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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Chester.

My name is Oliver Cross and I am the owner of this local pest control company which is supported by a larger franchise network.

As a full-time, professional pest controller, I am able to provide responsive and effective pest control solutions to any of your pest problems.

At Pestforce, we have a track record that will put your mind at ease and I would urge you to read our fantastic customer reviews.

Further information:

  • I am DBS checked
  • I attend regular pest control training to keep up to date
  • British Pest Control Association (BPCA) as well as being fully accredited by CEPA
  • I am fully insured
  • All my work is guaranteed as standard
Please do not hesitate, give Ollie a call on 01244 917 960 and let your pest worries be a thing of the past. 

Pest Control Services in Chester

Please find a comprehensive list of the common pests we deal with in the local Chester area;

  • Wasps and wasps nests
  • Bees and bees nests
  • Squirrels
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Birds
  • Moles
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Foxes
  • Bedbugs
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches

We cover all pest issues and are here to help all customers, so please give us a call on 01244 917 960 and we will be happy to help.

Chester Rat Control

Rats are known to be vectors of diseases, so people climb on higher grounds when they spot one. Our Chester rat control measures are successful because we understand the different types of rats, why they are a nuisance, and how to get rid of them.

These rodents are common in homes, offices, and most buildings. We even see some crossing the roads. Because of their adaptive nature, our rat control techniques lure rats from their hiding place so that none is left behind in the killing spree. You will not have to worry about a loose rat after we're done because we are that good.

Rats are cautious creatures; that's why it might take you a while to be aware of their existence. So, once you see one or hear one on your roof (a roof rat), it’s likely they are more than one and need immediate extermination. We ensure to leave your home rat-free so you can have a peaceful mind and continue with your life as if the rats never happened.

If you're experiencing a rat problem in Chester, it's time to ring us on 01244 917 960 for rat control services.

Chester Mice Control

Understandably, you might not know the difference between mice and rats. Most of us didn't either at first. That's why our Chester mice control services are your best way out of a mice infestation.

Unlike rats, most people can stand the sight of mice because they're undeniably adorable. It is also why a mice pet is a thing. However, unwelcomed mice can be an issue. Usually, a female mouse can breed up to 10 litters of about five babies. Now imagine if the babies grew up and reproduced in the same year. Your home would be a disastrous breeding ground, and you wouldn't want that.

If you think you’re having a mice problem, from mysterious cereals missing or eaten plants or if you’ve seen one, call us on 01244 917 960 for our mice control services at Chester.

Wasp Nest Removal in Chester

Our Chester wasp control measures are safe to remove wasp nests without intimidating them too much. Because of their painful sting, you should not disturb them by flying them out of the house. Much like bees, wasps are expected during the summer. They set up nests in high places like the corners of your roof. Also, they're notorious for inhabiting practically any space, so don't be shocked to find them invading your bathroom and bedroom spaces.

Home-made wasp repellants can only do so much to rid them off, mostly if the wasps have already built a nest. At this point, it would be best to call Chester pest control to do what we do best.

Around the summer, our wasp nest removal services at Chester are most common. We can confidently say that our wasp control experts are experienced enough to handle any nest size. You, too, need to be confident in our expertise to call us.

If the wasps in your house are unruly, don't be shy. Whatever the wasp nest's size, our Chester wasp control experts will take care of it. Just call 01244 917 960 now.

Chester Bee Control

Our Chester bee control experts understand the importance of bees. Hence, we try as much as possible to treat a bee infestation and rehome them.

Bees are beautiful creatures and help protect our plants, especially during the spring and summer. They can also be one heck of a sight to spot. However, if you spot a significantly large number of bees at one point, it should be worrisome. More so if there are no known beekeepers nearby.A swarm of bees could indicate that there's a nearby nest and, if unattended to, could be dangerous to passersby. It is undoubtedly something to report immediately to us at our Chester pest control office before the swarms get out of pocket.

