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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Wirral.

I'm Ollie Cross and I am your local pest controller in the Wirral area.

As a qualified and highly trained pest controller, I can take on any kind of pest that might be causing you trouble.

I regularly take care of flying insects, birds, creepy-crawly pests, rodents and other wildlife.

For reference:

  • I am DBS checked
  • I attend regular pest control training to keep up to date
  • I am fully insured
  • All my work is guaranteed as standard
  • I am highly trained, qualified and experienced

I am also a part of the Pestforce brand, who in total have over 10,000 glowing customer reviews, so you know you are in safe hands. 

Pestforce has a national presence and have been given the trust of thousands of clients to get the job done quickly, safely and without any surprise.

Do not hesitate to contact me right away, if you are a local Wirral resident and in need of a pest controller. You can get in touch with me on 0151 3800 365 anytime.

Pest Control Services in Wirral

So you might be wondering what kinds of things do we take care of and does any of this apply to you? If one or more of the following do, then call us on 0151 3800 365 whenever you need us.

The common pests we deal with:

  • Wasps and wasps nests
  • Bees and bees nests
  • Squirrels
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Birds
  • Moles
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Foxes
  • Bedbugs
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches

I am a fully accredited member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) as well as being fully accredited by CEPA; which is the highest pest control accreditation one can achieve.

For these reasons and more, we have been touted as the best pest control service in Wirral. We are extremely safe, making sure that there is no collateral damage to your property or to your quality of life. The pest control treatment shall be measured and considerate so we are quick and effective but not disruptive to your home or business. Call us now to know more on 0151 3800 365 and ask for Oliver Cross.

Wirral Rat Control

Well, need we say more about rats? They are the stuff of nightmares. They crawl around the house, creating a lot of noise, eating any leftovers and potentially, attacking small children and or pets. They are often attributed with the spreading of diseases and for that reason alone, you may have trouble sleeping with them in the house. Our Wirral service is very efficient and quick. We know how rats behave, how they patrol their territories, and what kinds of eating patterns they have. We will use bait, traps, poisons and other techniques to deal with any variety of rats. No matter how large or small they may be, fast or nimble, we can deal with a rat infestation in your garden or in your home.

Call us now on 0151 3800 365 and one of our professional pest controllers in Wirral will be out on call to your home or business.

Wirral Mice Control 

Mice are not as bad. Although they can be annoying, they don't carry that awful stigma that the rat does. But, they are not really any consolation when they cause almost as much annoyance. Mice if anything, can get into smaller areas, and this can cause more complex problems. In Wirral we have been called out numerous times because mice have been chewing holes into the cereal boxes, eating biscuit crumbs underneath the table or even attacking the pet dog. We have highly trained professionals that can spot the signs of mice in the home or business, and then deploy traps, bait and poison to deal with the matter, safely.

Call us now on 0151 3800 365 and one of my employees in Wirral will respond to your needs.

Wirral Bee Relocation

When you have a bee infestation, all the good and interesting things you've ever read or see about bees, goes out of the window. You just want them gone! I sympathise because when you have children who want to play in the garden but are constantly being swarmed, or when your dog is being attacked by the bees, it can be very frustrating. In Wirral and across the UK, this occurs during certain times of the year, mainly the spring and summer.

Bees can rapidly multiply, which can lead them to search for new homes. If you have bees in your garden, or even in your home, call us on 0151 3800 365 and one of our professionals will get out to the scene as soon as possible. At Pestforce Pest Control Wirral, we don't just seek to euthanise the bees and throw their home away. We actually seek to protect bees, and we try our best to relocate them elsewhere. In Wirral or anywhere in the UK, bees are not protected but they are very important to the local ecosystem. I recognise this, after all, how on earth would our shops stock the best honey in the world?

This is why, if I can I will look at the situation or one of my employees will, and we'll decide whether a swarm nest can be saved or has to be eradicated. We will be wearing protective equipment so we're not in any danger, and we'll safely remove the nest and then work with the local wildlife trusts to find them a new, safe home from which they can keep producing their honey.

If you are a resident in Wirral then please don't hesitate to contact me Oliver Cross on 0151 3800 365 and a pest removal order will be initiated.

