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Welcome to Pestforce Warrington.

My name is Callum Wroe and I am your local trusted pest controller in Warrington and covering the surrounding areas. 

I am passionate and enthusiastic about helping customers to deal with their pest issues while ensuring that my customers are safe and that the pests are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

In addition:

  • Available for same-day appointments
  • DBS Checked (ID carried)
  • British Pest Control Association Member
  • Fully Insured
  • Three Best Rated Pest Controller in Warrington

Proudly Keeping Warrington Pest-Free!

Fully accredited and qualified pest controller…
British Pest Control Association Member CEPA Certified Professional Pest Management CHAS Accredited Contractor Royal Society for Public Health Think Wildlife - Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use

Pest Control Services in Warrington

For fast and effective pest control services in Warrington, then give me a call today, I can help you with pest control in your home, your garden, loft, or attic space, as well as deal with any pests in and on your roof.

If you are looking for a pest controller in Warrington to help control the pests at your business premises, then that is something else that I help with. This could be pest control for a restaurant or a takeaway, an office, a medical practice, construction site, as well as retail pest control.

If you have any questions about your place of work and about pest control, then give me a call; I’m happy to help.

With my experience and pest control training, you know that you will be able to trust in Pestforce Pest Control Warrington to help. I use safe and ethical means to complete your pest control treatment, so that it can be a weight off your mind.

Pests can cause damage to the property, as well as just being a nuisance, but you don’t need to suffer! I can help with residential pest control as well as commercial, so don’t hesitate to contact me, your local top-rated pest control services in Warrington today, on 01925 699 095.

Warrington Rat Control

If you spot a rat scurrying around the room then it may frighten you or send shivers down your spine! Whether you can’t stand their long tails or their association with dirt and disease, you won’t want to have them in your home or workplace, which is why you need rat control in Warrington.

Even if you spot them outside, something can be done to help to get rid of the rat problem.

As a local pest controller, I have the experience and the knowledge to get rid of a rat problem, but to also work to prevent rats from returning to the property.

I can use a range of pest control techniques, from using traps, to baits, and poisons, it will be possible to deal with any size rat, no matter the location of where they have created a nest. From crawl spaces to in-between walls or outdoors, I can help.

If you have discovered that you have a problem with rats in Warrington then make sure that you give me a call on 01925 699 095 today.

Warrington Mice Control

Mice, although on the smaller side compared to rats, are still not something that is welcome inside or outside of a property. That is why as a Warrington mouse control expert, I am ready to take your call to help get any mice out of your property and make sure that they stay out.

As a Warrington mice control expert, I am trained to know the signs of a mouse infestation, and can also help to identify where there is a possible entry point for the mice. Once discovered, I can proof the property to make sure that the infestation doesn’t return.

If you have spotted the signs of a mice infestation, inside or outside of your property, then give your Warrington mice control services a call today on 01925 699 095. I’ll be happy to discuss the problem further with you and arrange a date for a free inspection.

Warrington Wasp Nest Removal

In the warmer months, wasps are common to be found outside, in and around garden areas. The problem arises when they are in large numbers and you discover a wasp nest, especially when in or on a property.

Wasps can be quite unnerving too, which is why, as a Warrington wasp control expert, I am trained and equipped to deal with such a pest, and make sure that they are eliminated safely.

Wasp control and Warrington wasp nest removal is one of the most common services that we offer, especially in the summer. Wasps can create nests in a whole variety of places, from garages, sheds, kitchens, and wall cavities.

They need to be dealt with sooner rather than later, as they can make their way through wood and plaster, and you wouldn’t want the infestation to enter the home. With the experience that I have, you can be confident and have peace of mind when calling me for wasp nest removal services in Warrington.

It can be quite easy to spot the signs of a wasp nest near your property, as well as finding some wasps indoors. So if you need Warrington wasp nest removal, call Pestforce Pest Control Warrington today on 01925 699 095 for a free inspection.

Warrington Bee Control

Bees are insects that play an important role in the environment, and you are likely to see more of them in the warmer months in the UK as well. Although they are more pleasant than wasps overall, it can be worrying if you find a bee’s nest that is too close to your property.

