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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Rochdale.

I’m your licenced pest controller, Ola, and I want to guide you through the stressful and challenging process of living with pests.

Here at Pestforce Pest Control Rochdale, we’re committed to making sure that everyone who uses our services never has to share their home with an unwanted pest again.

Pests live in various spaces throughout homes and workplaces, and they are formidable opponents. However, I’m a highly trained and experienced pest controller in Rochdale that has dealt with everything from birds, rodents and insects.

No matter how big or small, I hope you choose us to take care of your pest infestation issues in Rochdale.

What sets us apart from other pest controllers on the market? It’s a mixture of experience and enthusiasm. Myself and our technicians have dedicated more than seven years to providing our customers with exceptional customer service in lots of cases.

And, we don’t only deal with short-term solutions - Pestforce Pest Control Rochdale offers long-term service plans too. Considering we’re accredited by the BPCA and CEPM, there’s no doubt you can trust our treatments.

Rochdale Rat Control

Rats and mice are related - they’re cousins - so it can be tough to tell them apart. They both leave droppings, chew through households items, and leave a strong odour. The good news is that we have robust methods to discern between the two and target each effectively with our Rochdale pest control treatments.

Firstly, our pest controllers in Rochdale understand the difference in their eating habits. Rats like to drag their food away from the trap while mice tend it eat it right there and then. Also, the smells have suitable differences that our technicians can detect due to their extensive training. By using our knowledge base, we can remove rats from your home usually within three visits. After setting a trap for the first time for evidence purposes, our Rochdale rat control experts will re-bait and finish the job. The third visit is to ensure they haven’t returned so that we can provide you with peace of mind.

Rochdale Wasp Control And Wasp Removal

Wasps are similar to bees in the sense that they nest in gardens and can also nest inside houses. But, you shouldn’t underestimate them just because you assume they’re not a threat. Although they might be common in spring and summer, one nest can produce 30,000 wasps. With a sweet-tooth at the front and a sharp sting at the back, angry swarms of them can be intimidating.

Our wasp control service in Rochdale uses an insecticide to destroy a nest and remove it from your home or garden.

 Our team of wasp technicians are fully-equipped to get the job done thanks to our advanced tools and safety equipment. Also, we understand their breeding habits and won’t give them an inch regardless of the season. Summer is when a nest comes to life, which is why we take action in the autumn and winter so that the Queen doesn’t raise her head when the temperature soars.

Trusting a pest controller in Rochdale isn’t always easy, but we have the credentials to back up our solutions. Our technicians are qualified in removing or rehousing wasps and bees that one of them has appeared in the Daily Mail for his efforts. Technicians from the wider Pestforce network have also appeared on the BBC to talk about all things wasp-related, so trust us when we say we know about wasps and how to effectively remove them from your property in Rochdale.

Rochdale Bird Control

Rochdale bird control solutions are becoming increasingly popular due to smaller habitats for birds and people. We all want to live together in harmony, yet individual species are notorious for taking liberties and using houses as perches or nesting on our homes. When this happens, they can chip away the exterior of your home as their poo is corrosive and make a mess of your kerb appeal. Pigeons, in particular, also target gardens and the non-pest wildlife that call your lawn home.

Guano is a substance we’re familiar with, and we can scrape, shovel and scrub until your property is free of faeces. While lots of pest control companies say this, we’re committed to delivering the best possible service. There isn’t a bird-related mess that we won’t respond to for the sake of our customers in Rochdale and their homes.

Rochdale Mole Control

Moles have been on the rise in recent years, and they are notably more frequent in the colder months. Digging holes and popping up out of nowhere, they destroy gardens in Rochdale without a second thought. What’s worse is that they can live and stay in the same spot for four years, which means they may not go away any time soon.

Moles are difficult to catch due to their underground mazes. However, here at Pestforce Pest Control Rochdale, we achieve effective results without the use of toxic gases. As a market leader in the Rochdale mole control sector, we only rely on the latest traditional catching and trapping techniques. This way, the moles are unharmed and children and pets don’t have to worry about breathing in harmful pesticides.

Rochdale Rabbit Control

Rabbits are similar to moles as they feed on foliage and plants in the garden. Combine this with the fact that there are fewer predators to keep their numbers down, and they can run riot around your Rochdale garden.

By choosing Rochdale pest control services, you get a variety of techniques at your disposal. Our technicians are highly trained to provide a Rochdale rabbit control service backed by results.

Rochdale Carpet Beetle Control

Baby carpet beetles, also known as wholly bears, are a problem you need to account for in Rochdale. Adult beetles can lay up to 40 eggs at a time in your home, leaving them to hatch in less than three weeks. When they do, small carpet beetles feast on any natural fibres, the kind you find in the majority of homes in Rochdale and across the UK.

Due to the size of the hatchlings, it’s essential to call us and seek professional help. DIY strategies may only work in the short-term, whereas our pest controllers will create a long-term solution. Using a powerful range of insecticides, they’ll treat the different fabrics in your home and cover a large surface area so that no egg goes unnoticed.

