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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Glossop your local pest control company.

My name's Chuck Murdy and I run Pestforce Pest Control Glossop with my son Jack.

With 14 years experience behind us we are your local, fully trained and qualified pest control technicians. Offering both domestic and commercial pest control there isn't a pest we haven't seen.

Whether that's rodents such as Rats or Mice, crawling insects like Ants and Cockroaches or flying insects such as Wasps and Flies.

Pestforce Pest Control Glossop have effective solutions to tackle your pest problem quickly and efficiently.

Don’t just take our word for it, as can be seen our reviews speak for themselves.

Accreditations and Qualifications:

  • RSPH Level 2 Qualified 
  • Qualified in Practical Bird Control
  • BPCA Member
  • CEPA 
  • CHAS 
  • DBS Checked


  • Same day availability 
  • Free surveys and quotes
  • £10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance including us of Firearms 

Fully accredited and qualified pest controller…
British Pest Control Association Member CEPA Certified Professional Pest Management CHAS Accredited Contractor Royal Society for Public Health Think Wildlife - Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use

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Local Pest Control Services Glossop

Pestforce pest control Glossop can offer you speedy and efficient pest control. No matter your pest control problem please feel free to reach out to Chuck and Jack today.

Please find below our most frequent Glossop pest control services and pests:

  • Rat pest control and removal
  • Mice pest control
  • Squirrel trapping and pest control
  • Wasps nest removal and Wasp pest control
  • Honey bee and Bumblebee relocation only
  • Bird and Pigeon pest control and proofing 
  • Traditional Mole trapping pest control
  • Flying insect pest control; Drain fly, Blue bottles, Moths and more
  • Crawling insect pest control; Ants, Cockroach, Beatles and more
  • Flea and Bed bug pest control and sprays
  • Commercial pest control contracts

Rat Control Glossop

Rats are a persistent pest that contaminate food stuffs, carry disease and cause damage. Rats carry diseases such as Salmonellosis and Leptospirosis. Due to being part of the rodent family Rats have to constantly gnaw, causing damage such as chewed floorboards, floor joists and doors amongst other things. Therefore if you suspect you have a rat problem it is vital to contact our Glossop rat control team today.

Once called upon Chuck and Jack will come out and assess your rat problem and implement one of their trademark three visit rat control baiting or trapping programs. Our Pestforce Pest Control Glossop team will use the safest child and pet safe practices to deal with your rat problem. We offer both domestic and commercial rat control as well as offer a free survey of your property to identify possible access points.

Mouse Control Glossop

Mice may be smaller and some say cuter but they do cause many of the same problems as rats. They transmit diseases such as Salmonellosis, control their incisors through gnawing and chewing and shred paper and soft items for nesting materials. Speaking with your local Glossop mouse control team today will ensure a speedy response to your mouse problem.   

Your local Glossop mouse control team's first priority is to eradicate your mouse problem however we will also highlight entry points and offer the most appropriate remedial work where possible.

Squirrel Control Glossop

Quite Possibly the most destructive species of the rodent family Grey Squirrels cause unprecedented damage to both property and wildlife. Damage caused includes chewed roof joists, soffits and facias plus much more. Grey Squirrels also can carry the Borrelia bacteria which can cause Lyme disease when transferred via ticks.

By contacting your local Glossop squirrel control team today you will receive a five star service where we will promptly implement the most suitable solution for you. These include clearances via trapping, stopping entry via proofing or a rolling contract to keep squirrel levels down.

Bird Control Glossop

Birds such as pigeons carry a surprisingly large number of pathogens that spread disease. Birds and Pigeons often roost on gutters and drain pipes and nest under solar panels. Once established birds and pigeons can prove difficult to move on. Therefore getting in touch with your local Glossop bird control team as quickly as possible is essential.

No bird proofing job is alike so your local Pestforce Pest Control Glossop team offer free no obligation surveys and quotes. There is a wide range of bird proofing solutions to suit all budgets and scenarios and we always try to offer multiple options for each problem. Proofing solutions include bird spikes, bird netting and solar panel netting.

Wasp Nest Removal in Glossop

Wasps are aggressive, scary and carry a potentially fatal sting. Wasp nests are generally found between June and October, your local Glossop wasp control team however have removed wasp nests as late as December.

Here at Pestforce Pest Control Glossop in a domestic setting our charges stay the same irrespective of location this includes whether we have to use ladders or not. Your Glossop wasp control team consisting of Chuck and Jack use the latest products and equipment to deliver safe and professional services. Whether you’re a domestic or commercial customer, contacting us today is the right call.

