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Pestforce Leominster Provides Prompt Fly Treatment for Elderly Resident - November 2023

In HR6 Leominster, Pestforce Leominster was contacted by a loyal client concerned about their elderly mother's struggle with cluster flies. Understanding the need for convenience and care, our team scheduled a visit that suited the client's mother. The treatment involved fogging the attic and applying a residual spray to the windows, highlighting our commitment to providing tailored and considerate pest control solutions.

Mole control after hills dug up in Leominster, HR6 - 24th March 2023

Pestforce Leominster was contacted by a client that had a problem with moles digging up their lawn which had been an issue for some time. We attended site at a time that was convenient to the client. We set traps in the mole runs and arranged a follow up visit. We caught 2 moles but left the traps set for another follow up visit. When we attended for the last visit, there was no new activity so we raked site level ready for client to reseed the lawn.

Bromyard hornet control, Bromyard, HR7 - 30th August 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Leominster was contacted by a lady that was worried that she had a hornets nest in her roof. We were able to attend the very same day. We treated the nest with insecticide dust. Client was very happy that she will be able to sit in the garden at the weekend and have his windows open.

Noises in the loft in Leominster, HR6 - 7th August 2022

Pestforce Leominster were contacted by a client who was hearing noises in her wall and attic space of her black and white beamed property. We attended and surveyed to situation. We set out bait trays in the attic and bait boxes outside to treat for rats and mice. When we return for our next visit we will assess the situation and may set squirrel traps in the attic space.

Wasp nest treated on bungalow in Leominster, HR6 - 28th July 2022

Pestforce Leominster was contacted by a lady who had a wasp nest in the roof of her bungalow. We were able to attend the same day and treat with insecticide dust. Client was very happy that we were able to attend so quickly.

Custer fly fogging treatment in Bromyard, HR7 - 20th March 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Leominster were called by a local resident who was having trouble with cluster flies in an annex to there house. We fogged the annex and sprayed the stairway. The client was advised to stay away from the annex for 48 hrs. The client was also very happy that her daughter can now come to stay and not be bothered with flies.

Rats eating cat food in kitchen in Leominster, HR6 - 5th March 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Leominster were called out after a resident was hearing scratching in kitchen and attic. We attended and found areas that rats could access house. We started treatment then 2 days later the client sent us photos of a rat in their kitchen eating cat food. We asked the client to make sure any food was removed at night. On our next visit we set fen traps in boxes and have caught rat. The client has asked us to do proofing against re entry of more rats.

Two wasp nests treated in one visit in Leominster, HR6 - 8th November 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Leominster had a call from a client who was selling his relatives house in HR6 and the agent had reported a very active wasp nest to the front of the property. We were asked to go and deal with it. When we arrived we located the wasp nest in the roof of the property but also found another in the grounds of the property we called the client who asked us to deal with the second nest as well. Both nest were treated according regulations and the client was very happy.

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