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Welcome to Pestforce Oldham.

My name is Ola Adeleke but most people call me "Banki". I live with my family in the local area and have a real passion for Pest and Environmental control.

I am your local and friendly pest control EXPERT - I am fully qualified and now own and run the Pestforce Oldham business.

We follow the Pestforce guiding principles of SMART, SAFE and SINCERE to ensure that the customer receives the right service at the right price. And, we pride ourselves on letting our previous customers talk about us through the Reviews that they give. As a business we love celebrating success and for us a Happy Customer is cause for being happy and enjoying our work.

We look after customers accross Oldham including domestic, commercial and agricultural. As a brand we have great experience across all sectors of customers and at home helping our lovely community in their houses, business properties or on thier land.

We help;

  • Schools
  • Sports clubs
  • Restaurants and pubs
  • Day Nurseries
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Food processing (including Food biologist)
  • Property Agents / Letting Agents
  • Builders

Recent jobs

Mice infestation in Oldham, OL9 - 7th August 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Oldham received a call from a distressed client about Mice infestation in his newly acquired property, which was still undergoing refurbishment. Visit scheduled and 3 visit eradication programme put in place. On the 3rd and final visit the client was happy with the control treatment put in place that the infestation was over. Happy client has already left a 5* review on my webpage. Another happy customer of Pestforce Pest Control Oldham. 

Rat infestation in Oldham, OL1 - 1st August 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Oldham received a call from 2 clients in semi detached buildings about Rats infestation. Visit scheduled and 3 eradication programmes put in place and by the 3rd visit, the clients were happy that the infestation has been controlled. 2 happy clients of Pestforce Pest Control Oldham. 

Mice infestation in Oldham, OL4 - 23rd July 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Oldham received a call from a local Letting agent about Mice activities in one of their Tennants property. 3 visits scheduled and by the 3rd visit the infestation was successfully eradicated. The satisfied Tennant has left a 5* review on my webpage. This shows Pestforce Oldham deals with individual properties as well as working with Estate Agents. 

Ants in Oldham, OL1 - 15th July 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Oldham received a call from a client late in the evening about Ant activities encroaching the property from the front window. Visit scheduled immediately and the front of the property, garden and inside the house treated. Another happy customer of Pestforce Pest Control Oldham has left a 5* review on my webpage. Another happy customer of Pestforce Pest Control Oldham. 

Ants in oldham - 9th July 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Oldham received a call from a client whose Conservatory is being invaded by Garden Ants. Visit scheduled to the property immediately, the Conservatory and the outside Perimeter treated and before the end of the day, the client left a 5* review on my webpage. Another happy customer of Pestforce Pest Control Oldham. 

Rat infestation in Oldham, OL4 - 25th June 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Oldham received a call from a distressed client whose property had been treated earlier by another pest control company for rats, but this did not resolve the issue and unfortunately the problem still persisted. Pestforce Oldham carried out our highly successful 3 visit eradication programme and by the 3rd visit and proofing of the identified points of entry/egress into the property, the client was happy and had already left a 5* review on our webpage for a job well done. Another happy customer of Pestforce Pest Control Oldham.

Mice infestation in Oldham, OL8 - 20th June 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Oldham received a call from a customer via a recomendation over an earlier mice issue. This customer had a mice infestation in his property with lots of points of entry/egress into the property. Pestforce carried out our highly effective 3 visit eradication programme and by the 3rd visit, proofing of the identified holes was carried out. Client happy as the treatment was successful and promised to do the review for a job well done. 

Mice in Oldham, OL9 - 14th June 2019

Pestforce Pest Control were called to a property in Oldham for Mice activity. They had recently had a new boiler fitted which had left many holes and crevices that serve as points of entry/egress into the property for Mice. We completed our eradication programme and by the 3rd visit, the client was happy that the infestation had been controlled successfully. The job included complete proofing works of all the holes left by the plumber to avoid them returning! Another happy customer of Pestforce Pest Control Oldham. 

Rats infestation in Rochdale, OL12 - 7th June 2019

Pestforce Pest control Oldham got a call from a client who was experiencing Rats encroaching her property from an adjoining Flat through a hole in the corridor. Pestforce Oldham to the rescue by proofing the points of entry/egress into her property without the use of a Rodenticide, which shows we consider the Environment first before the end use of Chemicals. Another happy customer satisfied by Pestforce Pest control Oldham. 

