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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Stockport.

My name is Chuck and I'm a local pest controller who has been proudly serving Stockport, Macclesfield, and the wider area for the past 14 years, alongside my son Jack.

We are both experienced, trained and qualified pest control technicians so no matter the pest problem you're dealing with we have the solution for you.

Please take some time to read our 250+ reviews left by our fantastic customers. 

Key Points:

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  • Fully Insured
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  • British Pest Control Association (BPCA) Member
  • RSPH Level 2 Qualified
  • CEPA
  • CHAS
  • BPCA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Scheme

Fully accredited and qualified pest controller…
British Pest Control Association Member CEPA Certified Professional Pest Management CHAS Accredited Contractor Royal Society for Public Health Think Wildlife - Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use

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Local and friendly pest control advice and solutions, call Chuck today on 01614 101 271 

Stockport Pest Control Services 

If you are looking for helpful, quick and effective Stockport pest control don't hesitate to get in touch with Chuck and Jack today. 

Below, is a look at our most common types of pests and pest control solutions we offer:

Domestic Pest Control:

  • Rat Control
  • Mouse Control
  • Squirrel Control
  • Wasps Nest Removal
  • Bee Re-location
  • Bird control and proofing 
  • Mole Control
  • Ant Control
  • Flea Control
  • Moth Control
  • Fly Control
  • Hornet Control
  • Cockroach Control
  • Bed Bug Control

Commercial Pest Control:

  • Rodent pest control contract
  • Restaurant and take away pest control
  • Shop and retail pest control
  • Office pest control
  • External pest control

Local and friendly pest control advice and solutions, call Chuck today on 01614 101 271 

Stockport Rat Control

Rats are most commonly associated with disease, dirt and damage. Rats are both unhygienic and cause damage to homes and property. Damage caused include burst water pipes and chewed electrical wiring. If you suspect you have a rat infestation, getting in contact with our Stockport rat control team may well be the right call.

Chuck and Jack have the training and experience to deal with all kinds of rat infestations. Pestforce Pest Control Stockport uses the most up to date, pet and child safe trapping and baiting solutions to eradicate your rat infestation. Whether domestic or commercial we not only eradicate your rat problem but also identify and if possible proof possible entry points. 

Safe and effective rat control for residential and commercial properties in and around Stockport, call Chuck on 01614 101 271 

Stockport Mouse Control

Although mice are not quite as hated as rats, having an uninvited rodent can cause many of the same problems rats do. Contacting our Stockport mouse control team today to deal with your mice is the right call.

As well as dealing with your mouse infestation, our Stockport mouse control team will look for possible entry points they may be using to gain access to your property and close them off where possible.

Professional and experienced mouse control to erradicate your problems, call Chuck today on 01614 101 271 

Stockport Squirrel Control

Squirrels are the most destructive member of the rodent family. Once in a loft they can cause electrical fires, slipped tiles and more. In your garden they can make it impossible to have your patio doors open and even affect the local wildlife.

Our Stockport Squirrel control team can deploy a range of techniques and solutions for any squirrel problem. We offer one time clearances, monthly contracts and offer proofing to stop entry and reinfestation. 

Don't hesitate, call Chuck today for expert squirrel solutions on 01614 101 271 

Stockport Bird Control

Birds roosting in your loft space, under solar panels or on guttering not only cause damage and mess they're also unhygienic and cause disease. Contacting our Stockport Bird Control team for a fee no obligation quote is a win win. 

We offer a wide range of solutions including spikes, netting, wire and post and bird free gel. Not all jobs are the same but here at Pestforce Pest Control Stockport we not only have the qualifications but also the experience to apply the correct deterrent for each job. 

Always contact a professional and trusted company to deal with bird problems

Stockport Wasp Nest Removal

Scary and intimidating, wasps have a painful and if allergic potentially fatal sting. Wasps are much more aggressive than their Bee counterparts. Wasps tend to be most commonly seen between the months of June to October, however we have been known to be called out to nests as late as December.

Wasps can build their nests in sheds, garages, lofts and shrubbery amongst other  places. Here at Pestforce Pest Control Stockport, our Stockport wasp control team, offers a range of solutions to not only keep them away but also to eliminate the wasp nest. No matter the location of the nest, whether ladders are needed or we have to crawl through tight spaces, our charges stay the same. 

