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Franchise Owner: Chuck Murdy & Jack Murdy

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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Manchester.

Hi, I’m Chuck and I own and run Pestforce Pest Control Manchester with Jack my son.

We are both pest control technicians who have the expertise, training and most importantly 14 years’ experience to deal with your pest problem.

From outdoor wildlife that can invade and damage homes to crawling and biting insects. Here at Pestforce Pest Control Manchester we have you covered.

We offer a range of both domestic pest control services and commercial pest control services in Manchester and the surrounding areas.

Qualified & Accredited:

  • Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) Level 2 Qualified
  • Killgerm Certificate in Practical Bird Control
  • British Pest Control Association (BPCA) Member
  • CEPA
  • CHAS
  • BPCA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Scheme
  • DBS Checked


  • Same day appointments
  • Free no obligation quotes and surveys
  • Fully insured

Fully accredited and qualified pest controller…
British Pest Control Association Member CEPA Certified Professional Pest Management CHAS Accredited Contractor Royal Society for Public Health Think Wildlife - Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use

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Call Chuck today and let us take care of your pest problem - 01614 101 071 

Pest Control Services in Manchester

Pestforce Pest Control Manchester can offer you fast, effective and helpful pest control. So please whatever your pest control problem don’t hesitate to contact Chuck and Jack today.

Please find our most common (not all) pest and Manchester pest control  solutions below:

Domestic Pest Control:

  • Rat pest control
  • Mouse pest control
  • Squirrel pest control
  • Wasps and wasps nest pest control
  • Bee pest control and re-locations
  • Bird and bird proofing pest control
  • Mole trapping pest control (traditional trapping techniques only)
  • Ant pest control
  • Fly pest control
  • Flea pest control
  • Bed Bug pest control
  • Cockroach pest control

Commercial Pest Control:

  • Rat pest control contract
  • Mouse pest control contract
  • Restaurant and food outlet pest control
  • Electric fly killers fitting and servicing
  • Retail pest control
  • Office pest control
  • External pest control

We have a range of professional and effective services which we always make bespoke to your specific needs, call now on 01614 101 071 

Manchester Rat Control

Rats carry diseases such as Wiel’s disease, dirt and cause damage. Rats cause both damage to property and are unhygienic. Rat damage we have come across includes burst pipes and chewed electrical wiring. Getting in touch with our Manchester rat control team if you have a suspected rat infestation is certainly the right call.

Jack and Chuck will utilize their expertise and training to find a solution for all kinds of rat infestation. Pestforce Pest Control Manchester have the most up to date, child and pet safe techniques and solutions to eradicate your rat infestation. We not only deal with your rat infestation in both domestic and commercial settings, we also identify possible entry points and complete the remedial work required to stop re entry where possible.

We have dealt with hundreds of rat problems over the years, we have seen it all, for expert advice and treatments, call Chuck on 01614 101 071 

Manchester Mouse Control

Mice may not be quite as disliked as their rat counterparts, they do however cause many similar issues as rats. These issues include damage to water pipes, electrical wiring as well as being unhygienic. Reaching out to our Manchester mouse control team today to talk about the right service for you is the best call.

Whilst dealing with your mouse infestation is our main priority, our Manchester mouse control team will also look for possible access points to your property and where possible stop re entry by offering the most suitable proofing solution.

Rodents can cause serious issues in your property, act fast and call Chuck today on 01614 101 071 

Manchester Squirrel Control

Out of the most common species of the rodent family squirrels are by far the most destructive. Once in your property squirrels are a common cause of electrical fires, damaged roofs and much more. In a garden environment squirrels affect wildlife such as song birds, damage garden buildings and even make it difficult to leave doors open.

Our Manchester Squirrel control team offers a range of solutions for all squirrel problems. Whether proofing to stop entry, one off clearances or monthly contracts we’re confident we have the solution for you.

Sleepless nights caused by noises in the loft, let us investigate, call Chuck on 01614 101 071 

Manchester Bird Control

Birds under solar panels, roosting on gutters or gaining access to your loft are unhygienic, cause damage as well as carry disease. Our Manchester Bird Control team offers free no obligation quotes so please don't hesitate to contact us today.

We implement a range of solutions including specialist solar panel clips and wire, netting, spikes, bird free gel and much more. No job is the same however here at Pestforce Pest Control Manchester we have both the experience and qualifications to implement the correct deterrent for each job.