Wasp Nest Removal in Wirral

Wasp Nest Season in Full Swing - Summer 2023

It's that time of the year when wasp nests are at their peak, and Pestforce Wirral is on the front lines, serving the entire Peninsula. Our team has been diligently addressing numerous wasp nest infestations, whether they're in sheds, attics, air bricks, or concealed underground. As the season progresses, wasps tend to become increasingly aggressive, and their stings can occur seemingly without provocation.

The DIY Approach - A Risky Proposition - You might be tempted to tackle the wasp problem yourself by purchasing foam from a hardware store. However, it's crucial to understand that standard wasp nest treatments are effective only when the nest is visible, hanging freely. If the nest is hidden within a cavity or enclosed space, such as an attic, DIY attempts can be hazardous. The fumes from these treatments can be toxic, and you risk being swarmed and attacked by wasps drawn to light sources. Remember, wasps can fly faster than you can run, especially in the confines of an attic.

Why Choose Professional Pest Control - Our message is clear - don't take unnecessary risks. Instead, call upon the expertise of a trained and insured professional pest controller in your vicinity, Pestforce Wirral. We specialize in swift and safe wasp nest treatments and removals, often completing the job in as little as 2 hours. 

Act Now to Prevent Future Infestations - Despite the summer holidays coming to an end, wasps can remain active until late December, especially in mild weather conditions. Waiting for the nest to die out is not a wise strategy. A single wasp nest can produce up to 200 queens, which hibernate and later establish new nests in the next season. By addressing the issue promptly, you minimize the risk of more wasp nests next year.

Emergency Call-Out Service - At Pestforce Wirral, we understand the urgency of wasp nest problems. That's why we offer emergency call-out services for both wasp nest treatment and removal. We're available throughout the week and are dedicated to assisting you with your pest control needs. Don't let wasp nests disrupt your peace of mind. Contact Pestforce Wirral today and let our experts handle the issue swiftly and professionally.

Call us on 0151 3800 365 if you are in Wirral as either a private resident or a business owner, and we can help you with your wasp problem.

Wirral Cockroach Control

Perhaps the most infamous creature that causes a lot of people anxiety is, the cockroach. We are almost thankful for this little critter because it keeps us in business all year round. It looks very odd, with a brown exoskeleton and long antenna and hairy legs. It makes your skin crawl and it also has the connotations of spreading disease. We are one of the most active cockroach controllers in Wirral and we've worked with many clients that want to remove these critters as quickly as possible.

If you have seen cockroaches walking around in your Wirral home, piling in the bin or hiding in the back of your kitchen cupboards, call us on 0151 3800 365 and we'll head out as soon as we can.

Wirral Flea Control service

Fleas don't really seem like a pest that needs to be controlled. You've probably had or known of a pet that has had fleas. A simple flea shampoo has normally done the trick. But sometimes, it's not enough. Fleas can quickly spread and this can cause for the entire home to become the kingdom of one flea colony. We've been to many Wirral homes to help clients find out where fleas are coming from, where they are hiding and get rid of them.

This will give your furry friend some relief, as well as stop you and your family from itching embarrassingly as well. I have a lot of experience with flea removal so you just need to give me a call on 0151 3800 365 and I'll be out to your home to do an inspection, in no time.

Wirral Bed Bug Control

When you can't get to sleep because something is nibbling on your elbow, it might not be your husband! We of course are making light of a horrible situation, as bed bugs can really make you lose your normal sleep hours. You might wake up in the middle of the night and feel something, literally sting and biting you. Bed bugs are nasty critters, they gorge themselves on your blood, fatten themselves up and then waddle their fat-selves to the other side of the mattress to sleep.

We know just how to deal with them. If you notice specs of blood on your bedsheets, whether red or browny-red, call me on 0151 3800 365 and I'll drive out to your home. I know how to safely remove these horrible little things, making sure not to damage your mattress in the process. If you're a resident in Wirral, feel free to contact me now.

Wirral Squirrel Control

Are you having problems with grey squirrels in Wirral? Then our professional Wirral pest control service is just what you need. Red squirrels are the native species to the UK and they have some key differences to the grey. The red squirrel is smaller, in between 19-23cm and weighs only 270-360g. The grey on the other hand is 25-30cm and weighs double, up to 720g. As you can imagine, the latter has a larger appetite and it can cause much more disruption to your garden. Grey squirrels are almost on par with rats when they really begin to flourish out of control. They will climb into the smallest crawl spaces, make a racket, run around in the walls and snatch any food they can find.

