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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Crewe !

My name is Callum Wroe, and I am your highly trained, local and qualified pest controller in Crewe.

We know that pests are - well, a pest! If you are in need of pest control, I would be happy to assist you in getting rid of your pest problem for good, so you don't have to worry about them in your home or business any longer.

As a part of the Pestforce brand, I am able to bring you Golden National Standard of pest control. Pestforce has over 10,000 customer reviews and with an average at 4.9-5 star rating, you can feel confident you are in safe and reliable hands. 

We can also offer you the following assurances:

  • BPCA member
  • DBS checked
  • Fully insured
  • Work is guaranteed as standard
  • Can provide a free survey and quote
There is no need to continue to experience a Crewe pest control problem, not when you have a Crewe pest controller on your side to help. All you need to do is call me, Callum, on 01270 291 075 any time!

Pest Control Services in Crewe

We undertake a huge range of pest control services, and this list isn't limited to all we do.

We tackle different types of pests, including:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Wasps and wasps’ nests
  • Bees and bees’ nests
  • Squirrels
  • Birds and pigeons
  • Moles
  • Foxes
  • Bed bugs
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Moths

Residential pest control including:

  • Home pest control - Whether you have pests in the walls, the ceilings or even the basement, you need Crewe pest control to come and help you to deal with it!
  • Garden pest control - You should be able to enjoy your garden all year around, and with my help, you can do exactly that.
  • Loft pest control - Even if you only use your attic as a storage space, you need your things to remain intact as much as possible. Let our Crewe pest control services get your loft back to its best!
  • Roofing pest control - Rodents love the eaves of your roof, and our Crewe pest control services are here to help you!

Pest control for businesses including:

  • Restaurant and takeaway pest control services - Maintaining food hygiene standards is imperative to your business compliance. 
  • Office pest control - Business continuity post-COVID is vital for your employees and clients to remain confident in your business, and our Crewe pest control services can help.
  • Medical practice pest control - Your patients deserve the best, and with my help, they can get it! 
  • Building and construction site pest control - Don't let a pest infestation get in the way of your construction job 
  • Shops and retail pest control contracts
You don't have to let nuisance squirrels infest your roof any longer than is necessary, so why not give our 5* rated Crewe pest control services a call? All you need to do is pick up the phone and dial 01270 291 075 to get Callum

Crewe Rat Control

When you walk into a pet store and see the rats playing, it's cute, right? Of course it is! These are the caged and happy rats that live in the home as a pet.

The sight of a rat on the street elicits very different emotions, and a rat in the home? That's a whole other dish of anxiety and disgust altogether. It's not just the way that they move, but it's the association to disease.

Everyone can agree that seeing a rat in the house isn't good news, but with our Crewe pest control services, you can get rid of them quickly. Our team has the experience and knowledge to prevent your rat problem from recurring after we get rid of the problem for you.

From traps to poisons, we have seen our fair share of rats to know how to confidently execute a Crewe pest control plan! If you want to get rid of the rats in your property, call me on 01270 291 075!

Crewe Mice Control

As much as you may hate to see rats, mice aren't much better. Some mice are cute, but they belong outside in the fields and not making nests in your skirting boards.

Our Crewe pest control for mice is on hand to help you to get rid of those pesky messes! Give our team a call on 01270 291 075 today for a solution to your mice problem in Crewe.

Wasp Nest Removal in Crewe

Bees serve a purpose in this world. They pollinate and they bumble around all fluffy and life-saving. Wasps? Well, wasps are completely different from the bumbles in the garden.

July to October may be the UK summer, but it's also wasp season so it's not unusual to see a nest or two in a residential or commercial property. They can be intimidating, and in large numbers, terrifyingly angry.

Don't panic, though; with my help in Crewe, I can help you with your wasp control issue. Call me today on 01270 291 075 and we'll get you wasp-free in no time at all.

Crewe Bee Control

Bees should never be eradicated or killed as they - as mentioned - serve a purpose. Bees are great for the environment, which is why we offer expert bee control and bee's nest removal and rehoming in Crewe.

Pests like bees can be relocated away from your windows and doors and placed away from the house.

At Pestforce, we protect all bees as we know that they are an asset to the environment. Our Crewe pest control service can help you to rehome the Queen and all her minions quickly and painlessly.