At Pestforce Warrington, protecting bees is something that we take very seriously. As a result, there is usually no treatment involved. As a Warrington bee control expert, I know how important bees are, and although they are technically not a protected species right now, I will still look to relocate the bees, if this is possible.

If you need Warrington bee control help or Warrington bee’s nest removal, then please call us today on 01925 699 095. We work safely to make sure that you are safe, as well as making sure that the bees and I are safe.

Warrington Squirrel Control

If you spot any red squirrels near you, then they are a species that are protected. As a result, we can help you by offering some advice to control them from getting too close to your property, but there is a limit on what can be done for red squirrels.

Grey squirrels, however, are what you are more likely to find in the UK.

Grey squirrels are not a protected species, so if you find an abundance of them in your garden or around your property, then there are Warrington squirrel control options.

If you find that you have unwanted grey squirrels in and around your property and want Warrington squirrel control services, then please give me a call on 01925 699 095 to discuss further and arrange a free inspection.

Warrington Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing

Birds, particularly pigeons are something that is commonly seen in and around Warrington. They can become a problem when they build a nest close to your home, on your roof, or in your home. If that is the case, then getting in touch with me, a Warrington bird control expert, is the best thing to do.

Pigeons and many other birds can create nests in different areas, including hard-to-reach spaces like lofts and guttering. They can be very messy too, which is why they should be dealt with as soon as you are aware of there being a nest.

As a responsible pest control expert, I know that some birds are protected. As a result, the right care will be taken to make sure they are moved in the right way, or other advice given to you.

If you have spotted the signs of a bird’s nest, then call the Warrington bird control team on 01925 699 095. Getting the nest dealt with before it becomes something bigger is best practice, but I can arrange a free inspection for as soon as possible.

Warrington Bed Bug Control

If you have discovered that there is a bed bug problem where you live or in accommodation where you work, then calling Warrington bed bug control service is one of the only options. They are so small and can be such a nuisance, that a professional pest controller will be the best port of call.

One of the tell-tale signs of bed bugs is getting bites on your body after going to sleep. If you are regularly finding bites, then it is likely that you have a problem with bed bugs. This and small specs of blood on your bedding can be indicators, as the bugs themselves are very small to spot.

If you think that you have bed bugs in your home, then call me today on 01925 699 095 for Warrington bed bug control.

Warrington Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are most unpleasant and the sight (and sound) of them can be stomach-churning. They can be spotted in a home, outdoors, or in spaces like sheds and garages.

But with Warrington cockroach control, you don’t need to perry or panic. All Pestforce pest controllers are qualified and trained to deal with all cockroaches, as there are a few varieties that you could find in your home in the UK.

If you have found a scurrying cockroach in or around your property, then don’t delay and call us today! Give Warrington cockroach control a call now on 01925 699 095

Warrington Flea Control

Fleas are a pest problem that can be quite common in homes, especially if you have pets in the home like dogs and cats. When you notice signs of fleas, you can get help with Warrington flea control.

Fleas will often become obvious to you with bites, especially around your ankles and feet, but I can come and do a free inspection, and then advise the best course of action to help you with the flea problem level that you have.

Call me, Callum, on 01925 699 095 for Warrington flea control and they will soon become a thing of the past in your home.

Other Warrington Pests Services

The pest control services listed above are some of the most popular or common Warrington pests that I treat.

However, there are a range more that can be just as much of a nuisance. I can also help you with pests like:

  • ants
  • spiders
  • hornets
  • silverfish
  • moths
  • moles
No matter what pest you are having problems with, listed here or not, make sure that you give Pestforce Pest Control Warrington a call today on 01925 699 095. As a pest control expert, I am passionate about all areas of pest control and making sure that you are safe and happy with the service provided, and that all pests are removed safely. If you are looking for professional Warrington pest control services who are trusted, reliable, and well-rated, then we are the team to call! No problem is too small, so get in touch today to help your home become pest-free.

Recent Jobs

Fleas in a Property, WA12, 08/04/24

Pestforce Warrington was called to a property because the house cat had unfortunately brought in fleas. After an initial survey, Pestforce Warrington applied a treatment across the entire property to eradicate the pests. The treatment was thorough, ensuring that all areas where fleas might reside were addressed. After just one treatment, the client is now flea-free, and both the family and the cat can rest easy.