Never let wasps ruin your day, call Chuck to help take them away on 01614 101 271 

Stockport Bee Control

Bees are crucial to crop production and plant life. It is said one in every three mouthfuls of our food is dependent on pollinators such as bees. Bees are generally split into two types: Bumblebee and Honey Bees. Chuck is a keen apiarist who loves Bees and has three Honey Bee hives and counting.

Our Stockport Bee control team under no circumstances will destroy Honey Bees we only retrieve and relocate. When it comes to Bumblebee we will advise, relocate and under extreme circumstances destroy Bumblebee nests. For advice and Bee identification our Stockport Bee control team is the team for you.

Save the bees in Stockport and call Chuck on 01614 101 271 

Recent Jobs

Commercial Rat clearance Marple, SK6 - 20/05/2024

Pestforce Pest Control Stockport embarked on a substantial rat clearance in the stockroom of a local Marple business. Due to overflowing bins in the alley behind our customers property rats had found ther way into our clients stockroom, necessitating rat control measures. Bait stations were strategically positioned throughout the basement to eliminate the rat infestation. During this visit we carried out a thorough survey idententifying the rats access point which we have quoted to repair.

Squirrel in extension roof space  Cheadle Hulme, SK3 - 05/05/2024

Chuck and Jack Murdy, your local Stockport squirrel control team began a comprehensive three-visit squirrel control program this week. Upon detecting squirrels in our client’s extension loft space, we implemented strategic trapping methods. Two follow-up visits are scheduled over the next two weeks to ensure our client’s property is free from squirrels. 

Flea control Wilmslow, SK9 - 18/04/2024

This week, Pestforce Pest Control Stockport successfully carried out a flea treatment. Before the appointment, we shared a pre and post-treatment checklist with our customer. Arriving promptly, we moved furniture during the flea treatment to ensure comprehensive coverage. After completing the task, we filled out all relevant paperwork and safety information, leaving it with our customer.

Squirrel control Macclesfield, SK10 - 13/04/2024

Pestforce Pest Control Stockport successfully started a three-visit trapping program for squirrels in a customer's loft. During our survey, we provided advice on the entry points for the squirrels and recommended potential solutions to stop squirrels entering the property.

Pigeon control Reddish, SK5 - 03/04/2024

This week, the Bird control team at Pestforce Pest Control Stockport wrapped up a major solar panel proofing project. After taking precise measurements during a previous visit, we installed a specialist solar panel mesh to 15 solar panels stopping birds roosting under the panels.

Mouse treatment Handforth, SK8 - 27/03/2024

Our Stockport mouse control team Chuck and Jack Murdy, completed a mouse clearance in a customer’s kitchen in Handforth this week. Identification of mice during our 1st visit resulted in a successful 3-visit trapping program. Upon completion we cemented up a hole where the mice were gaining access to the property proofing the building from further infestations.

Contract visit Marple, SK6 - 23/03/2024

During a routine pest control visit, Chuck and Jack Murdy inspected all monitoring stations at a commercial contract customer’s location. They completed all the required paperwork and happily conveyed to the customer that no issues were found.

Rat control Woodley, SK6 - 13/03/2024

Our father and son rat control ream Chuck and Jack Murdy started a rat clearance in a customer’s property this week. Upon inspection, rats were identified, leading to the implementation of our 3-visit baiting programs. We also surveyed the property identifying some problem areas which we have quoted to sort on our final visit.

Squirrel control Disley, SK12 - 03/03/2024

Pestforce Pest Control Stockport finished a three-visit trapping program for squirrels this week. On our first visit we surveyed their house and we completed any remedial works on our final visit to eliminate any recurrence of the Squirrel issue.

Flea control Stockport, SK1 - 27/02/2024

Chuck and Jack Murdy your Stockport flea control specialists completed a flea treatment this week. Prior to the appointment, we provided our customer with a pre and post-treatment checklist. Arriving as schedule, we moved furniture around during the flea treatment to cover the entire area. After finishing, we filled out all the necessary paperwork and safety information, leaving it for our customer.

Contract visit Cheadle Heath, SK3 - 20/02/2024

Pestforce Pest Control Stockport completed a regular pest control visit at a commercial contract customer’s site. Chuck and ack Murdy carefully examined all monitoring stations, filled out all relevant paperwork, and delivered a positive report to the customer.