Squirrels and Birds in Oldham, OL8 - 1st June 2019

Pestforce Pest Control had a call from a distressed client who had Squirrels and Birds encroaching her Loft through a hole/gap below her Roof gape. Pestforce Pest control Oldham scheduled a visit to treat the property. Loft inspected and proofing of the hole/gap carried out without the use of any Rodenticide. Another Environmental friendly service carried out by Pestforce Oldham. Another satisfied Lady OAP client. 

Mice in Oldham and Ashton under Lyne, OL8 & OL6 - May 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Oldham had a call from a local letting agent to control a Mice infestation in two of their properties. The properties visited had a 3 visit eradication programme put in place and by the 3rd visits, the Tenants in both properties were happy with the services provided by us, as the infestations had been eliminated. This shows that Pestforce Oldham activities cover all the sectors of the economy dealing with individual clients as well as Corporate customers. 

Infestation of mice – Oldham, OL8 – April 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Oldham received a call from a customer that was experiencing issues with mice within their entire property, and especially in the kitchen. The treatment plan consisted of completing three riddance visits and proofing all the points of entry on the final visit. The customer was very satisfied with the service provided and left a 5 star review on my webpage and also recommended Pestforce Pest  Control Oldham to other members of the family in the surrounding areas. 

Rats in Oldham, OL2 – April 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Oldham attended a call from a customer who had noticed rat activity in the adjoining shed at the back of their property. The infestation was gradually affecting the main property. I completed a three stage eradication programme and recommended proofing to prevent re-infestation.  The customer provided a 5 star review on the webpage for Pestforce Pest Control Oldam.  

Rats in a pre-school centre – Oldham, OL4 – April 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Oldham successfully eradicated a rat issue that was reported by a pre-school in Oldham. The school had reported seeing rats near the play area which adjoined an area of open vegetation. I conducted two visits to the pre-school which was all that was needed to resolve the problem. A happy school proprietor left a 5 star review on my webpage. Another satisfied customer for Pestforce Pest Control Oldham. 

Rat infestation in a loft - Oldham, OL2 – April 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Oldham received a call from a customer whose neighbour had recommended using Pestforce Oldham. This was another person experiencing a problem with rats. I carried out  a three stage eradication programme and by the final visit the infestation had been eliminated.

Mouse in the Alcove in Oldham - Another call from a client in OL3, this time a household with mice activity in their alcove of the property. 3 visits later and the infestation was eliminated. Client already left a 5* review on my webpage. Happy client and thumbs up for Pestforce Pest Control Oldham.

Mouse activity in a Grocery store - Pestforce Pest Control Oldham received a call from a local grocery store in OL8. The client had been having an ongoing Mice problem within the store which thqeir previous Pest control companies ahd not manage to resolve. Along comes Pestforce and following our standard 3 visit ridance programe the issue was no more! The grocery store is now on an Annual contract with Pestforce. This shows Pestforce activities cover domestic, commercial and other sectors of the economy where Pests are nuisances and we will not let you down!

Mouse in a Medical Centre!!! - I received a call from a Medical Centre in Oldham that had a mouse problem. Following a simple 3 visit ridance programme their mouse problem was solved and proofing was carried out in the Centre to prevent future reinfestation. This shows Pestforce is always at hand to contribute to our sound Health system. 

Mouse in the house in Oldham! - Todays call was from a client in OL4. They had a leak in the loft so had called a plumber and it was he that has discovered the mice doppings. Pestforce Pest Control Oldham came to the rescue, cleared the droppings, carried out a thorough ridance programme, once complete we disinfected the area thoroughly. 5* review already left on my webpage. Another happy client. 

More Rats in Oldham! - Todays rats were in a beautiful bungalow. Following a 3 visit ridance programe and proofing, the rats are gone, the property is secure and my customer is so happy that they left me a 5 star review! 

Rats in Oldham! - Pestforce Pest Control received a distressed call from a customer in Oldham about rats entering the property, they were coming in via a hole from the adjoining roof of the attached children's playing room of the property. This required a simple 3 visit ridance programme and was therefor ealisy resolved. Followed by some proofing to ensure the rats did not return and a full clean and disinfect of the area, the customer was left very happy. 

Rats in Chadderton! - Received a call from a Customer in Chadderton OL9, about a rat infestation in the kitchen of the property. Control programmes put in place and by the 3rd visit, the infestation was eradicated plus putting in place some proofing works to prevent reinfestation. Client already left a 5* review on my webpage. Happy client=happy me!

PM-30th July - As this warm weather continues, not surprisingly I've had another call for a wasp nest. This time the nest was on the roof gutter so they were buzzing arounf the front of the property. Simple treatment was carried out leaving another happy Pestforce customer.  