Ants in My Home!, WA1, 02/04/24

Pestforce Warrington was called to a property where the homeowner had been struggling with ants. The ants were primarily found around the perimeter of the property and had started invading the kitchen. Pestforce Warrington performed a quick survey to identify the problem areas and treat them accordingly. After a single treatment, the ants were completely eradicated and no longer pose a problem for the homeowner.

Rats in Car Park, WA5, 08/03/24

Pestforce Warrington was called to a premises that had been struggling with rats in the car park. After a comprehensive survey, Pestforce Warrington identified the factors that were attracting the rats to the area. They implemented a targeted treatment plan, which included baiting and exclusion measures to remove the rats and prevent their return. After two visits, the rats have been successfully eradicated, restoring the car park to a safe and clean environment.


Click to see more recent jobs.

Bees in a shopfront, WA2 - 28/04/23

Pestforce Warrington was called to premises as clients had been finding ‘wasps’ in the front of the store. After explaining to the client that it was still very early for wasps and was most likely a species of Bee causing the problems, Pestforce Warrington arranged a visit. Upon an inspection the intruders turned out to be ‘Orange-legged Furrow bees’ a solitary Bee that arnt known for causing issues. Pestforce then advised the clients accordingly on how to deal with the issue without causing harm to the Bees.

Ants in garden and kitchen, WA5 - 28/04/23

Pestforce Warrington was called to site as client had been finding Ants in the kitchen and living areas of the property. Upon an inspection by Pestforce Warrington, Ants could be found in cracked flags outside leading into living and kitchen areas. A residual insecticide was then applied to all affected areas of the property ridding the customer of this pest.

Rats in kitchen ceiling, WA9 - 06/02/23

Pestforce Warrington was called to premises as scratching could be heard in kitchen ceiling. The problem had been going on for a while and the home owners were under a lot of stress due to having a baby in the house. Upon an initial inspection, Pestforce Warrington was able to identify the pests to be rats and locate the point of entry and begin a treatment process. On the second visit just a week later, all the rodents had been taken care of and the entry point was proofed using suitable materials.

Fleas brought in by pets, WA4 - 19/01/23

Pestforce Warrington was called to premises as clients were having trouble with fleas in the house. Fleas are most often brought in by pets, in this case they had been brought in by the family dog. After a two treatment process the house was fully eradicated of these pests allowing the clients to rest easy without being bitten.

Mice taking over the house, WA2 - 12/01/23

Pestforce Warrington was called to site due to homeowners having trouble with mice. Pestforce Warrington inspected the property to understand the extent of the infestation and to locate entry points. After an initial inspection, the entry point was found to be air bricks on the front of the property and a treatment plan was put in place to eradicate the problem. After three visits Pestforce was able to eradicate the pests from the house, relieving the clients of their problem

Mice taking over living room, WA5 - 30/11/22 

Pestforce Warrington was called to site as clients had found a large number of mouse droppings in there living room. Pestforce Warrington attended the site and was able to establish the entry point in which the rodents were gaining access. After a three visit eradication treatment the rodents had been eradicated from site, and the clients advised how to stop this from happening again.

Squirrels in loft space, WA5 - 25/11/22

Pestforce Warrington was called to premises after client could hear loud noises coming from the loft space. Upon inspection it was apparent squirrels had gnawed there way through the eaves of the property and into the loft space. After a few visits to the site Pestforce Warrington was able to eradicate the squirrels from the loft and advise the client how to stop future infestations.  

Rats gaining access through drainage, WA5 - 14/11/22

Pestforce Warrington had a call from a client who was hearing loud scratching in their loft at nighttime. Whist technician was inspecting the site, the client informed that they had just had an extension where drainage had been moved. Most rats gain entry through broken drain lines or uncapped drains and most commonly after work has been undertaken like an extension. After only two visits the rats had been eradicated and a date set for the drains to be fixed. 