We preserve the bee's nest by carefully rehoming it somewhere safe where it wouldn't pose a danger to people and people wouldn't disturb it. Rodent control personnel rehome bees' nests to prevent untrained people from harvesting the honey.

Our best advice for you is not to get near a bee's nest for any reason. Like you wouldn't want to catch a bee in your garden, avoid a nest to be safe.

If you need our bee control and bee nest removal services at Chester, then pick up your phone and dial 01244 917 960.

Chester Squirrel Control

We have two types of squirrels in the UK, the red squirrel and the grey squirrel. Our Chester squirrel control services seek to protect the red squirrel and exterminate the grey squirrels.

Because the red squirrel is a protected breed, our professionals will offer you advice on safely keeping them out of your house. Also, we will not use any methods or chemicals to harm these pests, and neither should you.

On the flip side, the grey squirrel is unprotected. Therefore, we follow our extermination protocol depending on the removal approach we deem best. At Pestforce, we have several options on how to remove grey squirrels, so you shouldn't worry about them being a nuisance for long.

If you're experiencing an unwanted visitation from squirrels and want our Chester squirrel control services, please give us a call on 01244 917 960

Bird Control Chester

Birds are majestic creatures and lovely to sight in your garden or when you’re out and about. Some birds, pigeons mostly, can be a nuisance to you if they start to cause problems. If this happens, you will need prompt actions, and our Chester bird control services will provide that.

Some birds are protected, and we cannot harm them in any way; therefore, we first assess the species to determine the best approach for removal. While birds can be unwelcome into your home, they’re not harmful, so there’s little need for panic.

In fact, you should keep them calm by staying out of their way until our Pestforce personnel in Chester arrive. As a responsible bird control team in Chester, we will efficiently help remove the bird infestation that hinders you from enjoying your living space and freedom.

Please call us on 01244 917 960. We'll be happy to help.

Chester Bed Bug Control

Perhaps the worst kind of pest infestation that has the potential to drain you out. Bedbugs are one of the most resilient pests on earth. That is why you will need out Chester bed bug control services to regain your peace and freedom.

A common problem caused by a bedbug infestation is lack of sleep because they're more active at night time. While bedbugs are small in size, you will most definitely feel the effects of their bites. Bedbugs can spread from your beds to your sofas, clothes, and car seats. This is why you should seek a professional service from a Chester pest control.

If you're itchy all the time and find blood spots on your bedsheet, it could be a manifestation of bedbugs. Our experts will advise you accordingly and be with you every step of the extermination process until you're free from bedbugs.

Often, bedbugs find their way into your home from visitors. Yes, visitors can leave bedbugs in your sofas that you transfer to bed when you go to sleep. The same applies to the rest of your furniture. Our Chester pest control team will offer unique furniture treatments to remove bedbug from your life.

If you're looking for a pressure-free approach to rid of bedbugs, then call our Chester bedbug control team by dialling 01244 917 960.

Chester Cockroach Control

Cockroach control requires time and special knowledge to be effective. Our Chester cockroach control services are based on suitable approaches proven to work against cockroach longevity. You may be surprised to learn that there are over 4,000 cockroach species worldwide. So, it is likely you may have seen close to half of them in your life, cool, right? Cockroaches are mainly found under beds, sofas, cookers, and any other hidden place.

We don't need to paint the picture of just how awkward it could be to have guests at home and have roaches running across the table and on walls. This is why your best bet out of a cockroach infestation is a skillful and knowledgeable Chester pest control equipped to tackle this.

Our qualifications and expertise are what you need if you've spotted a cockroach in your house. Go ahead and reach out to our cockroach control team at Chester by calling 01244 917 960

Chester Flea Control

It is common to associate fleas with animals like pets. However, fleas can be present in homes without pets. It's a common problem in Chester. That's why there's ready assistance at our Chester flea control office.