We'll come out and assess the situation, number how many squirrels there are, how they get around, and find their hiding spots. We'll humanely trap them if we can. This means setting up traps in your garden and possibly in your home. We'll properly take the time to educate you and your family to make sure you are never in any danger.

Call us now on 0151 3800 365 if you are a Wirral resident in need of a squirrel removal service.

Other Pest Control Services

The above pests are some of our most popular Wirral pests we treat. Other common pests we receive lots of calls about include:

  • Moles
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Hornets
  • Cluster Flies
Give Pestforce Pest Control Wirral a call on 0151 3800 365 if you are in Wirral and in need of urgent pest control services. Our staff are highly trained, professional and most of all, they are patient. They will listen to your concerns and educate you on exactly what they will do to deal with your pest infestation.

Recent Jobs

Wasps attack gardener on the Wirral - September 2023

Today some gardeners and landscapers had been cutting down a hedge when they disturbed a wasp nest and one got stung 12 times and ended up feeling quite poorly. We attended on an emergency call out the same day and treated the nest so that they could continue the work that very afternoon, we also attended a wasp nest that had mad its home in an air brick and one in a bar/shed /mancave which the customer was kind enough to provide a refreshing beverage from once the wasp nest had been removed. I was very appreciative of my not pint on a hot day!. If you have a wasp nest that needs and emergency treatment of thn get in touch with Pestforce today for any pest control need you might have in the Wirral Peninsula

Underground wasps in Wirral - August 2023

Today we attended a wasp nest underground in Neston. It is actually very common for wasps to take advantage of old mouse burrows. In this particular incident the wasp nest had been half eaten by a badger who had dug up half the nest but left a lot of angry wasps who were stinging any children who went by. (the nest was in a holiday club) so Pestforce Wirral turned up and dug up the other half of the nest the badger abandoned and killed off the rest of the wasps using a professional grade aerosol. If this was not done by a professional with full protective equipment on this could have ended up in a visit to a&e or worse as as soon as I had started digging and treating the nest was swarmed by several thousand wasps trying to sting me through my wasp suit. Its always best to call a professional as 20 stings in one sitting can put most people into shock. So If you need an urgent emergency call out for a wasp nest treatment or a wasp nest removal then call Pestforce Wirral today.

6 nests in one property on the Wirral - August 2023

Today we attended a small holding outside of Bebbington for and emergency wasp nest treatment after several roofers get stung while working. We found not 1 not 2, but 6 live wasp nests in the roof of the house and a very dangerous wasp nest in the hay barn for good measure. Wasps can start getting aggressive this time of year so it is best to get them treated when spotted. If you have a wasp nest that needs a wasp nest treatment or a wasp nest that needs removing then call Pestforce Wirral today for any of your emergency pest control needs

Busy day of wasp nest removal on the Wirral - August 2023

Today Pestforce Wirral have been carrying out wasp nest removal on the Wirral. We have done several wasps nests today in air vents in attics and wasps nests in sheds. We can usually attend on a same day emergency call out for an emergency wasp nest treatment. 6 very happy customers today and all wasps nests were dead within about 2 hours from treatment. If you have a wasp nest or any other pest control needs then get in touch today.

Rats under the floor in Wirral - 25th January 2023

This week Pestforce Wirral attended a property that was infested with rats under the floors. We were able to enter the subfloor to inspect the rat problem and bait for the rat infestation. The soil pipe was less than 3 feet from a burrow network that I had located under the floor which explains why the customer had already cleared out 5 buckets of soil from behind the entry door. From this we were able to advise on a CCTV survey of the drains as it is likely due to a cracked pipe. Most rat infestations in the attic and elsewhere in the property are due to rats exiting the sewer system along a failed pipe when there is no obvious entry points identified on our pest control surveys. If you have a rodent control problem in the Wirral then call Ollie at Pestforce for a free quote.

Rat Problem in Wirral, CH43 - 4th January 2023

This week at Pestforce Wirral we diagnosed a rat infestation in the Wirral at a domestic property where rats where originally living under the decking and had gained access through the lintle of the fowl sewage pipe into the building and spread out leading to rats in the house. We responded promptly on a same day emergency call out and identified the problem and advised on proofing works and set bait and traps within the property. Rats pose a serious pest control problem which often require a same day call out to solve such issues. Thankfully the area has now been sealed of with concrete and the rats disposed of. 