Always call a professional when dealing with birds - 01614 101 071 

Manchester Wasp Nest Removal

With a painful and when allergic, sometimes fatal sting wasps are both frightening and unnerving. Unlike bees, wasps are extremely aggressive especially towards the end of summer. Wasps are most frequently found between the months of June to October, however we have responded to wasp nests in December.

Wasps build nests in garden buildings, soffit and facias, lofts and vegetation amongst other  places. Here at Pestforce Pest Control Manchester, our Manchester wasp control team, have a number of safe, professional wasp nest eradication options to suit all scenarios. Regardless of the wasp nests location our charges never change.

Wasps and their nests do pose a serious threat to people and we can help stop the stress and harm they can cause, call Chuck now on 01614 101 071 

Manchester Bee Control

Bees pollinate around 75% of the world's crops making them vital for our food security. reports that a single colony of bees can pollinate 300 million flowers a day. There are 276 species of bee in the UK but we generally split them into 2 groups Honey bee and Bumblebee.

Being a passionate apiarist, Chuck currently has three thriving Honey Bee hives which he hopes to add too. Our Manchester Bee control team uses a range of techniques to retrieve and relocate Honey Bees. We do not and will not destroy Honey Bees. With Bumblebees we always advise and  attempt to recover and relocate Bumblebee nests. Unless they cause a significant danger to life we will not destroy Bumblebee nests. For Bee identification and advice our Manchester Bee control team are the guys for you.

Save the bees in Manchester, call Chuck on 01614 101 071 

Other Manchester Pests

Please find below a list of  the other Manchester pest control services we offer.

  • Moles (traditional trapping techniques only)
  • Ants
  •  Moths
  • Flies
  • Hornets
  • Cockroach
  • Fleas
  • Bed Bugs

Local and friendly pest control advice and solutions, call Chuck today on 01614 101 071 

Recent Jobs

Squirrel trapping, Stretford, M15 - 20/05/2024

This week, Pestforce Pest Control Manchester initiated a three-step squirrel control plan. After discovering squirrels in our client’s loft, we deployed traps to capture effectively capture them. Two additional visits and repairs are scheduled over the following two weeks to guarantee our client’s loft space remains squirrel-free.

Major rat infestation Failsworth, M35 - 05/05/2024

This week, Pestforce Pest Control Manchester commenced a large-scale rat clearance  in a local property. After years of neglect to and ajoining building rats had found there way into our customers property,  prompting the need for pest control measures. Bait stations were deployed across the whole property  to eradicate the rat population. Our customer was pleased to see the rat treatment  process underway.

Flea treatment Urmston, M41 - 18/04/2024

This week, Chuck and Jack Murdy of Pestforce Pest Control Manchester completed a flea treatment. Upon booking, we sent our customer a pre and post-treatment checklist. We attended on time, completed the treatment and filled out all relevant paperwork and safety information, leaving it with our customer.

Squirrel treatment Ancoats, M4 - 13/04/2024

Our Manchester Squirrel control team stared one of our three-visit trapping programs for squirrels. Pestforce Pest Control Manchester after setting the traps also surveyed the property identifying the area the squirrels were gaining entry.

Bird proofing Droylsden, M43 - 03/04/2024

Pestforce Pest Control Manchester's Bird control experts successfully concluded a substantial solar panel job this week. With measurements taken during a prior visit, we installed a large amount of specialist solar panel bird mesh to stop pigeons roosting under the panels. Prior to installing the mesh we cleaned all nesting materials from under the panels.

Mouse control Failsworth, M40 - 27/03/2024

Our father and son team, Chuck and Jack Murdy, completed a mouse clearance in a customer’s property. Swift identification of mice during our first inspection resulted in the immediate and successful implementation of our 3-visit trapping program.

Pest Control Contract Cheetham Hill, M8 -23/03/2024

Pestforce Pest Control Manchester completed a contracted visit for a commercial customer. We checked all monitoring stations, filled out a treatment report and delivered an all clear to our happy customer.

Rat treatment Stretford, M16 - 13/03/2024

Pestforce Pest Control Manchester rat control team completed a rat eradication program n Stretford this week. Identifying the issue on our first visit, we decided on the best solution. On our third visit we had successfully eradicated the rat issue and completed the job.