Wasps treated in loft in Warrington home, WA5 - 25/10/22

Pestforce Warrington was called to premises to deal with a wasp nest inside a loft space. All precautions were taken before treating the nest with an insecticidal dust, ridding the customer of these pests. 

Wasps control on building site in Warrington, WA4 - 16/10/22

Pestforce Warrington was called to premises to deal with a wasp nest in an open cavity of a building under construction. After a quick inspection, Pestforce Warrington was able to carry out a treatment eradicating the pests and allowing building work to continue the next day.

Squirrels trapping for residential home in Warrington, WA11 - 02/10/22

Pestforce Warrington was called to site to deal with a particularly bad squirrel infestation. Squirrels can be extremely destructive and will gnaw through wires and joists in loft spaces so action is required fast. After setting a series of traps Pestforce Warrington was able to eradicate the intruding squirrels in a few short visits.

Wasps entering home through air brick in Warrington, WA5 - 10/08/22

Pestforce Warrington was called to the premies as clients were having issues with wasps entering the cavity through an air brick.  After a quick and efficient treatment Pestforce warrington took care of the wasp nest, allowing the clients to once again be able to open the windows without a worry.

Super busy wasp season in Warrington, WA3 - 05/08/22

This year is proving to be a busy one for wasps. Pestforce warrington was called to premises to deal with wasps that were entering the eaves of the property. After a quick inspection, Pestforce warrington successfully treated the nest, leaving the clients wasp free.

Wasp season 2022 - Birchwood, WA3, 20/06/22

Wasp season is now upon us and Pestforce Warrington is being called out to a lot of wasp calls. This job in particular had 2 nests on site. After a quick inspection both nests were located. Both nests were treated with insecticide and removed from site 

Wasp nest callout in Widnes, WA8 - 21/06/22

Pestforce Warrington were called to premises as clients had located a wasp nest inside the eaves of their extension. It's always best to treat a nest as early as you can to limit the size. Pestforce Warrington treated the nest with insecticide and advised the clients accordingly. 

Carpet Beetle Treatment in Warrington, WA5 - 04/05/22

Pestforce Warrington was called by a client who was struggling with carpet beetles. After a quick chat Pestforce warrington advised the client to check the chimney space for any bird nests/ possible carcasses. The client in fact had an old bird carcass stuck in the chimney which was causing the infestation. Although carpet beetles do not carry any diseases, when in their larvae stage they can cause a rash if stepped on. They can also be quite destructive to clothes and carpets.  After the carcass had been removed a residual insecticide was sprayed across affected areas to eradicate the pests. 

Professional mice control in Warrington, WA2 - 21/04/22

Pestforce Warrington was called to premises as client had caught a mouse in a snap trap. Upon further inspection  droppings were also found behind the bath panel. After only two visits from Pestforce Warrington  the problem has now  been eradicated leaving a happy customer.

Bee removal by local bee keeper in Warrington, WA5 - 11/04/22

Pestforce Warrington was called to premises as clients suspected they had a wasps nest. After explaining it is still quite early for wasps Pestforce warrington inspected the loft to find a bumble bee nest in the loft insulation. The nest was safely removed and transported to a local beekeeper where they will find their new home. 

Ant treatment in Warrington, WA4 - 04/04/22

Pestforce Warrington was called to premises as clients had become overrun with ants in the garden which had also started entering the house. After an initial inspection a residual insecticide was sprayed across all infested areas, eradicating the clients of these pesky insects 

Cluster flies, Thelwall, WA4, 17,03,22

Pestforce Warrington was called to premises, as clients had been finding flies in the bedroom. After an inspection it was apparent the problem was cluster flies located in the loft.  A ULV treatment was carried out to the loft area to quickly knock down and eradicate the pests.  The clients are now pest free and can rest easy. 

Mice in terraced house, Burtonwood, WA5, 15,03,22

Pestforce Warrington visited clients who were hearing scratching of a night. After an inspection of the premises mouse droppings were found in the loft space. A riddance treatment was then put in place to eradicate the pests. As mice can enter through gaps as small as 5mm, they can quite easily navigate through a row of terraced houses, which was exactly the case here. Tracking dust showed entry from next door, indicating mice were entering from a different premises. None the less after a three visit treatment the mice have been eradicated and all houses affected are rid of these pests.