Mice and Rats in Wirral - 6th December 2021

This week Pestforce Wirral have attended an address in CH45 where the customer has reported noises in the attic, we attended on a same day emergency call out and discovered Rodents had moved in for the winter and started making bedding out of the insulation. On closer inspection the droppings indicated that there were rats in the attic. You can usually tell the difference as mice droppings found are usually the size of a grain of rice or smaller and rat droppings are the size of a bean or bigger. We immediately put in place a rat treatment that will take place across 3 visits using professional rodenticide not available to the public. The customer was happy with our same day emergency call out and happy that there was a rat treatment in place. The noises have almost completely stopped now. We will be out again next week to check how the treatment is doing and to top up our bait stations for the continued rat riddance. Do you think you have rats or mice in your house? Call Pestforce Wirral for a fast response and we can deal with any of your pest control needs.

Long standing rat infestation under floor now under control in Wirral - 27th November 2021

This week Pestforce Pest Control Wirral has attended a customer who’s address we have previously attended last year for rat infestation under the floors. The customer thought they had returned. We came out on our same day emergency call out to do a full Pest Control Survey and found that this time the customer had a mice in their attic rather than rats. So we immediately put a 3 visit mice treatment in place to rid the property of the new rodent problem. Pestforce Wirral can sort out the majority of Pest Control Problems you have. If you think you have a Rat or Mice Problem in your address then don’t hesitate to contact us for a rodent treatment. You will always have a local pest control technician attend promptly to effectively treat the problem. If no treatment is required the survey is free.

Rats invade home in Wirral - 15th November 2021

This week Pestforce Pest Control Wirral attended a Commercial property to carry out Pest Control for a Rat Problem. The Pub had recently re-opened after lockdown and found that it had had unwanted visitors. The Rodents had got in though the beer cellar and been throughout the kitchens and communal areas. Following a deep clean and before they reopen they wanted me to do a full survey and rat treatment. Not only for the health and safety of their customers and staff but also to maintain their outstanding food hygiene rating with council inspectors. We set up a bespoke treatment plan for the business which will aim to rid the pests from the premises within 3 visits. Following this the venue would like to set up a permanent pest control contract for constant site monitoring to prevent this problem from ever occurring again. This will be done low key and subtly so that guests and diners will not be put off by evidence of rodents. Do you think you have rats or mice in a domestic or commercial premises? Then call Pestforce Wirral today to book in a free survey and a rat treatment. Pestforce Wirral is a professional pest control service that offer a wide variety of treatments on an emergency 24 hour call out basis.

Wasp season ends and rodent season begins in Wirral - 7th November 2021

This week Pestforce Pest Control Wirral has dealt with an array of Pest Control issues. We are coming up to the end of wasp season which is when Wasps become particularly aggressive. This week we dealt with a wasp nest in CH45 that had remained undiscovered on the corner of a kitchen extension until they chewed through the plasterboard ceiling and the customer found they had a kitchen and dining room full of wasps. We dealt with the nest using a  Professional residual insecticide by pressure pumping it into the cavity where their nest was. All the wasps were gone in 24 hours and all in all the customer was happy with our wasp nest treatment. Coming out of wasp Season unfortunately brings us straight into Rodent season with a big increase in Emergency call outs to Rat infestations and mouse infestations. This week we have set up a dozen rat treatments for landlords and private home owners. Are you in need of an Emergency Pest control call out or wish to have a Pest control contract in place for the rodent season. Then call Pestforce Wirral for all of your Pest Control needs.

Pest control contract for farm in Wirral, CH42 - 30th July 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Wirral attended a beef farm which had become over run with rats. On our first inspection, at least 20 rats were sighted! We agreed to carry out an intense rodent ridddance treatment over the space of a month involving a mix of trapping, shooting and safe baiting. After 3 visits, the rodent population has reduced significantly and the farm is much cleaner and safer place. The farm has now agreed an annual pest control contract with 10 visits a year + 2 emergency callouts. This will help protect the grain store and other animals on the farm and have the farm on the red tractor farm accrediation for good practise. 