AM-29th July - Received a very distressed call from a customer at midnight regarding a fly and maggot infestation in their refuse bin. I visited that night, carried out a treatmentnt and advised the customer about the importance of the correct disposal of decaying vegetable matters, preventing further infestation. Another happy client with regards to my hygiene advice left a 5* Review on my webpage. 

PM-26th July - Rats activities in the Loft of a client property controlled and by the final 3rd visit client was happy about the treatment and has left a 5* Review on my webpage. 

PM-24th July - Pestforce received a call to rid a property's garden of wasps. This activity was stopping the little ones from playing in the garden so I visited immediatly. Onemple treatment and the wasps were gone, much to the relief of mum and the kids. 

PM-23rd July - A distressed client called today regarding some mice activity in her kitchen. Much to her delight, I was able to visit the same day and by the 2nd visit all mice activity had been eliminated. 

AM-23rd July - Pestforce Pest Control Oldham visited a client with some mole activity in their beautiful front garden today. Visited immediately, traps set and on a visit the following day, the mole had been caught. Yet another happy client. 

PM-16th July - Today I visited a client's property to treat an ant infestation. They had bought multiple 'off the shelf' treatments themselves but all to no avail. Pestforce turn up and treat the problem immediatly, leaving yet another happy customer.  

AM-15th July - Received a call for a Carpet Beetle infestation in an old Lady's property. She explained that after being told earlier by another Technician (not Pesforce), she should just monitor the issue without even identifying the pest! Pestforce Pest Control Oldham visited the property immediatly, and with the help of a hand held LED lens, identified the culprit and treated accordingly. 

AM-11th July - As the warm weather continues so do the wasp nest call outs! Pestforce Pest Control Oldham visited a client's property in an emergency after their builder carrying out refurbishments had been stung by a wasp. Visited and treated immediately, both the client and the builder were delighted. 

PM-9th July - Pestforce Pest Control Oldham received a request for an emergency call out today to deal with a wasp nest in a Nursery (Little Angels). Visited immediately, wasp nest treated and taken offsite. Leaving behind some very happy Little Angels. 

PM-9th July - Received a call from a Care Home today to treat maggots in a ladys room! Attended straight away and treated there and then. Both the resident and the Home Manager were delighted with the service.  

PM-8th July - Here at Pestforce we received a call from a distressed customer that had noticed a terrible smell in their bathroom. Upon arrival it was clear this was a dead animal and then we found a dead bird in the wall cavities and the smell had ben coming up from under the bathtub. Bird removed and disposed of, necessary areas disinfected and a very happy customer who's already left me a 5 star review - thank you!!! 

PM-4th July - A late night call out at 11pm for Pestforce Pest Control Oldham - Visited a distressed client about a fly (maggot) infestation encroaching the entrance to the kitchen. Visited immediately and could see the issue was the result of incorrect food waste disposal, so treated the bins and the surrounding areas. Also advised the client about the recycling of vegetable matters in the appropriate bins. 

PM-Friday 29th June - A distressed client called Pestforce today after discovering a rat in her dustbin whilst putting their rubbish out. Visited within an hour and while emptying the bin to catch and disperse it humanely, the 'culprit' escaped. During the inspection of the bin,I found out that rodents had gnawed their way through the bottom of the bin! Refuse bin areas treated and by the 2nd visit, the client hadn't noticed any further activity. My advice - replace the gnawed dustbin and recycle decaying vegetable matters in appropriate bins, through the Local Authority. Here at Pestforce we dont jsut see it as our duty to remove and prevent pests but also to educate our clients about (IPM)-Integrated Pest Management, hygiene inclusive to help the Environment. Client was happy and very impressed with the service and advice.

PM-Friday 29th June- Yet another wasp nest, this time from the window ledge of an elderly couple's home. Very happy clients, especially as it was one of thems birthday!! Great 5 star review left by them also, thank you!! 

PM-Wednesday 27th June - Received a call from a distressed client about mice activity in his home. Visited same day and by the 2nd visit, the mice were eliminated and the whole family was happy. 

AM- Tuesday 26th June - Here at Pestforce Oldham we received a call from a client who was in the midde of a part building demolition and refurbishment, however work had ground to a halt due to some wasp activity. Visited immediately and the wasp nest was treated and taken offsite. A couple of days after my visit, a second nest was found in another part of the site, this time in the kitchen ceiling. Again wasp nest treated and taken offsite. Client and the team very relieved, demolition is back in motion and they're even planning to sign an annual contract with Pesforce. 

PM-Monday 25th June - Another wasp nest call out today, this really has been a bumper summer for wasps. This time from the back garden shed of a lovely elderly couple, extremely satisfied and releived with the results.  

