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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Wrexham.

My name is Jack Ellis and I would be delighted to help rid you of pests.

From one-off visits to regular maintenance packages, we’ll ensure your home or business stays free from pests.

At Pestforce Pest Control Wrexham, we specialise in all aspects of pest control across Wrexham and neighbouring areas. Whether it’s rats and mice, wasps and bees, fleas or bedbugs – we have the right solution to keep your premises safe and clean.

You’re in Safe Hands - I am a local pest controller, supporting local communities with highly skilled and dedicated services. I have the experience and knowledge to provide you with safe and effective solutions for any pest problem. I understand that it can be stressful dealing with infestations in your home or business, which is why we strive to provide a stress-free service that leaves you feeling confident that the problem has been dealt with safely and effectively.

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If you have a pest problem in Wrexham and you need a professional treatment, give me, Jack, a call on 01978 600 106.

Pest Control Services in Wrexham

At Pestforce Pest Control Wrexham, we offer various services to suit all types of pest control needs. Whether you have a mouse infestation in your home or an ant problem in your business premises – I am here to help.

We provide one-off visits or regular maintenance packages depending on your requirements, and every treatment is tailored to the individual property. We also understand the importance of prevention when it comes to pest control in Wrexham, so we can advise you on the steps you can take to reduce the chances of an infestation on your property.

At Pestforce Pest Control Wrexham, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive and affordable service that leaves you feeling secure in your home or business premises.

Therefore, I offer a range of professional pest eradication solutions for all kinds of common intruders, such as:

  • Rats 
  • Mice
  • Wasps 
  • Bees 
  • Squirrels 
  • Pigeons 
  • Moles 
  • Bed bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Silverfish 
  • Fleas 
  • Moths 
  • + many more

So if you have a pest control issue in Wrexham and you need my help, do not hesitate to call Pestforce Pest Control Wrexham

If you would like more information on our pest control services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today on 01978 600 106.

Residential Pest Control in Wrexham

At Pestforce, we understand that pests can be a nuisance in your home and garden. That’s why our Wrexham residential pest control services are tailored to meet your needs.

Our home pest control service in Wrexham is designed to eliminate any kind of pests in your residence, including rodents, ants, spiders, flies and other insects. We use professional products and equipment to ensure your family's safety while getting rid of these unwanted guests. We also provide preventive measures so that you don't have to worry about them coming back again!

Our garden pest control service in Wrexham focuses on dealing with any bugs or pests that may be lurking in your outdoor spaces, such as flower beds or vegetable patches. We will identify the source of your problem and take measures to ensure that these pests are eliminated from your garden for good.

Our loft and attic pest control service in Wrexham, is designed to remove any rats, mice or other animals that may be living in your loft or attic. Our technicians have years of experience dealing with this kind of problem and know exactly how to deal with the issue quickly and efficiently.

Finally, our roof pest control service in Wrexham is designed to tackle any kind of bird or insect nesting in your roof. We use safe and effective methods to make sure that these animals are gone for good without causing any damage to your home. Thanks to our experienced team of technicians and state-of-the-art equipment, we can guarantee a fast and efficient pest control service that will leave your home free of pests. We offer competitive rates, so don't hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our residential pest control services.

Simply call me on 01978 600 106 to discuss further.

Wrexham Pest Control For Business

Pestforce Pest Control Wrexham offers comprehensive pest control solutions for restaurants, takeaways and other food-based businesses. Our experienced technicians are all certified to the highest industry standards and have extensive knowledge of relevant legislation and health & safety protocols.