Cluster flies, Lymm, WA13 - 01.03.22

Pestforce Warrington attended a site that was having trouble with cluster flies. After a full inspection of the affected area. In this case it was the loft space. A ULV fog treatment was carried out to quickly knockdown all flies on the premises. 

Squirrels in loft space in St. Helens, WA11 - 25/02/22

Visited premises as client had heard scratching in loft space. Upon inspection it was apparent squirrels had taken up residence. To rid the customer of this issue, a three visit riddance treatment was put in place to eradicate the squirrel problem. After three visits the squirrels had been eradicated and the  client can now sleep easy knowing his loft in pest free. 

Rats under summer house, Warrington, WA2 - 18/02/22

Visited premises as clients had spotted holes under their summer house and had spotted a rat nearby. Pestforce Warrington took care of the problem in two visits leaving the customer happy and able to enjoy their summer house. (Maybe not in this weather) 

Rats in loft space in Runcorn, WA4 - 07/02/22

Clients had called Pestforce Warrington to their home as they were having a pest issue in their loft. The pest in this instance was rats entering the property at night looking for food and shelter. The clients house was situated alongside a canal which is a prime location for rats. After a treatment of three visits the clients loft is now vermin free and they are able to begin their planned extension. 

Birds nest removal, Warrington, WA5, 27/01/22

Called to premises to remove an old house martin nest. Care was taken to 100% be sure the nest was inactive. The breeding season runs from May to August but extra care should always be taken to be sure no birds are in residence. After this, it was a very quick process to remove the nest, leaving the client happy with the work provided.

Pest Inspection of Premises, Birchwood, WA3, 22/01/22

Client had called with an interest in an inspection of her property after an infestation of mice. A full inspection of the property was carried out and all possible entry points were pointed out and acted upon accordingly. Mice only need a gap of around 5mm to gain entry but knowing where to look is the key. After the work was carried out the client was left feeling comfortable in her home again.

Rats in loft space, Newton, WA12 - 20/01/22

Called to premises after clients could hear scratching in their extension loft space. After an inspection it was apparent rats were gaining entry through a gap in the brickwork. All it took was two treatments to eradicate the problem and seal up the hole, leaving a happy customer. 

Spider infestation, Frodsham, WA6 - 19/01/22

Called to premises where spiders had taken over a double garage. This was causing an issue for home owners as they were unable to use the space they had.  After a treatment was carried out by Pestforce the garage is now spider free and able to be used for what the clients require.

Cluster files in loft, Winwick, WA2 - 18/01/22

Called to premises with concerns of clients finding an odd number of flies around their house. Upon inspection of the property and loft area, a large amount of cluster flies were found hibernating for the winter. Although cluster flies have no direct heath effects on humans having them take over your loft in the hundreds isn’t so welcome. A ULV treatment was carried out to the loft area to quickly knockdown and eradicate the problem.

Rats entering through drains in Warrington, WA4 - 16/01/22

Visited premises to find homeowners had been hearing scratching of a night. Upon a full inspection rat droppings were found in loft space. To rid the clients of the problem a three visit riddance treatment was put in place. After the second visit it was apparent rats were entering through drains. At the end of the treatment after the rodents had been taken care of, clients were advised to have rat flaps fitted to stop future entry. Clients are now rid of the frustrating rodents and can relax of a nighttime, another happy customer.

Rats gaining entry through open drain in Pickmere, WA16 - 12/01/22

After an inspection of the premises, rat droppings were located underneath kickboards. Rodenticide and a tracking dust was placed on premises to track and eradicate the vermin issue. After the second visit, tracking dust showed entry through an open drain underneath kickboards. After three visits the rodent issue was eradicated and clients will be having a rat flap fitted to stop future entry.

Rats feeding off bird food in Knutsford, WA16 - 10/01/22

A lot of calls I receive are due to rats being drawn into gardens through clients feeding birds. That is exactly what was happening with this household. Unfortunately, the rodents had also found their way inside the premises. Of course this is an issue as rats are vermin who carry a lot of disease so taking up residence inside of homes is a big no no. After a three visit riddance treatment the rat issue was completely eradicated and clients were advised to have a rat proof bird feeder to limit spillage to not attract vermin in the future.