Bee Relocation in Glossop

Bees are key pollinators and as such are essential to the world's food production. Pestforce Pest Control Glossop has a no destruction of bees policy. We will only retrieve and relocate Bees. Although there are hundreds of bee species, the general public usually split them into 2 groups: Honey Bee and Bumblebee.

Honey Bee swarms if left to establish in areas such as cavity walls will produce honeycomb which if left, on a hot day can cause honey to run resulting in issues such as damp. Once honeycomb is produced what was a simple swarm retrieval can become a large and expensive job where we may have to remove walls and roofs. So contacting your local Glossop bee control team quickly is advisable.

Chuck is a keen Beekeeper who has multiple thriving Honey Bee hives at home. Using both our pest control and Beekeeping skills we can not only identify but also offer you competitively priced solutions to your bee problem.

Other Glossop Pests

Other local pest control services we offer are:

  • Mole trapping
  • Ants and other crawling insects
  • Flies and flying insects
  • Flea and Bed Bug treatments
  • Hornets

Recent Jobs in Glossop

Commercial rat clearance Hyde, Sk14 - 20/05/2024

This week, Pestforce Pest Control Glossop initiated a large-scale rat clearance operation in the basement of a food establishment. Following a period of abandonment, the building has been undergoing building work, prompting the need for rat control measures. Bait stations were strategically placed throughout the basement to eradicate the rat population. Our customer was pleased with the commencement of the rat eradication and will be rat free before they open their new takeaway.

Squirrel Control, Stalybridge, Sk15 - 07/05/2024

This week, Pestforce Pest Control Glossop's  father and son squirrel control team launched a three-part squirrel control program. After identifying squirrels in our client’s roofspace, we installed multiple traps to capture them. We also identified how the squirrels were gainin access and advised on how best to proof to stope re entry.  We will conduct two more visits over the next two weeks to ensure our client’s premises is free of squirrels.

Flea control Hattersley, SK14 - 18/04/2024

Chuck and Jack Murdy from Pestforce Pest Control Glossop finished a flea treatment this week. Prior to the appointment, we provided our customer with a pre and post-treatment checklist. After finishing, we filled out all the necessary paperwork and safety information, leaving it for our customer.

Squirrel control Padfield, Sk13 - 13/04/2024

Our father and son Squirrel control team Chuck and Jack Murdy commenced one of our three-visit trapping programs. We conducted a house survey, advising on entry points for the squirrels and quoted to complete some repairs on our final visit.

Bird control Stalybridge, Sk14 - 03/04/2024

Pestforce Pest Control Glossop's Bird control specialists, Chuck and Jack Murdy completed a solar panel proofing job this week. We cleared all nesting materials form under the panels before installing specialist solar panel mesh to stop bird from roosting under the panels.

Mouse treatment Mottram, SK14 - 27/03/2024

Chuck and Jack Murdy, our dedicated father-son pest control team, completed a mouse clearance in a customer’s extension. After a successful trapping program we fitted air brick covers and repointed some of the extension wall to stop more mouse issues arising in the future.

Contracted  pest control visit Glossop, Sk13 - 22/03/2024

Chuck and Jack Murdy of Pestforce Pest Control Glossop carried out a standard pest control visit for a commercial customer. We thoroughly checked the site, completed the necessary paperwork, and reported no issues to our customer.

Rat control Stalybridge, Sk15 - 13/03/2024

Chuck and Jack of Pestforce Pest Control Glossop concluded concluded a three-visit rat eradication program this week. After eradicating the problem over three visits we then cleaned and disinfected our customers loft.

Squirrel control Tintwistle, SK13 - 05/03/2024

Concluding one of our three-visit trapping programs for squirrels, Pestforce Pest Control Glossop trapped three Squirrels in our customer’s loft. We additionally surveyed their house, providing advice on the entry points for the squirrels and recommending potential remedial actions.

Flea control Hadfield, SK13 - 26/02/2024

This week, Pestforce Pest Control Glossop carried out a flea treatment. Upon booking, we sent our customer a pre and post-treatment checklist. We attended on time, moving furniture around during the flea treatment for complete coverage. After completion, we filled out all relevant paperwork and safety information, leaving it with our customer.

Routine pest control Hyde, SK15 - 18/02/2024

Our father and son team, Chuck and Jack Murdy carried out a standard pest control visit for a commercial contract customer. They thoroughly checked all monitoring stations, completed the necessary paperwork, and reported no issues to the customer.

