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Pest Control Stockport - High Peak

If you've got moles, rats, mice, wasps, fleas, bees, ants, rabbits, woodworm or birds causing you problems... we can help you. Please call 07725191192.

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Pestforce Stockport

Chuck Murdy

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Pestforce Stockport

Welcome to Pestforce Stockport. Hi I'm Chuck your local Pest Technician for Stockport and the surrounding area. I am a BPCA acredited Pest Control Technician who holds the industry standard RSPH level 2 certificication in Pest Management.

Whether commercial or residential we pride ourselves on offering the perfect service to you the customer.

Qualified and Trusted 

As well as holding the RSPH Level 2 in pest control we are also a member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and Basis Prompt an organisation that promotes continual professional developement. We also adhere to Think Wildlife's Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use by following their code of good practice. 

We are also:

  • Insured £10 Million Public Liability and £10 Million Firearms Insurance.
  • Vat Free.
  • Have access to an Entomologist to identify those unusual pests. 
  • Use 100% humane methods of Pest Control.

Which Pest? 

We deal with all manner of pest problems from Rats to Fleas and anything in between.

Rats & Mice     Fleas & Bed Bugs     Bird Control & Proofing     Moles     Wasps & Bees     Squirrels     Ants    Cockroaches    Flying Insects

Rats & Mice– Whether its Rats in your Kitchen, Mice in your loft or a pest monitoring contract we've got you covered. We offer a range of effective professional services from a 3 visit trapping or baiting program to yearly pest monitoring and control contracts and much much more.

If you've got a problem call us now!

Fleas & Bed Bugs – Fleas and Bed Bugs are irritating and troblesome pests that both cause sore and itchy bites which can soon get infected. Both Fleas and Bed Bugs are usualy treated by spraying the whole property with an insecticidal spray. Although both are usually treated in the same way each treatment is different with Bed Bugs being the more difficult and time consuming of the two.

For more help don't hesitate to call us!

Bird Control and Proofing – Problems with Birds then you're in the right place. Here at Pestforce we offer a variety of soloutions to your Bird nightmare. From Pigeon culls to Bird spikes, netting and guano clean ups we aim to provide the perfect service for you. Due to the differing scales of Bird jobs we can't give a quote over the phone and need to cost each job individually.

To book your free no obligation quote call us now!

Moles - Had a new lawn or your new golf tee destroyed by Moles we're just the team for you. Here at Pestforce we only use traditional trapping methods to catch those pesky Moles. We offer services that start at a simple garden clearance to yearly contracts for golf courses and agricultural clients.

What are you waiting for call us now!

Wasp & Bees - Wasps and Bees can be distressing and potentially life threatening pests. This is why you should never attempt to deal with the problem yourself. We offer a professional, prompt and efficient service for the destruction of Wasps and Bees nests. That being said where possible we always try to relocate bees so as not to harm them.

Leave it to the proffessionals, call us now!

Squirrels - Squirrels are destructive animals that with their need to constantly gnaw have in some cases collapsed roofs and caused house fires. Becasue of this under no circumstances should Squirrels be left to do as they please in your property. It should also be noted that Squirrels dont just eat nuts but are known to raid birds nest for the their eggs and chicks. This means that the lack of bird activity in your garden may be due to Squirrels. We use a number of trapping techniques to eradicate your problem.

For more advise and prices please call us!

Ants - Ants in your kitchen or office can cause a great deal of distress. At Pestforce we offer a range of treatments that include insecticidal sprays and bait. Different Ants require different treatments, this means we will first identify the type of ant and then use the appropriate treatment and measures to deal with your problem.  

For more help and information call us now!

Cockroaches - Cockroaches are not only disgusting but also pose a number of health risks. Therefore you should act now to eradicate the problem. We offer a number of different services to get rid of Cockroaches these include baiting, trapping and insecticidal sprays. First we identify the species of Cockroach and then advise you on the treatment we think will solve your problem.

Call and book your appointment now! 