We understand that having pests in your restaurant or takeaway can be a major problem, both financially and reputationally. Hence, we use our expertise to ensure you get the best pest control solution quickly and effectively. When it comes to restaurant pests, the most common offenders include cockroaches, ants, rodents (including rats and mice), flies and stored product insects such as moths. The good news is that our team at Pestforce Pest Control Wrexham has experience dealing with all these types of pests. We can identify the source of the problem, develop a plan to eradicate them and take all necessary measures to ensure they don’t come back in the future. We will first carry out a thorough inspection of the premises to identify any signs of pest activity and determine the best course of action. Once we’ve established the nature and extent of your infestation, we can advise on the most appropriate solution. This could be anything from simple traps or bait stations to more advanced chemical treatments depending on the severity of your issue. We also offer ongoing maintenance contracts, which help to ensure long-term protection against pests. Pests in the workplace can cause disruption, health risks and damage to property, so it is essential that they are dealt with quickly and professionally.

Our team at Pestforce Pest Control Wrexham are experts in office pest control, offering a range of solutions to suit any business. We can identify the source of your problem and then advise on the best course of action. This could be anything from installing bird control systems or fly screens on windows, through to using chemical treatments for more serious infestations.

We also offer pest control services tailored specifically for medical practices and clinics, including doctors’ surgeries, dentists and veterinary facilities. Pests in these types of premises can create health risks as well as damage equipment and property, so it is essential they are dealt with quickly and professionally. Our team has extensive experience in dealing with these types of pests and can provide an effective solution that meets all relevant health & safety standards.

Finally, Pestforce Pest Control Wrexham also offers a range of pest control solutions for building or construction sites. Pests can cause major disruption and damage to materials and equipment on these types of sites, so it is essential to get them under control quickly. Our team has experience dealing with various pests on construction sites, from rats and mice to flying insects such as wasps, flies and mosquitoes. We can identify the source of your infestation and then advise on the best course of action. This could be anything from setting up traps or using chemical treatments, depending on the severity of your issue.

When it comes to commercial pest control in Wrexham, no matter the circumstance, I’m sure we can help. Just give me a call on 01978 600 106 so we can discuss your pest issue and I can arrange a visit to take a look.

Wrexham Rat Control

Most hate the sight of a rat. It could be the way they scurry around. It could be the common association between filth and disease. I think we can all agree no one wants to see a rat in their home or even near their home. Our Wrexham rat control team have the experience and knowledge to not only get rid of your rat problem but also to proof your property to prevent them from returning. We have a variety of techniques we often deploy, from baits and traps to poisons. We’ve dealt with every size of rat infestation possible, indoor, outdoor, in between walls, in tiny crawl spaces, behind appliances, and in lofts.

If you’ve got a rat problem in Wrexham then pick up the phone and call us today on 01978 600 106.

Wrexham Mice Control

Mice are the rats' smaller cousins, and some may be cute, most are not welcome inside our homes (unless as a pet). That’s why our Wrexham mouse control experts are on standby ready for your call to help get mice out of your home and keep them out. Our Wrexham mice control team are trained to spot the signs of a mouse presence or a mice infestation. We’re trained to identify all the possible entry points of how the mice may be getting into your house and how to proof your property so the mice cannot return.

If you’ve spotted a mouse inside your home or mice nearby and need our Wrexham mice control services, then call us on 01978 600 106 today.

Wrexham Squirrel Control

If you’re having problems with grey squirrels in Wrexham and need our Wrexham squirrel control services, then call us on 01978 600 106 today. Grey squirrels are probably the most common type found in Wrexham. They are not native to Wrexham (they were introduced to Wrexham in the Victorian era from North America) – and since their arrival, the red squirrel population has dwindled. The grey squirrel is not a protected species and therefore the squirrel control options we have available are much larger.

If you have unwanted squirrel guests visiting your home or garden and want our Wrexham squirrel control services, please call us on 01978 600 106 and we can discuss further and arrange a date for a free inspection.

Wrexham Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing

Birds, and more commonly pigeons, are a common sighting across Wrexham. However, if they’re causing problems, or have made a nest in your home or on your roof, then our Wrexham bird control service will be of interest to you. Birds and pigeons are adaptive creatures and can nest in some very hard to reach places, including loft spaces, guttering and under solar panels. And if they can make their way inside your home or property, then you may have a large mess to clean. Some birds are protected so as a responsible pest control company we will assess the species of birds to ensure proper treatment and / or advice. Our local Wrexham bird control experts also provide guano cleaning services in Wrexham. The mess that a bird nest or infestation can leave is not only unsightly, it can pose a serious health risk. Our experts can chemically treat the guano soiled areas and help restore them and neutralise the hygiene risk.