Rat treatment Hyde, Sk14 - 12/02/2024

Chuck and Jack of Pestforce Pest Control Glossop carried out a three-visit rat eradication program for a customer in Hyde. Positively identifying the problem on our initial visit, we opted for traps as the best solution. Returning a week later, we caught 2 rats, reset the traps, and returned after another week. No more rats were caught on the third visit, and we cleared away the traps before addressing the customer’s requested proofing work to stop re-infestation.

Pigeon control Glossop, Sk13 - 10/01/2024

This week, Pestforce Pest Control Glossops Bird control specialists attended to assess a pigeon issue. Having carefully measured the area we gave our client a quote for the installation of Pigeon net and the thorough clean of the problem area.

Squirrel control Stalybridge, SK15 - 18/12/2023

Our Stalybridge squirrel control team completed a 3 visit squirrel trapping program this week. Having already set and caught squirrels on previous visits we were pleased to report to our customer we'd caught no more squirrels. We cleared up all traps and closed down the job leaving behind a happy customer.

Mouse control Hyde, Sk14 - 11/12/2023

Our Hyde mouse control team, Chuck and Jack Murdy, completed a 3 visits mouse control treatment this week. Having caught multiple mice over the 3 visits we were pleased to be leaving our customer mouse free.

Mouse proofing Tintwistle, Sk13 - 04/12/2023

Chuck and Jack Murdy installed mouse excluder to a customers garage doors in Tintwistle this week. The installation of the mouse excluder will stop mice gaining entry the garage and top them causing damage to items being stored.

Flea treatment Glossop, Sk13 - 27/11/2023

Our father and son team Chuck and Jack Murdy completed a flea treatment in Glossop. Having quoted and sent our customer a pre treatment check list we completed the spray and left them with a post treatment checklist to enable the best possible results.

Rat control Glossop, Sk13 - 20/10/2023

Our Glossop rat control team, continued a 3 visit rat control program. Having caught a rat we removed the carcass and reset the traps. We then booked a follow up visit where we will hopefully be able to clear up all our traps and leave our customer rat free.

Pigeon Proofing Padfield, Sk13 - 13/11/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Glossop completed a bird proofing job in Padfield. Having assessed the job on a previous visit we arrived with correct chimney cowl and installed it for our customer.

Rat treatment Hadfield, Sk13 - 06/11/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Glossop, finished a 3 visit rat control treatment in Hadfield. Having already assessed and implemented a 3 visit trapping program our customer was now rat free so we cleared up all our taps and completed the job.

Squirrel control Glossop, Sk13 - 30/10/2023

Our Glossop Squirel control team completed a 3 visit squirrel control treatment today. Having set traps and caught squirrels on previous visits we were pleased to be able to clear up our traps and leave our customer squirrel free today having caught no more squirrels.

Pigeon proofing Stalybridge, Sk15 - 23/10/2023

Our Father and son team Chuck and Jack completed a small pigeon proofing job. Having attended to assess and quote the job a couple of ago we returned today to implement the pigeon proofing solution. We installed pigeon spikes on teh problem area leaving our customer happy and pigeon free,

Wasp nest removal Hyde, Sk14- 16/10/2023

Our Hyde wasp control team Chuck and Jack Murdy remove multiple wasp nests form a loft that a surveyor had identified. This wasp nest removal would allow our client to move forwards with the sale of their property.

Rat clearance Glossop, Sk13 - 09/10/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Glossops rat control team attended to and emergency rat job at a local catering establishment. We inspected the property and identified the pest and possible entry points. We started a 3 visit rat clearance and quoted our customer for the proofing needed to stop re-infestation.

Pigeon Proofing Glossop, SK13 - 25/09/2023

Chuck and Jack Murdy of Pestforce Pest Control Glossop completed a small pigeon proofing job. We initially attended to quote for a pigeon issue. Upon arrival we identified a small access point. As the job was fairly small we were able to quote and complete the work there and then. Our customer was happy to be pigeon free.

Wasp nest eradication Hyde, SK14 - 18/09/2023

Our Glossop wasp control team Chuck and Jack Murdy completed a wasp nest treatment in Hyde. We located the nest on arrival and treated with an insecticidal dust. We then completed the job by filling out all the relevant paperwork.