Crewe Squirrel Control

Grey squirrels are a problem in many residential and commercial areas, and if you are dealing with grey squirrels, you need our Crewe pest control services. 

Red squirrels are very different from the grey kind, and they are native to the UK. Red squirrels are also a protected species, so there are limits to the type of pest control in Crewe that we can do.

However, we can work with you to help gently relocate red squirrels, especially if a nest is found. It's grey squirrels that are mostly found in the UK, but they are not natives.

The red squirrel population has shrunk significantly ever since the introduction of grey squirrels, and these ones like to nest in basements, roof spaces and in the garden.

You may not want the squirrels in the home or garden, so talk to our Crewe squirrel control services today to get some help! Call us on 01270 291 075, and we will be able to arrange to help you out!

Crewe Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing

Pigeons are very commonly found wherever you go, but they're especially popular in Crewe. If you are having issues with birds nesting in your roof or loft space in Crewe and you need help to remove them, then we've got the experts who can help.

Birds and pigeons adapt very easily to new environments, and our Crewe bird control service is more than happy to get your twittering pests out of there in no time at all.

There are some birds who are protected, so if you're unsure about how they can be removed, our Crewe pest control team are more than happy to answer any questions you may have! Calling our Crewe bird control team on 01270 291 075 today is the best thing that you can do today!

Crewe Bed Bug Control

Itchy spots on your body when you wake up in the morning are not pleasant. A bed bug problem in the home is often followed with screams of burning the mattresses, but with our Crewe bed bug control help, you can avoid burning the house down and instead, focus on getting rid of the tiny bugs making you itch in the night.

Bed bugs are tiny and this makes them easy to miss when you are trying to figure out the issue you are dealing with through the night. If you're finding bites on your body, bumps on your feet and blood on the sheets, you could have a problem with Crewe bed bugs.

You don't have to miss them, not when our expert eyes can take a look for you if you're worried. If you are noticing all of these signs, call 01270 291 075 today and we'll come and tell you if there is a problem.

Crewe Cockroach Control

Cockroaches - not even the apocalypse will kill them, right? Well, so they say, but we disagree! The sight of cockroaches is enough to make anyone want to run, but you don't have to worry about cockroaches in your home anymore, not when you have Crewe pest control to help you out.

We can be the apocalypse that your cockroaches don't see coming, as we are uniquely qualified to ensure that your home is cockroach-free.

Whether you are dealing with the American cockroach variety or the Oriental kind, our expert Crewe pest control team are able to help. All you have to do is call 01270 291 075 today.

Crewe Flea Control

Do you have a furry bestie at home? If you have a pet, you are more likely to experience fleas in the house, but you don't have to. You don't even need a pet to experience fleas in the house, but if you are dealing with tiny fleas jumping around in your bedding and carpet, our Crewe pest control can help.

Fleas are not easy to get rid of but with the help of our Crewe flea control expert in your area, you can ensure that your flea problem is permanently eradicated. It may be a challenge to get rid of these tiny black bugs, but that doesn't mean that it can't be done!

Our Crewe pest control team can inspect your home for you to confirm if you have a problem, and we'll talk you through the action that you need to take to keep the problem away from the house. Call Callum on 01270 291 075 for our Crewe pest control today!

Other Crewe Pest Services

We also provide assistance for a range of other pest problems.

Other common pests we can tackle are:

  • Moles
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Hornets
  • Cluster Flies
We're not afraid of a challenge, and no matter what the pest may be, our experts at Pestforce Pest Control Crewe can help you out. A quick call to Callum on 01270 291 075 is all you need to get the ball rolling and ensure that you are able to get the best care possible from experts who are passionate about Crewe pest control. We treat every single customer with care and enthusiasm, and our professional Crewe pest control services are regarded as the best around for a good reason. Let's have a chat about your pest problem and get you pest free in no time!

Recent Jobs

Mice in house, CW8 - 27/04/23

Pestforce Crewe was called to site as clients had seen mice in the living room. Upon an inspection by Pestforce Crewe, mouse droppings were found across site, including in loft space and in upstairs cupboards. The entry points were also found to be from air bricks on the property. A three visit eradication treatment was then put in place to rid the customers of these pests. After three successful visits the mice have been taken care of and all entry points have now been sealed. 