Call our Wrexham bird control team on 01978 600 106 before your bird problem grows into something more challenging. We are happy to help and provide a free inspection and a pressure-free approach.

Wrexham Wasp Nest Removal

Similar to bees, wasps are a very common sighting in the summer months (July – October) around the garden. That doesn’t stop them being intimidating, particularly when angry or in numbers. Our Wrexham wasp control experts are fully equipped to help you get rid of nuisance wasps around or in your home. Our Wrexham wasp nest removal services are one of our most popular pest control services we offer in Wrexham in and around summer. The Pestforce network has removed wasp nests from every imaginable place, from lofts and rooftops, kitchens, garages and sheds, and even football stadiums! We’ve dealt with every size of wasp nest possible too, which is why you can be confident in our wasp nest removal services in Wrexham.

If you’ve found a wasp nest near your house and need our Wrexham wasp nest removal service, or keep noticing wasps inside, call Pestforce Pest Control Wrexham today on 01978 600 106. We will come and do an inspection free of charge.

Wrexham Bee Relocation

Bees are wonderful insects that many enjoy seeing in the spring and summer months around the garden in and across Wrexham. However, your enjoyment can quickly turn into despair and worry if you discover a bee’s nest too close to your home or even inside your home. At Pestforce we look to protect bees – there are few occasions where a “treatment” is required. Thankfully, our Wrexham bee control experts at Pestforce Wrexham are here to help. Contrary to opinion bees are not protected HOWEVER we understand their importance to the environment and therefore we will look to relocate the bees if necessary. Special care must be taken when tackling a bee problem. We will not destroy the nest and take every precaution to rehome the bee’s nest away from you. This may sound like a scary process, particularly if you’re scared of flying insects, but don’t worry, we know what we’re doing and are protected by our safety equipment and can confidently remove a bee's nest in Wrexham.

If you need our Wrexham bee control help or Wrexham bee’s nest removal services, then please call us today on 01978 600 106.

Wrexham Bed Bug Control

If you have a bed bug problem at home or accommodation, there is very little you can do, you will most likely need professional help, such as our Wrexham bed bug control service. As bed bugs are so small, they can be easy to miss. One thing that is hard to miss however is a bed bug bite. If you keep getting bitten during the night and keep finding bites or bumps on your body, then you’ve likely got a bed bug problem. If you notice little specs of blood on your bed sheets, this may be another sign you have bed bugs.

If bed bugs have found their way into your home, then call us today on 01978 600 106 for our Wrexham bed bug control.

Wrexham Cockroach Control

There’s something about the way a cockroach moves that gives people the chills. Just the mere sight of a cockroach is enough to turn someone's stomach. So when you spot them inside your house, or close to your home, we can understand the panic and worry that comes with that. You don’t need to worry though, Wrexham cockroach control help is available with Pestforce Wrexham. We’re uniquely qualified to deal with all types of common cockroaches, from the German cockroach to the Oriental cockroach or American cockroach.

If you’ve spotted a cockroach scurrying around your house, don’t waste time, call us for Wrexham cockroach control now on 01978 600 106.

Wrexham Mole Control

If moles are tearing up your garden or causing other problems for you, you might be in need of our Wrexham mole catchers to help get rid of these nuisance moles. Moles are rarely seen above ground and will instead cause damage by tunnelling through soil which could make the ground become unstable, damage the foundations of your home or cause other safety concerns. Not to mention the unsightly mole hills across your landscape.

If you are in need of our Wrexham mole control services, please call Pestforce on 01978 600 106 so we can arrange an inspection of your property and create a mole removal treatment plan.