Rat control Offerton, SK2 - 12/02/2024

Chuck and Jack from Pestforce Pest Control Stockport successfully completed a three-visit rat eradication program for a customer in Offerton. After 3 visits there was no new evidence of rats, and we completed the job and undertook some proofing work to stop re infestation.

Bird control Reddish, SK5 - 10/01/2024

Chuck and Jack Murdy of Pestforce Pest Control Stockport wrapped up a bird netting installation this week. We cleaned and disinfected the area and installed bird netting to stop pigeons from roosting on and behind the customers shop sign.

Squirrel trapping Offerton, SK1 - 18/12/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Stockport's, squirrel control team, attended to a customer with squirrels in their loft. We assessed the situation and set multiple squirrel traps to catch the offending squirrels. We booked a follow up where we will remove any carcasses and reset the traps.

Rat control contract Heaviley, SK2 - 11/12/2023

Our Stockport rat control team, Chuck and Jack, carried out a routine rat control inspection at a client in Heaviley. Our client has been so impressed by our services they renewed their rat control contract with us for a further 12 months.

Squirrel clearance Reddish, SK5 - 04/12/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Stockport cleared a local church of squirrels. We also cemented up a hole where the squirrels were gaining access to the building. This proofing will keep our client squirrel free going forwards.

Cluster flies Stockport, SK2 - 27/11/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Stockport completed a treatment for cluster flies in customers loft. Our customer found the cluster fly issue when they went into their loft to get out their Xmas decorations. We responded within 24 hours and left our customer happy.

Bird Proofing Macclesfield, SK10 - 20/11/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Stockport's Bird control team completed a large bird netting job this week. Having measured up on a previous visit we installed a large bird net to enclose a courtyard with a large-scale pigeon problem. We then cleaned all the pigeon guano up and disinfected the area.

Mole trapping Rainow, SK10 - 13/11/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Stockport, used traditional trapping techniques to clear a customer's paddock of moles. Upon completion of the clearance our customer decided to commence a 12 month mole trapping contract. 

Flea treatment Marple Bridge, SK6 - 06/11/2023

Chuck and Jack of Pestforce Pest Control Stockport completed a flea treatment this week. Having sent our customer a pre treatment check list we attended to complete the spray. We then completed all the relevant paperwork and left our customer with a post treatment checklist to follow for a successful treatment.

Flea treatment Cheadle Hulme, SK3 - 20/10/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Stockport completed a flea treatment at a customers house. Upon arrival we positively identified the pest as fleas and implemented a spay treatment. We advised the customer of the requirements for the flea treatment to be successful and left our customer happy with our professionalism.

Squirrel eradication Bramhall, SK5 - 23/10/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Stockports, squirrel control team attended and started a 3 visit squirrel control program. We identified squirrels in our clients loft and place traps squirrel traps to catch them. We will return for 2 more visits over the next 2 weeks leaving our client squirrel free.

Rat proofing Hazel Grove, SK12 - 16/10/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Stockport returned to a customers property to complete some rat proofing. We had identified a large hole during their  3 visit rat clearance which today we returned to concrete up leaving our customer rat free and protected from future infestation.

Mouse clearance Heaton Mersey, SK4 - 09/10/2023

Our father and son team Chuck and Jack Murdy started a mouse clearance in a customers kitchen. Upon inspection we identified that it was mice and implemented one of our 3 visit trapping programs. We had attended the job within 24 hours of our customers enquiry.

Rat eradication Heald Green, SK8 - 25/09/2023

Our Stockport rat control team completed a rat clearance at a local theatre in Heald Green. On our 1st visit we assessed and implemented the most suitable method of control. We also surveyed and highlighted possible access points. Over the course of the next 2 weeks we completed 2 more visits and eradicated the rat problem.

Flea treatment Woodley, SK6 - 18/09/2023

Chuck and Jack Murdy of Pestforce Pest Control Stockport completed a flea treatment this week. Upon booking in we sent our customer a pre and post treatment checklist. We then attended on time to complete the flea treatment. Whilst spraying we moved furniture around so that we could cover the whole area. Upon completion we filled out all the relevant paperwork and safety information and left it with our customer.

Rat clearance Reddish, SK5 - 11/09/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Stockport's rat control team completed a rat clearance at a commercial premises in Reddish. We the rat had gained access by chewing the waste water pie from the inside. We drain baited and located the area the problem was originating from. We advised our customer on the next steps which included getting a drain survey done.