Carpet beetles, CW1 - 22/04/23

Pestforce Crewe was called to premises as clients were finding Carpet beetles throughout the property. Pestforce Crewe carried out an initial inspection, then proceeded with a treatment to eradicate the pests from the house, leaving some happy clients.

Mice in the loft space, CW2 - 11/01/23

Pestforce Crewe was called to premises as clients had been hearing scratching in the loft space. Upon inspection, a large amount of mouse droppings could be found in the loft. After the initial inspection, Pestforce Crewe was able to put together a treatment plan to eradicate these pests from the property. After two visits the home owners could rest easy knowing the problem had been solved and the pests were no longer a problem.

Wasp nest treated in eaves of property in Nothwich, CW9, 25/06/22

Pestforce Crewe was called to premises as client had found wasps entering through the eaves of the house. Pestforce Crewe inspected the loft space but no nest could be located. The wasps had taken up residence in the eaves. We treated the nest with insecticide and advised the client accordingly. 

Wasps in walls in Northwich, CW8, 21/06/22

Pestforce Crewe had been called to premises as wasps had been found entering cavity wall. This time of year is extremely common for wasps to enter our home, which can be quite an intimidating experience. After a quick inspection Pestforce Crewe located the entry point and treated the nest with insecticide, leaving a satisfied customer.

Rats in extension loft, CW2, 11.03.22

Pestforce Crewe was called to premises as scratching could be heard in an extension loft space. Upon Inspection Pestforce Crewe found that rats were entering through the attached garage. A three visit riddance treatment was put it place to eradicate the problem for the customer. After three visits completed the rodents have been eradicated and the client can feel secure in their home once again.

Rats entering through drains, CW1, 11,03,22

Pestforce Crewe was called to premises, as client had been having trouble with rats for some time. After an initial inspection Pestforce Crewe located that rats were entering through the drainage system and making their way up into the loft. After a three visit riddance treatment, the problem has been eradicated and the client has been advised to have the drains surveyed and sealed where necessary. 

Rats in basement, Northwich, CW9, 27/01/22

After being called to premises with concerns of rats in the basement area, both the property who first made the call and the next-door property underwent a treatment plan to rid themselves of the rodent problem. It is very common in terraced house situations for rodents to use numerous property’s as a run through, as they can make their way from house to house using house eaves/cavity walls. After a treatment plan was put in place, and proofing methods were advised both property are now rodent free.

Rats over running farm in Northwich, CW9 - 06/12/21

Pestforce Pest Control Crewe carried out a visit to a local farm which was becoming over run with rats in the barns and stables, stealing horse feed and burrowing in hay.After an initial inspection a treatment regime was put in place to control and tackle the rat problem.  After a few visits the issue has dropped significantly with very little sightings now taking place. The client has also opened an annual contract where I can monitor and control the rodents on a monthly basis. 

Flea Control in Crewe, CW3 - 15/11/21

Pestforce Pest Control Crewe had a call from a client with a flea problem in her property, caused by a pet cat. Pestforce paid a visit and sprayed the whole property with a residual spray. The job was complete in just one visit leaving a happy customer.

Mice running riot in kitchen in Crewe - 13/10/21

Pestforce Pest Control Crewe visited a premises today where the customer had been having trouble with mice and had been seeing them running along her kitchen floor. After a full inspection and removal of kickboards droppings were found along with old baiting trays from previous owners, as this was obviously a long term problem. Rodenticide has been placed for a 3 visit riddence treatment, and the client advised on the proofing she need to stop the mice form getting in.

Ant Control in Crewe - 20th April 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Crewe attended their first ant job of the season. We received a call from a concerned customer in who had ants entering her property and along her kitchen work tops. We were able to visit her home within 4 hours of her phone call and after treating the ant problem we have another happy and satisfied customer. 

Bee relocation in Crewe - 3rd April 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Crewe had numerous calls this week as the Bee’s have made an appearance!  We have successfully relocated a bees nest from a garden bird box  to a local farmers field - happy customer but more importantly happy Bees

Mice infestation in Winsford, CW7 - 22nd March 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Crewe received a call from a lady in Winsford (CW7) who had a mice infestation in the kitchen. The mice were entering the property via an air vent after two visits the problem was successfully eradicated. The customer was delighted that her property was a now a pest free zone.

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