Wrexham Ant Control

Ants are fascinating insects, but that’s no comfort when they are invading your home. If you have an ant infestation in your home, call for our Wrexham ant control services and we can arrange an inspection to find the best way to treat your ant problem. There are several types of ants prevalent in Wrexham, some requiring a different type of treatment to the next.

No matter what type of ant is causing problems for you, our Wrexham ant control service will help eliminate the infestation and stop repeated ant related issues. Call 01978 600 106 to speak with Jack at Pestforce Pest Control Wrexham today.

Wrexham Fly Control

We’ve seen and tackled many types of fly infestations including house flies, cluster flies, bluebottle flies, greenbottle flies, fruit flies and also horsefly. No matter the type of fly, or where the infestation is, our Wrexham fly control experts are well qualified and experienced to help you become fly free! The presence of a fly infestation can often indicate a potential health risk, either from the risk of infection from the flies themselves, or from what’s attracting the flies in the first place. Regardless, their presence will be a nuisance to any homeowner.

If you have a fly problem at your house or business premises, call 01978 600 106 for our Wrexham fly control services and our local expert Pestforce will arrange an inspection to help get rid of the flies.

Other Wrexham Pest Services

The above pests are some of our most popular Wrexham pests we treat. Other common pests we receive lots of calls about include:

  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Spiders
  • Hornets
Whatever the pest, listed on this page or not, please give Pestforce Pest Control Wrexham a call on 01978 600 106. We are very passionate about pest control and treat every call with great enthusiasm. Our professional Wrexham pest control services are widely regarded as the best available and cannot wait to discuss your pest problems and help you become pest free!

Recent Jobs

Tree bees in a flymo in Wrexham - 13th May 2022

Unusual job today in Wrexham tree bees had built a nest in a built-in shed which the customer needed to use. The shed was very cluttered and on clearing it out(wearing protective clothing) found the nest in a flymo, by this time there were around 100 not very happy bumble bees flying around inside. I re-located the nest to the bottom of the garden with the queen happily buzzing away inside with her brood and gave the shed a light spray of repellent to put off any returning bees. Happy customer, bees not so much ,but at least none killed or injured.

Mason Bees in Wrexham - 11th May 2022

It's still a little early for active wasp nests but I have been getting worried phone calls from customers, yesterday Marford near Wrexham, who have seen what they thought were wasps disappearing into holes in their walls. On inspection these have turned out to be mason bees ,much smaller than a wasp and non-aggressive; they are also extremely good pollinators-over 100x more efficient than honey bees! They are solitary bees and tend to dig small holes in soft mortar or use existing holes so unless they are appearing in large numbers nothing to worry about. The best solution to deal with them is to wait until late summer/when there is no more activity and re-point the affected areas with a hard mortar.

Rats and squirrels work together to cause mayhem at an education facility in Wrexham, LL11, 9th May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Wrexham were called in to assist a caretaker at an education facility in Wrexham. We arrived on site and completed a full survey of the grounds. The conditions on site created an ideal retreat for rodents. Bungs were missing from the bottom of the bins creating an easy entrance for rats. Squirrels also played a part, as they had been pulling rubbish and food waste out through the holes. The property next door was messy, overgrown and of generally poor condition. There is also a river close by. The rats had migrated into a landfill area that had been used as foundations for a new block, leaving a narrow alley running between the adjacent messy property. After four visits of heavy baiting, and repairing the bins, myself and the caretaker were extremely pleased to see no further activity on the fifth visit. The education facility grounds will need to be continually monitored, but for now we are pleased to confirm they are rat free.

Click to see more recent jobs.

Wasps around for Xmas - 11th November 2020

So this is the time of year people start venturing into their lofts and unfortunately find unwelcome guests-mice, rats, cluster flies and.........wasps! If you don't want any of these squatters taking up permanent residence please call today.