Similar to bedbugs, fleas are incredibly tiny and can be almost impossible to spot. If you suspect a flea problem in your home, with and without pets, you need to call Chester pest control service before the situation gets out of hand. Not only will our flea control at Chester treat your house, we will also offer substantial advice that will better equip you to avoid future flea infestation. Luckily, you need not worry about your pets, and if they're indeed the source for your flea infestation, our trained experts will handle them with care.

Call our Chester Pestforce on 01244 917 960 to talk to an expert in flea control 

Other Chester Pest Services

The above list contains the most common pests across the UK. Consequently, our Chester rodent control services obliterates them more than other pests. Although uncommon, other rodents pose a danger and be a nuisance to households in Chester. Besides, we offer extermination services for the following rodents;

  • Moles
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Hornets
  • Cluster Flies
Pestforce for readily available services. Our passionate and dedicated team will put your needs first by offering pressure-free rodent elimination. We will also offer you free advice so you’re better prepared next time. Get in touch with our Chester Pestforce office today. You will love us!

Recent Jobs

Wasp party in Chester - August 2023

Today in Chester CH2 we have been out to a wasp job the second time. The house was being rebuilt from the ground up bit by bit after being vacant for 20 years. The first time the digger crew who was clearing a way to get through the house through what seemed like a 3 meter high jungle disturbed a large wasp nest and got swarmed. Today they had me back out as they had finally made it through to demolishing the top floor and found a further 2 wasp nests in the wall. We came out within the same hour as the call and were able to treat and destroy both so that work could resume. If you need Pest control services near Chester or a wasp nest removal then please contact Ollie at Pestforce for free quote.

Wasp nest treatment for local housing association - August 2023

Today in Chester we helped out the local housing association who had discovered a couple of live wasps nests while replacing a roof causing two of them to get stung. We attended on an emergency call out and were there within 2 hours. We treated the wasp nest with our professional pest control methods and the team was able to get back to work within 2 hour of my visit. If you have a wasp problem that you would like m to deal with give pest Force Chester a call today, we cater for both domestic and commercial pest control and are specialists in wasp nest removal and wasp nest treatments.

Safe and Effective use of rodenticide - 5th December 2021

This week Pestforce Chester has been out dealing with a previous customer in CH3. Last time we were out catching rats using traps and rodenticide but this time the problem was a mole infestation. The customers lawn was being absolutely destroyed by the moles so it needed an urgent mole treatment. The most appropriate course of action was to use mole traps. We did this by using a long metal rod to find the tunnels they create around the mole hills and work out where they are going. Usually when you have a mole problem all the damage is only being caused by one mole. But this time was unusual as we have already caught and removed 4 moles from a very small walled garden. Fortunately the mole activity seems to have subsided with treatment but we will continue to monitor the traps to confirm this. We have also been busy with rat treatments and mice treatments this week as we are in peak rodent season. Do you have any Pest control needs that needs treatment? Then call Pestforce Chester today for all of your pest control needs.

Routine Commercial Pest Control Contract visits in Chester - 28th November 2021

This week Pestforce Pest Control Chester has been attending to its pest control contracts. These are business’s who have had previous problems with rats and mice or are prone to reinfestations due to their nature or location. These cover many places such as warehouses, takeaways restaurants and farms. Thankfully by having a pest control contract in place we are able to nip new rat infestations in the bud by our monthly site surveys which in this case was on a new part of the farm which was only monitored not treated. We were able to add further treatment boxes which a more secure and safe to local wildlife. We also did several evenings shoots in order to control the rodents and bring their population back down. Ultimately this kept grain store safe and also the animals on the farm. This is all in line with the farms red tractor accreditation. Do you have a domestic or commercial property that needs a Rat Treatment or a mouse treatment? 