Flying Insects - Whether its drain fly, cluster fly or blue bottles we have you covered and if we cant identify it on the day we can send it off to our entomologist for identification. Once identified we can offer a range of treatments and advise on measures you may also do to eradicate the problem. Some of these soloutions include fogging loft spaces and using fly traps.

Call us now so we can help! 

Satisfied customers

We have worked with many satisfied customers over the years both domestic and commercial. These customers include:

· Romiley Golf Club

· TF Solutions, Stockport

· Ludworth Primary School

· Omya Quarry, Ashwood Dale Plant

· Mica Hardware, Chapel-en-le-Frith

· Common Barn Farm, Rainow

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CALL ME DIRECT   Mobile   07725 191 192

Stockport -  0161 4523659

Buxton -  01298 359162

Macclesfield - 01625 886804

Office address - 39 Links Road


                      High Peak

                     SK23 9TX

Recent Jobs

Pigeon Control in Gatley, Stockport - April 2020

Customer reported pigeons congregating on roof in numbers and trying to nest under solar panels.

Removed all debris from under the solar panels and heat exchanger. Fitted mesh around the edge of panels and heat exchanger and then cleaned out gutters

Stockport pigeon control

Gatley Stockport pest control

Fleas in Edgeley, Stockport - August 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Stockport was phoned by a customer whose husband was getting bit by fleas to quote to have the house treated. They had placed there own flea trap in the front room and on visiting found at least a dozen fleas in it, so gave a quote which they went with and did the treatment for them and advised to get their cat checked and treated.

Wood pigeon in Bramhall, Stockport - August 2019

A customer who had used the services of Pestforce Pest Control Stockport before to eradicate squirrels from his loft thought he had a rat in his chimney above his cooker hood but, on removing the cooker hood we found it was a wood pigeon that had dropped down the chimney. We removed the bird which was still in good health and released it outside as requested.

Wasps in Marple Bridge, Stockport - 15th July 2019

I was called to investigate a wasp problem that was holding up work on a house being renovated. I had previously been to this property as they wanted me to remove a large vacated wasp nest which I did for them. On inspection wasps were found entering under the roof tiles so treated them with an insecticidal dust so work could carry on safely.

Bee Swarm in Bredbury - June 2019

A landlord (repeat customer) called me saying one of his tenants in Bredbury, Stockport couldn’t get out of his front as there was what he thought was a swarm of wasps on the wall next to his path, I did say to him it would most likely be honey bees and on arriving I could confirm this. I returned a little while later with my nucleus beehive and collected them. They are now living in their new home, a full size beehive on my own front lawn.

Squirrels in the roof in Heaton Norris - June 2019

Customer hearing noises in the roof above the converted garage/utility room. On inspection found evidence of squirrel damage to wooden beams. We discussed several options and she decided to try proofing the eaves to keep them out which I did. So no animals harmed in this instance.

Noises under kitchen floor - 20th June 2019

Pestforce pest control Stockport got called to a job in Heaton Moor, Stockport where a customer was hearing noises under the kitchen floor. On lifting a small trap door in the kitchen floor I found a substantial amount of rat droppings so I did more exploring and found more droppings in a drain below a manhole cover in the back garden. I baited in the drain and also under the kitchen floor. On my second visit all the bait was taken from the drain and most of the bait under the kitchen floor. I advised the customer that a ratwall fitted in the drain would stop more rats entering which she agreed to, so I fitted one on my third visit and gave the customer a courtesy call a week later and everything was sorted and no more rats had been heard or seen. Very happy customer.

Unusual Wasp Nest! -

Today we at Pestforce Stockport got called out to a possible wasp nest in a customer's summer house. When we got there even we were surprised to find the wasps had made their nest between a seat cushion and a throw! Suffice to say we suited up very quickly before getting the job done in a timely and tidy manner. Very happy customer now able to make the most of their Summer house in this beautiful weather!

07725 191192

Local Number:
0161 452 3659

Local Number:
01298 359162

Local Number:
01625 886804

Customer Reviews

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