Cluster flies in Wrexham - 8th February 2020

Pestforce have recently had a few call outs to cluster fly problems in the Wrexham area.Generally speaking problems are normally experienced late autumn when they first enter buildings and become a nuisance and in the spring when it starts to warm up, when they start re-appearing after hibernation to go back out into the fields to lay their eggs(in earth worms-yuck!). I can only think that the unseasonably warm temperatures have tricked them into believing spring has arrived early.Central heating can also have the same effect. If you do have a problem and are fed up of hundreds of black flies in your living space and windows please ring for a rapid solution.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! If you are one of the many people who have started the New Year hearing noises in the loft,probably rats,or a garden ruined by mole-hills,don't let the problem get worse,give me a ring.

It's raining flies - 30th November 2019

With the severely cold weather the cluster flies are coming in en-masse to over- winter in our nice warm lofts.I did a large property on Saturday and thought there looked to be several thousand that were visible-what I didn't expect once fumigation started was a constant stream from the top of the roof ,dropping dead and pouring down the roof like a black stream.Once the gutter was full they carried on pouring over onto patio-they were still going after 15 minutes. The treatment is non-residual so harmless to the environment and if left, in the spring (or unseasonably warm spell) these flies without doubt will find their way into your house and attracted to light fill your windows-think 'The Omen'! So when you go up in the loft to get your Xmas decorations and there are unwanted guests-give me a ring.

What A Hornet's Nest in Wrexham!!! - 11th October 2019

Unfortunately the occupants of this very big and amazing hornets nest were not happy with sharing the rest of the building with 'humans'! and because of the danger it had to be destroyed.

Wrexham Hornets Nest Removal

Hornet Nest Removal in Wrexham

WASPS!!! - 27 September 2019

Although it is coming towards the end of the wasp nest season I am still getting call outs for newly formed nests as well as the older larger nests.Remember if left untreated each nest can produce multiple queens which in turn will give rise to many new nests next year. Don't take the chance of leaving it untreated,give me a ring for eradication/removal.

DIY Wasp nest removal...not a good idea - August 2019

Pestforce Pest Control North Wales has had many call-outs from customers who have been badly stung trying to deal themselves with wasp nests.The wasps become very agitated and without full P.P.E.this is not recommended. The worst case was a Wrexham farmer who had been stung in the past, no problems. On this occasion one sting on his face and he collapsed. He said if his wife hadn't rushed him to hospital he could have died. His face was still incredibly swollen. Don't put yourself at risk, give me a ring and in the very rare case of a re-visit needed that's included in the call-out fee.

Squirrel went nuts! - Rossette - 11 April 2019

Pestforce Pest Control North Wales were called out to a job at a picturesque cottage that had a problem with ants and mice. You never know what you are going to find when attending a call and after carrying out a thorough check of the property I also found a nest of harlequin bugs and several queen wasps. I had a final surprise when I went up into the loft space. As I put my head through the hatch a grey squirrel came flying at me. Certainly not what I was expecting. After the relevant treatment plan was completed, I left a further satisfied customer.

Successful removal of rats at horse stables – 5 April 2019

Pestforce Pest Control North Wales were called to a local stable that had been experiencing a problem with rats. The rats had been seen running around in the daytime and had burrowed throughout the stables making nests. I was able to provide the owner with the all clear on my third visit.  The quick success was due to my treatment plan and also the good house-keeping standards followed by the stable owner. All that is needed now is to monitor for any fresh activity.

Multiple phorid-humpbacked fly infestations – 31 March 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Anglesey had an unusual week dealing with four infestations of phorid-humpback flies. The first case was in a new build conservatory where there was a blockage in old pipework left under the floor. No guesses what the flies were feeding and breeding from.

The second was an empty farm house with flies covering ceilings, walls and windows. The food source for the larvae was the fungus on the walls.

The third and fourth infestations were even more unusual. Two neighbours with almost identical properties which had very large balconies accessed through the lounge were badly infested. The windows, balconies and gutters were full of flies which was strange considering the height of about 15 metres. The food source was rotting moss and lichen in the gutters.