Rats in flower bed in Padgate, WA2 - 27/12/21

Visited premises to find rats had been burrowing and nesting  in the clients flower bed. After a  three visit riddance treatment the rats have now been eradicated and the customer can get back to work on her garden.

Wasp nest removal in Warrington, WA2 - 18/12/21

visited premises after a call from customer, that they had found a wasp nest in the loft. Upon inspection wasp nest was found to be dormant, however they can be quite an eye sore. A quick 10 minute job is all it took to remove the nest and leave a happy customer 

Wasps entering house eaves in Warrington, WA4 - 10/12/21

Visited premises after a call from a customer with concerns of sightings  of wasps entering through house eaves. Customer was especially keen to get rid as he had a newborn in the house. After a quick inspection to locate the entry point the wasp nest was treated with an insecticide dust and quickly taken care of, leaving a happy customer.

Rats in loft warrington, WA5 - 18/12/21

After a call from a distressed client with concerns of loud scratching heard in his loft particularly at night, I visited for an inspection to get to the route of the problem. After an initial inspection rat droppings were located in loft area along with 2 possible entry points being large air bricks on the front of the property and a loose roof tile. After the first visit tracking dust allowed visibility of the rodents entry and exit points which pointed toward loose roof tiles. After a 3 visit riddance treatment the rodents had been eradicated. Clients air bricks were also fitted with a steel mesh and roof tile was sealed with wire wool to stop future entry.

Fly spray treatment in St Helens, WA11 - 04/12/21

Pestforce Pest Control Warrington visited a premises where a cafe was getting infested by cluster flies. After speaking with client and explaining the process I visited again a few days later to fog the premises and rid them of the problem. Clients have also now decided to open an annual contract where I can actively monitor rodent & insect activity throughout the year 

Rats climbing ivy in Westbrook, Warrington, WA5 - 25/11/21

Pestforce Pest Control Warrington visited a premises where client had been hearing scratching in the loft for a few days. She had also had some of her food stolen from the cupboards. After an initial inspection it was found rats were gaining entry through climbing ivy up the side of the house to gain access to the loft, then once in the loft the cavity walls. Cavity walls give almost free roam of the house. After a three visit treatment the client is now rat free and very happy about it 

Bird proofing in Widnes, WA8 - 16/11/21

Solar panels make great nesting points for birds as they are high up and provide shelter, this however can be a nuisance for the home owner. This was the case for this customer and next door who were inundated with nesting birds. After an initial visit to the property Pestforce was able to carry out the job a week later, completely proofing the panels with a steel mesh to rid of any future nesting  

Mice in Newton, WA2 - 01/11/21

Pestforce Pest Control Warrington recieved a call from a client with concerns of mice on her property, after seeing them in her kitchen. Pestforce paid a visit and were able to locate the entry points of the mice and eradicate the problem after a few visits. Leaving a happy customer and a mouse free kitchen.

Carpet beetle infestation in St Helens, WA9 - 14/10/21

Pestforce Pest Control Warrington received an email with a video from a customer with concerns of carpet beetles in their home. After confirming what she sent was a carpet beetle larvea or (wooly bears) we arranged a visit for a residual spray to be placed on infested areas. As the customer was almost due a baby she was very pleased to have the probelm taken care of before baby arrives. As although carpet beetles may not carry disease the larvea can produce a rash.

Rats living in loft in Warrington, WA4 - 12/10/21

Pestforce Pest Control Warrington visited a premises to inspect for rats. The client had been having real trouble trying to rid them and even had a picture of one stealing the bird food. After a full inspection droppings were found in the loft area. We have placed rodenticide safely down and have agreed a 3 visit riddance treatment with the client. Another property soon to be pest free. 

Wasp nest near school playground in Warrington, WA4 - 11/10/21

Pestforce Pest Control Warrington visted a school premisies today where wasps have been present above the school playgroud in the eaves of the building. After an initial inspection of where the wasps were getting in, the nest was treated to make the playgroud wasp free safe for the children to continue playing.