Our Full Range Of Rochdale Pest Control

As well as all of the above, Pestforce Pest Control Rochdale deals with the following:

  • Ants
  • Bed bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Flies
  • Foxes
  • Moths
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders
  • Squirrels

Our Rochdale pest control services are perfect for homeowners and commercial properties alike. Thanks to our public and employee liability policies, our trained technicians are covered in the unlikely event of an accident. Of course, full risk assessments are carried out to prevent this from happening.

Recent Pest Control Jobs in Rochdale

6 Vacant Wasp Nests in Rochdale Loft - 4th February 2020

Can you imagine the shock, panic and fear our customer felt when they went into the loft to sort out their storage and discovered six large vacated wasp nests! They called our Rochdale wasp control team and we assured him that at this time of the year, the nests will pose zero threat to him and his family. Nevertheless, he asked for Pestforce Pest Control Rochdale to come over asap to tackle these wasp nests, which we did the same day. They were delighted with the speed and efficiency of our Rochdale wasp nest control service.

Mice infestation in a Local Takeaway Shop in Ashton - 8th January 2020

Pestforce Pest control Rochdale received a call from a client who was about to start operating from his newly acquired and refurbished outlet about Mice infestation.  We quickly came to the rescue with our trusted eradication programmes and by the 3rd and final visit the client was happy as he did receive a good rating from his Local EHO for his Eatery outlet. One more happy ending for a Pestforce Pest control Rochdale client. 

Mice infestation in a Local Day Nursery in Middleton - 13th January 2020

A call from a Local Nursery about Mice infestation in some areas of the property.  Visit scheduled and the regular 3 eradication programmes put in place as these will lead to the total control of the infestation. 

Mice activities in a Centre in Rochdale - 31st December 2019

Pestforce Pest control Oldham received a call from a Religion Centre about Mice infestation.  Visit scheduled and the ever successful 3 eradication programmes put in place and by the 3rd and final visit the infestation has been controlled. Happy client of Pestforce Pest control Oldham and District. 

Rochdale Fox Control - Rochdale, OL11, January 17th 2020

Early this morning Pestforce Pest Control Rochdale attended a customer who claims to have seen a pack of foxes in his garden and was concerned about the safety of his young family. Our Rochdale fox control team were straight on the case and inspected the property and discovered the entry point to the garden (a large hole in the fencing hidden behind a hedge). We put in some fox proofing measures and also left a trap which we will be monitoring. So far so good. If you have any problems with foxes in Rochdale, be sure to give Pestforce Pest Control Roch8dale a call to see how we can help.

Rochdale Mice Control in House in Norden - Rochdale, OL11, January 7th 2020

Today Pestforce Pest Control Rochdale completed our Rochdale mice control treatment for a property in Norden. Over Christmas, they started noticing some tell-tale signs that they might have a rodent problem. After googling the issue and researching local pest control providers, they called Pestforce Pest Control Rochdale. We conducted our property inspection and identified a mice infestation. We completed our comprehensive mice control treatment today with our third visit and are pleased to confirm that it looks like it has been very effective and there are no more mice in the property, much to the customers joy.

Rochdale Squirrel Control in Loft - Rochdale, OL11, December 20th 2019

This morning a customer contacted Pestforce Pest Control Rochdale to enquire about our Rochdale squirrel control services. We arranged a free inspection to survey their property and understand the scope of the problem. Once we arrived and inspected the loft, as well as the building exterior, we discovered several grey squirrels had gained entry into the loft space and were using it for shelter. Under the customers instruction, we immediately began our Rochdale squirrel control treatment and expect this property to be squirrel free very soon. The customer was very happy with our Rochdale pest control service.

Rat Control After Recent Drainage Works - Rochdale, OL12, December 13th 2019

A customer in Rochdale called after spotting rodents (she wasn't sure what they were) around the side of her house and worried they were getting in. We did a free inspection and looked in a few hard to reach places and found several signs that rats had been having a look around recently. The customer explained that there had been some recent drainage works, and many in the area had spotted rodents recently. We treated the property and have already been back to replace the traps. Furthermore, several of her neighbours have approached us about providing Rochdate rat control treatments in their properties.

Rochdale Bed Bug Control for B&B / Hotel - Rochdale, OL12, December 6th 2019

It can be very common for businesses in the hospitality and accommodation industry to be blighted by pest control problems and today we encountered a B&B and adjoining hotel with a sizeable bed bug infestation. It's probably high on the list of every travellers worst nightmare and a reputation no establishment wants on their name. Luckily, we were able to begin treatment on these two properties with a very comprehensive and effective treatment plan. Our Rochdale bed bug control service is results driven and we pride ourselves on our achievements. If you have bed bugs in your home or business, you may need our Rochdale bed bug control service. Get in touch to see how we can help.

Rat Control in Ashworth - Rochdale, OL11, December 4th 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Rochdale were called by a family in Ashworth, Rochdale, who lived near a industrial estate, and unluckily for them, the waste and refuge area was very near to their home. This attracted rats and rodents, who then explored the nearby area and took shelter in this families garage. Pestforce Pest Control Rochdale came to the rescue on the same day as they called and identified the issue. We blocked the entry points, and treated the rat infestation in the garage. We also contacted the maintenance team of the neighbouring industrial estate to make them aware of the problem, who vowed to take immediate action. Our customer was very happy with our Rochdale rat control service and we're confident that they'll be rodent free after our treatment.

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