Rodent season in full swing in Chester - 15th November 2021

This week Pestforce Pest Control Chester attended an address in CH2 where the customer was hearing loud scratchings and noises coming from an attic section of a kitchen extension. The customer believed this either to be rats or squirrels. So we attended on a same day emergency call out. The Customer had already called out a roofer to repair a hole but the rodent had caused damage and chewed straight through again. In this case we covered both bases by putting 2 secure rat boxes in the yard area for a rat treatment containing rodenticide. We then put rodenticide into the cavity directly and secured it in place. To cover both rats and squirrels we put trap boxes secured to the roof containing traps that will attract and dispatch both rats and squirrels. The treatment is ongoing and the work is being done in conjunction with a roofer who will be replacing the damaged facia boards. Rodent season is in full swing in Chester now so if you need Rodent control in Chester then do not hesitate to call our 24 hour emergency call out  professional pest control service. We are very busy this week with rat treatments and mouse control so get in touch for a booking.

Wasp season ends and mice and rat season begins in Chester - 7th November 2021

This week Pestforce Pest Control Chester has been called out to numerous Pest Control Issues. Despite Winter fast approaching we are still getting quite a few Emergency call outs for Wasp Nest treatments. Wasps can be particularly aggressive this time of year as their natural food sources become scarce. One particular call out the wasps appeared to be going in under the guttering, on closer inspection the wasp Nest was actually in the customers loft in the soffits. The customer had been getting into the house. It turned out they had been getting in around the downlights in the bathroom as wasps are attracted to light. We got suited up and used a residual insecticide directly into the wasp nest and all the wasps were gone within 12 hours, we returned a couple of days later for a wasp nest removal as the customer didn’t want to be left with it in her attic. Coming out of wasp season unfortunate means the start of Rodent Control season. We have had many calls for Rat treatment and Mouse infestation treatments in Domestic and Commercial premises this week. So if you think you have a problem Please call Pestforce Chester for your Pest Control needs for our 24 hour emergency call out service.

Responsible bee relocation in Chester - 28th May 2021

This week in Chester CH1 Pestforce Chester has been a very busy bee removing bees nests. We went out to inspect 2 building sites that were having problems with bumble bees. Now usually bumble bees are completely harmless creatures who are master pollinators. However in the first instance they had built a nest into the side of an excavation trench, when any of the workmen went in they got stung for digging in the ground around them. The builders wanted to build their wall in peace without being stung and the bees needed moving on so they took us on for our bee removal service on a same day emergency call out pest control. We successfully dug out the large nest from inside the excavation and drove them to some nearby woodland where they could get on with their season undisturbed. On a similar note we went to a bees nest in the wall of a newbuild. The doors had not been put on yet so the bees had moved straight into the cosy insulation in the cavity wall preventing the builders from putting on the door frames without being stung. But unfortunately for the bumble bees they had to endure our bee nest relocation service. We took the bees to a coppice next to an allotment a few miles away so they could continue their good work and so could the builders! Do you need a responsible Pest Control Service in the Chester area or any of the CH postcodes? Then look no further than Pestforce Chester for your same day emergency call out. We are very busy at the moment with wasp nest treatments, bee relocations Rats under decking in peoples gardens and much more, but we can always find time to help you out for an emergency pest control callout! (we don’t charge a call out fee if no treatment is required).

Bumble bee safe removal - 12th May 2021

Pestforce Chester went out to a lovely customer this week who had some bumble bees in and old rabbit hutch inside an old cushioned bed. The hutch was to heavy to be moved without being dismantled and the nest was to close to the back door and patio area where her grandchildren played so it needed moving. Of course bees are massive part of any healthy garden so at Pestforce we only kill them as a last resort. Happily in this case we were able to move the bumble bees to the end of the garden behind the shed. We were able to move the whole rabbit bed without disturbing the nest inside. We then put a wooden crate and a few pieces of old slate on the top so the bees nest could continue to flourish and pollinate the garden undisturbed nice and cosy. Do you need bee removal or bee relocation service in Chester?  We are not Chester Bee keepers but we are your local responsible Pest Control Technician and we will never kill bees unless there is no other option. Get in touch with ollie at Pestforce Chester for any of your Pest Control needs.