PM-Saturday 23rd June - A caring client called Pesforce Oldham to check their Mum's home and find the source of an extremely bad smell in the Kitchen. Visited within 30 minutes and wow a dead rat was found under the kitchen cabinets, which I can only imagine entered her property from an adjoining boarded up property, as her house was in the best state of hygiene. Dead rat taken off site, suspected entry point treated. 2nd, 3rd visits carried out, no further activity noticed by yet another happy client. 

PM-Wednesday 20th June - Pestforce were called to a Gaming Centre in the city centre because they were frequently noticing either mice or rat activity in the ceiling of the adjoining small back building and wanted this fixing before it potentially affected the business patrons. Visited the centre immediately, elimination and exclusion of both rats and mice carried out and the staff were very happy. 

AM-Monday 18th June - Pestforce received a call to deal with rat activity at the rear car park of a business concern, one even came out to welcome me from it's hybernating point during my visit. Treatment carried out at the car park, by the 2nd visit rodent activity had been eradicated and the business owner was elated! 

AM-Monday 18th June - I received a call to visit a client's beautiful garden, as extensive rat activity was preventing the family (especially the children) from playing in the out in it. Pestforce Oldham to the rescue, visited immediately, treatment carried out and by the 2nd visit the infestation was eliminated. Client was impressed and happy with her pest free garden. 

AM-Sartuday 16th June - Today I visited a clients property to undertake minor proofing against mice as to prevent reinfestation, following my previous completed and successful treatment to rid their house of rodents. The client was happy that even before the proofing of the holes in the floor boards, the treatment had been a success with the proofing being a added bonus! 

PM-Monday 11th June - 2 wasp jobs in one day, it must be summer! Received a call from my customer who received their annual wasp invasion by the roof gutter of her Bungalow. Pestforce Oldham and District visited immediately and 'destroyed' the wasps annual 'holiday challet'. The client breathed a huge sigh of relief. 

AM-Monday 11th June - Pestforce Oldham and District received a call from a client about Wasp activity by the roof gutter of his property. Immediate visit scheduled to deal with the invasion, job complete in just one visit! The customer was delighted and has already left a 5 star review on my webpage!!!

PM-Friday 8th June-A distressed client called about Mice activity in their kitchen/dinning areas and Rat activity in their well tended garden at the back of the building. Action taken in the Kitchen and holes found in the garden were all baited. By the 2nd visit Rodent activity was eliminated and the client was happy. Pestfoqrce Oldham and District to the rescue! 

PM-Thursday-7th June-We received a call here at Pestforce Oldham regarding some mice activity in a client's kitchen and the surrounding areas. The client was dubious and insisted on not paying the full cost of control until seeing the result of the treatment or control. However by the 2nd visit, results were easily visible as the uninvited 'guests ' were off the property. Meaning a very happy customer 

PM-Tuesday-5th June-Rat activity in the loft of a clients property quickly taken care of. By the 2nd visit, activity eliminated and client more than satisfied. 

PM-Monday-4th June-I was called by a client to control Mason Bees activity detected in the wall cavities while the client was constructing an extension to his beautiful property. After promising to call me back if the problem persisted, after several weeks, I'm yet to hear from him, meaning the invasion has been controlled. 

PM-Friday 1st June-Received a call from a distressed client about mice activities in his Kitchen and the surrounding areas within his property. Visited the same day and by the 2nd visit, client started seeing results and was impressed by the control measures put in place. Very happy customer!

PM Monday 21st May-Customer called Pestforce Oldham to give (unwanted guests),Rats, the marching orders. These had been present while the family was having their tea in their back garden the previous night. Visited same day and burrow baited the hole found under the fence leading to an adjoining farm. By the 2nd visit,the client was satisfied and said the control was already guaranteed. 

AM Monday 7th-A distressed client called Pestforce Oldham about Wasp activity by the vent beneath the roof gutter. After being told by another Technician (not Pesforce) that it was likely Bees!!! Visited same day and wasp treatment carried out. Out of satisfaction the client said "You are the Professional and I'm elated with the result".

AM Sunday 6th May-Today Pstforce Oldham were called to control the invasion of Mason Bees at the back of the building where the garden was being refurbished, action taken. Client satisfied and even gave me a tip for a job well done! 

PM Thursday 29th March-I was called to deal with the unwanted 'visitors'. Rats at the back garden, visited within an hour, traps set, within a week of 3 visits, Bang! 5 Rats caught. No more distress for the client. Yet another happy customer thanks to Pestforce Oldham!

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