the area, my foot went clean though, which gave me a good view inside of where all the tunnels went.

Pest Control in Shrewsbury rats

Rats in the Cattle-Shed

A recent inspection I did of a dairy farm holding 400 dairy cattle. The cattle have been brought in to over winter in the sheds and the farmer has started getting terrible trouble with rats in and around the farm buildings.This time of year, the rats are being driven out of their nests by rising water levels and dropping temperatures in search of food and habourage. On this particular farm they are feeding on the cattle nuts and have chosen several sites in which to nest. The worst one being a banked area to the side of the main cattle-shed, which contained over 60 nest holes - virtually identical to the ones in the picture. Huge areas of droppings were also present and all this being allowed to occur under the service of another pest control company!!

Wasps in the Attic

I was contacted by the agent/owner who was on holiday in Australia. The tenant had noticed lots of wasps around her kitchen window during the summer months, but had kept the window closed and ignored them. Now, well into November, the tenant had gone into the loft to start digging out Christmas decorations, and noticed there was wasps flying around and then quickly realised there was a largest structure directly above the kitchen....where they had been swarming all summer. Initial contact was made by the landlord on Monday and by Tuesday morning the nest was destroyed.

Hornets Nests in a Local Estate in Shropshire

I was called regarding a hornets nests that had been found within the shed of group of local gamekeeper in Shropshire, the shed itself was just inside an old walled garden surrounded by estate cottages. Upon hearing that the nest itself kept the gamekeepers from easily accessing the shed and had been the cause of stinging incidents in the past, fast and effective action had to be taken. The hornets’ nest was very large and the hornets in which the nest was inhabiting were large and dangerously active, which put the health of the gamekeepers and local residents at risk due to movements and lights of nearby cottages and caravans. By using the correct PPE, I was able to access and treat the nest quickly and safely, leaving the nest itself in a dormant state within a couple of hours upon my arrival.

Hornets Nests in Shrewsbury Pest Control in Shrewsbury

Pigeon Control in Shrewsbury

I was approached by a local estate agent, who overlook a very old and prominent building at the heart of the Shrewsbury town centre. The clients of the estate agent had complaints towards the condition of the rooftop courtyard area of the premises, seeing the entire area plagued by groups of pigeons which further led to the dangerous build-up of dried excrement (pleasant, I know!). This required the tenants, at great expense, to have the rooftop courtyard to be professionally cleaned every 2 months. Previous pest control technicians had installed bird netting to deter the pigeons from the property, but had since failed and allowed the bird to once again gain entry into the courtyard and surrounding rooftops as it was not sufficiently secured and had collapsed on most sides. Further inspection from myself indicated that the pigeons had not only been roosting along along the ridges of the courtyard, but also inside a refridgerated unit that services a nearby restaurant. Since the initial full inspection, I have carried out a full site survey and made recommendations to trap and remove the existing population, clean and disinfect the area and reinstate the bird netting and spikes to prevent future access

Pigeon Control Shrewsbury Refridgerated Unit Pest Control in Shrewsbury

Rats or Mice?

So these pictures are from a recent Rodent job. The customer had called me in because he kept finding a small pile of what appeared to be wall insulation and a mixture of other materials, in the middle of his kitchen floor every morning as well as hearing loud noises above his bedroom at night.  He had no idea what was causing it, but had made the assumption that it could be to do with rats or mice, and had asked me if I would come and do a survey to see if I could find any evidence of Rodents. I offered to come and carry out a free survey of his property that afternoon. The customer was thrilled with the fact that it was free and with the quick response time. On arrival, I noticed that the property was a 300 year old cottage that had at some point been extended. I was greeted with that mornings pile of wall insulation in the middle of the kitchen floor and after a quick brew and a chat with the customer about the problem I began my investigations. I removed the kick boards under the kitchen units as I could see some of the insulation spilling out and found huge amounts of wall insulation and chewed damson stones and nut shells. At the back of the units was a large hole going into the wall cavity where a sink had previously been.  I knew that Rodents can often be found at this time of year hiding from the elements in warm loft spaces, so this is where I searched next. On entering the loft I found huge amounts of mouse droppings, but there was also evidence of Rat droppings as well. The insulation was full of runs and nests, in which bits of straw and remnant food had been dragged inside. The lagging on the pipe work was badly damaged where it had been chewed, and there was large entrance holes all along the perimeter of the loft. Confusingly, non of the droppings or food seemed to be fresh. The search continued and it eventually  became apparent, after finding two piles of large fresh rat droppings, that the most recent guests were, in fact, Brown Rats (Rattus Norwegicus). There may well have been a mouse still in there, but only fresh evidence of Rats was found and a well placed snap trap later proved my theory to be correct.  The entire roof space was treated with several specialist humane products, and then attention was turned towards blocking up their access. As there had been Rodents of some form for so long, multiple access points made by the rodents were now in play, so a concerted effort was made to go over the entire property with a fine tooth comb, sealing and proofing any hole that had or could be used by Rodents to re enter. This included re-pointing old stone work, fault fixing in the timber framing and removing an ivy climber that had grown up the wall and inside the loft, which the mice at some point were using to enter. Proofing is always encouraged alongside any eradication and with this having been done, I am confident that this customer will not have any unwelcome guests in the future. 

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