Wasp nest treatment at office in Birchwood, Warrington, WA3 – 10/10/21

Pestforce Pest Control Warrington were called out by a commercial client to treat a wasp nest at the top of their office building. 4 storeys up the nest was situated under the roof tiles. The client informed us that they had organised a cherry picker to help with access for the next day. We arranged to attend first thing the next morning. We went up the cherry picker and had the nest effectively treated within 30 minutes. The customer alos kindly left a 5 star review.

Warrington Rodent Control for Landlord - August 2021

We received an email for a landlord in Ireland who had a property which he lets out in Warrington. His tenant had a problem with rodents. We commenced the treatment within 24 hours of the original enquiry and was delighted when the landlord gave me a 5 star trust pilot review for the putting both his and his tenants mind at rest.

Mice Control in Warrington - August 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Warrington were called to a new house on a Redrow Estate in Warrington. The customer had reported seeing mice in their garage. After surveying the property and finding evidence of droppings we commenced treatment using tamper proof boxes to eradicate the problem. 

Wasps in Timperly, WA15 - July 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Warrington visited a lady who had a problem with cichlids wasps in the Timperly. She was extremely frighten as they were in the bedroom area and she was unable to sleep. After we fogged the attic area, the lady was able to sleep peacefully again. Another satisfied customer. 

Pest survey in Warrington, WA2 - June 2021

We had a call from a catering outlet in Warrington who are about to re open their business again after a long hard year. I was able to visit the site and carry out  a survey and risk assessment and I was delighted to inform them that their property for pest free. We talked about the benefits of regular pest control contract to monitor and quickly detect any pest problems. We mutually agreed on an ongoing annual contact which will commence with immediate effect. 

First wasp nest of the year 2021 in Warrington - May 2021

We received our first wasp nest job of the season today. The Queen had began forming her nest in a shed in the Warrington (WA4) area. The customer was was very scared of wasps  as she had been stung a few years earlier. I was able to visit and treat the Wasp nest within 3 hours of the ladies call - putting her at ease and able to enjoy the weekend sunshine in her garden. 

Mice infestation in kitchen in Warrington, WA5 - April 2020

We had a callout from a women in Warrington after she had told us she had seen and heard mice in her living room, kitchen and bedroom. After a thorough investigation and treatment plan her mice problem is now resolved.

Rats in the loft in Warrington - March 2020

Pestforce Warrington was called to a job in Great Sankey Warrington to a lady who had heard noises in her loft and thought it might be rats, she was quite distressed so I arranged to call and inspect the property later that same day. On arrival at the property I explained the process and inspected the loft area and evidence of rodents were present. I started the treatment and wrote up a treatment report which explained what I had seen and more importantly method and products I had used. I left my contact details and told the lady I would return in 7 days but to call me if she had any concerns during this period. On returning to the property she informed me that after day two she had stopped hearing noise. She was delighted and had the biggest smile on her face that her house was rat free.. these are the things I enjoy most about my job (smiles not RATS obviously)

2 houses and 3 wasps nests in 30 minutes in Warrington - February 2020

Pestforce Warrington were called out to treat a wasp nest at a property this week and whilst I was finalising the paperwork, the window cleaner arrived and mentioned he had seen 2 wasp nests across the road whilst he was cleaning their windows. I thanked him for the heads up and headed over to the house where the wasps were present and treated these also. Both householders were delighted to be able to treat their pest problem within 30 minutes of them being discovered. Win, win for all of us!

A keen gardener with a mole issue in Warrington - January 2020

Pestforce Warrington visited a customer recently. He called me after having months of problems with moles destroying his lawn. The customer was a keen gardner and was very proud of his lawn, however the moles had made a complete mess of it and he was getting extremely unhappy with the appearance of his lawn. After receiving his telephone call, I attended his property the next day and explained that the problem he had with moles was not as bad as it appeared, I took into consideration that their young Grandchildren were visiting at the weekend and advised him on the way I was going to approach tackling the problem. After visiting a couple of times, I am very pleased to say his lawn is now back to its best and is mole free and the customer is delighted to have his lawn back!

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