Routine pest control visit Stockport, SK1 - 01/09/2023

Chuck and Jack completed a routine pest control visit at one of our commercial contract customers. We checked all monitoring stations, filled out all the relevant paperwork and we were happy to report no issues to our customer. 

Wasp nest in Heaton Norris, SK4 - 21/08/2023

Chuck and Jack of Pestforce Pest Control Stockport responded to an emergency wasp nest today. A tree surgeon exposed a wasp nest in a banking when cutting down a tree. Our wasp control team arrived within the hour and treated the wasp nest. Our customer was over the moon with the fast and professional response.

Wasp nest eradication Bollington, SK10 - 07/08/2023

Our father and son Pest Control team Chuck and Jack treated 2 wasp nests for a local hotel. We arrived at the job and treated the nests within 24 hours of recieving the call. Once treated we cleaned our work area and gave the hotel staff all the relevant safety information. 

Wasp nest removal Heaton Mersey, SK4 - 01/08/2023

Our Stockport wasp control team removed a wasp nest for a customer in Heaton Mersey. Upon arrival we accessed the loft after a little searching we found the offending wasp nest. We treated and removed the wasp nest for our customer and left them happy with the speed and cleanliness of our work.

Rat eradication Bramhall, SK7 - 27/07/2023

Chuck and Jack of Pestforce Pest Control Stockport completed a 3-visit rat eradication program for a customer in Bramhall. We identified the problem on our 1st visit and decided on this occasion traps would be the best solution. We came back a week later and had caught 2 rats we reset the traps and left if another week. No more rats had been caught on our 3rd visit and we cleared our traps away. We then completed some proofing work that the customer had asked us to carry out.

5 Wasp nests Hazel Grove, SK7 - 20/07/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Stockport treated 5 wasp nests on a single house a new record for us. We arrived at our customers house to treat a wasp nest whilst there we identified another 4 wasp nest on their property. We treated all 5 wasp nests whilst there and left our customer relieved and happy to be wasp free.

Five wasp nests eradicated Hazel Grove, SK7 - 13/07/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Stockport were called out to a wasp nest at a property in Hazel Grove. Upon inspection we in fact found five wasp nests on our customer's house. Chuck and Jack promptly treated all five wasp nests and left our customer both relieved and happy.

Wasp nest eradication Davenport, SK2 - 04/07/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Stockport's Chuck Murdy responded to a wasp nest at a local School utilising one of our same day appointments. Upon arrival we found the wasp nest above where the children eat in the playground. We sprayed the wasp nest with insecticidal dust and provided them with all the relevant safety information. 

Wasp nest extermination Romiley, SK6 - 28/06/2023

Chuck and Jack of Pestforce Pest Control Stockport attended to a wasp nest in Romiley. Whilst treating our customers nest at the rear of their property we found a second nest at the front. For a small additional cost we also treated our customers second wasp nest. This left them wasp free and able to enjoy their gardens for the summer.

Squirrel control Reddish, SK5 - 26/06/2023

Our Stockport Squirrel control team, Chuck and Jack finished a squirrel control program this week. We caught a squirrel that was entering a property. Upon our first visit we'd identified the entry point the squirrel s were using to gain access. Once we knew the building was squirrel free Pestforce Pest Control Stockport cemented up the entry point leaving behind a squirrel free and happy customer.

Squirrel clearance in Cheadle Hulme, SK3 - 21/06/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Stockport completed one of our three visit trapping programs for squirrels. We caught a total of four squirrels in our customer's loft. We also surveyed their house and advised on where the squirrels were gaining access and on what remedial works they may want to carry out.

Two wasp nests in Bramhall, SK12 - 19/06/2023

Chuck and Jack were called out to two wasp nest builders had found on a house they were renovating. The wasp nests were holding up their work. We located and treated both nests promptly leaving our customer happy and allowing the building work t continue.

Mouse clearance in Marple, SK6 - 15/06/2023

Our Stockport mouse control team, Chuck and Jack Murdy, responded to a customers mouse problem. We assessed the problem then implemented one of our three visit trapping programs. Upon completion we removed all the mouse traps and left behind a greatfull and happy customer.