All of the properties were successfully treated which was much to the relief of the owners.

First False Widow call out of the year! 

This week I had my first false widow call-out which needed to be dealt with immediately due to the sensitive nature of the location. The webs were quite distinctive, almost like layered sheets and the spiders even more so with what looks like a skull emblazoned on their abdomen. The spiders are not naturally aggressive but in this case chances could not be taken. Great care was taken whilst carrying out the treatment although the bite is no more painful than a wasp or bee sting, bites can become badly infected, sometimes resulting in necrosis. A notable recent victim who suffered the trauma of an infected spider bite was former Wrexham striker, James Gray.

The affected area has been successfully treated, all that is now required is the monitoring of adjacent areas by the staff.

Paracetamol eating Rats in Wrexham! 2nd March 2019

I'm still amazed at some of the things rats eat, at a recent job in Wrexham not only had they polished off a load of chocolate but oddly a tube of steradent and a couple of packs of paracetamol, leaving only the shredded packaging behind! Maybe all the chocolate gave them a head-ache but for sure they had the best looking teeth of any rats I've dealt with! Happily now after treatment all traces are gone from the property.

Mouse in a busy house!

I thought juggling the often long and irregular hours of pest control with private life was tricky until I did a mouse control job for a customer last week. She runs a busy house, studies at university, does week on/week off 12 hour shifts, is learning to drive and somehow manages to fit in a busy social life-respect! At least the mouse problem is sorted so one less thing to worry about!

Aaaand another wasp nest!

Today Pestforce Wrexham have been out to a slightly unusual wasp nest in a garage. I didn't expect to find it had been built in a long cardboard box which it had filled completely and due to its continued growth had pushed both ends of the box out! I was surprised by the weight of it when I removed it too! (wearing protective suit of course).

6 wasp nests at one property!

Today Pestforce have been out to help a returning customer, a smashing family that I have helped in the past. However this visit was for a major wasp problem! 6 wasps nests - 2 in trees in garden, which I removed + 4 in various locations in roof, which I treated using a Lance. I've heard nothing back so hopefully all sorted.

Two wasp nests for the price of one in Wrexham!

Here at Pestforce we did a job for a lovely lady on Friday, she had moved some hay bales in her stable to find not one, but two wasp nests, one sizeable! Her husband would normally deal with the problem if caught early, but on this occasion... luckily... thought better of it. I definitely needed my protective suit as I was engulfed by very angry wasps when removing the nests. I didn't charge any more for the extra nest and this very happy customer left me a great review... thank you!

There are no two days the same in the world of Pest control

It always amazes me how jobs can be so different, from crawling around under someone's floor or tentatively walking from beam to beam in someones dusty attic looking for rodent activity, to a nice scenic job setting up a new contract in a forest park. The day was glorious, the views were fantastic, the site staff were amazing, the steam train passed every hour or so, Hercules were low-flying up the valley and as well as the great forest smells, there was a bakery in the main hub making fresh bread and pizza. Doesn't get much better!

Wasp Control - Large Nest discovered on 23rd November

I went to Ruabon (Wrexham) last Thursday to a call out by a lady who needed to get into her attic but couldn't due to the number of wasps up there. On arriving at the property I could see immediately where the wasps were flying into the nest from outside but using the lance looked unlikely due to the strength of the would have had to be fully extended. On entering the loft there were many wasps all buzzing around the fluorescent drawn to the light ,but the customer was convinced they were emanating from a second inner loft.It was really cluttered and could find nothing after moving stuff around. I looked around the first part of the loft and again nothing,the only area I hadn't been able to check was behind the raised trap door so I dropped it back down and there were a set of drawn curtains with the odd wasp coming out.On opening them and pulling several cases out of the way I finally found the top of a very large wasp nest leading down out of sight into the eaves. The rest of the treatment was straightforward using Ficam D and standard P.P.E. after which I closed up the loft and told customer to leave for at least a day.

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