Bee relocation in the Chester - 29th April 2021

Pestforce Chester were recently called to a bee problem CH4. The customer reported bees burrowing in a spot along the fencing. This was a problem as the customer was about to have turf laid and the landscapers didn’t want to get stung. We attended on a same day emergency call out to assess the problem. On closer inspection there was no be hive or wasp nest. They were actually a species of miner bee which are solitary and quite docile. They do however tend to burrow little earth tunnels in the same spot to give the appearance of a  hive. The males patrol the outskirts of these little dirt piles looking to mate and do not have a sting. The bees usually dig in dry sandy soil so I simply wetted the area and they moved on which allowed the landscapers to lay the turf without entombing the harmless bees. Its always nice to be able to relocate bees when safe and possible to do so.  Do you have a bees or wasps that need an effective professional wasp nest treatment in Chester? Then call ollie at Pestforce for your pest control needs and we can come out on our same day emergency call out.

Mole control near the River Dee, Chester - 23rd April 2021

This week Pestforce Chester attended an absolutely stunning address on the banks of the river Dee. It was a pleasure to work in todays sunshine in the garden addressing a mole issue that the customer has in his lawn. Although moles can be a sign of a healthy garden their mole hills are unsightly and make the grass impossible to mow and can damage equipment so it is best to deal with them quickly.  They can leave ridged tunnels all over a lawn. They are not necessarily harmful, but can ruin your nice landscaping or yard. We do this by using a “dibber” to find the tunnels they use between mounds which they use to look for food. Then we dig out a little hole along the tunnel and place a small humane trap to dispatch them quickly and efficiently. If you have a mole problem in CH2 then please get in contact with Pestforce Chester today for a mole catcher that is both affordable, reliable and courteous. Call ollie today for Mole treatments, male trapping /mole control or any of your other pest control needs.

Rats in cellar of high street store in Chester - 9th April 2021

This week Pestforce Chester was called to a shop in the City Centre, like most none essential shops they have been shut up since before lockdown. The lack of hustle and bustle has let rats move into the cellar of the shop undeterred. Droppings could be found throughout. Fortunately they has not yet caused any damage or contaminated any stock and the Rat infestation had been caught early on. We developed a simple rat treatment plan to quickly and efficiently deal with the rodents. Do you have a Rat Infestation in the CH1 area? Call Ollie at Pestforce for all of your Pest control needs In Chester.

Wasp nest removal and cluster fliy treatment in loft in Chester - 5th April 2021

This week we were called out by house movers near Chester who had evacuated an attic they were clearing thinking they had uncovered a wasps nest. On arrival there were a few very large queen wasps which were probably overwintering in the attic. The main problem was the cluster flies amongst them, of which there were thousands! (so I can see why they panicked). Cluster flies are an annoying pest who usually can be found in attics at this time of year. I treated the the attic for cluster flies with with an insecticide space spray, this quickly eradicated any cluster flies present. One happy customer who was able to carry on with their house move without further issue. If you have any concerns about wasp nests or about cluster flies then we can handle any of your pest control needs with cost effective and successful treatments!. On a side note we have had a few dozen calls about wasps nests this week with the nice weather, it seems to have brought them out in force!

Rats in garden in Chester, CH2 - 27th March 2021

Pestforce Chester was called this week to a property in the CH2 area with a pretty severe Rat problem in the Garden. The Rats had made well established rats runs and burrows to and from their feeding areas. They had also chewed through a garage door and caused damage to the inside of the building. To fix this problem we baited the burrows and put wildlife friendly bait stations down In their old feeding area near some bird tables. We also placed rodenticide inside the garage where the pesky vermin had been at some stored bird seed. 2 more Visits booked in to assure a safe and effective Rodent eradication. Do you have a Rat problem? Get in touch today!

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