Completion of rat treatment and cementing of a wall Hazel Grove, SK7 - 18/05/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Stockport completed one of our 3 visit rat eradication treatments. Upon completion we cemented up two very large holes in the wall to stop anymore rats re-entering the property. 

Our first Bumblebee relocation of the year in Bramhall, SK7 - 04/05/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Stockport responded to our first Bee relocation of the year today. Our customer reported that he had found Bumblebees in his compost bin. We responded within the hour, suited up and retrieved the Bumblebee nest relocating it to Chucks garden.

New pest control contract in Hyde, SK14 – 20/04/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Stockport recently renewed a Pest Control contract with a local food outlet. This is the 4th year we've provided 5-star services to this client.

Rat control for property in Stockport, SK2 - 19/04/23

Today Pestforce Pest Control Stockport completed a 3-visit eradication for rats. On our 1st visit we assessed and implemented a baiting program. Upon completion today our very happy customer reported no new issues, and we removed all bait and completed the job. 

Honey bee relocation in Cheadle, SK8 – 12/04/2023

Recently Pestforce Pest Control Stockport removed and relocated an established Honeybee colony. The customer estimated that the colony had been there for around 4 years. This was a particularly large job were we first removed the plasterboard, then slowly removed the Honeybees and honeycomb piece by piece until all the bees and comb had been removed. We then relocated them into a new Honeybee hive where they are going strong in Chucks Apiary.

Wasp nest treatment in Bramhall, SK7 – 08/04/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Stockport completed our first Wasp nest of the season today. A customer had noticed a wasp on their landing. Upon further inspection they found a small wasp nest in their loft. We provided a same day appointment removing the nest, plus 2 other dormant nests. Our happy customer was so pleased they left us a 5-star review.


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Honeybees in Cheadle, SK8 - 08/09/22

I got called to a property a few weeks ago regarding what the gentleman thought was wasps entering the roof. On inspection it turned out to be honeybees. I discussed the options he had of which he decided to have me remove and relocate them. I tried going through the roof but was unable to reach them and as the top floor wasn’t in use we decided to go in through the ceiling. I vacuumed the bees out with a modified vacuum and then cut the comb out. The customer took photos of me doing the job. The bees are now rehomed in a hive at my house with my other 2 colonies. The honey is harvested and jarred. Customer happy that the bees weren’t destroyed.

Pigeon proofing in Poynton, SK12 - 23/08/21

Called by customer with pigeons nesting under 2 sets of solar panels. I removed 2 sacks of pigeon nest from under panels and fitted proofing kits around the edge of the panels to prevent further entry for pigeons.

Honeybees in Stockport, SK5 - 07/07/21

Was called by a customer who had a swarm of honeybees in a tree in her front garden. I took a nucleus beehive with me and managed to sweep a good portion of the swarm into the it, I then asked the customer if I could leave the hive on her front lawn to see if the rest of the swarm would go in. I kept in contact with her throughout the afternoon to see what they were doing and would call back at dusk to collect the hive. On returning it appeared the bees were in the hive so closed it up and relocated it to my house where they are quite happily settling in and building comb. With a bit of luck they’ll be honey at some point. The lady was fascinated by the whole job.

Pigeon Control in Great Moor, Stockport, SK2 - 5th April 2021

Was called by a local school having problems with pigeons attempting to nest under a bank of solar panels. I carried out a survey and sent in a quote which was accepted. I cleared nests from around the solar panels which were all unoccupied at the time and proofed around the edges of the solar panels with wire proofing kits.

Mole Control in Woodford, Stockport, SK7 - 12th February 2021

A customer called as she had a mole destroying her paddock area. I called and set a couple of traps and managed to catch the mole within a couple of days. With the property being very rural I spoke with lady regarding covering her land on a 12 month contract which she decided to go with.

Pigeons and Jackdaws in Bramhall, Stockport, SK7- 26/02/2021

A customer had pigeons attempting to nest under his solar panels and Jackdaws nesting in a disused chimney. I cleaned under the solar panels and fitted  wire mesh proofing to the edge of panels to prevent pigeons getting under them. Fitted a mesh balloon to the disused chimney pot.

