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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Bootle!

The name is John Farrell and I am everything you’ll need as a local, qualified and highly-trained pest controller in Bootle. Serving the surrounding area near me, I handle pests of all shapes and sizes.

Whether it’s indoor crawlies to outdoor wildlife, here at Pestforce Pest Control, we’ve seen it all. Our effective and efficient domestic pest control services as well as our commercial pest control solutions have helped tackle many problem pests in Bootle.

What you'll get:

  • Local pest controller
  • DBS Checked (ID carried)
  • Residential and commercial pest control services
  • Digital Reports with RAMS provided for your safety
  • Fully Insured (up to the value of £5m)
  • FREE survey and quote

Our qualifications and memberships:

  • British Pest Control Association (BPCA)
  • CEPA Certified
  • RSPH Level 1 in Pest Control and Management

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Experiencing a pest problem and need help from a local Bootle pest controller? Call me John on 01513 800 415 at any time.

Pest Control Services in Bootle

For those needing a fast and efficient pest control service within Bootle, be sure to give us a ring today on 01513 800 415.

This isn’t the full list of services but should give you a good idea of what to expect when you choose our business for your pest control needs:

Types of pests we commonly undertake:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Wasps and wasps nests
  • Bees and bees nests
  • Squirrels
  • Birds and pigeons
  • Moles
  • Foxes
  • Bed bugs
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • + many more

Bootle residential pest control includes:

  • Home pest control
  • Garden pest control
  • Loft or attic pest control
  • Roofing pest control

Bootle pest control for business includes:

  • Restaurant and takeaway pest control
  • Office pest control
  • Medical practice or clinic pest control
  • Shop and retail pest control services
  • Pest control for building or construction sites
If you’re struggling to cope in your home or business from pests overruling the place, then you’ll want our 5* rated pest control services in Bootle. Call us today to discuss your pest control needs with John on 01513 800 415.

Bootle Rat Control

There’s nothing worse than spotting a rat on your property. From the bacteria, they carry to the frighteningly fast scurry they have when you disturb them from their hiding spots, no one wants to have a rat in or near their home.

With our Bootle rat control team, you’ll benefit from the experience and knowledge required to get rid of the rat problem for good. We’ll also go one step forward and proof your home so they don’t get in again.

We deploy a range of methods to rid your property of rats from traps to baits and poisons. No rat infestation is too big or too small for us to handle. Regardless of where they are, we’ll sniff them out and get rid of them.

If you’ve got a rat problem in Bootle then give us a call today on 01513 800 415.

Bootle Mice Control

Mice might not churn the stomach the way rats do but they’re still vermin that you don’t want running around in your home - unless they’re a pet that is. Our Bootle mouse control experts are available whenever you discover mice in your home.

Our Bootle mice control team are trained to spot the signs of mice from a mile off. Whether it’s just one mouse or an infestation, we’re trained to identify possible entry points and we’ll help seal off those off so that no mice can get back in.

Discover a mouse in your home or nearby? Contact our Bootle mice control services by calling us on 01513 800 415 now.

Bootle Squirrel Control

While many would assume they’re not pests, grey squirrels are a burden around your home. Problems with grey squirrels in Bootle and need our Bootle squirrel control services? Contact us today on 01513 800 415.

Grey squirrels made their way over to the UK in the Victorian Era all the way from North America. As a result, the red squirrel population has depleted greatly. As the grey squirrel isn’t a protected species, we’ve got more control options available at your disposal.

Do you have unwanted grey squirrels roaming toward your home or in your garden? Want our Bootle squirrel control services? Give us a call on 01513 800 415 and we’ll arrange a date for a free inspection.

Bootle Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing

While birds come in all different species and are sighted across Bootle they too can become a nuisance. They can end up making a nest in your home or roof and if that’s the case, then you’ll need our Bootle bird control service.

Birds and pigeons are common in creating nests in hard-to-reach places, including areas of your home. From the guttering, under solar panels and in your loft space, they may even manage to get into your home, leaving a large mess behind.

While some birds are protected as a species, you’ll get expert advice and guidance upon our assessment of your property. Our local Bootle bird control experts will also provide cleaning services Bootle.

The mess they leave behind can pose a serious health risk and with our cleaning services available, we help to restore and neutralise the hygiene risk in your home. Give our Bootle bird control team a call on 01513 800 415 so that we can provide you with a free inspection before moving forward.

Bootle Mole Control

Moles can tear apart your garden and turns it into an eyesore. You might be in need of our Bootle mole catchers to help rid your garden of these annoying moles.

While you may rarely see them yourself, they do a significant amount of damage to your property from underground. Damaging the foundations and causing other safety concerns, it’s important to fix this problem fast.