Mouse control Glossop, Sk13 - 11/09/2023

Our Glossop mouse control team, Chuck and Jack Murdy completed a mouse clearance at a customers house in Glossop. On our 1st visit we placed pet/child safe trap boxes throughout the problem area. We then checked these boxes a eek later and had caught 2 mice. We then checked them again a week after that where we found we'd caught no more mice and cleared away all our boxes. 

3 visit mouse eradication Charlesworth, SK13 - 04/09/2023

Chuck and Jack Murdy of Pestforce Pest Control Glossop completed a 3 visit mouse control treatment. We had caught 10 mice by the end of the treatment. Our customer was more than happy with the results of our treatment.

Mouse treatment Charlesworth, SK13 - 22/08/23

Chuck and Jack of Pestforce Pest Control Glossop continued a mouse trapping program in Charlesworth today. We checked all our trap boxes, removed any caught mice, and reset the traps. Our customer was happy with the results so far. We booked them in for a final visit where we will be able to clear up all our trap boxes leaving our customer mouse free.

Pest identification Glossop, SK13 - 07/08/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Glossop were called out to what our customer thought was a mole issue. Once at the job we actually identified the issue as rabbit damage. We advised our customer on their options including deterrents. Our customer appreciated the advise and decided to try one the humane deterrents we'd suggested.

Wasp nest removal Hyde, SK14 - 04/08/2023

Our Glossop wasp control team Chuck and Jack Murdy treated and removed a wasp nest from a customer's loft in Hyde. Once removed we gave our customer all the relevant safety documentation. The customer in question was so happy with our pest control services they left us 2 reviews.

Rat clearance Gee Cross, SK14 - 25/07/2023

Chuck and Jack of Pestforce Pest Control Glossop completed a 3 visit bating program for rats. On our first visit we surveyed the property and assessed the issue. On this occasion we felt bait was the correct solution. Upon completion we removed all bait and left behind a very happy customer. 

Bird proofing quote Stalybridge, SK15 - 17/07/2023

Chuck and Jack attended a customer's house to offer a free no obligation quote on bird proofing their solar panels. We took measurements and photos which we then used to put together a quote for our customer. We had written and sent it within 48 hours of attending our initial assessment.

Wasp nest eradication Chisworth, SK13 - 11/07/2023

Chuck and Jack of Pestforce Pest Control Glossop were called out to a wasp nest in the door frame of our customers workshop. We booked our customer a same day appointment and had treated his wasp nest within hours of receiving his phone call. We left a happy customer who left us not one but two reviews.

Wasp nest removal Padfield, SK13 - 05/07/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Glossop's father and son team Chuck and Jack Murdy responded to an emergency wasp nest removal in Padfield. The Wasp nest was attached to the wheels bin lid so needed to be removed immediately. We had arrived at the customers house within the hour and promptly removed the wasp nest. Our customer was ecstatic with the prompt service we provided.

Bird proofing quote Glossop, SK13 - 28/06/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Glossop went to assess and provide one of our free, no obligation bid control quotes. Upon arrival we where shown the issue, we talked our customer through their different options. We measured what we needed to and took lots of photos. We then went way and emailed them a a quote with two options that would work. 

Wasp nest removal Glossop, SK13 - 27/06/2023

Chuck and Jack of Pestforce Pest Control Glossop removed a wasp nest from our customer's garage. We provided one of our same day appointments. Upon arrival we were shown the wasp nest. We United up and cleared a path through their loft then removed the wasp nest for our customer. Our customer was extremely pleased with our rapid response to their issue.

Rat clearance Glossop, SK13 - 23/06/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Glossop completed a rat clearance in a customer's garden. The rats were nesting in an old tree stump. Once we'd sorted out the rat issue, we cemented up the old tree stump and left the customer rat free.

Wasp nest eradication Simmondley, Glossop, SK13 - 20/06/2023 

Chuck and Jack responded to a wasp nest at a customer's house in Simmondley. Upon inspection we located the wasp nest and completed the relevant treatment all within 24 hours of receiving our customer's request. Our customer was happy with our speedy and professional service.

Insect identification Hattersley, SK14 - 05/06/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Glossop received a call from a customer who had a flying insect problem but where not sure of the ID. We responded within 24 hours and identified the problem as Bumblebees we advised the customer who was happy to leave them to see out there season.

Wasp nest removal Padfield, Sk13 - 13/05/2023

Pestforce Pest Control Glossop were called out to a wasp nest in our customers summer house. We offered a next day appointment and safely, efficiently and professionally removed the wasp nest. Our customer can now enjoy summer weather in their summer house.

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