Squirrels in Cheadle, Stockport - 22/02/2021 

A customer was hearing scratching noises in his loft and called me to investigate. Evidence of squirrels found so I set some traps in the loft. On checking the eaves I found an entry point which I proofed with wire mesh. On my return the customer informed me that they hadn’t heard any more noises and nothing had been caught showing the proofing had kept the squirrels out so I removed all the traps leaving a happy customer.

Squirrels in Poynton, Cheshire, SK12 - 13/02/2021

I was called by customer who had a squirrel entering the soffit on single storey garage conversion. I proofed the soffit preventing re-entry of squirrels. This caused the squirrel to move into the neighbour’s garage so got called out to proof the garage at this property too.

Rat problem in Stockport home, SK4 - 19/01/21

A gentleman called to say he’d had a plumber in to repair a leak on his toilet and on inspection found holes in the pipe from the toilet to the soil pipe he thought it looked like teeth marks. I event to investigate and sure enough it had been a rat gnawing from inside the pipe, it proved they were accessing  the soil pipe. I offered to fit a ratwall in the outlet from his house in the manhole which he agreed to. I had the equipment on my van and did the job there and then.

Rat problem in Bramhall home, SK7 - 18/01/21

A customer called concerned she could hear rats in her kitchen ceiling. I popped a sunken spotlight out of the ceiling and placed some sachets of poison above the ceiling. I also investigated under the house and placed trays of bait which I circled with tracking dust which on my next visit lead me to a hole under the concrete floor of the extension. The hole was then cemented over.

Pigeon Control in Gatley, Stockport - April 2020

Customer reported pigeons congregating on roof in numbers and trying to nest under solar panels. Removed all debris from under the solar panels and heat exchanger. Fitted mesh around the edge of panels and heat exchanger and then cleaned out gutters

Stockport pigeon control

Gatley Stockport pest control

Fleas in Edgeley, Stockport - August 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Stockport was phoned by a customer whose husband was getting bit by fleas to quote to have the house treated. They had placed there own flea trap in the front room and on visiting found at least a dozen fleas in it, so gave a quote which they went with and did the treatment for them and advised to get their cat checked and treated.

Wood pigeon in Bramhall, Stockport - August 2019

A customer who had used the services of Pestforce Pest Control Stockport before to eradicate squirrels from his loft thought he had a rat in his chimney above his cooker hood but, on removing the cooker hood we found it was a wood pigeon that had dropped down the chimney. We removed the bird which was still in good health and released it outside as requested.

Wasps in Marple Bridge, Stockport - 15th July 2019

I was called to investigate a wasp problem that was holding up work on a house being renovated. I had previously been to this property as they wanted me to remove a large vacated wasp nest which I did for them. On inspection wasps were found entering under the roof tiles so treated them with an insecticidal dust so work could carry on safely.

Bee Swarm in Bredbury - June 2019

A landlord (repeat customer) called me saying one of his tenants in Bredbury, Stockport couldn’t get out of his front as there was what he thought was a swarm of wasps on the wall next to his path, I did say to him it would most likely be honey bees and on arriving I could confirm this. I returned a little while later with my nucleus beehive and collected them. They are now living in their new home, a full size beehive on my own front lawn.

Squirrels in the roof in Heaton Norris - June 2019

Customer hearing noises in the roof above the converted garage/utility room. On inspection found evidence of squirrel damage to wooden beams. We discussed several options and she decided to try proofing the eaves to keep them out which I did. So no animals harmed in this instance.

Noises under kitchen floor - 20th June 2019

Pestforce pest control Stockport got called to a job in Heaton Moor, Stockport where a customer was hearing noises under the kitchen floor. On lifting a small trap door in the kitchen floor I found a substantial amount of rat droppings so I did more exploring and found more droppings in a drain below a manhole cover in the back garden. I baited in the drain and also under the kitchen floor. On my second visit all the bait was taken from the drain and most of the bait under the kitchen floor. I advised the customer that a ratwall fitted in the drain would stop more rats entering which she agreed to, so I fitted one on my third visit and gave the customer a courtesy call a week later and everything was sorted and no more rats had been heard or seen. Very happy customer.

Unusual Wasp Nest! -

Today we at Pestforce Stockport got called out to a possible wasp nest in a customer's summer house. When we got there even we were surprised to find the wasps had made their nest between a seat cushion and a throw! Suffice to say we suited up very quickly before getting the job done in a timely and tidy manner. Very happy customer now able to make the most of their Summer house in this beautiful weather!

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