Squirrel treatment Middleton, M9 - 03/03/2024

Completing a three-visit trapping program, Pestforce Pest Control Manchester successfully caught two squirrels in our customer’s loft. We conducted a thorough house survey and completed proofing work on our final visit to stop re infestation.

Flea Spray West Didsbury, M20 - 26/02/2024

This week, Chuck and Jack Murdy of Pestforce Pest Control Manchester successfully conducted a flea treatment. Ahead of the appointment, we shared a pre and post-treatment checklist with our customer. Arriving in the morning, we moved furniture while spraying to ensure comprehensive coverage. Upon completion, we filled out all the relevant paperwork and safety information, leaving it in the hands of our customer.

Routine Visit Manchester, M4 - 18/02/2024

During a routine pest control visit for one of our commercial clients, Chuck and Jack Murdy thoroughly checked all monitoring stations and diligently filled out all relevant paperwork. We were pleased to reported no issues to our satisfied customer.

3-Visit rat treatment Denton, M18 - 12/02/2024

Our Manchester Rat control team concluded a three-visit rat eradication program in Denton this week. After identifying the problem during our initial visit, we chose baiting as the optimal solution. Upon returning a week later, we replenished the bait and checked for any carcasses. We returned after a further week and found no new rat activity. We removed all our bait and proceeded to fulfill the customer’s requested proofing work.

Bird proofing Sale, M23 - 10/01/2024

This week, the Bird control team at Pestforce Pest Control Manchester completed an extensive bird netting installation. After taking measurements on a previous visit, we installed a large bird net to enclose a courtyard dealing with a substantial pigeon problem. Following that, we thoroughly cleaned up the pigeon guano and disinfected the area.

Mouse clearance Cheetham Hill, M8 - 18/12/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Manchester started a mouse trapping clearance at a customers property in Cheetham Hill. We place multiple traps under their kitchen units. We booked in a follow up visit where we will remove any carcasses and reset traps.

Rat clearance Denton, M18 - 11/12/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Manchester completed a rat clearance at a commercial premises in Denton. Having completed a 3 visit rat clearance our client was so pleased they commenced a 12 month rat control contract to keep on top of any new issues that may arise.

Commercial mouse and air purifier contract, M4 - 04/12/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Manchester completed a routine mouse control visit for our commercial client. Whilst on site we also serviced and leaned their air purifier.

Mouse control Fallowfield, M14 - 27/11/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Manchester started a treatment for mice in 3 properties on the same terrace.  Landlord had an issue with mice in 3 properties in the same terrace. Due to the scale of the issue we advised to treat all 3 properties simultaneously to be able control the mouse issue in the quickest possible time. 

Coackroach treatment Levenshulme, M19 - 20/11/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Manchester completed a cockroach treatment this week. Having place multiple bait stations throughout the property and completed follow up appointments our customer is cockroach free. We place cockroach monitoring points throughout the property and will return in a month to check them.

Rat Control Sale, M23 - 13/11/2023

Today Pestforce Pest Control Manchester completed a routine rat control visit in Sale. We checked all the rat monitoring stations and could report no rat issues for our client this visit.

Rat proofing Ancoats, M4 - 06/11/2023

Chuck and Jack of Pestforce Pest Control Manchester today cemented up a large rat entry point on a commercial customers property. Having identified the entry point on a previous routine rat control visit we returned within the week to sort out the issue.

Mouse Contract Chorlton-cum-Hardy, M21 - 30/10/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Manchester competed a routine mouse control inspection at one of our commercial customers. We checked all our mouse monitoring points and completed the relevant paperwork. We were happy on this occasion to report no mouse problems to our customer

Mouse proofing West Didsbury, M20 - 23/10/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Manchester today installed 5 air brick covers and repointed some brickwork to block mice from entering our customers property. This mouse proofing was part of a set of measures we'd implemented to control our customers mouse issue these measures also include a 3 visit mouse clearance.

Rodent contract Wythenshawe, M22 - 16/10/2023

Chuck and Jack of Pestforce Pest Control Manchester set up a rodent contract at an existing customer's new shop. We assessed the property, placed rodent monitoring points throughout and left our client with a service folder that contains all the relevant health and safety documentation. 

Wasp nest Denton, M34 - 09/10/23

Chuck and Jack Murdy completed an out of hours wasp nest this week. Due to the location of the wasp nest our customer wanted the treatment to take place out of hours. We were happy to oblige completing the job the next day.