If you’re in need of assistance and could benefit from our Bootle mole control services, call John on 01513 800 415 to arrange an inspection of the property. We’ll then work out a mole removal treatment plan to get rid of them.

Bootle Ant Control

Ants are incredible insects but they don’t belong in and around your home. If an ant infestation has struck your property, give us a call and use our Bootle ant control services.

We can arrange a free inspection of the home to find the best solution for your ant problems. With several types of ant species in Bootle, some may require a different approach than others.

Regardless of what type of ant or problem you’re having, our Bootle ant control service helps eliminate the infestation and stop any ant infestations from happening again. Contact us on 01513 800 415 to speak to John about your ant problems.

Wasp Nest Removal in Bootle

Wasps are a nuisance and they’re also a pest that many people hate to be around. It’s no surprise when it’s easy to run into an angry wasp or swarm.

Our Bootle wasp control experts aren’t intimated by these little pests and are equipped to get rid of them quickly in and around your home. With our Bootle wasp nest removal services, you’ll be using one of the most popular pest control services on offer in Bootle during the summer months.

Pestforce has helped remove many wasp nests from all places imaginable. Whether that’s in your garage, up in your loft or anywhere else in and around the home. We’ve dealt with wasp nests of all sizes too. You can be confident in our services for wasp nest removal in Bootle.

Found a nasty wasp nest near your home and need our Bootle wasp nest removal service? Call Pestforce Pest Control Bootle today via 01513 800 415. We provide free inspections to all our customers.

Bee Control in Bootle

In comparison to wasps, bees are a lot more friendly and docile. They do a wonderful service for our planet and so should be treated with care. You’ll find them coming out in the garden in Bootle and across many parts of the UK.

While they’re beneficial for the environment, they can be a problem when they’ve decided to nest in and around your home.

Here at Pestforce we look to protect the bees and will only use our treatments when it’s absolutely required. Our Bootle bee control experts are here to help remove the bee nest and rehome them safely elsewhere.

While they’re not actually protected as a species, we do our best to ensure care and attention are made to remove them safely. For removing bees nests in Bootle, we can help.

Spotted a bees nest that needs rehoming? Call our Bootle bee control help or our Bootle bees nest removal services on 01513 800 415.

Bootle Bed Bug Control

A bed bug problem in your home or in your accommodation is not something you want to experience. While there’s little you can do yourself, our Bootle bed bug control services will be able to help. With our experts, we’ll be able to remove bed bugs from the home, even though they are easy to miss for the average person.

What’s hard not to miss is getting bitten by these bed bugs which isn’t a nice experience. If you’re noticing bites on your body or specs of blood on the bed, then you likely have bed bugs.

Noticed bed bugs recently? Give us a call today on 01513 800 415 for our Bootle bed bug control services.

Bootle Flea Control

Fleas are common problems across many homes in Bootle. If you have pets in your home, then this is a pest that can be extremely common. Whatever your situation, getting rid of fleas is important to do quickly.

If you think you have fleas in your home, then you’ll want to call our Bootle flea control experts who’ll conduct a free inspection of your home.

Call John for our Bootle flea control services on 01513 800 415 today and we’ll arrange a free inspection for you whether it’s in your home or business.

Bootle Cockroach Control

There’s nothing quite like the horror of discovering a cockroach in or around your home. The sight of it is enough to make you feel physically sick. However, if you discover them in or around your home, don’t panic. Our Bootle cockroach control help is available for service with Pestforce Bootle.

Amongst other pest services, we’re qualified to deal with all types of common cockroaches from the American cockroach to the German cockroach.

Have you been spooked by the appearance of cockroaches? Give us a call now on 01513 800 415 for our Bootle cockroach control services.

Bootle Fly Control

There are many types of infestations that occur when it comes to flies. There are also a variety of common flies that can find their way in and around your home. From cluster flies to fruit flies and horseflies, no matter what type, our Bootle fly control experts are available to help.

Offering expert advice and having the qualifications to tackle this problem head-on, you’ll be able to fix this problem sooner rather than later.

The presence of flies can pose health risks, just like many other pests and can carry infections.

If you’re experiencing any type of fly problem within your home or business currently, call 01513 800 415 for our Bootle fly control services. Our local expert John will easily arrange a free inspection for you.

Other Bootle Pest Services

There are a number of pests that are our most popular in Bootle. However, we do treat a number of other common pest problems too. These include:

  • Spiders
  • Silverfish
  • Hornets
  • Moths
Whether the pest you have is listed on this page or not, give Pestforce Pest Control Bootle a call on 01513 800 415. We’re very committed to pest control and want to ensure a top-quality service is given to each and every customer, no matter what scale of infestation you have. Our team in Bootle offer one of the best pest control services out there, so get in touch today to discuss your pest control peeves.

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