Wirral Wasp control, CH47 - 22nd July 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Wirral have had another super busy week fo treating wasp nests in the Wirral area. A strange one this week was when we were called to a domestic customer in the centre of Wirral who had wasps entering his property through an extractor fan. The wasps had built a sausage shaped nest after chewing into the loft space. We attended the same day and treated and have recommended to the customer to have an engineer come out and fix the fan. chewed into loft space. A month old wasp nest treated after one visit. A very happy customer. Keeping you wasp free. 

Wasp nest removed in shed in the Wirral, CH42 - 15th July 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Wirral have had another busy week of wasp control. We treated a wasp nest in a shed today and was able to attend within the same hour of the callout. The client had been stung trying to get his lawn mower. We treated the large wasp nest which had grown in a space of 3 days. Nest has now ben removed, another successful wasp job completed. 

Wasp nest removal in hot tub in the Wirral, CH42 - 1st July 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Wirral treated a wasp nest which was situated near the service hatch of a hot tub in the garden on a home in the Wirral. We treated the wasp nest successful with our effective insecticidal spray and removed the dead nest. Small incident where I am ended up falling through into a hidden old swimming pool but dried up soon enough. The hot weather brings the wasps, call Ollie today and book in to have your wasp nest professionally treated and removed in Wirral. 

Wasp nest removal in the Wirral, CH45 - 17th June 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Wirral have been treating more wasps nests this week in the Wirral. One for the records, was a wasp nest that had been built under the fascia board by the front door of a customer's home. Everyday the client went to enter her home she was being attacked. We attended as soon as we could and treated the nest through our professional treatment. The treatment was fully effective and killing the wasp nest. All our work is guaranteed. 

Wasp Control in the Wirral, CH47 - 10th June 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Wirral dealt with the first wasp nest of the year last week. After an initial slow start to the wasp season, the wasps have arrived. Our first nest required treatment under some roof tiles on a residential property in the Wirral. This treatment seemed to be very effective and the customer has reported no more wasps. 

The easiest bee relocation of my career - Bee removal in the Wirral - 28th May 2021

Pestfore Pest Control Wirral were called to a suspected bees nest on the side of a family home in the Wirral. The family were concerened as the nest had been growing in size over a period of a month. We do not kill bees and always look to rehome the bees. In this instance, when we arrived the bees nest had congregated on a small bird house. We took the bird house of the wall and placed the bees nest in a large bucket and put the lid on. All bees safe and secure we walked the nest to a quiet piece of woodland near the property and placed the nest in a safe place. The queen was happy and not a single bee was harmed. Very happy day! savethebees

Rodents invade garden area of a bar in Wirral - 27th May 2021

This week Pestforce Wirral have dealt with a variety of Pest Control issues. Firstly was Rats in a nice bar  area, the landlords had found a dead rodent when reopening in one of their outhouses so we were called in to do the dead animal removal, do a Pest Control survey on the Commercial premises and do a preventative treatment in case it wasn’t a one off. The landlords were very responsible as they wanted to be sure that they were free of rats so we set up a rat treatment plan to make the customers safe and to uphold their outstanding food hygiene rating with the councils environmental health inspection team. Do you need a qualified Pest Control technician for your commercial premises? We offer free surveys and quotes on a one off rat or mice treatment or permanent contract basis. Call Pestforce Wirral today for any of your Pest Control needs.

Rat problem in beauty salon in Wirral - 14th May 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Wirral were called to a high end beauty salon in Wirral. The staff had seen rats running in the garden area out the back of the shop. We attended as soon as we could to assess the pest problem for the commercial premises. Unfortunetaly the problem was worse than first thought as our pest inspection realved rodent droppings in an unused stock room. We also identified signigicant rodent entry points to the property near the doors and holes within the walls. These will require significant rodent proofing at a later date but for now we have started an intensive rodent riddance treatment to get to the bottom of the infestation which looks to have orginated from a neighbouring fast food outlet. From the outset, the salon manager asked for a discreet service so we wore plain clothes to avoid any customer panic. Further treatment visits are due however talks have started in regards to setting up a pest control contract to ensure no more rats. Pestforce Wirral - keeping you pest free. 