Wasp nest treatment Radcliffe, M26 - 25/09/2023

Chuck and Jack Murdy of Pestforce Pest Control Manchester attended to a repeat customers wasp nest. Once located we sprayed the wasp nest with insecticidal dust leaving our customer wasp free.

Wasp nest removal Manchester, M14 - 18/09/2023

Our Manchester Wasp control team Chuck and Jack Murdy responded to a wasp nest in Manchester. We located the wasp nest in our customers loft and sprayed it with an insecticidal foam. As we could get to the nest we not only treated it but also removed it from our customers loft.

Carpet Beetles Irlam, M30 - 12/09/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Manchester sprayed a customers house for carpet beetle this week. The spray required us to move furniture so we could cover the whole area. We then put the furniture back in place. Our customer was very happy with our services.

Completion of a 2 visit mouse treatment East Didsbury, M20 - 05/09/2023

Chuck and Jack Murdy of Pestforce Pest Control Manchester completed one of their 3 visit mouse control programs. On our 1st visit we set traps for mice. We had caught a mouse on our second visit and filled in the possible access points. On our 3rd visit  we had caught no more mice and cleared all our traps up leaving our customer mouse free.

Fox trapping Didsbury, M20 - 21/08/23

Pestforce Pest Control Manchester continued a fox clearance at a school today. We rebaited and reset the trap to continue our fox trapping treatment. We have placed the fox trap in a discreet and unobtrusive location. Our customer has been happy with the way we have treated the sensitivity of the job.

Wasp nest eradication Prestwich, M25 - 07/08/2023

Our Manchester wasp control team attended a wasp nest in a customer's soffit and facias. We arrive at our customer within 24 hours of them calling, treated the wasp nest and gave our customer all the relevant safety information. Our customer was very appreciative adn thanked us for the speedy and professional service.

Wasp nest removal Audenshaw, M34 - 06/08/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Manchester's Chuck and Jack responded to a customer who had a wasp nest in their shed. We treated and removed the wasp nest leaving our customer free to safely store their bicycle again. 

Fox clearance Didsbury, M20 - 24/07/2023

Chucks and Jack of Pestforce Pest Control Manchester started a fox clearance in Didsbury this week. We assessed the issue and place a fox trap in a discreet location. We are now going daily to bait and attend t any foxes caught. Our customer is happy with our service and will soon be fox free.

Commercial rat contract routine visit Sale, M33 - 18/07/2023

Our Manchester rat control team carried out a routine visit for one of our commercial contract customers. We found evidence of rats externally so completed an environmental risk assessment and placed bait in lockable boxes around the problem area. We booked our customer in for their next visit and left them happy with our service.

Mouse treatment Fallowfield, M14 - 13/07/2023

Our Manchester mouse control team Chuck and Jack completed their second visit of a three visit mouse control treatment. We had caught two mice and the customer reported they'd had no more mouse activity. We booked them in for the final visit were we will will complete some proofing work to stop anymore mice entering the property.

Rat clearance Manchester City Centre, M4 - 07/07/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Manchester started a large scale rat clearance in the basement of a city centre property. The property had been derelict for some years and now has had some building work carried out. We place bait stations throughout the basement to eradicate the rats. Our customer was happy to have started the process of eradicating the rats.

Rat control City Centre, M1 - 27/06/2023

Chuck and Jack of Pestforce Manchester attended to a large-scale rat infestation at a property in Manchester City Centre. The issue had been left for several months without any action being taken. We placed a whole tub of bait throughout the property to eradicate all the rats. We will continue to monitor and top up the bait until the problem is 100% resolved.

Rodent contract in Didsbury, M20 - 19/06/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Manchester carried out our monthly visit at one of our commercial customers. We checked all bait stations and filled out all the relevant paperwork. Our customer was pleased to hear they had no rodent issue. We booked in their next monthly visit whilst we were there and left a happy customer.

Wasps nest in Sale, M33 - 17/06/2023

We had a repeat customer contact us a they were finding wasps in their kitchen. We located the wasp nest for them and completed a treatment for wasps. Our customer was happy with our quick and reliable service.

Squirrel clearance in Denton, M34 - 15/06/2023

Chuck and Jack of Pestforce Pest Control Manchester responded to a customer who had squirrels in there loft. We set traps and caught two squirrels. We then cut back our customers tree from there house and completed some building work to stop any new squirrels re-entering the property. Our customer was delighted to be squirrel free.

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Honeybee swarm retrieval and relocation in Droylesden, M43 - 18/05/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Manchester responded to an urgent retrieval of a honeybee swarm. We offered a same day appointment and were with the customer within the hour. We safely retrieved and relocated the bees to a safe place.

Mouse control for property Chorlton, M21 - 04/05/23

Today Pestforce Pest Control Manchester completed a 3-visit baiting program for mice. No new mouse activity had been reported and upon inspection no more bait had been taken. We cleared up all bait and left our customer with peace of mind his mice were gone.

Rodent treatment in Sale, M33 – 20/04/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Manchester recently completed a rodent clearance at this commercial premises. The client was so happy with the service provide they have now asked us to commence a commercial rodent monitoring contract.

Rat control for building firm in Manchester, M1 – 15/04/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Manchester recently started work on a 5th site for a building company. Providing rat control for there on site welfare areas and offices.

Mice eradication in Cheetham Hill, M8 – 08/04/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Manchester returned to a repeat customer to eradicate mice in his property. We implemented a 3-visit trapping program with great success leaving our customer ecstatic with the results. 

Mice control in Manchester, M20 - 25/08/21

A letting agent called as a mouse was seen in one of the rooms. I called and placed traps around the property. I inspected the house and found 3 possible entry points in the brickwork I sealed all these holes and carried out a further couple of visits to end  uh re no more mice were present.

Rat Control in Manchester, M20 - 06/07/21

Was called by a lady who had seen rats in her garden, she had used a previous company on a contract basis as she lived next to a park and was seeing them regularly but, the company stopped attending. I put a clearance programme in place and eradicated the rats and set up a regular monitoring contract in place.

Mice in Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester, M21 - 5th April 2021

Pestforce Manchester were called by a customer hearing noises above the ceiling throughout the house. On lifting a few floorboards it was discovered that there was evidence of mice so I placed trays of poison grain under the floorboards and popped out spotlights in the kitchen and put sachets of pasta bait above the ceiling. After 3 visits the problem was solved.

Squirrels in Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester, M21 - 12th March 2021

Pestforce Manchester was called by a customer reporting noises in her loft, on inspection it was found to be a squirrel. I set some traps in the loft and caught a female grey squirrel which was most likely attempting to nest in the loft insulation. I reset the traps just to make sure there was no more which it turned out there wasn’t so I removed all the traps and left a happy customer.

Squirrels in West Didsbury, Manchester - February 2020

I was called by a lady who had a squirrel building a nest between the eaves of her roof and the roof of the bay window. The squirrel had relocated after her neighbour had had a tree taken down which contained the original nest. The squirrel had managed to get under the mesh proofing on the bay window roof. I lifted the wire mesh and removed the nest and then re-secured the mesh in place to prevent re-entry.

Wasps in Salford, Manchester - August 2019

A landlord contacted Pestforce Pest Control Manchester as he’d previously used us at his own house for wasps as he thought the bumblebees we sorted back in May were back but, on inspection was found to be wasps so we contacted him before commencing the work to explain it was a different problem and would be chargeable which he happily gave us permission to do which we did.

Fleas in Levenshulme, Manchester - 17th July 2019

I was called by a landlady whose rented house had a flea infestation due to her last tenant having a cat. I gave her a quote which she accepted and was booked to do treatment straight away.

Wasps in Urmston, Manchester - 16th July 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Manchester were called out by a Solicitor in Urmston who looks after the financial affairs of a customer I have been to over the last few years. Turns out another of their clients, a resident of a care home in Urmston, reported wasps entering the eaves near an area for sitting outside. I visited within 24 hours and sorted the problem. 

Rats in Chorlton - 20th June 2019

Customer called Pestforce Manchester and reported seeing a mouse in her kitchen and also loud noises coming from under her bedroom floor which was too loud for mice. She had already lifted the floor boards in her bedroom so I baited under the floor and in the kitchen area. She told me there had been some drainage work nearby so suspected a rat had come from this.

Bees - 5th June 2019

Pestforce pest control Manchester had a call from a landlord (repeat customer) who had a tenant reporting 2 bees nests on her house. On inspection they were found to both be wasps nests as she had caught a couple to show me. I treated both nests with insecticidal dust leaving the tenant happy that the problem was sorted.

We are always on hand to help with your pest problems no matter how niche, call Chuck on 01614 101 071 

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