Bee swarm outside home in Wirral - 10th May 2021

Pestforce Wirral were recently called to a swarm of honey bees which had taken up shop in a huge shape as big as a traffic cone in a bush next to a front door. They didn’t seem to want to move on so the occupants called me to give them a helping hand. We were happy to offer our bee removal service and we did so by scooping by hand big handfuls of honeybees until I finally found the queen bee and put her in my transport bucket. We managed to relocate most of the swarm to a patch of local woodland next to a farmers field where they can continue to do good for the environment and not bother anybody. Do you need a bee hive or bee swarm removal in the Wirral? Then call Ollie at Pestforce today, we will always try to remove bees and relocate them whenever possible.

Garden ant season in Wallasey - 29th April 2021

Pestforce Wirral were called to an address in Wallasey CH41 today with an ant problem. The problem was quickly resolved by using our professional pest control treatment for ants. There are 4 types of ants that commonly invade peoples homes, some more difficult to treat than others. The customer had attempted a DIY ant treatment but unfortunately it had proved ineffective. We attended the same day and provided an ant treatment with our professional products to the kitchen, dining room and patio area. If you have an ants nest that needs treating or an ant problem in your house then please get in contact with ollie at Pestforce Wirral today for any of your pest control needs. We can attend your emergency pest control needs out of hours and over the weekend.

Ant control in Wirral - 22nd April 2021

Pestforce Wirral have recently attended a few ant infestations. Ant are a very common problem in the uk, domestic products can be effective for small infestations in the garden but when ants are in the house or you do not know the location then you need a professional Pest Controller to address the issue. In this circumstance the customer had multiple nest of common garden ants which had been entering the property. Pestforce has powerful insecticides which are not available to the general public which are extremely effective when applied by an experienced technician. The problem was solved quickly and efficiently and we had one very happy customer. Before you attempt to treat any ant problem yourself  make sure that they are not pharoah ants. As treating them incorrectly can cause multiple queens to splinter off from the main nest and create several new nests which multiplies your problem. If you have Ants or any other Pest Control problem in The Wirral then call Ollie at Pestforce for a reliable 24 hour call out emergency Pest Control Technician.

Wasp nest removal in the Wirral - 9th April 2021

We recently went out to a lovely customer who believed that she had a wasp nest in her shed. We promptly attended on our same day emergency call out for wasp Nest treatment. We found a fascinating start of a wasp nest. The queen wasp actually in the nest which was like on open half boiled egg and she could be seen secreating the paper like substance that wasps use to build their nests. It was dealt with in a matter of minutes and the wasp nest removed so the customer could go straight back to potting plants in her shed. If you need a wasp nest treatment or removal in the Wirral, just contact ollie at Pestforce for all of your pest control needs.

Mice infestation throughout entire property in Birkenhead - 4th April 2021

Today we attended a mice infestation at a lovely address in Birkenhead. Next door had building work being carried out which is believed to have contributed to the sudden surge in rodent activity. Whilst carrying out the survey we found droppings under furniture in most rooms indicating a large problem. The Mice were being seen running across the furniture in broad daylight which was frighfull enough but more worring considering the customer has baby twins which had just started crawling. Mice can spread diseases such as listeria and salmonella, so it was a vital importance we treated the mice infestation quickly and effectively. Due to the scale of the problem using traps as a control method was impractical so Rodenticide had to be used. Through the use of safe tamper proof Bait boxes, baiting under floor boards and kick plates we were able to create a safe yet effective rodent treatment plan bespoke for the customer. This consisted of 3 visits so that the treatment can be changed to be more effective. Do you need a local pest control solution in the Wirral? Contact Ollie at Pestforce today for a free quote.

Pigeon Control in Birkenhead - 27th March 2021

Helped out a commercial customer in Birkenhead today with a bird issue. Pigeons had started nesting on top of the roller shutters and underneath the canopy. Not only does the bird foul create a public health issue it is unsightly. Even worse on this occasion several birds had died up there and unfortunately maggots were dropping out. We came out and offered an out of hours service so as not to effect the shops visitors. All the bird fowling was cleared away along with the dead animal removal. All the insect and maggots life were cleared away. The area was treated with disinfectant and biocide and the waste removed. We then measured up for some bespoke bird proofing measures to be installed at a later date. Do you live in th Wirral and require bird control services? Get in touch with Ollie at Pestofrce today for free quote.

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